あやかしごはん Ayakashi Gohan ~ Suou

Finally I finished that lazy ass cat’s route.  He’s got the usual best, good, and bad ends. Thankfully he actually has a CG for his best end which was very satisfying after not having a CG w/ the best ends for a while ((all cause I hadn’t done Asagi’s route yet.))

Hana Suou is a cat Ayakashi or in other words a Nekomata. He’s very lazy, disobedient, and loves to sleep around a lot just like a cat. He always has constant arguments with Yomi and Uta because of their cat/dog relationship. He has a superiority likeness to him and always claims that all humans are idiots. Surprisingly though, he has a weak spot for getting lonely easily and always denies it. He’s voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama.

Winter break is coming up and the weather is getting colder by the day. Everyone seems able to endure it except for Suou. Since he’s very cat like he finds the cold very hard to handle. Haginosuke asks what everyone plans to do over the break but no one has many plans in particular. Suou asks what Rin intends to do and she thinks it’ll be a good opprotunity to read her book. She asks him the same and he says he’ll probably just end up sleeping around under the kotatsu at her house.

Soon winter break arrives and Rin has happily been enjoying reading her book. Although she doesn’t get the full extent of comfort since Suou has visited the past couple days and slept under the kotatsu at her house. She complains to him to go outside and do something already but he tells her that cats prefer to stay inside. She trains to complain to Gin but he doesn’t mind friends of hers visiting. He tells her to just read and ignore him which she does. She picks up a book and reads it aloud which says “I am a cat” and…

Suou: “No you’re not. You’re a human”
Rin: “…..”

New Years Eve arrives with Rin and everyone completely busy cleaning the place. While everyone is cleaning, Suou is just sleeping under the kotatsu as usual. He comes out noticing how loud everyone is and Rin pulls the kotatsu off of him and won’t give it back until he decides to help clean. So he just sits in the corner refuses to help. Rin tells him if he wants to be able to live among humans he needs to try and do human like things. He reluctantly agrees but says he’s only doing it to get the kotatsu back. Gin notices he’s helping too so he assigns Rin and Suou to clean the cupboard together. Unfortunately, Suou’s cleaning skills are horrible and he ends up breaking and ruining things rather than cleaning them. So Rin ends up with more work than she bargained for. He asks if they’re done already but she tells him he’s been breaking everything so they haven’t been able to finish. Though he tells her she’s bad a teaching him to clean. Thankfully though, Suou is successfully motivated to clean after hearing about the New Years Soba they’ll be eating.

So they’re finally able to finish cleaning. Uta is annoyed that it took so long to clean and felt that they would’ve been done a lot quicker if Suou hadn’t helped. But Rin says he tried his best so he shouldn’t say that. Suou then snuggles back into the kotatsu that he worked so hard to use again. Gin then asks Rin to go shopping for him. Rin gets a bit annoyed that Suou’s back sitting in the kotatsu again and asks him to go with her. He refuses but she decides to force him by pulling him out. Even everyone else joins in to help pull him out of the kotatsu just to go see him to something for once.

Afterwords, Rin and Suou go shopping together. On the way there, Suou complains how cold it is and starts sticking close to Rin to warm up. She’s all annoyed about it and starts regretting bringing him in the first place. After she buys the items on the list, Suou is still complaining about the cold. So she decides to go buy some warm corn soup for him. He drinks it but immediately burns his sensitive tongue. She thinks its cute that he has that sort of quirkiness to him but he tells her to be quiet and not say strange things. She notices she’s cold as well since her nose and ears are red, but she says she’s fine and they should return home. She notices he’s on the side where the wind is blowing from and thinks he may be protecting her from it. She stares at him and he just gives her a look showing no intention of doing so. She thinks it’s probably a coincidence but she feels glad anyway. She then asks about school and he says he still thinks it’s a pain and a waste of time. She mentions if he felt the same way about cleaning but he hesitates and says it was different. He tried learning something humans would do but learning unnecessary things is not something he intends on doing. He thinks you should just know how to eat and live and there’s no point in studying useless knowledge. Rin says that it’s true that things such as mathematics would probably be something more easily forgetful, but it’s all necessary to live as a human. In order to go to university and become a working person in order to live normally. Which is why people attend school everyday. He says he truly doesn’t understand her at all. He doesn’t want to divulge into such useless things.

Once they get back Gin thanks them. Suou wants to eat New Years Soba right away and Rin says she’ll prepare it for him. But beforehand Suou says he’ll put away the groceries with her. Gin laughs to himself noticing how friendly they’ve been towards each other. Soon Rin and Suou join everyone to eat New Years Soba together. Suou knew immediately there was fish in it because of his love for it. Gin asks everyone how they felt about this year and mostly everyone says it felt pretty normal. Rin says it was really fun for her though aside from the month her mother passed away. Suou then changes his answer from “normal” to “fun” as well since it’d be annoying to have the same answer as Uta. Yomi agrees and changes his answer too ((lol)). Uta and Yomi are about to leave to go greet Kami-sama as a duty of Guardian Dogs. Rin asks Suou to come along too but he refuses. Although Uta just drags him along since it’s his duty as an Ayakashi to greet Kami-sama on the New Year as well.

Once they reach the area around the shrine it’s very crowded. They’re greeted by Haginosuke who’s working in the shrine diligently but quickly leaves since he was already busy.  Uta and Yomi plan to go find Kami-sama to greet him but Suou is reluctant to go and wants to find amazake to drink. Rin asks if they all want to visit the shrine together but  Uta and Yomi decline saying it’s not something Ayakashi like them would do. She decides to go on her own and while she’s in line, Suou calls out to her. He apparently sneaked away while with Uta and Yomi. Rin thinks it’s bad of him to do so but is honestly a bit happy since she was a bit lonely going by herself. She thanks him but he just gives her a “hmph”. Rin gives her wishes for the coming year at the shrine and asks if Suou did as well. He told her he doesn’t plan on changing the way he spends his year and says he only came in line to stay with her. Rin blushes when hearing that and for a moment thinks he has a different meaning when saying so. He then asks what she wished for and she tells him it’s a secret and it won’t come true if he tells him. They then walk up the mountain to look for Uta and Yomi. He says he wants to go home already and Rin asks where he lives. He says he lives in the mountain but Rin says that’s a pretty vague answer. Although apparently where he lives is vague and Rin doesn’t know how to take that answer and assumes he’s just avoiding the question. They finally reach Uta and Yomi and are greeted by Kami-sama are prepare for the New Year Countdown. Once it hits midnight, they all wish each other a Happy New Year and best regards for the coming year. Suou does the same for Rin and Uta mentions how he’s acting all “cute” like. Suou says men can’t be cute but Kami-sama says that’s not true since they should all see his face. Just as Suou is about to leave Rin stops him to ask him to come eat some special New Years food together in the morning. He says he’ll think about it and leaves. Uta wonders why she cares so much about Suou, but she says it’s because he’s a friend. Kami-sama mocks him for being a jealous guy and Uta denies it immediately.


Finally, Rin and everyone are preparing New Years Dishes. Rin’s about go prepare the table and suddenly Suou appears and scares her. Though he immediately rushes to the kotatsu just after arriving. Soon Manatsu and Haginosuke come by to greet them but end up staying to eat their New Years meal with them. Suou hates this though since now it’s cramped by the kotatsu. After eating, Suzuri suggests playing Sugoroku together.

Uta claims he’ll get first this time but Suzuri is the one who ends up winning in the end. Manatsu and Haginosuke eventually leave after playing and Rin is left with a sleeping Suou next to her. She’s about to go find a blanket to put on him but Gin already had one prepared for her. She had a lot of fun and thanks Gin for making a delicious meal for all of them.

The winter break finally passed and Rin is starting her third term. Some girls talk to Rin and ask her to eat lunch with them. She likes opening up more to them but wanted to find a quiet place she could read a book. So she finds an unused classroom and decides to read in there. She’s reading a book called “Zarathustra” which is a fairly difficult book but she finds it very interesting. While she’s reading she’s startled when Suou suddenly appears asking why she’s there. She tells him she wanted to read in a more quiet place rather than the classroom. She likes talking to the other girls in the class but still finds it a bit difficult and likes to stay in a quiet place for a while. He calls her a gloomy woman and Rin puffs her cheeks. He tells her not to get angry or her cheeks will become manjuu’s. Rin’s all confused and he calls her an idiot saying it was a joke. He then sits down beside her and decides to sleep on a desk next to her since he also found the classroom to be too loud. Rin says she doesn’t know if she’ll able to concentrate with him sleeping there but he tells her to just think of him as a cat sleeping next to her. She thinks he’s actually lonely and does enjoy the company of everyone but he just says it’s not and he came only cause he wanted to.

Rin continuously came to the unused classroom to read her book. Suou joined her too of course and slept on the desk next to her. Rin then decides to ask if he’s okay sleeping on the desk like that since it must be uncomfortable. He doesn’t think it is, but she suggests that he should just sleep at home if he’s so tired. But he declines and says he likes sleeping here. He asks why she always comes here and she says it’s because its quiet and easy to read. He wonders if he’s bothersome to her and she says if she imagines he’s a cat she can ignore his presence. He notices she’s able to read while talking to him and asks what book she’s reading. She says it’s called “Zarathustra” and Suou can’t even pronounce it and doesn’t know what the heck it means. He asks if she was reading that everyday she’s been here and she says she has since it’s a pretty difficult book. She wonders if he’s going to ask what it’s about but he says if it’s difficult to understand, he’s not interested. Just like the things he learns at school that he doesn’t care about. Rin tells him he should probably try studying more but he just tells her to mind her own business. After some silence Rin then suddenly asks Suou how he was born as an Ayakashi. He wonders why she’d ask something so random but she says there was something in her book that made her want to know. He says there’s no point in telling a human something like that since the way Ayakashi are born are completely different from humans. Rin asks again how he was born but he just says “Who knows?” and goes back to sleep.

The next day Rin’s girl classmates decide to gossip and ask Rin what her relationship with Suou is. They notice he and her are always alone together and wonder if they’re dating. Rin denies it but runs out of the classroom to get away. While in thought she ends up bumping into some guy and dropping her book. He notices that she must be quite the book reader since she’s reading one by Friedrich Nietzsche. Apparently he’s a big fan of his works too and Rin is really surprised since she’s never met anyone who liked the same books as her. She asks if it’s strange and he doesn’t think so at all. Rather, he’s impressed she’d like such books. He then apologizes since he has to leave due to a promise he made with a friend. He leaves without giving his name.

Rin goes back to the classroom where she reads with Suou. He asks if anything happened since she looks a bit different than usual and pokes her cheeks. She then suddenly asks him if he’s interested in her book and he gives her the same answer as before. Rin gives a gloomy “I suppose…” and which makes him curious but she says it’s nothing. She knew he’d answer that way and yet the other person she talked to was really interested in her book.

The next day during lunch, the guy who spoke to Rin before entered her classroom looking for her. Uta, Yomi, and even Suou notice and she apologizes and leaves the classroom to go speak with him. He tells her he really wanted to talk to her no matter what since he was so surprised they liked the same author’s works. Apparently his name is Sasagawa Shigure and he’s a third year. He studying hard to get in a University and in the meantime he reads as a hobby. He then asks her to become his reading companion so they can recommend books for each other. Everyone is suspicious of who she’s talking with and she tells everyone he’s just a reading buddy of hers. Suou in particular though is not pleased with her talking with him. And during lunch she notices that his mood has soured a bit but he acts as if everything is normal.

The next day Rin visits Sasagawa’s class and they both exchange books together. Those two children Ayakashi appear and it seems like Sasagawa noticed them but Rin thinks it was probably just her imagination. In the evening Rin decides to read the book Sasagawa gave her in the unused classroom with Suou. He asks what she’s reading but she doesn’t answer since she’s so absorbed in the book. When she notices she asks if he said something but he says to forget it. She’s been really interested in the book lately and hadn’t paid much attention to him. He tells her he thinks it’s stupid but clearly shows he’s not happy about it.

The next few days Rin and Sasagawa trade and read each others books they recommend for each other. When Rin goes to return the book she recommended for him, he’s doing the same as well. He then asks if she’s free she should come to a used bookstore he knows of. Rin’s interested so he tells her to wait for him by the school gate. After school Rin tells Uta and Yomi that she won’t be returning with them today since she has some business to attend to. They left suspicious because of her recent behavior lately and Uta suggests that they tail her to see what she’s actually doing. Haginosuke suggests that Suou seems more interested than usual to Yomi but he doesn’t get what he’s talking about at all.

After school Rin meets with Sasagawa to walk to the bookstore together. Uta and the gang decide to follow after her and notice Sasagawa with her. Uta suspects he’s somesort of shameless guy but she in fact looks like she’s having a lot of fun talking to him. Haginosuke wonders what their talking about and Suou says “Probably books…” they soon follow after once they turn a corner.

Sasagawa takes Rin to the bookstore and she’s amazed by how many books they have. He shows her around the store and she ends up buying quite a bit due to this. Rin apologizes for making him carry all the books but he says he doesn’t mind but rather he likes to. Once Rin laughs he’s very surprised and happy to see her smile like that. Rin is then reminded of Suou since a similar thing happened with them before and she wonders why she’d think of him all of a sudden. Rin asks about his love for books and he says the University he’s trying to go to has a huge library so he really wants to attend it. It’s his dream to become a teacher and teach other students about wonderful books he’s read. Rin starts thinking about her own dreams and ambitions and starts feeling a bit jealous since she realizes she doesn’t really have any right now. Rin tells him she doesn’t have a dream yet but he tells her she’ll definitely find one someday. Soon they reach near her house and she decides they’ll split off from there. He wants to talk more with her but she knows Gin will worry if she takes too long. But she tells him she’d be happy to visit the bookstore with him again and he leaves.

Just as he leaves Uta and everyone else pops out from hiding. Rin if they were tailing her and Uta says “Exactly!~” She asks why clearly irritated and Yomi says it’s because she’s been acting strange recently so they wanted to investigate. They noticed she looked like she was having a lot of fun lately and their expectation is probably right. Rin wonders what they mean and Haginosuke says that the guy she was talking to must be her boyfriend. Rin denies it and Uta says “So he is a shameless guy!” of course she tells them they’re all wrong and then notices Suou standing there in silence. Suou then asks how she knows him and she tells Suou that he’s her Senpai that has the same book hobby as her so they recommend books with each other. He then suddenly asks if she likes that guy more than he likes him and the others. Rin doesn’t know how to answer and he insists for her to. Rin says it’s not something you can compare and he says he doesn’t agree with an answer like that. He tells her not to see him anymore because he doesn’t like him. Rin is confused and can’t see why she’d hate him in the first place when he barely knows him. Suou says he’ll hate him if he wants to. He thinks he’s a waste of time and she’ll regret associating with him any longer. Rin then yells at him to stop talking like that. She knows he’s a difficult person sometimes but she never thought he’d speak so ill of someone without batting an eye. She then storms off saying she’s going home and leaving everyone shocked to see how mad she was.

Rin doesn’t understand why Suou acted that way but doesn’t want to have awkward relations with him. So she sighs saying there’s no helping it and takes out the sweets book she borrowed from Gin. She decides she’ll make a reconciliation sweet for him. While looking for what to make she gets tired and ends up falling asleep before she can decide on anything.

The next day Uta and Yomi notice she’s more calm then usual. Yomi knows Suou’s attitude was bad and Rin agrees but still wants to make up with him. Yomi asks how she intends to and she says she wants to make a sweet for him. Yomi’s all “Oh I see, so you’ll tame him by feeding him?” though Rin’s tells him he’s wrong and it’s a sign of reconciliation.

Once they get to school they notice it’s strangely in an uproar full of gossip. Haginosuke tells them all that apparently Sasagawa was attacked by a stray dog when he separated from Rin yesterday. So now he’s in the hospital. The teacher then explains to everyone that Sasagawa is being hospitalized and is still unconscious. Suou is still absent from school and Rin, Uta, and Yomi decide to go visit Sasagawa at the hospital. On their way back Uta and Yomi realize that the attack on Sasagawa was no mere dog but an act of an Ayakashi. They smelled the scent of one while at the hospital as well. They also believe that they were most likely attacked by a cat Ayakashi, in other words, Suou is their prime suspect. Rin doesn’t want to believe it’s him but knows she has no choice but to confront him about it. She knows he said he hated Sasagawa but she wants to confirm with him if he really attacked him.

The next day Rin is still anxious about Sasagawa. Suou still hadn’t come to school but finally he arrives in the classroom just as she’s about to leave. She then asks to speak with him privately in the unused classroom. Just as she’s about to ask she notices Suou’s ear was injured but he told her it was a mere scratch he got somewhere. She then tells him about Sasagawa’s injury and how it was claimed to have been a mere dog’s injury but Uta and Yomi believes it’s the act of a cat Ayakashi. Suou’s shocked to hear this and she asks if he knows anything. He sighs realizing she suspects him, but she tells him he’s wrong and she just wants to confirm whether or not he was the one who did it. He sighs and tells her he did do it. His meat was terrible and he spit it out afterwords. It was due to that reason he decided not to eat him in the end. Rin is surprised and he asks her if there’s anything else she wants to know. She falls silent and he spats out that all humans are such idiots. He walks out of the classroom as Rin calls out for him but disappears from her sight. She knows he must’ve had some sort of reason to do it and doesn’t want to believe he’d do something like that without one.

The next day Suou hadn’t come back to school. Uta and Yomi ask how it went with Suou and Rin lies saying that he had no idea what she was talking about. Uta is still suspicious since he hasn’t come to school lately but before he can press any further the class bell rings. He tells Rin to be sure to say if there’s anything troubling her and she thanks him and says she will. After school Rin is thinking about wanting to see Suou again. She wants to meet him and talk to him about the situation properly. But nevertheless, she’s afraid to meet him and she’s afraid to hear what he’s going to say. Uta get’s annoyed after noticing and overhearing Rin’s gloomy atmosphere about Suou and grabs her hand. He pulls her out of the classroom and tells her that they’re going to go look for Suou. Rin tells him there’s no point since an Ayakashi and human’s ways of life are too difficult to understand. Uta tells her that’s ridiculous since they’ve met tons of Ayakashi already who tried to hurt them but in the end they we’re always able to turn them around and laugh with each other. He tells her she’s only trying to run away and give up. Rin realizes he’s right and she’d had been trying to run away because she was afraid to hear the truth. Uta asks if she wants to see Suou and she says she does. She wants to meet him and talk to him properly. He tells her if that’s the case she needs to stop trying to do everything on her own. So Uta, Yomi, and even Haginosuke all decide to help look for Suou together.

They visit the shrine to see Kami-sama and ask the whereabouts of Suou. Haginosuke is surprised they’d consult to a “child” about this and Rin tells him that Kami-sama is a sort of fortune teller and he surprisingly buys it. Apparently Kami-sama isn’t able to find his location and so that leaves them having to manually search for him. They all split up to search and decide to meet at ponpokorin at dawn. Rin was searching with Haginosuke but had found no leads. They have to return soon since it’s already dawn and Haginosuke goes to buy a drink for Rin. During this time Rin spots a black cat. She knows it’s not Suou because of it’s color but begins to speak with it. She asks it if it knows of a silver cat who get’s lonely easily. She says his name is Suou and he’d slowly been opening up to her and everyone. He has sharp mouth but the time they spent together was very calming. She wants to spend more time with him and laugh with him again. She starts crying but immediately after she feels a dark presence and loses her consciousness.

She then wakes up in an unfamiliar dark room. She realizes she was covered with Suou’s jacket and has a wound on her hand. Just then a figure appears in the room and it’s no other than Suou himself. She asks where she is and he stays silent. He touches her hair and she flinches. She tells him she was only surprised but she really did want to meet him. He then grabs her wounded hand and starts treating it. She thanks him and asks what happened. He tells her he went out to the village by chance and noticed she fell by the road side so he picked her up. She asks why but he says obviously to eat her. Strong Ayakashi eat the weak humans, it’s always been that way. She asks if that’s why she tried to eat Sasagawa and he doesn’t answer. Before she can press any further throw her stomach growls. He tells her to wait there and he leaves. She tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. She looks at her surroundings and finds her bag. She notices that everything is there except her bell. Since it’s missing, Uta won’t be able to track her down easily. Once Suou comes back he throws a dead animal in front of her and tells her to eat. She says she appreciates it but she can’t eat uncooked meat. He then relunctantly decides he has no choice but to cook it and starts up a fire. Rin then realizes that the place she’s in is Suou’s home. Apparently he’s been living alone all this time. He finally finishes cooking it and she starts eating. It was surprisingly not too bad but it was editable. He tells her it’s tanuki and she’s never eaten it before. She tells him it was a bit hard to eat but she’s happy to eat food with his feelings.

She then tells him she’d been looking for him and wanted to talk with him for a while. He asks if she’s scared of him and she says a little bit. He tells her she should run away but she says she won’t because it all has to do with him. She doesn’t really know him that well and she knows their time together would be short since she’s human. She realizes their way of thinking is different but she wants to reach a mutual understanding. He has harsh mouth and can be very disobedient but she knows just how gentle he really is. She tells him she loves him and she wants to be with him. She wants to peacefully spend her life with him so she asks for him to return with her. She wants to spend everyday happily and noisily together with everyone. All of a sudden, Suou approaches her and grabs her neck.

He tells her not to have such foolish human thoughts for him. He says he hates her and wants to kill her. Humans like her are fragile and they die so easily. Rin calls out his name while he tries to choke her and she realizes his hand is trembling. She puts her hand on his and tells him she wants to be with him even if she hates her because she loves him. Suou is surprised and let’s go of her neck. Instead, he embraces her closely. She asks if it’s okay and he embraces her tighter. She wants to know what he’s afraid of he says he hates seeing her get along with other people. She said she wouldn’t leave him alone but she parted from him and went to someone else. He hated that she’d deceive him like that. She apologizes for not realizing how lonely he was and pats his head. She tells him no one matters as much as he does since he’s very important to her and nobody can change that. He asks if he can believe her words and she says he can since she believes in him too.

The next morning Suou is sleeping very peacefully next to Rin. She fails to wake him up so slips out from his hand on her. She then notices a cloth that wrapped up a broken pocket watch, a harmonica, and some old money. She wonders if it’s Suou’s and then immediately she hears Uta calling her name from outside. She runs outside to find Yomi and a really pissed Uta. She’d dropped her bell by the roadside and heard from Haginosuke she disappeared. Suou comes out to see them as well and Uta tells him to come out and tell him what happened with Sasagawa. Suou tells him what he told Rin and that he did attack Sasagawa. Uta sighs and isn’t all that surprised considering how violent he can be. He then tells him if he dares to try and harm Rin it won’t end well for him. He tells Rin to come with them and she says she wants to stay with Uta. Yomi is surprised but Uta says it’s fine as long as she comes back and takes a bath first since she stinks pretty bad. They also insist that Suou comes along as well.

Once Rin get’s back she’s greeted by a very worried Gin and Suzuri. She apologizes for worrying them and they all enjoy a meal together. Rin tells Gin that she’s going to go to Suou’s house after eating. She promises not to worry him this time and he agrees to let her go. Uta gives her the bell before she leaves with Suou. Rin then tells Suou she wants to know more about how he lives. He says he doesn’t get her but decides to teach her the way of living in the mountains. He shows her how to hunt by taking down a wild boar though Rin thinks it’d definitely be impossible to do that. And since that’s too difficult, he tries to teach her how to catch fish in the river. He demonstrates and then tells her to try. She tries but isn’t able to do it and finds it unexpectedly difficult saying that she’s never been fit for a survival way of life. He says she should at least be able to do this but she says it’s impossible. She then starts splashing water at him saying that she can at least do this much. They then start splashing water at each other and notice that they scared away all the fish. The next thing they do is more related to humans so Suou thinks Rin will be able to understand more easily. They then decend from the mountains and wait until a villager is about to pass by. Suou jumps out and scares them. Rin is surprised he’d do something like that to be noticed and says he’s like a child who wants to be noticed. He tells her she’s wrong and he just wanted to annoy them but she laughs anyway.

He continously teaches his life in the mountains and the day grows dark. He tells her she really isn’t fit for a life in the mountains and he asks if he’s going to give up on her. He says he won’t and he just needs to train her some more. They then enjoy eating the wild boar he caught earlier. Rin then asks about the items in the cloth wrapping she noticed earlier and he says it’s his father’s. He says “オヤジ” and Rin asks if he’s talking about his actual father but he says it’s not his father but his owner when he was a mere cat. He then says it’ll be a good time to talk about his birth as an Ayakashi since she mentioned it not too long ago.

It was more than 150 years ago since Suou was born. He was originally a common cat and doesn’t remember the faces of his actual parents that gave birth to him. Except the face of a human whom he called his “father” looked after him. Suou was the name he gave him and Hana was the name of his father’s. He worked a hard hunting life but still loved Suou everyday and made sure to always give him food. Suou didn’t have any other cat companions so his father was his only family. And because of his great care for Suou, he’d managed to awake to his power. He had turned into an Ayakashi and had the power to speak with others. So he was finally able to speak with his father. He was really happy since he could finally convey all his feelings into words to his father. He was surprised but was very pleased he could become closer with Suou this way. So from then on Suou spoke with him everyday for a long time. But one day a villager witnessed him speaking with Suou. They were hateful towards him for taking in an Ayakashi and becoming friendly with one. So they started to treat Suou’s father badly. He couldn’t endure it any longer and decided to move to the mountains to live there. From then on he started to change into a whole other person. He was kind during the day but at night he told Suou to leave since he was an Ayakashi with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t see him as “Suou” any longer but a mere ugly Ayakashi. He told him day by day to leave and Suou didn’t know what to do. Finally he decided if his existance is harming him, he should leave. So Suou finally left the house. He went to the village and had no place where he belonged. People threw stones at him since they we’re afraid of him whenever he was noticed. Days passed and he finally decided he’d return to his father’s side. He was going to express how lonely he was and how he still wanted to stay with him. But when he returned to the house he’d lived in he wasn’t there. Or rather he was, but he wasn’t living anymore. He was attacked by Ayakashi since he’d lived in the mountain. He hugged his father’s dead body and regretted leaving since he may have been able to protect him if he hadn’t. He’d felt nothing but sorrow, hate, and loneliness since then. He mentions that the house their in now is the place where he’d lived with his father. He then draws closer to Rin and embraces her closely.

He tells her she should be laughing at the foolish cat he is. But she says she’d never do that. He’d been enduring his loneliness all this time and knows that he must’ve told her this so she’d understand the loneliness he felt. He tells her to be quiet and he only told her because she’d be persistant about it. His shoulders temble and she tells him it’ll be okay. He’s not alone anymore because she’s with him. She tells him not to be afraid anymore and he stays quiet. She then asks him why he lied about attacking Sasagawa. He asks why she thinks that and he says when Uta and Yomi questioned him, he seemed very sad for a moment. She could understand that look of sadness of being blamed. He scoffs and she realizes he really did lie since it’s shown on his face. She tells him she’s sorry for not realizing it sooner and making him feel lonely. She won’t allow it to happen again but wants him to allow her to be with him. She wants to make sure he never feels lonely again. He scoffs again saying she never said she preferred him the best. She says that’s true but after coming to the village everyone has a special place to her and she treasures everyone. She couldn’t choose but that doesn’t mean that Suou isn’t important to her. She asks if he’s satisfied with that answer and he says he isn’t. Although, he’ll allow it as long as she only thinks about him from now on. She calls him an idiot and says there’s no way she can think of anyone else when she’s being embraced by him like that. He asks to hug her a little longer and she say’s he’s like a little kid that wants attention. He says that’s fine since he doesn’t want to let her go anymore. He then finally separates from her and says he’s fine now and she doesn’t need to worry anymore. He then says he’ll walk her home since it’s dangerous for her to go by herself.

As they walk back Rin asks if he’s walking at her pace and he says he’s not. He did it before on New Years and she can tell he’s lying about it. She then asks him why he lied about attacking Sasagawa. Suou says it’s the truth when he said he hated that guy since he gained her favor by talking about books. He was going to go threaten him after he’d argued with Rin but someone had already attacked him before he could. That person is the real culprit. He’d shut himself up in the mountain for a while but recently began to appear. Rin asks who it is and just before Suou can tell her a strong gust of wind blows by. He realizes who it is and grabs Rin’s arm and starts running. She can’t keep up with Suou’s pace so she ends up falling in place. There she spots the black cat she saw the other day. It throws an attack at her and Suou hisses at him. Rin asks who that cat is and he says he’s the same as him. The cat then changes it form into a more human like shape.

He laughs and launches attacks at Suou. He notices Rin can see Ayakashi and says she looks absolutely delcious and says he’ll make her his meal. Suou says he won’t allow that since she’s his prey. He laughs and says he’s a total liar since he can’t eat humans. He says he hates them but in reality he actually loves them. No matter how much he’s bullied, or feared, they’re the same as his gentle owner. He can’t bring him self to hate humans. He’s a very noncommittal person and leaves everything half-done as a cat and an Ayakashi.

Suou yells at him to be quiet and tells Rin to run away with him. He intends to go back to his house since there’s no way they can have a chance to get him at the village.

They try and hide in his house but know it won’t last for long. Rin treats Suou’s wound on his shoulder with her hankerchief. She then suggests that he leaves her since he’s after her anyway. That’ll give him a chance to escape. Suou tells her he won’t do that, not after losing someone he cared about. Rin is surprised and they both remain silent. The other nekomata outside starts bantering on for them to come on out already. He tells Suou his owner betrayed him and abandoned him. He thinks he’s pathetic for holding on to such a pitful memory. He then starts breaking the windows (I assume) saying it’s fun to destroy what’s precious to him. Suou finally had enough and dashed in front of him. Suou tries to attack him with all might by biting him in the neck. Rin tells him to stop or he’ll kill him. He says that’s what he intends to do but Rin tells him he can’t since she knows he’ll regret it later. The Nekomata laughs and says he’s too soft, then throws off Suou. He says he really will regret killing him after he tries to eat Rin in front of him. He lunges for an attack at her and she closes her eyes. She then hears a loud voice call out and apparently it’s Uta. He charges at the Nekomata and beats him up until he changes back to a small black cat. Suou is still badly injured so they decide to treat him back at ponpokorin. Yomi and Gin also appear and they take the black cat back with them.

Once they get back Rin is treating Suou’s wound. Rin asks how Gin is and apparently he’s treating the black cat. Rin says he’s really skilled to be able to treat him like a veterian but Uta says the same goes for her since she’s able to tame Suou. Rin says she hasn’t really tamed him but he thinks she has enough. Suou get’s all flustered wondering what he’s talking about since no one can gain him over. Uta tells him not to get too excited or his wound will open up. He then tells him he’s welcome to stay the night because of his wound and due to Gin’s favor. Rin’s happy that he can stay but he’s all “I’d be better if I was by myself.” She tells him not to tough it out but she really is glad he’s safe. He calls her an idiot says there’s no way he’d die after living so long. She notices that he was acquainted with that black cat and he says he was more or less. Since they’re the same cat he knows he lived in the village. Although he wasn’t valued by a human like he was. There we’re some humans that treated him pretty badly so he piled up grudges for them when becoming a Nekomata. He was initially pretty weak but gained more power by eating humans that could see them. He continuously attacked the village and even Sasagawa became a victim. Rin then realizes that Sasagawa really could see Ayakashi. Since he was continously looking for people like him, Rin realizes that Suou stopped going to school in order to protect her. He apologizes for being afraid of him at that time and he tells her not to apologize for it. She’s about to protest but he starts pinching her cheeks. He laughs at her face and she tells him not to do things like that so suddenly…

Suou: “Do you not like it when I do unexpected things? In that case…”
Rin: “Huh?”
*kiss sound*
Rin: “What…did you do just now…?”
Suou: “It was a kiss.”

Before Rin can even react Uta yells out “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?” obviously noticing them. Gin laughs saying Suou is surprisingly bold and Yomi tells them to get a room. Rin is shocked they all saw and Suou says that Rin is her prey and he’ll treat her the way he wants too. Rin get’s all flustered and runs back to her room. Rather than an actual “kiss” he more or less licked her lips but it doesn’t really change the fact that a kiss is a kiss.

The next morning Rin wakes up with a lack of sleep. Gin tells her that the black cat left back to the mountains. Rin notices Suou get up as well and her whole face turns red though his composure is the complete same. Once they arrive at school Haginosuke rushes to Rin and apologizes for losing sight of her that day. She says it’s fine and says she was preoccupied with a black cat. When Haginosuke asks where Suou was this entire time he uses the same exact excuse as Rin. He wonders why they were so interested in this black cat and Yomi goes on and says it may have been an Ayakashi which totally perks his interest. Suou then goes back to sleep on the desk and Haginosuke mentions that Rin’s been acting kind of different around Suou. She denies it but Yomi joins along in and agrees.

It’s already been a day and Rin still hasn’t been able to talk with Suou properly. She then calls out to him after school to walk home together and he says he won’t be returning yet. Uta and Yomi decide to leave first so they can return with just the two of them. On their way back together both her and Suou are very quiet. He says she’s acting strange and she apologizes. After some silence he says he has a request and asks her to come to his house. Once they arrive they decide to clean up since that black cat had damaged and messed up his house. After they clean up Rin asks if it’s okay for him to throw away everything but he says he doesn’t need it if it’s all already broken. She then asks if he’s going to keep living here from now on. She thinks it’d be okay to live with her and Gin. Suou says he appreciates her feelings but he’s always lived here and if he leaves it’ll probably be destroyed by other Ayakashi in the mountains. He knows it may fall apart sooner or later but until then he feels indebted to it. So he’ll stay there as long as he can. He doesn’t have many good memories there but he wants to keep defending the last thing his father left behind. But he knows he’s not alone anymore since when he goes to the village he has her and everyone else. So he feels he can live peacefully now.

He then asks her who she likes the best. He says for him he likes her the best and will hate it he’s not the best to her. She says he misunderstands and he’s not just a special person to her only. It was only because she was always beside him that she was the only person that was special to him which is why he’s so at to her. He says she’s right and he is attached to her and he wants to have her for himself. He mentions its not in the way of having a possession of something but he can’t seem to explain it well. He says he’s happy when he’s with her. Not the way when he was with his father, but in a different way. He has lots of warm feelings when he sees her and can’t get ahold of himself. He wanted to be with her but always became helpless. Though in the end he really does want to. He doesn’t really know why he wants her to value him more than anyone else but he wants her to hold special feelings for him. He’s never felt this way before and doesn’t really know how to react or what to do. Rin stays silent for a while then asks if he’s in love with her. He’s surprised and repeats the word to himself. He then realizes he does love her. He says it’s no lie and he really does love her. Rin says she loves him too. He may be disobedient and ill-tempered but she loves him and his gentleness. He asks if she finds him special and she says she does. They then hug each other and promise to live happily ever after together.

One day Rin wants to go outside for a stroll but unfortunately has to study. Suddenly she hears tapping on her window and then Suou comes up from her window. She asks why he came and he said he wanted to hang with her today. It wasn’t scheduled but he decided to just cause he wanted to. Rin says she’s working on a problem so she can’t but then he pulls her on the bed and insists she lays down with him. He tells her to take a day off just this once and she finally agrees too since it sounds a lot funner than working on her problem. So they lie down together and lay down peacefully ((like two cats…pfff)).

He snuggles on her and his hair tickles her; ((PFF)) she also notices that he has petals in his hair and it’s because he took a shortcut just so he could hurry and see her. She stays silent and he tells her this would be the time a human would say “thank you” and so she thanks him. He then gives her a kiss and she’s all surprised since it was so sudden. He says he kissed her cause he wanted to but this time he’ll ask for her permission. Once she asks her she still thinks it’s pretty embarrassing in itself so he just kisses her anyway. He tells her to prepare herself since he’ll always be doing some surprise kisses from now on and she says she will. Rin then wakes up after having a catnap and notices Suou is using her as a body pillow. Just as she’s about to get up she hears someone coming towards her room. Uta is calling her for dinner and when he opens the door he stops in his tracks to see Rin and Suou in that lovely position. He then screams asking what the heck he’s doing and calls Suou a “エロ猫”. Suou then wakes up and him and Uta argue but then Rin’s stomach growls so they all go downstairs to eat dinner together.


Sasagawa has finally regained consciousness but that black cat’s whereabouts are unknown. Though Uta made sure he wouldn’t allow he to attack anyone anymore. It’s now March and everyone is doing housework together; including Suou. Apparently he wants to try and do more human things like before. Uta says he must be practicing for when they actually live together and Rin gets all flustered. Suou then comes and tells Rin whatever he finished washing is drying outside. Uta then them and says they’re like a married couple and Rin tells him to stop teasing her. Afterwords Suou finally takes a break and starts talking with Suzuri. He asks what he likes to do and he says he likes to draw; so he decides to draw with him. The alarm goes off in the kitchen and Gin asks what Rin is making. Apparently due to the request of Suou, she made pound cake. He also made her make truffle chocolates yesterday as well. Uta teases her again for being a lovely dovey and when Suzuri asks Suou what he means he says it means they’re in love ((pff)). After they eat their cake together Yomi makes a request for Rin to make carrot cake next time. Yomi and Uta then get ready to leave since apparently they promised Haginosuke to go out and play with Suzuri.

And with everyone gone and busy, Rin and Suou are finally left by themselves. Suou is all sleepy and tells Rin she wants to do “that”. In otherwords, become his pillow so he can sleep on her lap. She looks outside and tells Suou that the cherry blossoms are blooming since it’s almost spring. When spring comes around she suggests that they watch the flowers together and when they get sleepy they should nap in the warm sunlight. She also suggests making flower crowns and then when summer comes around she wants to go to the summer festival. Even in fall and winter, she wants to spend every season with Suou. Suou agrees and tells her she needs to teach him all the things she likes to do and what she finds fun. Rin tells Suou to make a pinky promise that they’ll do all of this together. When Suou asks what a “pinky” promise is, she shows him and even sings the little song with it. Suou then agrees to their promise and randomly licks Rin’s cheek. He said it’s a sign of affection but Rin says it’s a bit different for humans. He then tells her to teach him the “correct” way to do it and she blushes as he comes closer. He tells her she promised so she has to do it no matter what. She then reluctantly agrees and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He then realizes that instead of licking it’s more of a touch. He then asks to do it again and Rin get’s all flustered calling him a “バカ”.


[[This starts during the fight with Suou and the Nekomata Ayakashi]]

Suou attacks him with the intent to kill. Rin tells him to stop but he tells her to be quiet and kept repeating he was going to kill him. Unfortunately, he knocked Suou back with a severe attack and changes back into a cat form. Uta and Yomi arrives and the Nekomata runs away. Rin begs them to help save Suou but Yomi tells her it’s already too late and he’s died. Rin then screams loudly in despair.

March 3rd. They made a grave for Suou by his house and Rin visits there nearly every day. So on the 3rd of March Rin visits his grave. She starts crying and suddenly the Nekomata from before apppears. He calls her selfish for coming to his grave to apologize. He only wants herself to feel better for poor old Suou. She tells him to stop and he says he loves that despaired look on her face. He says he’s sorry for tormenting her and then as he walks up to her, he kills her.

After Thoughts:

Suou was ..very cat like. He wanted attention and once he got his “prey” so to speak, he was very possessive of it. He always craved attention like a cat does sometimes and it was pretty adorable. I thought they were really cute together and I liked seeing Suou come to an understanding of how he felt for Rin. I’m glad she was able to help him not feel lonely anymore. Their best ending was really sweet too. I like the idea of them just laying around and sleeping next to each other like cute little cats.

On the downside, I did enjoy his route but I was left feeling wanting more than what I got. Not only that, but Rin’s feelings for him we’re a bit sudden for me. I was sitting here trying to figure out when she even fell in love with the guy since all they did was lay around silently most of the time. Not to mention I felt her feelings only started to show after she was hanging out with the Sasagawa guy. It was also sort of the opposite situation with her jealously towards a girl in Uta’s route. But in this case it was Suou who was jealous. I could see it more with him though since he’s like a clingy cat but…y’know.

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