Shinobi Koi Utsutsu 忍び、恋うつつ ~ Yuri Kamakiyo

Yuri Kamakiyo (CV: Ono Yuuki)  is a(むっつりすけべ)megane who’s strict and hardworking and, you guessed it, the student council president. When under the meromero jutsu he gets super do-S.

The first day of class Yuri checks out Kaede more or less to see if she has what it takes to become a full fleged ninja. Kaede goes on about her dream to be a ninja and join the Sanada corps so yeah she’s pretty determined. Yuri is takes this shit seriously but can tells she seems earnest about it. During class, they have these jutsu demonstrations and Kaede totally messes up. The jealous bitches talk shit about her cause of it of course. Then Yuri demonstrates and the crowd goes wild & thinks wow he’s quite the genius. But he says it’s not because he’s a genius, he just works his butt off. The girls later then force Kaede to clean the class cause she made a mess.Kaede later goes to look for Yuri who’s having some sort of debate in the student council room. It’s tense at first but Yuri handles it like a pro and Kaede is super impressed. Kaede then asks him to teach her ninjutsu cause she wants to be more like him. She thinks he’s really smart and wants to learn from the best; so he gets pretty blushy and modest over it and agrees to. (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。) Yuri wonders why she wants to be a ninja so bad and she tells him it’s because her parents were murdered in front of her and a ninja saved her. He says he understands since he’s the same way, and hands her a load of papers to study with.

So they begin their studies the next day which are pretty hardcore. Kaede finds it hard to keep up but does her best. She tells him that she knows he’s working hard with her cause he’s serious about it and thinks he’s real nice for it. Yuri gets blushy and then suggests they take a break. So Yuri takes out some Sakura mochi he bought for the both of them. He knows it doesn’t really match his image to buy that sort of thing but Kaede says she thinks it’s cute of him & of course Yuri becomes a blushing mess and tells her not to make fun of him. ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ

The next morning Kaede goes out by herself to train her ninjutsu until Yuri finds her. She feels she’d been burdening him a bit and wanted to try training herself. He gets all tsun about not being particularly worried about her or anything. And goes on a rant about ITS NOT LIKE I’M GIVING YOU SPECIAL TREATMENT CAUSE YOU’RE A WOMAN OR ANYTHING (エロ megane thoughts perhaps). Anyway, Yuri was training with some hounds that were chasing him I guess and he knocks them all out one by one showing how awesome his skills are. Kaede praises him and he says that boosts his confidence and thanks her. So they train for a while and end up studying back in the student council room. They take a break and Yuri takes out his cute sweets that he got for the both of them. 。゚+.( °∀°)゚+.゚

One afternoon Kaede goes to see if Yuri is available in the student council room and she finds him asleep. She can’t help but admire him without his glasses off & snoozin’ so she goes up to him and he wakes up tells her to get her butt over there and just when he pulls her over she activates her meromero jutsu. He gets エロ on and starts saying how he’s the first to push her down and that she must’ve activate dat shit on purpose so he could have some of her. (*`・ω・)ゞ Once the meromero wears off he flips out and she apologizes. They decide to practice so she can prevent doing her meromero jutsu so often.

During their training camp Kaede, Anayama, and Yuri have the duty of cleaning. Anayama is teasing Yuri to show he’s thinking dirty thoughts. Anyway, they have some nice bonding together since they’re good childhood friends. Anayama asks Kaede to pass him the bucket of water and thanks to Sasuke and Garaiya it falls over; splashing water all over them. Yuri and Anayama ask if she’s okay and get real close and personal. It’s then she activates her meromero jutsu and so they get their funk on as usual. Yuri even asks if she get’s excited when he’s all wet and so says so real pervy stuff. (*థ౪థ)

That night after dinner, Yuri appears out of nowhere and asks her to come out with him. He wanted to make a plan with her w/ their mission and all that. He trusts her with an important job of setting a trap. She then awkwardly asks if he can remove his hand from her shoulder and so he flips out and apologizes. He then gives her some convenient ninja food or something for her troubles. He mentions how it’s mysterious how it’s like they’re together late at night late they’re having lover’s rendezvous. Kaede’s like “what” and so Yuri has to make up an excuse that it’s a situation for their training. So she suggests that they practice right now since it’s good timing I guess. He gets overly conscious of their special training so Kaede decides to change the topic and mentions what happened earlier. Yuri then asks her who triggered her jutsu, him or Ayanama. Apparently it wasn’t really triggered by either though and it was just the situation at the time. Just before Yuri leaves though Kaede asks if she’d watch the moon with her cause it looks nice out. So they watch the moon together & Yuri then starts reciting some poems and the meaning behind his fluctuation of feels or something. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Anyway after passing their training camp, Kaede continues her studies with Yuri. Though he’s been acting strange since and Kaede wonders if there’s something going on. Just as he’s about to tell her something, she gets nervous about it and doesn’t want to know. So she activates her meromero jutsu. After he spouts out all the pervy junk it finally undoes itself. So Yuri flips out as usual and suggests they train outside to prevent this. Anyway, the next day Yuri comes up with this brilliant plan that he calls “drastic measures” in order to train Kaede more sufficiently since their regular training seems effortless. He makes her pretend to be his lover & dress up at a Toyotomi house party. During the party though Kaede gets lost and runs into these creepy guys who ask if they can talk in a quiet place and Kaede being as innocent as she is all “You mean about ninjutsu and stuff?” and they’re like “YA GIRL WE’RE INTERESTED IN A BEDROOM JUTSU” I’m literally like ew wtf ????? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) Thankfully Yuri comes back & shoos the assholes away by telling them that’s his girl so back off. He flaunts his fake girlfriend some more & whenever his brother is brought up he basically cringes (so he has some onii-chan issues). Anyway Yuri apologizes for leaving her alone and holds her hand so she won’t get lost. He explains to her that the party he was invited to is basically to find a fiance for the princess but he’d declined to come numerous times cause he’d don’t want all that.

They leave holding hands still and train again. Yuri tells Kaede he believes she’s improving and trying her best. He tries to continue to hold her hand but awkwardly is unable too (lol). She changes the topic by mentioning how she didn’t know he had a brother. He’s a little touchy on the subject but basically his older brother was this child prodigy and more amazing than he is. Yuri longed to be like him but unfortunately he lacked the talent his brother had. So basically he had a inferiority complex w/ his bro so he decided to do his best in his own way. Though he hates being called a genius cause he doesn’t think so & so of course Kaede says screw that. She’d started off w/ a class for a talented people and without Yuri she wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has. She says everyone may wanna be a genius but she wants to be like the striving Yuri. Anyway after all that Yuri goes on a rant about poems and shit. It then shows a flashback of him getting love advice from Anayama and so he tells Kaede to look at him in the eyes, put out her hands, and then gives her a gift. ( #●´艸`) He blushes hardcore but is able to give it to her successfully and she thanks him.

On their way back Kaede hear’s a child’s scream and they run off to find a bandit harassing a kid. They beat him up and save the kid and all that. Unfortunately, Kaede got cut without realizing it. It gets late and Yuri escorts Kaede home. He asks her if she’d ever gone out with another man like this before and she says nope he’s her first. He’s oddly happy about it but when she mentions it he gets real tsun about it. Though it’s the same for him too. He then tells her to be careful since her blood is special and is a special tool in a certain jutsu. So this speculates that she’s genjutsu user that the Tokugawa want. Though she says she’ll be careful and they’ll continue training together so they can improve their skills. She looks up at him and feels ドキドキ in her chest.

[don’t ask what he’s doing w/ his hands cause I have no idea]

During their test of courage thing at night Kaede almost falls off a cliff so Yuri saves her. So he holds her close and they jump down the cliff together. He’s so close and so he blushes and says “its not like I was thinking I wanted to hold you longer or anything” haha yeah right. (*థ౪థ) While they head towards the temple Kaede slows down a bit. Yuri speculates he knows why and tells her to show him her foot. So when he looks at it he doesn’t see anything wrong with it but just in case wants to carry her on his back. ┐(´∇`)┌ She denies that she’s not hurt and he’s all “oh you, why else would you be lagging behind?” well she’s just overly conscious of standing next to him but of course she can’t tell him that. He’s even like “If I have to, I’ll carry you bridal style to the temple!” (*ノ∀`*) so she finally agrees.

She apologizes as usual for being troublesome but of course he doesn’t find it troublesome at all cause helping her always strives him to do better. Kaede starts to get her ドキドキ feels on for Yuri and realize how kind and considerate he is of her. So she ends up hugging his neck while he’s holding her.((≧艸≦*)) She tells him his back is big and warm (you know what else is big & warm? //shot) Yuri gets nervous as hell and stutters like crazy. He decides they should train in the meantime otherwise it’ll become super awkward lol. After which, Yuri starts to realize he gets more and more nervous around her. And his feelings get stronger every time he trains with her. Though he acts like it’s just symptoms of the training (lol) and makes up more excuses in embarrassment. ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

Anyways once they reach the temple these ninja attack them and the whole shit starts. Kaede goes to help Yuri to fight one of them. She gets hurt in the process & Yuri gets so pissed off that he electrocutes the guy. Once they go back to meet up with everyone at the temple no one is there. Though he’s more concerned about her injury since there may have been poison on kunai she got slashed by. So he decides to use his mouth to suck out the poison I assume.

Yuri: “For you to lose your life over me…there’s no way…there’s no way I’ll allow that!”

So he keeps sucking the blood out and meanwhile the gang shows up and is all “WTF” though Kaede gets so flustered over the situation she activates her meromero jutsu. It affects everyone except Yuri cause he drank some of her blood. After all that the principal comes and takes in the Tokugawa to the Sanada force and blahblah.

One day during class they practice their wind jutsu again and Kaede messes up. One of the jealous bitches of course is a bitch to her and talks shit about her. After class Yuri says he wants to train with her to practice her jutsu. He doesn’t want her to be alone since the Tokugawa could be after her. After he left though that bitch made Kaede clean the class again before meeting up with Yuri to train. He goes somewhere while she’s training and on her way back to the student council room she finds Yuri talking to the bitch who picks on Kaede. It looks as if he’s comforting her while she’s crying so an otome game being as it is, turns into a misunderstanding. So Kaede thinks Yuri may have feelings for this girl (let’s be honest though why the hell would he). ┐(‘~`;)┌ So when she gets back to the classroom she’s distracted and can’t focus. She tells Yuri that she doesn’t think she’d good enough as a partner of his and she’s just a nuisance that was forced to be partnered with him. He obviously says she isn’t but of course she thinks so anyway and says she’ll train alone from now on. This leads Yuri to believe that she’d dissatisfied with him (oh god) and he’s not as good as his brother.

So days pass and Kaede is still practicing her wind jutsu without Yuri’s help. Unfortunately, Yuri is feeling that inferiority complex with his brother. So Kaede meets those guys at that party. Yuri arrives as well and they talk shit about him saying he’s not as scary as his brother who’s much more badass than he is. This makes Yuri depressed so he leaves. Those guys then release these hounds from their cage and they scare some students. Kaede saves the day though and blocks them with a tree by using her wind jutsu. Yuri flies in and uses his lightning jutsu to stun the dogs. He lectures Kaede at how that was reckless since she hadn’t perfected her jutsu yet. But there’s no way she’d do nothing cause Yuri taught her to never give up (wohooh). Yuri and Kaede go back the student council room and Kaede mentions how she thought he liked that girl he was talking to. Though he tells her that’s a complete misunderstanding and he was only telling her to stop bullying Kaede. He tells her that he’d only ever want her as his partner and it’s thanks to her he’s realized that he’s recognized for his own talents and shouldn’t constantly compare himself with his brother. It’s then Yuri confesses that he’s in love with her and he always wants to stay along side her. (*´ω`*)

Kaede gets so nervous that she activates her meromero jutsu. It quickly goes back to normal though and he says he’ll wait for her reply. Until then, they should concentrate on studying for tomorrow’s exam. The next day he comes to pick her up with his face completely red and all nervous from confessing yesterday. When they get to the school they notice all the teachers and students acting like zombies. Apparently that kid they saved was actually working with that Tokugawa ninja and it was just a ploy to get blood from Kaede (damn he sure fooled me ┐(‘~`;)┌ ). So Yuri and Kaede are obviously being lured to take this exam and so they do together to uncover the truths.

They fight their way through the Tokugawa ninjas and find the chief in command aka the principal. They fight him and he uses the forbidden jutsu by using the blood he drew from Kaede. Just before Yuri can get controlled she cuts herself and makes Yuri drink her blood which undoes the genjutsu that the principal cast. They decide to work together to beat him and so they both cast their lightning and wind jutsu together to finally beat him. Suddenly Yuri’s older brother appears and recognizes his talent and wishes for him to join the Sanada corps at Osaka Castle when he graduates. When they get back everyone congratulates them on a job well done and peace is restored in the ninja village (and it’s all thanks to naruto).

So Kaede passes her exam and the first person she tells is Yuri. She also perfected her wind jutsu. She says she wants to go visit her parents & grandmother’s grave and Yuri offers to come along. He says that he loves her and wants to always be with her. During his confession the rest of the gang appear in the student council room and overhear it all. Yuri continues his confession though and activates a sort of fog jutsu so they can make-out without anyone seeing. (*´ω`*) Kaede’s meromero jutsu seals up and they live happily ever after.

In the epilogue Yuri goes to Kaede’s room for the first time and he’s nervous as hell so he keeps stammering like a dork. ( ´艸`) He calls Kaede by her first name and says he loves her. Kaede does the same of course and cause he can’t hold in his urge to tap that, he pushes her down on the floor and more than likely has a hell of night. Unfortunately you don’t find out cause it fades to black. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Thoughts: This route was kind of what I was expecting I suppose. Yuri was a typical megane that got his glasses fogged over thinking about embarrassing things involving girls pfff  ( ´艸`) It’s probably cause of Ayanama tbh. Being his childhood friend and all he must’ve influenced him by being all flirty & dirty to him pffsh.  (*`・ω・)ゞ He had some really cute moments anyhow. It was so cute when he got advice from Ayanama and when he carried Kaede on his shoulders. Some of the CGs were really great and some were just kinda random and weren’t bad but I wonder why they don’t think of something more interesting tbh. ┐(´д`)┌

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