あやかしごはん ~おかわりっ!~ Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~ Yomi

Here’s Yomi’s route. Read and weep ((and I do mean literally…))

Yomi (CV: Yuki Kaji) Still pretty tsuntsun and has his usual serious personality. This is a FD though so lots of fluff, even drama as well.

Rin is dating Yomi and things are going really well for her. Though she thinks about wanting to do more lovely dovey things with him lol. Anyway she goes to invite him to view cherry blossoms with her which he accepts. She decides to make a boxed lunch for him and her as well. Uta notices and asks if they’re going on a date and Rin’s like “yep!” and she tells him they’re going to view the cherry blossoms together. Yomi gets totally embarrassed that she told Uta and runs out the door. Rin has to catch up to him while he’s still blushing furiously heheh. So they view the cherry blossom trees and eat lunch together. While they’re walking back home, Rin says she wants to go to all sorts of places with Yomi which he also agrees to. Suddenly Rin feels the urge to hold hands with him but is too embarrassed to say it out loud. So she gets kind of mad and walks up front. Yomi’s all “don’t get mad” and so he grabs her hand and she tells him not to let go cause she wants to hold his hand. He gets embarrassed and says she should’ve said so earlier lol.

Spring break was over and they finally came back to school. Haginosuke had noticed that Yomi and Rin seemed closer than usual. Uta is right about to spill the beans about it but then Yomi stops him and says it’s his imagination (YOMI NO YOU MUST EMBRACE OUR LOVE). So basically Yomi told Rin that he doesn’t want their classmates to know about them going out. Anyway, apparently there was a new transfer student named Kimura Asagi. Rin was kinda gazing at him since he looked so beautiful basically and everyone’s cracking jokes like “ohh, did you fall in love at first sight?” obviously this makes Yomi jelly. Anyway, Rin and Asagi hit it off pretty well so they all suggest to show Asagi around the school. Yomi on the other hand, says he’s just gonna go home instead. When Rin gets back she finds Yomi studying with Tsudzuri. She asks him why he came home earlier but he just tells her to shut up and that he’s trying to study with Tsudzuri lol. Rin notices he’s really good at teaching and he gets embarrassed and tells her to be quiet lol.

That night Rin comes downstairs to have tea. Yomi wakes up and she invites him to drink some with her. She mentions how she didn’t expect them to have a transfer student and how she guided Asagi around the school. Yomi gets all silent when she mentions and she tells him that he’s been acting strange all day. She wanted to go home with him that day but he left. He just says well if that’s what you thought then why don’t you understand? Rin doesn’t get it so he leaves and goes to bed.

A couple days pass and things are kind of awkward between Rin and Yomi. At school a girl asks him to help her with math and she notices he’s really good at teaching. Asagi notices Rin watching Yomi and can tell something’s up there. Even Uta mentions that Yomi had gotten more popular lately. This makes Rin kind of wary but nevertheless she tries not to mind it. Once she gets home Asagi comes over to eat dinner with them. Yomi is iffy about it as per usual. Asagi mentions he lives with a novelist named Ichiru. Yomi is surprised to hear this because apparently he’s a big fan of his books. Rin asks Yomi if she can borrow one of the books and he’s like heck yeah. She then says she’ll come to his room at night. That’s when Asagi is like “Hey are you guys dating?” which shocks the both of them. Yomi gives Rin the okay to say they are and Asagi could tell by the way they acted towards each other apparently.

Later that night, Rin visits Yomi in his room as promised. There Yomi explains a book about a Ayakashi and a boy. He get’s really into his explanation and apologizes for rambling on. Rin doesn’t mind though and leans on his shoulder. They’re exceptionally close so Yomi gets pretty embarrassed. They end up making eye contact and kiss for the first time in a while. It’s then Rin suddenly asks Yomi to tell everyone in their class they’re dating since Asagi already figured it out. Yomi doesn’t want to though.

Rin notices Yomi being talked by more and more girls and obviously gets her more jealous by it. It’s then they’re given course printouts on to decide what they want to do after high school. Rin is unsure of what she wants to do yet though. Once she gets back from school she finds Guren there who’s treating himself to Gin’s food. He forces her to talk about what’s on her mind and she mentions how she’s unsure of what she’ll do when she graduates. She most definitely wants to be with Yomi but doesn’t know his view on it yet which is important to know as well. That night Yomi has tea with Rin again. He asks about what she and Guren talked about and she mentions the course papers they received. Basically Rin wants to maybe get a job but she wants to make sure no matter what, she’s with Yomi and does whatever he does so she can stay along aside him for the short time they have. Yomi tells her to think about this seriously and Rin tells him that she is. This annoys Yomi so he says he’s going to bed so he doesn’t have to see her face (wow sass master). Yomi can’t leave the village like Rin can, so it makes him realize how different they’re worlds are.

The next few days Rin and Yomi have been distant and had been going to school at different times. After school is obvious some girl wants to confess to Yomi. On Rin’s way home she encounters Guren. He always jokes that if things don’t work out with Yomi, she’s welcome to be his woman lol. Anyway, he says he’ll hear out what’s going on with her to kill time. She explains they’ve been fighting and that Yomi’s been getting popular with girls lately at school. Guren is surprised to hear that and says those girls must be blind or something lol. He tells her that she should talk to him and that he should’ve been the first person he told his concerns about, not Guren. He tells her that if she’s jealous, she should just tell him. Rin says that Guren reminds her of an older brother, but he’s like “im more of a man y’know” and sticks his face closer to hers. Yomi notices this and gets really pissed off. Guren clicks his tongue and tells Yomi that if he doesn’t value her, he’ll end up taking her away from him. Yomi’s like “Tch, come with me” and pulls Rin all the way by the shrine.

He yells at her to be more careful since Guren was the one who tried to kidnap her, she feels upset that he’s mad with her and starts saying it’s the same when he’s around so many girls. It makes her jealous as well. Rin starts crying and Yomi tells her not to cry and that he understands. He says he doesn’t understand the feelings of humans, so he thought if he talked to girls in his class, he could try and understand them. Apparently he didn’t want to tell everyone about their relationship because he was afraid she’d be teased. He hugs her closely and tells her he wants to make sure she talks to him first about her concerns and not Guren. So they agree to talk properly in the future. Rin says they should have a reconciliation and so Yomi puts out his hand. Rin’s like nope that’s not how we do it as lovers, and Yomi’s like “What? outside?” Rin says its fine though since no one’ll see. It’s right when they kiss that they hear a sound. And low and behold, it’s the whole crew spying on them. This infuriates Yomi and he gets incredibly embarrassed. So yeah, Yomi officially announces that they’re datin and now everyone knows and they all congratulate the two.

Kami-sama asks to speak with Yomi while the rest of them head home. He asks Yomi if he understand what it means for an Ayakashi to be with a human and he says he does. Regardless of that fact, he knows he wants to be with Rin. That night, Yomi comes into her room to tell Rin that he was confessed to. Rin isn’t exactly surprised though since he knows Yomi is a likeable person. Yomi tries to read books about love but knows there are some things you can only learn from experience and that they’re not written in books. They agree to always talk to each other when need and while they’re laughing, Yomi unexpectedly steals a kiss from Rin.

The next day at school everyone is bustling about Rin and Yomi going out. Yomi is automatically embarrassed and gets mad at Haginosuke for spilling the beans and tells him he’ll remember this. Hagi runs away though and Yomi runs after him lol. One day Rin and Yomi are sitting under the tree while reading that book by Yomi’s favorite author. Rin gets sleepy and asks Yomi if she can sleep on his lap. She doesn’t give him a chance to comply though and ends up sleeping on his lap anyway.

It’s finally summer so they’re all changing to their summer uniforms. When Yomi notices Rin’s uniform he mentions about her skirt being too short though Rin pouts over it. Uta starts laughing his ass off though cause he realizes that Yomi doesn’t want any other guy to see Rin’s stocking-less legs. This embarrasses Yomi furiously so he tries to run out the door. Tsudzuri stops him though and says they all need to eat breakfast together. Anyway, after school Yomi tells Rin he was at Asagi’s house. He enjoys reading that author’s book so he likes to visit his place often for his books. Anyway, the next day at school Rin’s unsure of what she should do for summer vacation with Yomi. She’s about to ask him on their way home but Guren suddenly appears. Apparently he found his next bride-to-be; a human girl who’s a daughter of a shrine. She kind of figured he was an Ayakashi when she noticed him but wasn’t afraid of him. Anyway, her name is Saori and he likes her so he decided he’ll make her his bride by kidnapping her as per usual. Rin tells him that’s no good and he definitely shouldn’t do that. So Guren pretty much has no idea what to do and doesn’t know where this girl lives either. So Rin tells him to NOT kidnap her and wait until they can find and talk with her. Afterwords, Yomi and Rin discuss future plans. Rin’s still not sure what she wants to do but says she’ll tell Yomi when she figures it out. Rin asks what Yomi wants to do, but Yomi tells her that he can’t leave the village since he’s the Komainu.

The next day Rin and Yomi begin their search for the girl named “Saori”. Thanks to Haginosuke though, they find her easily since she attends her school. They mention they’re acquaintances of Guren and just wanted to confirm her whereabouts. Anyway, Guren still goes on about kidnapping and Rin has to tell him no over and over again. Rin notices that she’s fallen in love with him but Guren’s like “Sooo… what do we just play house like you guys?” this pisses Rin off and she storms off mad at home. Yomi goes to talk to her at night and she tells Yomi the conversation she had with Guren. But not matter what others say they know what they have is real. And Rin’s feelings for Yomi won’t change no matter what. This embarrasses Yomi so he blushes and Rin teases him for it. They begin pinching each others cheeks and then all of a sudden exactly fall on top of each other. It’s then Uta hears all the commotion and comes upstairs about to tell them to shut up. It’s there he notices their position and starts yelling at them to not do “that” in the house LOL. Rin and Uta take a moment to realize the positon their in, and immediately go ∑((((((゚д゚;ノ)ノ They get totally flustered over the misunderstanding and Yomi’s gasp is priceless. Gin and Tsudzuri soon arrive hearing all the commotion. Gin figures out what’s going on and tells Rin and Yomi to make sure they have a clean, pure, and proper relationship LOL. After they leave Rin mentions how ridiculous Uta looked when he saw them. So they end up laughing about the look on his face together.

The next day Guren comes to the restaurant to apologize to Rin for what he said. He realizes that his feelings for the human girl Saori are indeed love. Both Yomi and Rin are shocked to hear this and Yomi takes Rin’s hand and asks if he has the resolution to be with a human like he does with Rin. Guren doesn’t really understand it very well but doesn’t mind if his own relationship ended up like Rin and Yomi’s. So as long as Guren doesn’t try and kidnap her, they promise to help him out with this new found love of his. So they begin by trying to make him praise her for her hardwork at the shrine, though it’s a completely failure in the end. He tries again but to no avail even after Yomi and Rin give him some advice. Eventually a few days pass and Guren isn’t able to meet with Saori because she didn’t come to the shrine. So Yomi and Rin visit her at school. Apparently Saori didn’t visit the shrine that time because her body was feeling fatigued due to the hot weather. So Rin invites Saori to hang out with her, Yomi, and Guren during summer vacation. So it’s gonna be a double date.

That night Rin invites Yomi outside to talk about something. She realized after seeing Yomi help Tsudzuri with his homework that she wants to become a teacher. Although to do that, she’d have to leave the village. Yomi then tells her that he wants to study literature. So Yomi was thinking about eventually writing books. Rin thinks Yomi’s dream is wonderful and he gets embarrassed as usual heheh.

It was finally the day of their double date so they went out of the village to town together. It’s Yomi and Guren’s first time in town apparently and they first go to the movie theatre. They then go shopping together and Guren picks out an outfit for Saori to buy lol. Saori suggests Yomi do the same, but they then realize he just disappeared somewhere. She runs out of the mall to find him just standing there looking at the town. He’s amazed by how many people there are and how it’s different from being outside the village. Lastly, they visit the beach where they see a vast sea together. After that, they ride the train home together while both Yomi and Guren are asleep on both Rin and Saori’s shoulders.

Several days pass, Uta suggests they go to the river together. Uta invites the whole crew down the creek. There they spot the water imp who goes on about Rin visited due to the thread of fate. Yomi gets annoyed and even says “back off Rin is mine” HAHA. Later, Yomi and Rin separate from the rest to relax. Yomi says he figured in order to stay in the village, he can study with Kimura-sensei. Rin wants him to go to a university outside the city though, but Yomi says he doesn’t want to be in a place with so many humans. Yomi asks if she’ll really leave the village but Rin says she would for at least 4 years, but she would come back. She wants to become a teacher in the village and always live along side with everyone and him. So this makes Yomi realize that he wants to go outside the village with Rin and study literature earnestly. They decide to talk to Kami-sama about this and Yomi tells both Uta and him that he wants to go outside the village to study literature in University. Rin also wants to go to university to become a teacher. Kami-sama gladly accepts and Yomi is so happy he starts tearing up (omggg).

One night they light fireworks together and Rin runs off to see the stars from a good view. It’s there suddenly an ayakashi appears and attacks her. Thankfully, Guren saves her but she falls unconscious. Yomi eventually came and it’s then they realize how fragile humans are, and he knows he needs to stay by her side to protect her. Yomi took her home while desperately waiting for her to wake up. When she did, he apologized for not helping her immediately.

Eventually Yomi tells Gin too that he wants to go to university together with Rin. But they definitely intend to return to the village again.

Anyway, the next school term started up and Yomi and Rin were studying for exams coming up. During one of their study sessions Rin mentions she needs to study hard in order to go to the same university as him. Yomi says she fell asleep in class and muttered she looked cute. She wonders what he said and he obviously gets embarrassed and says it’s nothing lol. Later that day Rin is tired of studying so they decide to take a break. They decide to go visit Guren and find him and Saori together. They don’t want to interrupt so they decide to walk home together while holding hands. They notice a festival is coming up so decide to take a break from studying to go.

One morning Yomi sleeps in so Rin goes to school by herself. She finds Saori there who invites her to the festival along with Guren. She’s too shy to invite him herself and Rin happily agrees though she really wanted to go with just Yomi. Later, Rin tells Yomi and he’s disappointed but goes along with it. He mentions that they definitely won’t be doing that next time. Rin thanks Yomi and he pats her on the head. Uta and Suou start teasing them for being lovely-dovey and Yomi tells them to shut up while all embarrassed.

On the day of the festival, Gin lets Rin wear her grandmother’s old Yukata. She comes out to the living room and Uta remarks “wow so you’re actually a girl!” Rin obviously hits him for it lol. Yomi just gawks at her while blushing and says they should go. So they meet up with both Guren and Saori. They eat food together and scoop goldfish, and amongst the two being lovely dovey, Yomi takes the chance to take separate from the two so they can have alone time. They sit on the steps together. He wanted to tell her that he thought the yukata looked good on her. Rin is embarrassed and thanks him saying it makes her really happy. Yomi says he used to hate humans, but Rin changed that for him. He realizes he’s become much more human-like over time, and doesn’t mind it. But also feels more scared the more he’s with her, because he’s an ayakashi, and their time is limited. Rin tells him that it doesn’t matter if he’s human, because she came to love him as an ayakashi. Yomi tells her he’s glad that he came to fall in love with her. They exchange a brief kiss, and soon Guren and Saori find them. They were hand in hand, and apparently they started dating. Rin congratulates the two and she admits she’s actually part ayakashi since he grandmother married one.

Anyway, amongst the happy time, an Ayakashi that seemingly knows Guren appears. His name is Yatagarasu and he’s old friends with him. Guren introduces his “friends” to him, and Yatagarasu tells him he’s changed quite a bit to befriend humans. Soon Yomi and Rin leave them to acquaint. On their way home Yomi tells Rin to be wary of Guren’s friend since he seems quite suspicious.

It’s finally winter and Yomi and Rin are studying again. The cultural festival is coming up and Rin is in charge of making the food again. That night Rin tries and come up with a menu and Yomi decides to help her. She’s been trying to cook and do studies at the same time so she starts staying up late. Yomi is concerned about her since he knows she’ll need rest, but she promises to rest the next day. So the next morning she whips up a prototype dish for the class which Gin loves as the rest of the class does too. After class though Rin staggers and blacks out. She wakes up in the nurse’s office with Yomi by her side. He tells her he was really worried about her and she says she’ll be more careful from now on. It’s at times like these that she wishes she was an ayakashi, but Yomi tells her she doesn’t need to be, because she’s fine the way she is.

Finally it was the cultural festival and it was super busy. During Yomi and Rin’s break, they encounter Guren and Yatagarasu. Rin feels a suspicious atmosphere around him. He starts saying that this cultural festival is ridiculous and a waste of time and wonders if this is the extent of Guren’s pride. This pisses off Rin and she tells Yatagarasu off and how he should apologize to Guren. She then yells at him to leave and tries to shove him out of the classroom. Though he grabs her hand and thats when Yomi and Guren intervenes. Yatagarasu realizes that Guren has been changed due to the likes of a human and Guren admits that may be true. He laughs saying it’s interesting and that he found a new toy. He finally leaves and Guren mentions that he hasn’t changed from hating humans and he’ll be sure to keep an eye on him. So a little later on Yomi and Rin finally meet up each other. The festival was a success and Rin tells Yomi she wants a reward for all her hard work. Yomi’s like “what do you want, cake or something?” and so she asks him to dance as a reward.

A couple months pass and it’s finally straight out winter. It’s snowing and Yomi and Uta are already throwing snowballs at each other. Later that night Yomi and Rin are studying hard at school and come home a bit later. Gin’s about to make them dinner before Guren suddenly appears. Apparently Saori disappeared; she never appeared when she planned to meet him and he looked all over for her to no avail. Yatagarasu is the only one who could be involved so they go searching around the mountains. While Guren looks on his on, both Yomi and Rin do too. Eventually, Yomi and Rin find Yatagarasu in a cabin. He can tell they’re both lovers and thinks it’s ridiculous humans and Ayakashi are starting associate with each other like that. He believe the feelings of humans fluctuate too easily, so they may love you one day, but they’ll just switch the next. This causes Yomi to hesitate. He asks him if he truly thinks Ayakashi and humans can be together but Yomi doesn’t answer. Yatagarasu then asks if he’d like him to make him become human, that way he can die alongside Rin. But to do that would deny his existence as an Ayakashi. Yomi yells at him to shut up and just then Guren appears. He demands Yatagarasu to tell him where Saori is. Eventually he reveals she’s at the mountain top. They all find her there unconscious and Guren takes care of her. Rin and Yomi make their way back home, but Yomi looks as though he has something on his mind. That night, Yomi had actually been considering that he wanted to become human. But he struggles for an answer because he still has the job of defending the village as a Komainu.

Several days pass after that. Yomi seemingly has something on his mind but is hiding it from Rin so she doesn’t worry. One night Rin spots Yomi speaking with Yatagarasu. Once he leaves she asks him what he’s doing and he says he was just getting some fresh air. Obviously, Rin knows he’s hiding that he met with Yatagarasu. When she goes back inside she questions why Yomi is hiding the fact he met with him and wonders what exactly is going on. One day Guren comes over to confirm whether or not any of them met with Yatagarasu prior to before. Rin says she hasn’t but Yomi lies and says he hasn’t either. Obviously, Rin knows he actually has, but regardless Guren believes him. Apparently he heard a rumor that Ayakashi’s human partners have been killed by Yatagarasu before. He advises the two of them to not trust him. Rin asks why he hates humans and ayakashi together so much, and Guren just says he obviously has some sort of (sob story) past.

Next day after school Yomi asks Rin how she’d feel if he became human. Rin says she’d be glad since they could age normally together. But while it would be nice if he could become human, she doesn’t believe it’s necessary. She fell in love with him as an Ayakashi, and she’d be completely fine as they are now. Rin asks if he’s anxious about what Yatagarasu said and he says he’s not but he feels as though there’s a wall between the love of a human and Ayakashi. Rin tells him that she was uneasy because he was her first love, but the closer she got to him, the more she understood him. She tells him that even if he’s an Ayakashi, as long as they talk and understand each other, they’re sure to overcome their problems.

One day Rin is walking home from school and Yatagarasu appears. He asks to have a little chat with Rin and wants him to come along with him. Rin refuses and he grabs her to try and force her. But since she keeps telling him to let her go, he eventually knocks her unconscious. Back home, Yomi realizes she’s in trouble because of the bell and heads out immediately to find her. Back at the cabin where Rin is, Yatagarasu holds both her and Saori captive. So Rin realizes that the rumor that he kills the human partner’s of Ayakashi was deemed to be true. He claims it’s punishment for a human and Ayakashi having romantic relations. Even though Yomi is a refined existence known as an Ayakashi, he all of a sudden wishes to become human. He believes it’s disgraceful and foolish. Rin yells at him that it’s not foolish but he tells her to shut up and she’s thrown across the ground. He says he hates humans and it’s then she notices a slight resembles between him and the past Yomi who hated humans before. Rin then realizes that he clearly liked humans before but now hates them. He tells her to be quiet and starts choking her. He wanted to kill her in front of Yomi, but now he wants to kill her here and now. He knocks her aside saying he’ll kill Saori first, but before he can, Rin intervenes between him and her.

Best End

Rin gets injured instead. She’s knocked unconscious while bleeding and soon Guren and Yomi arrive. Yomi notices Rin on the floor bleeding and immediately runs up to her. Guren tells him not to move her too much, and Yomi gets furious and turns into his beastly form. He tries to attack Yatagarasu but he ends up getting away. Rin isn’t moving and Guren says there is one way to save her. Yomi pleads him to tell him and he’ll do anything as long as she can survive. Guren sighs and uses a special medicine on Rin. She eventually wakes up and while Yomi is relieved, he notices a difference in Rin. Guren reveals that the medicine is something passed down from their lineage and is affective for Ayakashi. But when used on a human, it turns them into an Ayakashi. So Rin has become an Ayakashi. Yomi starts crying and tells her he’s sorry; it’s all because he couldn’t protect her. But Rin tells him it’s okay, and she’s actually happy because it means she can stay with him as long as possible.

Time passes after Rin and Yomi’s exams. They leave to go to the city for university as promised.

4 years passed since they had university. Yomi and Rin returned to the village to hold a wedding ceremony there.

Good End

Rin is protected by Yomi and Guren from Yatagarasu. He yells at them that she’ll die soon anyway but Yomi says that’s why he’ll value the time he does have with Rin. He tells him he’s sorry but he doesn’t want to become human. He fell in love with Rin as an Ayakashi and it’s going to stay that way. Yomi and Guren fight Yatagarasu together. Yomi is pretty pissed and tells him that he won’t allow him to hurt what’s precious to him. He then turns into his original beastly form and kicks Yatagarasu’s ass. After that, they come back and Rin wakes up to see Yomi. He tells her that he actually did meet with Yatagarasu and he questioned on whether he wanted to become human. He thought if he could, he’d be able to understand her better and become closer to her. Rin tells him again like she said before, he doesn’t need to become human because she loves him as an Ayakashi. He’s decided he’ll continue to love her as an Ayakashi. He tells her that he loves her and kisses her.

One day Guren visits and apologizes for getting them involved with his old friend. He explains Yatagarasu once loved a human once but when he told her that he was an Ayakashi, she went off with some man instead of him. So that’s basically why he has a grudge against humans. Apparently he’s off travelling the world now or something.

During Christmas time Rin and Yomi are outside and remember that they fought a year from then. They had no idea they’d end up together like this and Rin says she was probably really mad because she actually liked him then but didn’t realize it. It then starts to snow and Rin runs off and trips. Yomi tries to help her up but falls along side her. They laugh together and Rin tells him she loves him. He tells her he does too and they kiss under the stars.

Years pass and Rin and Yomi are finally living together. Rin has been feeling sick lately and when she gets checked up at the hospital, she finds out she’s pregnant! Yomi’s at first like “oh…WAIT WHAT?” so then he starts crying and it’s just too adorable Looks like Yomi finally got laid. (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)

Much years later, Rin finds a letter addressed to Yomi and runs off to find him. There he spots him and their daughter, and she immediately runs up to Yomi and hugs him. She congratulates him because apparently his novel won a prize.

More time passes, Rin is on her deathbed. She thanks him for always being with her and protecting her. He says his farewell to her as she passes on. After she dies, he continues to look after the village while never forgetting his love for Rin. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

Bad End

Rin protects Saori by getting attacked herself. Unfortunately, her blow is fatal so when Yomi and Guren arrive, she’s already gone. Guren takes care of Yatagarasu as Yomi holds a dead Rin in his arms. He calls out to her numerous times, until eventually, he decides to release his own power and sacrifice himself to save her. Guren tells him to stop because he knows it’ll kill him if he does that, but Yomi doesn’t care as long as Rin will survive. Yomi transfers the remainder of his power into Rin. There was a lot he still wanted to do and talk about but unfortunately it’s cut short and he apologizes for not being able to protect her. The bright light eventually fades and Rin wakes up to Yomi gone. щ(ಥДಥщ)

Thoughts: I honestly don’t know where to begin. Whenever I play a FD, it’s like watching my children grow up and it always makes me sad to see the conclusion of a story. Anyway, Yomi’s route really starred Guren the majority of the time. Which wasn’t bad, it was really nice to see Guren change and he had an interesting personality. The only thing that frustrated me about this route was the constant scenes with Guren felt more focused than Rin and Yomi sometimes. Still, it made more sense why it was so important nearing the end.

Though I’m not going to lie, the best end felt kind of… half-assed. Or maybe just too damn short. Rin turned into an Ayakashi but the way it happened felt kind of rushed/forced writing. She looked no different but Guren’s magic medicine just magically made her into an Ayakashi. It’s really shoehorned in IMO. And not to say that it isn’t a good ending because I DO NOT want to go through what was the good end again. I was sobbing through that end like a baby. It was good, yes, good AND bad. I think the reason they make the best end the “BEST” end is because it really is the BEST outcome. But then you get to the good end, which is really nice because it goes through Yomi and Rin’s cycle of life… on the conditions that Rin is still human so she ages normally while Yomi doesn’t. So she ends up dying and Yomi continues living. It’s so depressing but very realistic. I start to realize that good endings like to do something “realistic” while best endings are usually “disney” perfect ends. ┐(‘~`;)┌

One other tidbit, CGs take forever to come up. I was wondering when the heck I’d get one until I was more than halfway in the darn route. I was actually kind of disappointed with a couple of Yomi’s CGs. I honestly wish the characters got more CGs in general but yeah, it is what it is. More than the first game I’ll admit, but the first game’s quality in the CGs did feel somewhat better in my opinion.

Anyway, this was a good wrap up of Yomi’s story and I greatly enjoyed Kaji voicing this sweet, sweet boy. He’s still my favorite character in this game so having an extra story for him was a delight. I’m very glad I could experience it!

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  1. Thank you very much for this ❤
    I love Yomi! It's my favorite character *o*

    To me the best ending was the "good end" too, it's more realistic, and we can see their lovely baby ❤
    I'll waiting for the route of Uta 🙂
    Sorry for my bad english xd

    1. No problem!~ Yes, Yomi is my fave too… he’s so tsun and adorable (≧∀≦) And yeah, his best end had a wedding but it was very short and needed more… Plus in the good end you see his cute daughter and I’m all for routes that end w/ kids xD I’m doing Uta’s route as we speak!~ Will probably have a review for his route soon~

  2. Thank you so much for your reviews <33 It's kinda hard to understand with VNR sometimes so your reviews really helps me understand the game ;w;
    Ahhhh laksdjkla Yomi is my fav too, and they had so many sweet moments I CRIED.
    I know the CGs all have the same amount for each route, but i kinda felt Yomi's CGs were lacking. They had so many better scenes that would have been perfect with a CG (like all those moments when they kissed but we only got Yomi closing his eyes and the screen fading to white (/‵Д′)/~ ╧╧)
    Also still smh at the Best End, that was the most rushed end ever ಠ益ಠ. But i can't bring myself to do the Good End, I CANT SEE RIN DIE AND YOMI LIVE BY HIMSELF FOREVER (╥_╥)
    Anyway, thanks again :3 Gotta prepare my heart for Asagi's route, because we all know what happened in the original game and I just want the boy to be happy (´Д`。)

  3. Um, I’m terribly sorry to suddenly comment on your post from 4 years ago, but still! Just finished Yomi’s route and it seems I hit the good end, so I just HAVE to share my feels on this subject!! First things first I knew I wouldn’t get Yomi’s best, since I have hard time understanding tsuntsun guys, hahaha, what a shame I wanted to see the marriage cg so much!!! but good end kinda caught me off guard to the point I feel slightly offended! I personally prefer Uta over Yomi, since the latter is a bit too cold for me, so I was extra hurt by Uta’s BEST ending, I cried A LOT and was like ‘I REGRET PLAYING THIS GAME SO MUUUUCH’!!! I like Yomi too, but in my opininon it’s just so SO SO SOOOOOO unfair, that in his best end Yomi get’s married and everythig is fine, and in his good end we’re at least told that he had a strengh to continue on living properly and is surrounded by other people, so it sounds more or less okay! Yet in Uta’s freaking BEST end, Rin dies, they have a beautiful but totally heart-wrenching good bye, then Uta says something like he’s gonna follow her soon????? And that’s all we get?? Tell me he could go on properly!!! Show him playing with grandchildren or whatever, argh!!! That hurts so much, omg!!! Anyway, is it possible for ayakashi to die and go to wherever a human soul goes in aftertlife??? Despite it showing that their love blossomed till the very end and forevermore, despite the fact it was actually a very touching kind of happy ending, I had hard time accepting it in the first place and seeing that they DID show Yomi still living alright and not being alone just ruined all my efforts to do it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy it was at least like that, I just want everyone to be happy and I feel so bad for Uta. Agh. Т_Т Please, excuse me for whining selfiishly about Uta in Yomi’s thread while knowing his your fave T_____T
    I feel this game is becoming too much for me, will I be able to survive Asagi’s route at all??

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