KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Touma

I finally got around to starting this game even though it took a while. Mainly thanks to breadmasterlee for giving me the shove to finally buy it lol.


Touma Mimasaka (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) is from the Tengu clan and is a straight up tsundere. He’s got a complex about his short nose though and even asked if he could get a nose job in the human world LOL WTf.

This game follows Koyomi who dreams of becoming a teacher but gets rejected at every school she applies to. Finally, she gets accepted to a school far off in the mountains. And little does she know it’s a school full of yokai rather–Yuuma (is what they call them). They need to basically be “trained” in order to be safe to live in the human world. They also tend to go on rampages so their powers need to be controlled by being whipped or tortured by disciplinary teachers. So Koyomi teaches them about the human world while whipping them into shape. So Koyomi teaches them about the human world and whenever they go out of control you have a delicious disciplinary torture session.

Anyway, he kind of has a rivalry with another Tengu named Haruka ((he’s got a long ass nose)) who’s all full of himself and constantly teases Touma for his short nose. So basically his relationship with Koyomi is just your typical “I-don’t-give-a-shat” yankee demeanour until she has home visits where she meets his family so she can understand him better. He lives with his mother, younger brother, and 3 younger sisters ((who I guess aren’t important enough to have sprites lmao)). His daddy is dead though and was a hot shot leader Tengu apparently. Anyway, his family is pretty poor and his mother works hard to take care of their large family. After, she visits his home they have the sports festival and Touma kicks Haruka’s ass w/ cavalry battle because he heard Koyomi’s voice cheer him on. He thanks her later for that and runs off only to go out of control and have to be tickled back to normal LOL.


Anyway, soon summer break rolls around and the whole group has a barbecue. Needless to say, there was some delicious fanservice and a whole lot of wet men. Basically, everyone started falling into the river and it turned into a pool party more or less. After that, Koyomi meets Touma durin her break and he mentions he hadn’t been doing his homework. She’s all hell no we gonna do a study session at school and so she gives him some private lessons and they manage a few subjects together. Right after that, Koyomi hears the festival going on and thinks “*sigh* If only I had time to go…” and what do you know, Touma invites her out ((in the most tsundere way possible)) to ask if she wants to go to the festival with him as a “reward” for helping him study. No other reason, baka!! Don’t get the wrong idea!! Sooo, she meets up with him and he’s wearing a yukata and she’s all “woah, nelly!!” but he tells her of course he gonna wear an yukata, it’s a festival, duh. He’s about to say he would’ve liked to see her in one but stops himself and tells her nevermind lol. Anyway, they walk around stalls and stuff and Koyomi keeps bumping into people like hell so… you guessed it ((no seriously it’s pretty obvious)) he says he’ll hold her hand in the crowd ufufu. Koyomi gets hesitation dokidokis because they’re student and teacher but doesn’t think it should matter and holds his hand. He gets super blushy about it and they share some awkward silence for a while, it’s pretty darn cute.


He helped a cat in a tree that Koyomi noticed and she’s all “Oh, so you like animals?” and tried to guess what sort of animal he liked. And well, if you guess elephant, then you’re right cause HELL YEAH long noses ftw!! He admires them elephants and is jelly of their long noses. Anyway, soon the festival rolls around and Touma has his little brother, Natsuki, with him since he wanted to go. And the 3 of them hang out during the festival and Natsuki manages to get Touma to buy him a giant takoyaki. He also asks if Koyomi and Touma are a couple since he can’t help but see them as such lol. This gets Touma completely embarrassed as well as Koyomi and have an awkward silence between the two of them for a while. So after the festival, Natsuki goes home. Touma and Koyomi stay out for a while before Touma asks if she wants to eat at his place lol and see Natsuki. And so they go over to Touma’s place only to find out that Natsuki and Touma’s mother are out. So they’re alone and Koyomi decides to cook something for Touma. Touma thanks Koyomi for saving the cultural festival ((since it was on the verge of being cancelled)) and that he really does appreciate it since he was able to make his little bro happy.


After they eat Touma suddenly has an episode because he’s nervous and Koyomi has to slap him back into shape. After he goes back to normal, because of his rampage, the electricity started to act up. It eventually cuts off so Touma has to go find a light. Right before he can though he trips and falls on top of Koyomi. He starts telling her things like his heart feels tight whenever he’s around her and that he hates seeing other guys with her. Basically the cause of his feelings must be–well, before he can say, both his little brother and mom come home and interrupt their moment. So in order to mask what happened, Touma pretends to have been doing sit ups LOL. Touma’s mother then asks Touma to walk Koyomi back home and he does. On their way back it’s awkward silence but then Touma finally speaks to Koyomi normally again when she speaks up. She wonders what’s up and he says he’s just thinking about stuff. When she asks what, he’s literally like, “Well, I was thinking that I’m in love with you” LOL. This startles Koyomi since he’s so blunt about it but he just go on saying he can’t find any other explanation for how he’s been feeling.


After words, Touma still acts normal towards Koyomi at school even after confessing. One day Koyomi gets too much rice as a gift from her parents and runs into Natsuki. So she offers it to their family and Natsuki invites her to dinner. So basically she comes over to Touma’s house and awkwardly greets him since she hadn’t seen him outside of school for a while. While they make dinner, Natsuki teases the two of them on mulitple occassions on how they’re more like newlyweds lol. This causes Koyomi to burn herself and Touma puts her hand under cold water and apologizes for his little brother’s stupidity ((I should note he whacks his brother’s head like 5 times prior to all the shit he says lmao)). So yeah, his brother clearly ships the two of them together. It’s then after their meal Natsuki mentions the poster he’s making for the Tengu leader election. Apparently since Touma’s dad died after going to the human world 3 years ago, they had to hold an election years after since Touma wasn’t ready to take his father’s place and become one cause he didn’t have a good control on his powers. Hence, why he enrolled in the disciplinary school in hopes of graduating and gaining control of his power. Touma doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence in himself but his otouto believes in him. After a bit, Natsuki falls asleep and so it leaves Touma and Koyomi alone, and making things awkward again. This causes Touma ready to say something but to Koyomi but they cock-blocked by his mom again (unfortunately).

A few days later Natsuki puts up posters for Touma but Haruka keeps ripping them off and says his father’s the big shit and will win the election unlike Touma. Koyomi of course steps in and won’t take that shit but then Touma interferes and tells him to back off and come to him directly if he’s gonna pull shit. Apparently Touma’s father wanted humans and Tengu to live coexist with each other peacefully. But Haruka’s family basically hates humans. Koyomi insists on helping and tries to be more encouraging but Touma tells her to stay out of their affairs since they’re Tengu and she’s a human. After that, Koyomi can tell Touma’s in a shitty mood over this and asks him out for a change of a pace. It’s more or less like a date cause she makes him a boxed lunch and boy does that make him happy. He likes it so much she gives him some of hers. He also says thats why he loves her cause she does stuff like that.


Back at school, Koyomi runs into Haruka’s dad who acts like the hawt shit. Touma also runs into him when calling for Koyomi and they have some hardcore tension going on until he finally leaves. Anyway, Touma suddenly goes out of control and has to be disciplined. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough time to go to the dungeon he’s normally whipped at ((lol)) so they have to go to some random classroom and find something to use. Touma manages to point out a clothespin and Koyomi is literally like “?????? wtf why a clothespin??” Well, apparently when Touma was young he’d use a clothespin on his nose to try and make it longer ((jfc I can’t even with this guy)). Anyway, after some pleasure time, he finally goes back to normal. But just as Koyomi’s about to leave, he grabs her and embraces her. He asks to stay that way for a bit longer but then she hears footsteps and asks him to let go so they aren’t seen. He does and the footsteps thankfully disappear. Though he apologizes for doing that all of a sudden and says he’ll see her tomorrow.


Touma was out shopping and finds Koyomi there. He walks her home and tells her that hes doing a speech and wants her there. Koyomi didnt want to get into his affairs too much but realized Touma’s dream of having humans and Tengu coexist was her dream too. So Koyomi goes with Touma to greet people and make speeches around town in order to gain support. After all that he arrives home to have his aunty talk up a storm to him. She decides to head home but before that Touma catches up to her. He wanted to give her a Christmas present. She opens it to find its a beautiful necklace. She also realizes that she wants to continue to support Touma not as a teacher but as someone she loves. So she finally confesses to Touma that she loves him and she wants to be lovers. And they embrace in the name of love (lol).

Koyomi and Touma continue to try and gain supporters. Its two days before the election. Its then they hear a rumor that Toumas father was killed by a human. Apparently Haruka had spread the rumor but it turns out its actually true. Toumas mother admits he was indeed killed by a human but did still like humans and wanted Tengu and humans to live in harmony. Apparently she couldnt tell him because she didn’t want him to hate humans for it. Regardless, this causes Touma to lose supporters for the election. Touma gets depressed and wants to be alone to think to himself. He finally visits Koyomi at her place and comes to the conclusion that even though he felt hate and the urge to kill whomever killed his father, he wants to believe in the good humans like Koyomi. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss.


Touma gets depressed and wants to be alone to think to himself. He finally visits Koyomi at her place and comes to the conclusion that even though he felt hate and the urge to kill whomever killed his father, he wants to believe in the good humans like Koyomi. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss. Although when election day rolls around, Touma loses while Haruka’s father wins. This obviously disappoints Touma, but Koyomi overhears Haruka’s dad admit that he’s the one who started the bs rumor of Touma’s dad being killed by a human because he’s actually the one who killed him. Unfortunately, Koyomi makes an oopsie and accidentally gets heard by Haruka’s dad. He realizes she heard it all and she wonders why he would do such a thing and apparently its because his own dad was killed by humans ((so basically he’s just a big fucking baby w/ a long nose)). He then tries to attack Koyomi but Haruka stops him in order to let her escape. Thankfully she manages to, but leaves behind her necklace.

Haruka’s dad then beats the shit out of his own son for letting Koyomi escape. He then conducts a “brilliant” ((and by brilliant, I mean really stupid)) plan of barging into Touma’s home, attacking Natsuki, and leaving the necklace there to make it look like Koyomi attacked him. But lets be honest here, why the hell would Touma believe Koyomi beat the shit out of his little brother lmao. Anyway, Haruka’s dad even tries to stage the whole thing by telling Touma his brother has been attacked. Touma of course doesn’t believe it for a second since he knows Koyomi better than anyone, plus the attack looks like it was from a Tengu’s wind. So Haruka’s dad finally reveals he’s the culprit! (Wow, that was fast so what the fuck was the point).


Touma tries to attack him but then he controls his mind and commands him to kill Koyomi. So she gets a text to come to the school. There, she finds Touma in his Tengu form and he tries attacking her as Haruka’s dad commands him to kill her already. But Koyomi wont be having this and starts whipping Touma back into shape. He goes back to normal and then Haruka’s daddy starts going berserk into his Tengu form. Haruka appears and tells him that he has stained the Nagato name and that he told everyone of his scheme. this just makes him even more angry and he attacks him. So Touma is done with this bullshit and finally beats the shit out of him with the power of love and wanting to protect his gal. Haruka apologizes for his father’s crimes and promises he will atone as well. Tengu appear and heard about everything that happened. So obviously Haruka’s dad was disqualified from the election. So they offer Touma to become the leader but apparently he doesnt think hes ready for it yet and wants to better himself first. And so once he graduates he finally becomes Hokage A Tengu leader after years pass with excessive training. And so, he has a traditional wedding with Koyomi and they live happily ever after (yaaaay).


Thoughts: Ahhh this took me much longer than it should’ve. I was playing Fire Emblem a lot recently so it kind of took up a lot of my time aside from work LOL. Also, translating too. But anyway, if you know me and tsunderes, I get pretty attached to those types lol.  And this guy was lovable onii-chan who can cook for you!! Only $5 a pop! Although I’m not used to Showtaro Morikubo voicing them. OP & ED were by him and Yuuki Kaji and boy can they sing mmmhmm (listening to ‘shooting star’ on repeat thank you). Okay but more about his route. It was def cute but I did feel like his romance could’ve been developed a bit better? His confession was kinda out of nowhere, like they had some cute moments but lol that was kinda quick. Idk maybe they could’ve used some of the election time to have more scenes together. I always like it when the confession is nearing the end of the route. His brother sure as hell shipped them hard together tho. Aside from that know it was so fun slapping the shit out of him, plus he’s a cute tsuntsun. I always end up liking the side characters though cause I really liked Haruka??? I mean idk if I’m the only one but I’d love a route with him he’s fucking hilarious.

I felt bad for him when he was trying to stop his evil daddy but got the snot beat out of him (poor guy). Also, his dad was a fucking moron. Like, why are you revealing your secret plot to your son AT SCHOOL ANYWAY??? And when Koyomi overhears he comes up w/ a shitty plan that you’d have to be stupid to believe. This guy was the dumbest villain ever, no points for you. Also, I have such a backlog rn dear lord. I want to order Wand of Fortune R but it’s just gonna add to my giant backlog. Oh well, back to Fire Emblem.

2 thoughts on “KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Touma

  1. LOL “I finally got around to starting this game even though it took a while. Mainly thanks to breadmasterlee for giving me the shove to finally buy it lol.” ahaha u will love this game! i loved it! good luck with the other characters~

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