KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Akito


Akito Suruga (CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana) is a 168 year old rich boy Kappa who thinks he can win the hearts of all girls. He basically flirts with Koyomi everyday so she stops taking him seriously no matter what he says. He lives in a giant mansion with his dad while his mom is working in Paris lol.

During the cultural festival, they’re doing gymnastics in which they have to balance on each other to build forms (like a human pyramid I guess) so Akito gets on top of Koyomi to do a Komainu style. So she gets embarrassed by it and when he points it out she just says its really hot outside. He’s all “oh you’re right” then unbottons his shirt lmao. He asks if he needs him to undo hers as well whereas shes like “NOPe Im FINe!!” So after the sports festival he rages and is tickled back to normal. As thanks, Akito takes her out on a little “date” as he’d call it, and shows her an extravagant view from one of his rich-ass buildings. He gives a cliche, touching speech and tells her she’s actually the only one he’s ever brought there. He then goes on to say he likes her and is more or less attracted to her but doesn’t really know why cause with most girls its either their looks or something. But shes different ((*cough* Ikki*cough*)) though she doesn’t take what he says seriously half the time at all cause he-s literally always flirting with her.


One day, Akito encounters her and he goes on about fate and being thw hunter of love. Koyomi is literally like “lol whatever, you doing ur homework??” and whereas he says he needs some help on something and wants them to study with just the two of them. She finally agrees though he was obviously pretending he needs help cause he solves the problems quickly. So he just pretendin’ to be stupid so he can try and spend some time with Koyomi. Akito also goes on about how being rich ain’t always what it seems and hated how his father tries to make him perfect in everything. Later, they can hear the fireworks from the festival. Koyomi shows interest in going so Akito takes the chance to invite her. So they ride in a boat together to view the fireworks.


During the cultural festival, rabid fangirls want Akito to dance with them at the bonfire so they go on a hunt for him. Koyomi finds him hiding under a desk in the staff room. She realizes he must be hiding from the fangirls and literally kicks him under to make sure he stays hidden ((omg Koyomi I love you)). He thanks her for hiding him and is all”oh the woes of being popular” ok but not really… He just really didn’t want to dance with any of them because he’d already decided that Koyomi will be his dance partner lol. The girlies of course get jelly but he tells her not to mind it cause he chose her of his own will.

So after Akito has an episode and has to be slapped back to normal, Koyomi and him dance by the bonfire. That’s when Akito decides to ask her to be more than just his dance partner. He wants to be an actual couple since he likes her. She of course is all “whuuut!?” but he’s fine with waiting and chancing after her until she succumbs to his love.


So Akito startd doing things like staring at Koyomi in class, sneaking from the fangirls to have lunch with her, and bringing her sweets with the intention of finding out what she likes so he can make her happy. So while Koyomi is all puzzled about this teacher/student stuff, Shion informs her that relationships between student and teacher isnt forbidden in the world of yuuma.

So one morning Akito walks with Koyomi to school and his fangirls whine about him hanging with a “human” so much. Akito no likey them calling her a human and manages to get the girls to call her sensei. After that, the fangirls trick Koyomi into coming into the gym with them. They tell her that Akito is too good for her and that a human would never be accepted into his family. So one of the girls loses her shit and goes on a rampage cause shes so angry at Koyomi for stealing her man. And so Koyomi has to whip her back into shape. Koyomi manages to get the other two girls to escape and they happen to run into Akito. He can tell they’re acting strange and as soon as they say “sensei” he gets srs and wants to know immediately what the hell is going on. Though they vaguely explain the situation, they keep apologizing and Akito rages at them until they tell him she’s on the gym.

So once Akito arrives banging at the door, Koyomi manages to calm her down and she falls unconscious. The girls carry her to the infirmary. Akito was so worried though, he embraces Koyomi. She finally realizes her true feelings and musters up the courage to confess to Akito. He’s obviously surprised but asks her to say it again, which she does. And so they officially start dating.


So the jealous girls are no longer interested in Akito because he yelled at them plus they think Koyomi is pretty strong for a human and start treating her better. So one day Koyomi stays after work to do paperwork and extra stuff. She tells Akito she’s gonna be late but he just goes to staff room and waits for her. After a while the two of them get hungry and Akito ends up eating sweets that a student gave to Shion that were apparently drugged. So Koyomi has to whip him back to normal.

Akito’s dad isn’t so accepting of his relationship with Koyomi, so he gets his servants to spy on them. So after that, Christmas rolls around. Akito’s dad has a fancy party every year and its unfortunately on Christmas so Koyomi is alone… or so she thought. Cause Akito is like screw the party and barges into Koyomi’s room through the window while holding a banquet of roses and wearing a santa hat.


Once he comes in her room he gives her his gift from “santa” which are the roses and his actual present which is a ring. Apparently he also has a hobby of making jewelry. One thing leads to another and well, Akito and her end up on the bed whereas they both get naked and make sweet Christmas love all night long.


Next morning Akito comes back home to a raging daddy. He’s pissed at Akito for ditching the party to see a human. He tells him he’s disgraced their family name and wants him to cut ties with Koyomi. Akito gets sick of hearing the same old shit and runs off back to Koyomi’s place. He hugs her so he can clam down but doesn’t explain why he’s so bent out of shape. So he decides to leave and with no place to go, he encounters Touma. He wonders what the whole deal is with him and so Akito explains the situation. So in the end, Touma lets Akito stay at his place.

So Koyomi notices Akito has been acting strange and been awfully close to Touma lately. She soon finds out after stalking him after school that he’s currently living with him. So thats when Akito finally decides to spill the truth about his dad and how he’s against their relationship. But Akito has lived under his father’s control for far too long. And after meeting Koyomi, he’s more than willing to throw away his Suruga name for her. So he cant hold it in any longer and starts making out with her. Not long after, Touma and Natsuki come home to find the two making out in his house LOL. Touma has to shield his little brother’s eyes cause ero kappa is getting his funk on.


After that, Akito’s daddy decides to pull a fast one and stops donating to the school to basically give Akito and Koyomi the middle finger. So Koyomi decides to go to the mansion and give Akito’s daddy a piece of her mind. But he insists she’s unfit for the Suruga name and that he’ll donate for thw school again so as long as she breaks up with Akito. Before anything else can be said, these guys barge into his mansion claiming its thanks to him that their companies went bankrupt because he stopped donating funds without proper notice. They attack his butler and start rioting more or less and so Koyomi stays to try and protect Akito’s daddy even though he objects at first since it’s his problem to deal with.


Akito gets worried about Koyomi cause he hasnt answered his texts so he goes off to find her and has a bad feeling. Meanwhile, Koyomi and Akito’s dad fend off the guys but Koyomi gets tuckered out after using her whip so much and there’s too many of them to fend off. And of course, just when things look bad, Akito appears and goes Kappa on their asses for hurting his girl. So he almost drowns them and finally they come face to face with daddy after Koyomi persuades Akito to try and talk with him. He finally agrees to talk both the companies and Akito’s future endeavors. So back at school, they find out that Akito’s dad is funding the school again, yaaay.


In the epilogue, Akito is salty about his father completely ignoring the situation of their relationship. Though he didnt give his stamp of approval directly, he instead sent a box. Inside was a wedding dress for Koyomi which I guess you could say… says a lot. So Akito asks Koyomi to try it on since he wants to see her look like a beautiful bride. So after she does, he so stunned that he asks her to marry him tomorrow lmao. But they instead promise to thank and talk it over with his parents first.

Thoughts: Akito is essentially a copy of Ikki with fangirls that aren’t as bad. And because I’ve never really been a fan of Ikki, I wasn’t a huge fan of his route. Not to say it was bad though cause there were so moments that made me laugh and he’s pretty hilarious sometimes with how blunt and upfront he is about stuff. Though the way he fell for Koyomi was pretty generic to me. But then again he’s your average “flirty” type so it’s to be expected lol. The jealous bitches weren’t too bad in this route though cause they were jelly for a bit but realized Koyomi is pretty badass and backed the fuck off. Not to mention Akito yelled at them too LOL. I loved it when they randomly made out in front of Touma and he’s like “JFC GET A ROOM GUYS!!”lmao. xD Anyways, yeah his route wasn’t bad but it also explains why I wrote less. Not too much happened tbh, and most romance scenes were too generic for me to write out lol.

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