KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Kanade


Kanade (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)  is a 602 year old nekomata who was once a cat but due to a regret of not being able to reunite with his master, he turned into a nekomata.

During the home visit she comes over to his place which is, not surprisingly, very old fashioned Japanese decorated. So he serves her tea and explains that he was once a cat who got separated from his master who died in a war. So he was reborn as a nekomata and tried searching for his master but after a 100 years of searching he finally gave up. He then enrolled in the school so he could go to the human world to find his master’s reincarnated soul to thank him for taking care of him and cherishing him.


For the sports festival, the competition is to play tamaire. Kanade acts like he’s going to completely own the competition but ends up playing with the balls like a cat lol. So after the festival he rages and has to be ticked back to normal. As thanks, he takes her to his place and serves her tea. He also plays the koto ((its more or less a Japanese harp instrument)) for her.


During summer break Koyomi encounters Kanade who’s all sleepy from the summer warmth. She makes him come to school with her so he can nap there instead of on the streets. So afterwords, they hear a festival going on and decide to go. They encounter different stalls and decide to try yo-yo fishing. They attempt like 3 times and finally get it on the last try ((such cuties)).


For the cultural festival they do a cat cafe and Kanade is forced to crossdress a maid in order to promote the cafe. So the girls “kyaaa” their ass off and Koyomi is all “omfg what happened??” though she can’t help but secretly find him cute that way. So as a reward for having to go through all that, she treats him to taiyaki. After the festival, she buys him something that has some strong cat nip and makes Kanade completely drunk with it. So she has to slap him back to normal. After that, they sit by the bonfire. Koyomi gets sleepy, and so Kanade lets her sleep on his lap lol.


One day after work she spots a nekomata in the form of a cat yapping at her to get her attention lol. He tells her that when cats die and leave regrets, they turn into nekomata. Apparently when they first die they take form of a cat and it takes a lot a time for them to take shape into a human form ((like many years in Kanade’s case)). So the cat tells her his story and apparently he wants to clear up his regret by finding the person who took care of him and thank him. So Maru, the cat, asks Koyomi to help him clear his regret.

So, Kanade finds out about the situation as well and helps out to look along with Camil, too. They decide to check the forest and manage to find no leads. Kanade then reveals his past and how his master was a kind woman who took care of him but went missing among a war going on. So they look for a while but to no avail.


The next day they decide to take a break from looking and Ryo greets them all. Maru flips out because apparently Ryo was the one he was searching for. So he thanks a confused Ryo until he realizes who Maru is. So they hang out for a while and he starts meowing normally like a cat. Ryo and Kanade explain to Koyomi that a nekomata clearing their regret essentially means their life as a nekomata is used up and they pass on after turning into a normal cat. So Koyomi gets depressed and starts thinking the same thing will happen to Kanade.


Next day Koyomi trains a student in the gym and they unfortunately lose control. She tries to fend him off but he’s too strong. So just as he’s about to try and slice her, Kanade comes in the knick of time to save her. Thankfully, Shion takes over to take care of the dirty work. Koyomi gets patched up at the nurses office and Kanade is thankful it isn’t”t as bad as it could’ve been. It’s then he mutters to himself he no longer wants to lose those he loves and realizes he’s in love with Koyomi.

One day Koyomi goes to find Kanade to thank him for helping her. But when he finds him playing that harp again, she blacks out and has a memory of a fire burning and mentioning Kanade as her only family and apologizing that she won’t be able to play with him anymore. When she wakes up, she realizes she’s probably the reincarnation of Kanade’s master. She scared to tell him though because she doesn’t want Kanade to disappear.

The next day she says she’s sick so she can skip work. Kanade comes to take her by thr lakeside since she clearly seems down. He asks her to tell him whats wrong as she starts crying. He then speculates that she’s probably upset because she thinks he’ll disappear since he’s her previous master. Koyomi is shocked that he figured it out but he tells her he won’t disappear because the power of love is too strong for him to ever leave her!! So he kisses her and asks her to stay with him forever.


So over a span of a couple days, Kanade gets weaker and suddenly starts sleeping out of nowhere. One day he tells Koyomi how happy he is to have met her and that he loves her. But before he can finish speaking, he suddenly blacks out. Koyomi takes gim to the nurse’s office and realizing he’s starting to lose his nekomata power. A week after losing consciousness, Kanade finally wakes up only to lose his memory of everyone! Unfortunately, it only gets worse cause he literally has to introduce himself to everyone over and over again because he keeps forgetting everyone the following day.


One day she goes to his house and finds out he can no longer speak ans merely meows. She stays with him all day because she’s afraid if she leaves, he’ll disappear forever. He then puts his head on her lap and starts purring as she thinks back on memories they had together. And so, the next day, Kanade has turned back into a cat. But wince he still has two tails, he’s still a nekomata. So Koyomi basically decided she she won’t give up hope and that he’s already lived 600 years so he’s bound to change back eventually.

So she let’s him live with her as her own housecat. He even still gets to graduate… as a cat lmao. One night she falls asleep with him on top of her lap and wakes up with HER head on HIS lap LOL. Apparently he’s back to normal and thanks her for never giving up hope and waiting for him. In the epilogue they’re married and talk about going to the human world together.


Thoughts: Kanade is a fucking cutie!! Nobuhiko Okamoto is honestly a good fit imo cause he kind of has that “screechy” voice that suited for a cat. Plus he can go pretty high when he wants to and his meowing sounds hilarious sometimes. Also, this route is actually the saddest of the bunch??? Poor baby, I wish his route was longer cause the rest of his route he was turning into a cat rather than making love to Koyomi lmao. Oh my god though the extra scenes like all involve jealousy and THAT CG WHAT THE FUCK. Looks like he’s putting his tail in-between her boobs. A pretty unintentional ((maybe)) lewd CG LOL.

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