喧嘩番長乙女 Kenka Bancho Otome – Totomaru

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット (2)

Totomaru (CV: KENN) is the first guy you beat the snot out of but ends up becoming Hinako’s brofriend. The genki best friend who’s very supportive of Hinako becoming the top of the class. Apparently he also likes to play a game called Black Burst Breakers lol.

During golden week, she encounters Totomaru while looking at a manga magazine. He notices one of the mangaka have the same birthday as him (April 20th) and Hinako realises that she completely missed his birthday and didn’t do anything for it. Totomaru says its fine though since that was around when they first met. So she decides “hey, why not celebrate your birthday today?” so she gets him that magazine and a wristband to match his headband. He thanks her and says she’s his best bro everrrr. They also buy a drink to toast an end of a fun day lol.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット (4)

Hinako spots Totomaru by the river and since he doesn’t notice her, she decides to scare the shit out of him lmao. He gets all embarrassed about what he’s thinking about and refuses to tel her until she says they’re friends, and if there’s something he needs to talk about they should. So he admits when he saw her dressed up, it oddly suited her. He knows that sounds weird because she’s no doubt a guy (in his eyes) but he can’t stop thinking about her dressed up like that.

After summer break, everyone is getting excited about the annual trip coming up to Kyouto. Hinako doesn’t really like the sound of an outing like that, since her identity could be found out but apparently it’s a required educational field trip. She confirms with hikaru and he believes she should go, regardless of her worries. So the day finally arrives and just as Hikaru and Totomaru are going to get on the bus, Konparu says he isn’t going. He was able to get out of it due to the fact he has to take care of his younger siblings.

So once they arrive they admire the city for a bit but Totomaru and Hinako notice Hebi go into an alleyway and suspect something’s wrong. They find him helping out a girl who was being harassed by those guys from the other schools. Before they can beat up Hebi anymore, they manage to run away from them and find a shrine. They make a wish at the shrine to keep hanging out together ((ahhh cuties)). While they’re looking for a charm though the shrine maiden there offers them a paired strap but accidently gives them a charm for married couples LMAO. This makes them embarrassed for the moment but she apologizes before Hinako tells her she’s mistaken for a guy sometimes.

Once they get back to the hotel, the teachers find out about a fight that occures earlier. And since Hebi was involved, they plan to send him back from the trip. But Hinako tells him it wasn’t a fight and he was just helping a girl who was being harassed. They want proof and Hebi shows up with the girl admitting it herself. Their teacher still wants some form of punishment so Hikaru said she’s willing sit up straight all night. Soon all of the yankees join in and get riled up when Hebi mentions the girl he saved is going to guide him around tomorrow. The teacher is all ??? When he sees all of them there and tells them to just all gtfo and go back to their rooms. When Hinako gets up though her legs are still numb so Totomaru has to catch her. Next morning they’re preparing to leave and apparently he and Hinako bought each other the same charm before leaving the shrine. They promise to come back after graduation if Hinako is able to become the Shishiku champion. Once they get back they find put Ushimata is attacked. They figure it was probably due to the fight Totomaru had during the trip.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_2

Cultural festival is coming up and just as they decide to do a haunted house, a guy comes in who was attacked by Ushimata again. They don’t know why they keep attacking, but one thing they know is that they’re specifically after Shishiku. They still prepare for the festival and Konparu had to hide from Hebi because he wants to do a beauty pageant and knows he looks girly enough lol. So on the way back from shopping, they bump into more Ushimata yankee and have to beat them up. It’s more or less an all-out war now between Shishiku and Ushimata and that fight during the trip was the trigger for it.

So during the cultural festival they’re hoping nothing happens so everyone is keeping a look out for Ushimata. During their haunted house, Konparu scares the shit out of Totomaru by sneaking up on him lmao. But of course, Ushimata decide to raid the place. When Totomaru and Hinako confront them, give give Hinako a surprise attack. Totomaru stops the punch just in time and tells them to back the fuck off and to not make a fool out of her cause she’s the strongest person he knows. So Tetsuo and his gang leave for now but declare an all out war on them.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット

So since the yankee from Ushimata keep attacking at places like the arcade, Totomaru invites Hinako to the mall. They see some girls getting excited over things like a strap or hairpin. It reminds Hinako of how she thinks of wanting to do this like that, but doesn’t think that hairpin would suit her. Totomaru wonders if she thinks her sister would like it and she says she think it’d suit her compared to when she was dressed up as a cheerleader. This leads to Totomaru saying that it’d definitely doesn’t suit her and she’s much cooler as a guy rather than crossdressing. And because Hinako is actually a girl, she unconsciously takes offense to this because she’s self-conscious of not seeming girly. She knows it’s not his fault since he thinks she’s a guy, but she gets sad over it and says she has urgent business to take care of. When he tries to stop her, she yells at him to leave her alone. She realizes she suddenly got mad and apologizes but then she runs off.

So now things are awkward between Hinako and Totomaru. Hinako constantly avoids him when he tries to confront her. So after Hinako talks with Houou, she decides she’s going to reconcile with Totomaru. So she meets up with him and apologizes for avoiding her and Hinako also apologizes for the way she acted towards him. Just as they reconcile though, more Ushimata yankee appear. They manage to beat them up but Tatsuo appears and is all fuck this shit and takes out a knife. He manages to stab Hinako (though not too deep) but its bad enough she’s bleeding and Totomaru has to remove her clothes to tend to the wound. Hinako is worried her identity will be found out, and she falls unconscious before she find out if he does.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_4 (2)

When she wakes up she’s in her room and Totomaru is there with her. He found out she was a girl, and so Hinako properly explains everything. That she’s not Hikaru and he’s her twin brother, and that she went as him to Shishiku since it’s their family tradition to become the top of that school. Hikaru hates fighting so she went to school as him. Totomaru thinks its cruel of her brother to force her to do that, but she was glad since she was able to meet him and the others because of it. Hinako feels he no longer would want to associate with her anymore knowing this, but he tells her, “you’re you and nothing else matters” they’re friends, and her being a woman won’t change that. She starts crying and he comforts her. He asks what her real name is amd she says it’s Hinako. And when he calls her Hinako, she gets all fluttery cause she’s not used to it lol.

So Hikaru comes in and explains he had her treated at home rather than the hosptial so the police wouldn’t get involved. He tells her she should rest for three weeks before going back to school. They also promise to not tell anyone what happened and just say she’s sick for now. Everyone is worried about her so they all give her get-well gifts and such lol. Meanwhile, Totomaru is fighting the Ushimata guys while trying to find Tatsuo. He’s obviously fighting in secret and doesn’t Hinako to get hurt anymore so the idea of her fighting makes him uneasy.

Word gets around when Hinako comes back to school that Totomaru is fighting alot in order to find the ringleader, Sakuragi. When she finds out he’s been working alone, she confronts him about it. So basically, now that he knows she’s a woman, he doesn’t want her to get involved because he worried she may get hurt again. She vaguely tells Houou that she’s still having issues with Totomaru. He gives her advice that if words don’t work, use your fists. So everyone basically tells her to beat some sense into him, literally.

So she finally finds him and asks him to fight him. He refuses because she’s a woman but she tells him that he sais before it doesn’t matter if she’s a woman, because they’re still friends and share the bond they had even when he thought she was a boy. And so he finally listens to reason and fights her. They officially make up and he agrees to have her fight along side him.

Finally, Ushimata send a note to have them settle this battle once and for all at an abandoned factory. When they arrive, Sakuragi brings back up even though it was supposed to be between Hinako and Totomaru. But back up comes for them as well and they all challange Sakuragi together. And of course, Shishiku reigns supreme and wins. I order to celebrate they go to a restaurant and eat to their hearts content. On the way back, Totomaru has one more surprise for her and hands her a present. It’s the hair clip she was looking at before and bought it as a Christmas present for her.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_4 (1)

During New Years Hikaru wants to see what kimono looks best so he has Hinako try on one as well since they have the same face. And while they’re all dressed up, Totomaru appears and sees Hinako and gets all blushy. So Hinako and Totomaru go to the shrine together. He’s never seen a girl dressed up like that before and she looked really cute. He asks if she still wants to attend Shishiku and she says she does because likes the life she has.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_4

One day after school Hinako goes home herself since Totomaru has stuff to do. She encounters Totomaru’s father who wants to speak with her. He wants Totomaru to study abroad and would like for Hinako to convince him to. He doesn’t approve of the school he attends and would much rather him do something better with his future. He feels he’s more likely to listen to his friend rather than a nagging parent.

So when Hinako mentions it to Totomaru, he told her he knows about it already and he doesn’t want to study abroad. This school is important to him and he doesn’t want to leave it behind. Although, Hinako isn’t being completely honest with what she wants because she wants Totomaru to stay. That’s why Konparu tells her that she be honest with him. During Valentines, since there’s only guys at Shishiku, they all give chocolates to Hinako since she’s so popular at school lol. And so, Totomaru finally decides he wants to convince his father to let him stay.

But Totomaru stops coming to school and when they visit his house he suddenly says he’s going to study abroad and that he couldn’t convince his dad otherwise. So he stops going to school in order to prepare to leave. One day after school she encounters his dad. She knows he wouldn’t just change his mind so easily. So he explains that he was essentially blackmailed into it by his father. As long as he studied abroad, he wouldn’t sue Hinako for causing Totomaru to get injured during fights she involved him in. Obviously in court they’d listen to a parent rather than some yankee. Totomaru arrives and knows he told her everything. Totomaru tells her he had a lot of fun at that school regardless of what his father thinks of it.

So Hikaru convinces Hinako to not give up after coming so far. This makes Hinako realize she still wants to try and convince him. So the next day at school she drags Totomaru to the gym while his father is there to fillout paperwork. So Hinako announces to the whole school that she’s not Hikaru Onigashima and her name is Hinako posing as her twin brother. And so, because “Hikaru Onigashima” didn’t really exist as her, he can’t sue. Of course, the guys start clamoring on about her being a woman but Konapru doesn’t stand for that shit. He tells them that her name was a title but her strength was real. This changes everyone’s opinion and realize that her gender doean’t matter and she’s still their top and first female bancho. They all beg Totomaru’s father to let him stay and so he finally gives up and wishes Totomaru the best there.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット (6)

Some time passes and Hinako has gone back to her girl’s school. She meets Totomaru after his closing ceremony and seeing her in her uniform makes him dokidoki. He carries up so he can see her face better and tells her he loves her. She tells him she feels the same and he starts saying, well more like yelling, “I love you” a zillion times before Hinako has to tell him she knows lmao. But that ain’t enough to express his kimochi so he gives her a nice smooch.

Friendship end

While they’re fighting Tatsuo, he takes out a knife and when he tries to stab Hinako, he stabs Totomaru instead. Thankfully his injury wasn’t too bad because the charm he had in his pocket blocked the blow (this situation happens a lot huh lmao). Nevertheless he’s still injured so he stays out of school to rest for a while.

So Hinako sent a letter to Sakuragi to challenge him alone. After school, Hinako leaves on her own to go fight Sakuragi. Totomaru is healed enough to be back at school and figures it out from some other yankees. When Hinako arrives though Sakuragi naturally has backup anyway but Hinako stands her ground. Even so, soon her friends arrive and lecture her for trying to deal with this all by herself cause they’re all dachi! So they beat up Sakuragi together and celebrate afterwords.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_1 (4)

During New Years they all spend it together at the shrine. They draw fortunes and of course, Hinako gets the worst luck lol. Totomaru also makes sure to keep the charm she gave him since it save his life. Hinako offers to sew back to gether since it’s torn a bit and that’s when the topic of her being girly comes up again. Funnily enough though, Kira id all “I think it’s fairly normal” since he’s the type to do a lot of housework like cleaning and such.

So one day Konparu and Hinako find it strange Totomaru wasn’t at school and wouldn’t answer his texts so they go to his place. They find out through his mom he’d been fighting a lot with his dad lately because he wants him to study abroad. So Hinako decides to talk to his father while they have a study session at his place. He tells her that he doesn’t approve of her school and that he will make he studies abroad. Totomaru hears the conversation from the other room and tells his dad to stop badmouthing her and that he won’t study abroad. But then his father threatens to sue Hinako for getting Totomaru involved in fights that injured him (it’s the same situation as the romance route).

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_2 (1)

So thanks to his dad’s threats, he finally agrees to do it. Hebi hears them talking at school and eventually the whole school finds out he’s leaving. They decide to come up with a plan to make sure he can stay and so Yuuta does. He admits its a stupid plan, but apparently dumb enough that it might work. So Hinako goes to tell Totomaru it’s fine if he sues her so we long as he gets to stay. Suddenly, everypne from the school appear with wigs on claiming to be the one who was on the camera footage he has of that yankee battle with Sakuragi. So they all ask his dad to sue them and so after lots of begging and realization, his father finally changes his mind to let him stay. So after the closing ceremony Totomaru and Hinako promise to continue supporting each other and fist pump with their charms in hand.

Thoughts: Totomaru is soooooo cuteeee. And holy shit he’s really gay for you at first. I couldn’t stop smiling during his route. I feel like his romance develops really well because he’s so bro with you that it’s like, even if you weren’t a girl, I feel like he’d go gay for you in a heartbeat. And the fact that KENN voices him makes it 100x better when he get’s tsun. The friendship end wasn’t too bad either, it’s essentially the same as the love one but isn’t too copy-pasta. I like how they stay bros too. Hinako kicks so much ass too like holy fuck. My favorite quote was that she was gonna let her fists do the talking when Totomaru was trying to protect her from fighting. She’s all, “fuck this shit” whenever a situation arrives where the guy wants to protect. Fuck no, Hinako gonna beat yo ass!!

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