喧嘩番長乙女 Kenka Bancho Otome – Yuuta

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_4 (4)

Yuuta (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) is the typical flirty guy who has flocks of girls surrounding him because he’s an idol. He’s all solo now because he has trust issues because of an incident with a friend who was jelly of him.

He doesn’t come to school that often because of idol duty calls, so Hinako is a bit sad cause he wants to give him a photo she took of all of them during their trip. When he finally comes back, she tries to give the photo to him bit he says he has some business to take care of first. So, since she’s giving a lot of reluctance cause he won’t tell her, he’s all “what a pain” and literally picks her up like a sack of potatoes lmao. He takes her to his producer office where he wants to offer her to become part of his idol unit.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_1 (1)

She wants time to think about it and before she leaves, she gives Yuuta the photo of him and everyone during summer break. He notices his smile looks genuine and wants to see more of his “real self” that’s more trusting to others. And because Hinako made him that way, he believes that her joining him in his idol unit could better him as a person. This is what makes Hinako realize that she wants to help him and so she finally agrees to it. And when Hikaru finds out he flips his shit and is completely fine with it since she’s using his name anyway lol.

So Hinako practices for an interview along side Yuuta. She’s all nervous about it but he helps her out. Unfortunately, Yuuta’s producer decides to make Hinako and him perform live even though Hinako was unprepared and it not surprisingly went badly. They also find out that they’re scheduled to perform 3 months later as well and this pisses off Yuuta to the point where he wants to kick the producer’s ass but Hinako has to stop him. Regardless, Hinako promises that she’ll get better by practicing so that she can perform.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_5 (1)

So Yuuta starts giving her DVDs so she can practice at home. One day he decides to practice along side her and Hinako complains she’s awful at dancing so in order to warm up, they spar a bit since she’s good at fighting. Right after though, Yuuta loses his balance and ends up toppling on top of her. By then he’s joking about doing things even if she is a guy cause she looks like a girl anyway lmao. So after Yuuta questioning his sexuality, Yuuta’s previous partner plots against him.

One day after school Hikaru visits cause he so badly wants to see Yuuta practicing at their studio. Everyone else is curious about it to so come along as well. Yuuta’s all “lol whatever the more the merrier” so during their practice Hikaru tries his hardest to get close to Yuuta and he just tries to keep his distance in the nicest way possible. After practicing, Yuuta wipes Hinako’s sweat off with a towel. Hikaru then begs Yuuta to do the same to him as well lmao. Yuuta also gets super jelly when he sees how close she is with Totomaru and Konparu. He gets so fussy that she decides words won’t work so she’s gonna talk with her fists!!

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_2

After practice Hinako is cleaning up the studio. She realizes how sweaty she is and when she tries to change, Yuuta barges in and lol too late cause he sees boobs. So Hinako has no choice but to explain to him her situation. But rather than mad, Yuuta is glad she told him and tells her it doesn’t change the situation and she’s still fine in being part if his unit. So during one of their interviews they find out their producer wants to do a photoshoot with them shirtless uh oh lol. Fortunately, Hinako realizes she has Hikaru and he’s more than happy to pose shirtless with Yuuta.

On the same day as the photoshoot, Yuuta invites Hinako out on a date while she’s dressed as a girl (or rather herself since Hikaru was dressed as himself). So she agrees much to his persistence and he takes her to an amusement park. They ride all sorts of rides and get a photo taken together. When Hinako gets home though she comes back to a jelly Hikaru who decides to accept the fact she may like him pfft.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_5 (2)

During new years their staff says they can’t move their car because of the snow so the two of them have to share a room that night. That same night Yuuta confesses he loves Hinako and also realizes he may want to try and start over with his former idol members. So the next day he decides to go pay them a visit and tells them he’s willing to try again with them. So he visits them again and says he’s willing to try once more. Unfortunately for Yuuta, it’s a trap and his former member, Tatezato, is in cahoots with the yakuza to ruin Yuuta’s performance and get a solo debut of his own.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_4 (1)

One day during practice Hinako suggests that Yuuta take a break and so he decides to rest on her lap. She’s all “woah wtf” but he tells her she said he could take a rest but it’s not like she specified where lol. So he lays on her lap and begs her to stroke his head. But without them realizing, Tatezato catches them in that position and decides to use it as scandal material since their both senpai and kouhai not to mention two guys in public eyes. They also send yakuza guys put to try and attack Hinako but she of course beats their sorry asses anyway.

During Valentines day, Hinako makes Yuuta homemade chocolates. He’s so happy over it that he hugs her and this makes Hinako realize she’s in love with him. And so before it can escalate any further, she runs away. During which she catches Tatezato trying to use pictures of them hugging to send to the press for scandal reasons. Hinako catches him in the act and kicks his ass for his betrayal to Yuuta. That’s when Yuuta appears and hears all the commotion. He tries to act all innocent and pin the blame on Hinako, but he doesn’t believe it for a second and forces him to tell him whats really going on. When he reveals about the photos of them hugging, he hugs him and says “lol its a just a hug!” and nothing weong with hugging a fellow band member. So Yuuta tells him to settle things with the other members after punching him in the face.

But on the day of the concert, Hikaru gets abducted by the yakuza who are pissed that Yuuta’s band member didn’t follow through on his plans. So just when he’s about to do his live performance, he notices Hinako is late and gets a call from the yakuza telling him they have Hinako. So he storms to where she is and rescues her. It’s then she finally confesses that she loves him and he sneaks in a quick kiss before heading off to kick some yakuza ass. Thankfully their friends arrive to back them up so they can head back to the stage and perform!

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_3

After all that, Yuuta and Hinako return to their regular days at school but because Yuuta’s so busy being an idol, he doesn’t attend much. But much to everyone’s surprise, he actually appears to say hi to everyone and thank them for helping him during the concert. He then srags Hinako to the rooftop as they confess their feels to each other again and then kiss.

Friendship end

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_3 (1)
Yuuta doesn’t find out Hinako is a girl and when the shirtless photoshoot comes around, she suggests everyone else partake in it lol. After the photoshoot, they all hang out on Christmas together. Eventually, Yuuta finally gives in and accepts Tatezato’s offer to regroup after his quick group up with Hinako. This of course leads into a ploy to sabatoge Yuuta by setting him up to beat up some yankee. All by getting a woman look like she’s being attacked by some guys and Tatezato getting some pics of him beating up to use in the newspaper for scandal reasons.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_3 (2)

They eventually find out that it was all Tatezato’s doing from the woman and confront him about it whereas he finally admits he was a lonely asshole who just wanted to be recognized lol. But unfortunately UR Star yakuza group end up holding Tatezato hostage. They threaten to harm him if Yuuta doesn’t decide to stop his live performance. So they all decide to rescue him and Yuuta goes back on stage to perform. But thankfully he has a soft spot for his new friends and decides to prioritize his education and come to school again.

Thoughts: I’m a piece of shit who can’t write reviews fast enough. Anyway, I had a bit of a gap between playing this but I liked Yuuta aside from seeming like an asshole at first. Although in reality he’s just a lonely af idol who couldn’t make any friends and just wants to be loved. (´∀`•)  I couldn’t help but find his friendship route to be boring though. It was basically a repeat of the love end just no romance and more bromance with Tatezato (whom I quite frankly didn’t care for). Just give me more cute romance!! This route has the least amount of yakuza/fighting involved though since it’s mostly about Hinako making an idol debut with Yuuta.

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