KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Shion


Shion (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) is one of the disciplinary teachers at the school who Koyomi often confides in for advice when it comes to teaching.

Apparently it’s not just the students who need to be disciplined because Shion needs to be whipped into shape lol. He’s surprisingly not human like Koyomi and is actually a “binbougami” (god of misfortune) He often disciplines Ryo since he goes on a rampage often and invites Koyomi out to drink after a long day of work. During the sports festival, Koyomi plays tug of war and gets tossed in the air because everyone else has non-human strength lmao. Shion helps her and takes her to the nurse office and even feeds her there too.

Afterwords, he shows Koyomi the underground disciplinary chamber as his non-human figure. After she whips him back to normal, he reveals he’s not actually human and is a god, or binbougami. He asks if this bothers her since a god like him can only bring misfortune, but she says he’s still him so it doesn’t matter to her. So he tells her to keep it a secret since not many know about it and she’s special case because she’s from an onmoyji’s family. So she’s the only one who can calm his tits lol. At the summer festival, after helping out Shion clean up, he takes Koyomi out to drink beer and eat food. Which to him is the adult way to hang out.


During the cultural festival, Shion tells Koyomi he wants to show her something. He participates in a battle of the bands to where he plays his violin. She hears from other students that the song he played is one meant for their lover so she gets somewhat cosncious over it. Afterwords, Ryo goes rampant again so Shion yet again has to slap the shit out of him back to normal. Though apparently he did a bit too much punishing today so he starts going rampant as well. Do Koyomi takes him to the basement and whips him as he’s chained to a chair. But unfortunately his god powers are too strong to be whipped like a normal Yuuma. So, he tells her to kiss him. Apparently thanks to her being in the bloodline of onmoyji, her kiss is powerful enough to purify demons. So with no other option, she kisses him back to normal. She’s so embarrassed though she runs off lol.


After that, Koyomi continuously has to kiss Shion to calm him down. It doesn’t really phase him but she starts to get more conscious of it. After tests are over, they decide to all celebrate by going to Shion’s large mansion. All seems fine and dandy at first but while Koyomi and Shion are getting tea ready, it almost falls on Koyomi. Thankfully, Shion prevents her from getting hurt but realizes all he does is bring misfortune to those who get close to him.

The next day he decides to give her a reward for what she’s done for him. She asks he plays his violin for her so he does. He asks her if anything had happened to her, no matter how small, since being a god of misfortune, it’s pretty much what happens to anyone who gets close to him. She says nope but if something does, to tell him right away. And so, the next day her toaster basically explodes, she trips and scrapes her knee, and small misfortunate things start happening.

Shion finds out and starts to worry and decides to come with her to buy a new toaster. That same day he invites her to his place to have tea and cake. He admits that he loves her and closer he is to her, the more misfortune she’s bound to have. She doesn’t mind though and says she loves him too and it’d bring her more misfortune to not be with him. She kisses him as he starts to protest to shut him up lol and be turns into his original form thanks to the power of her kiss. He promises her that no matter what happens, they’ll endure it together.


During one of their dates together, Shion explains how he met the principal at the school. Apparently there’s Gods in every region and he’s been the only binbougami as far as he can remember. He’s been searching all this time for a certain “phrase” that will free him from the burden of being a binbougami. So on New Years Eve, aka Shion’s birthday, Koyomi and Shion have a date together at a festival. During the final countdown of the new year, she gives him a muffler she knitted for his birthday. Unfortunately, right when the New Year countdown is over, Koyomi gets separated from Shion in the crowd. She ends up near a drunk Kappa and Tengu fighting and gets caught in the crossfire. They wind up blowing off a signboard from the building and it comes crashing down on Koyomi. Shion comes to help her and despairs saying that someone like him, who brings misfortune, can’t love someone. When Koyomi wakes up, Hinata is the one taking care of her while Shion goes MIA because he doesn’t want her to get hurt anymore.

So Shion tells Koyomi that it’s better they don’t associate with each other so he doesn’t risk getting her even more hurt. Koyomi is obviously against the idea but he starts avoiding her while watching from a distance to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. When Hinata-sensei sees her all down in the dumps, he suggests she take a vacation back in the human world to see her family. So when she does, she has dinner with her mom and dad. She asks her mom if it’s possible she’s seen a god when she was younger and she tells her kids that are at least 7 years old are able to see things that others can’t. She then remembers meeting Shion as in his god form when she was a child. She gave him chocolate to make him happy since he was so miserable and promised to meet him again. And even though she may forget, Shion promised that he’d never forget.


So she goes back to the school and finds Shion there. She tells him that she remembers his promise, but regardless he thinks it’s better he gets far away from her so he no longer brings her any misfortune. So he leaves the school and as she tries to run after him, she bumps into Hinata-sensei. After Koyomi tells everyone her situation, they decide to have a search party and find Shion before he officially leaves. So as they search for him, Koyomi heads by the river as the sun sets. She notices some kids playing and a girl falls into the river. She immediately dives in to help her, but gets dragged by the current. Kaede manages to find them and dives in the river (since she’s a mermaid) to save them. Koyomi gets her to save the girl first though and Kaede says she’ll come back for her.


Unfortunately, Koyomi loses consciousness before Kaede can help her. And so, after telling the situation to everyone, Shion immediately dives in to save Koyomi. When he does, he gives her CPR and begs her to wake up. When she finally does, she tells him it’s not his fault and that the biggest misfortune to happen to her is for him to not be by her side. He says that ever since he met her, she’s been a “good luck” charm to him. And so, thanks to the magic words “good luck”, Shion is released from his curse of misfortune and changes into a less scary god-like form. They kiss and promise to both love each other. In the epilogue, Shion proposes to her and it shows their wedding they have together.


Final Thoughts: It took me forever to finally post this but I finally finished up his route summary. Personally, I’m not a fan of teacher-types but since Koyomi is a teacher too, it didn’t have that “forbidden student-teacher love” trope to it thank god. I honestly liked the second half of his route better than the first half, cause ngl it was kinda boring up to that point. I also thought the end was a bit anti-climatic considering it’s the “last” route but then again, I shouldn’t take this game so seriously lol.

Ahh, this game was fun. There’s not many opportunities for the heroine to do the punishing or being the “teacher” for that matter. I’d love to see more of that actually cause I truthfully hate the opposite with the teacher being one of the suitors and the student being the heroine. Either way, I loved all of the routes in this game and while I’m late with this review, I’m really looking forward to the FD. I can’t say I have the highest expectations for it, but honestly, being able to see these characters again will be fun. And there’s no way they wouldn’t implement the slapping system which is honestly a pretty fun minigame for an otomate game. I thought I’d end up liking Toma the best but I actually really liked Sousuke and warming up his cold icy heart lmao.

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