Side Kicks! サイドキックス – Chika


Chika (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) is the hot-headed tsun of the group who is training to become an actual police officer hence his good athletic and shooting ability. He was born and grew up in a orphanage with no memory of his parents.

Rico goes to the hospital with Inori to visit his twin brother, Ritsu, who’s in a coma. Its his birthday so they talk about making cupcakes for him and Rico says he wants Inori to cook it. Soon Chika arrives to check up on Ritsu as well. The nurse tells Rico about his brother’s condition so Chika and Inori leave ahead of time. While driving back, they remember that if its Ritsu’s birthday, then its Rico’s as well (since they’re twins). So they hurriedly head to town to buy something for him. They end up buying straps and matching straps for everyone else lol. Inori notices the marine and they decide to have a view of the ocean on the docks. Chika lends Inori his coat since she sneezes from the wind chill.

He then reminds her of when his personality switched, he remembers saying something insensitive that made her anxious but can’t remember what it was. So he tries to make her tell him and she tells him she’s scared (similar to what he told her before). She’s scared of her ability and how she may end up making a mistake in it and causing someone to die. Chika tells her not to worry so much and if she’s feeling anxious or scared she should tell him since its hard for him to know otherwise and she thanks him. After that, Inori goes back to the office. She meets Nora on the veranda and he asks her if she’s seen any dreams of the ‘rain killer’ because he’s investigating the case. She indeed has seen some bits and pieces, and he tells her to let him know if she does see something so they can foresee it and prevent it. Just as it seems he’s about to tell her about the rain killer’s true purpose, he’s interrupted by everyone coming back.

On their way back to the station, Chika and Inori get a text from Rico to pick up some snacks. Chika reluctantly decides to do so and so they drive through a more deserted street. Chika mentions when he grew up in an orphanage, there was also a church where he grew up too. He suggests they visit the same neighbourhood and he shows her where he used to live. Its an abandoned neighborhood essentially and the church he used to live in was partially demolished. They decide to explore the remains of the church while Chika talks about him and his friend Maki.


They grew up together in the same orphanage and often stole food because they never got fed much in the church. He felt ashamed living such a poor life, especially when he saw other families nearby living a more luxious lifestyle. But his friend Maki told him not to be ashamed and to live by using his own power. Unfortunately, he and Maki don’t keep in contact and he opposed the idea of Chika becoming a police officer because they used to hate the police. Inori finds it sad they don’t contact each other, but he tells her if they do meet again, he’ll introduce her. He also suggests they come back to the place to see it at night when the starts are out.

When they arrive back at the Sakurada station, they hear about a 3rd victim in an assault case. Tsubaki explains 3 people were targetted and beaten but not killed. A social worker, a school teacher, and the city council. They have no correlation with each other and it doesn’t seem like the purpose is to kill any of them, rather to show them in such a state. Nevertheless Tsubaki leaves the case to them. Meanwhile, Shishiba and then others look over the evidence. With no other leads, Chika and Inori go to a cemetery based on what Inori saw in one of her visions. Unfortunately, they don’t find anything but the man Inori met before is there.


Immediately when he notices Inori, Chika realizes its his friend Maki (I already predicted this lmao) and greets him happily after a long time. Apparently he recently came back to Sakurada. Chika introduces Inori to him, but she remembers she already met him before making it a strange coincidence. Chika tells him about how he’s in the private detective agency, Side Kicks and how he’s becoming a police officer. Things get bitter when Maki brings up the fact orphans are getting more and more badly influenced by others and being killed. Chika mentions he’s doing his best to influence some of these kids to not get into sketchy shit. Maki says he acts like he wants to protect these children, but overlooks the ones that end up dead. Its not necessarily a bad thing, but he says he’s changed. He tells him that ‘hope’ is what ruins the world. It doesn’t save anyone to hope and then only way things will get done is if you take initiative. And so, he leaves after saying so.

On their way back while driving, Inori remembers an alleyway with a bell chime from her vision. They make it to the same one she described and search the area. Meanwhile, Inori hears the bell chime and suddenly hears a gunshot. She runs to find an iniured man who’s face was beaten and legs were broken. She immediately calls SideKicks for an ambulances and Hibari rushes to her aid. Chika finally comes back saying he chased the culprit but they got away. Although, is noticeably more depressed than usual.

When they get back to the station, they find out the man was a lawyer and another victim of the same injury cases. Inori meets Chika in the lounge by himself and apologizes for not realizing her vision sooner. He tells her not to apologize though because her remembering was enough. She notices he seems awfully down though and says she’s worried. He sighs and asks her if she thinks someone who’s killed can be forgiven. Inori doesn’t know how to answer but believes it depends on the situation. He then straight out asks how she’d feel if he killed someone. She tells him not to joke like that but rather than hypothetically, he tells her he did kill someone. She can’t answer, so he leaves saying he thought so.

Unfortunately after that, Inori hadn’t gotten a proper chance to talk with Chika since he’d been busy with training work. So, she decides she’ll continue with her own work until she can talk with him again. After work, she tries to call Chika but can’t get through. She bumps into Kurumi and tells her the situation, and so Kurumi gives her a case file to put away knowing full well she’d find Chika there. Inori goes to a room full of cold cases and puts away a file. She then spots Chika who’s surprised to see her. She tries to help him with his file he’s holding but he yells at her not to touch it. He apologizes for suddenly yelling but says he doesn’t need her help. Chika tells her he knows he hates him after what he said but she tells him he’s wrong and he’s acted different ever since that incident. He tells her to leave him alone and stop meddling into his business. Even when she tries to speak again, he interrupts and yells at her to leave. And so, she apologizes and runs out the door.

The next day, Inori takes a walk near the memorial park. She sees Maki there and he asks how Chika is doing. She tells him not good and he asks what sort of relationship she has with him and if they’re dating. She says they’re not dating, but she does like him. He’s surprised she’d say that out loud but she wonders why she’s asking in the first place. He asks if she’s the type to like murders cause he’s a murderer and traitor. He tells her that they were supposed to live by through the sake of their own power, not relying on the useless police. He doesn’t kill for justice but Chika does. She doesn’t know what he means by that but tells her to not involve herself in something unrelated to her.

When Inori gets back to the office, Tatewaki is talking to Chika who’s yelling how he doesn’t know who the culprit is nor did he see his face. Tatewaki tells him to leave for now, and Chika storms off ignoring Inori’s protests. The others tell her to leave him be for now. Apparently he was spotted talking with the criminal. They know he’s most likely not conspiring with them, but protecting them instead ((gee, I wonder who? /sarcasm 😐)). So she decides to go look for Chika and goes to the abandoned church, figuring he’d be there.


She takes a taxi to Chika’s old neighborhood as it starts to rain. There, she finds Chika standing by the church. She calls out to him and he rejects her again, telling her to leave. She says she wants to know about him killing someone but he rejects her again. She says she saw her talking with Maki on one of her visions. Next, Chika grabs her by the collar and says it has nothing to do with her anyway. He yells at her to quit trying to pry into his business through her stupid dreams. She asks why he told her about killing someone in the first place then and he tells her to shut up. After still trying to get him to tell her, he continously rejets her and yells at her to disppear already. Even so, Inori doesn’t leave and embraces him instead. He starts crying but hugs her back and tells her to leave him be and stop involving herself with him.


After that, Chika silently drives Inori to his place. When they arrive, he immediately tries to offer a towel, but realizes her underwear is transparent through her wet clothes 😏. He tells her to use his shower while blushing and so she does and changes into some of his own clothes. After he takes a shower, he finds her looking at one of his textbooks ((also with no shirt on 😤)). He didn’t get much education since he was an orphan, so he bought textbooks to help him understand certain things better. She notices a mark on his chest and he tells her its a tattoo. It was a sort of symbol for both him and Maki. He explains that the both of them felt they were serving justice their own way back then because they didn’t rely on the police but instead dealt with crimes themselves.

He the reveals Maki was the culprit of the 5 injury cases and he let him get away twice. When he saw him, he called out to him. He tried to surprise him and shot his gun and and Maki then asked if he’s gonna kill him too. He then explains when he first started to become a police officer, he trained during the day and studied in the Academy at night. One night, there was an incident with a gang member with a gun at a shopping mall. He held a woman and child hostage and when the child managed to run, Tatewaki told him over the radio he’d allow them to shoot on site. After killing him and seeing this man die, Chika felt guilty over it. It was all over the newspaper too so thats how Maki found out about it as well. Mako never killed people, hence why the victims were never killed. However, Chika would kill on site when given the order.


He then goes on to tell him it was Tatewaki took him in while he was still a punk kid things changed. He took him to a morgue and showed him differeny dead bodies of kids to show he may end up like them. The younger Chika loses his shit though yelling about how the police don’t really care about him or anyone else. He tells him that he can only save these people using his own power because the police don’t give a damm about those who aren’t rich or well off. Tatewaki tells he him may be right, but he can’t save people by himself. Otherwise, he’ll end up dead in the same morgue himself. Its then Chika’s ideals started to change and he realized what he was doing wouldn’t change the lives of his people. Inori believes he’s right in taking the path he is now.

Chika draws closer to her, and they both look at each other embarrassed. Inori realizes its already late but just before she can leave, Chika tells her to stay. Although he said it instinctively, he blushes saying its late anyway and the weather is bad. He the mentions the time where he said something cruel to her and asks what he said back then. She finally tells him he asked her how she can smile when her visions involve the life and death of someone. He tries to apologize, but she tells him its okay because she understood what he meant when he said that. He then hugs her and apolgizes for saying something like that. He knows that being scared of losing someone or not being able to protect those important to you is something that can’t be helped. He tells her if he becomes scared, he wants her by his side. She agrees and they both share a passionate kiss 😍.


The next morning, they wake up together and greet each other by saying good morning. They then drive to the Sakurada station and meet everyone in the office. They greet everyone normally, but can tell something is different about Chika lol. Hibari uses his observant skills and points out Inori’s shampoo she used smells like Chika’s lmao. Inori gets flustered but mentions she merely stayed at his place. The others tease him for it and Chika just gets embarrassed lmao. Chika approaches Tatewaki and apologizes for yesterday. Nevertheless, he explains the situation and how the culprit is his former best friend Maki. Shishiba then points out the correlation with the victims. The keyword is “children”, with the victims being social workers, faculty members, and lawyers. Basically, there’s a company called ‘adoption match’ they’re all associated with that involves obtaining money from children’s affairs.

After that, Tatewaki gets a call saying Maki was caught and in the interrogation room. Hibari and Chika go to speak with him while Inori watches behind the glass. Chika demands to know who his 6th target is, and confirms its the president of ‘Adoption Match’ but says they won’t have enough time anyway. Maki tries to strike a deal that if they deem him innocent, he’ll tell him where he is. He won’t be the one to kill him, but his death is based on his answer. Chika tells him to stop bullshitting and Maki tells him the reason he was targetted in the first place was a request from the person he killed’s sister but forgot completely about her. So, he finally asks if he’ll let him go to save this guy, or arrest him and let him die.


Chika tries to convince Tatewaki to let Maki go, but he tells him they’ll find the man. Chika starts to flip out saying at this rate, Mako will become a murderer but they all tell him to calm down. Suddenly, Inori gets a vision of a man yelling for help in a dark narrow space. Unfortunately, they’re still unable to find him and running low on time. Inori then suggests that Chika speak with Maki one-on-one again and go to the interrogation room. Chika tells him that while he may have changed, their views are the same. Rather, the way they’re doing things is just different. Chika begs him not to become a murder and its then Inori speaks up. She tells him Chika has continuously visited the church and never thought thinking about the future they may of had or the future of the orphans there. And after a long silence, Maki finally reveals the man was buried in a coffin in the cemetery they visited. Chika immediately leaves and Inori is left with Maki. Inori tells him that Maki’s words of ‘using your own power to live’ helped him. And in that aspect, he hasn’t changed completely.


In the end, they manage to find him alive while Shisui airs the entire thing. After Chika gets back, he goes back to the interrogation room to see Maki and lets him know he’s alive. He then arrests him and escorts him out. Before taking him to a holding cell, he asks Tatewaki to give him a minute. Chika sits down with Maki and he says Chika really has changed and wonders if he can. Chika tells him he doesn’t have to change who he is deep down. Maki says he’s alone though and Chika pats his back saying he’s not.


After the case ended, the whole SideKicks crew goes to Little Kirara’s diner. Shisui appears telling them that their case has brought forth a lot of opinions on the real criminals at hand. Making Maki look more like a dark hero than anything. On their way back from the diner, Chika drives Inori to thr neighborhood he grew up in to show her the stars he promised to show her. He tells her no matter how scared he is, he’s going to continue this work head on, even if it means killing someone. If its protect people then he won’t hesitate. He then draws Inori close and tells her he kept rejecting her because he was afraid of her hating him. Nevertheless he now knows he wants her continuously by her side. She tells him she loves all sides of him and they kiss under the stars.


In the epilogue, the two of them are happily taking pictures of each other and each time, Chika keeps throwing in surprise kisses 😊.

Thoughts: Okay, first things first, YES THIS ADORABLE HOT-HEADED TSUNBERRY IS MY FAVORITE IN THIS GAME. ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ Chika was the first route I did and I knew when I was finished he’d be my fave. Ishikai did such a great job as him and even his screaming lines were pretty intense at times. Anyway, Chika’s route mostly focuses on his past. Strangely enough, you see more of Chika’s past than any other character. If I had one complaint, I wish there was more action/drama. This route was more focused on Chika’s relationship with his best friend, which I didn’t mind really… but I kinda wanted some straight on shooting action or something idk. Tbh I was getting Shinjiro/Akihiko flashbacks with this especially with the whole orphanage thing and the best friend going rogue (even though Maki looks like Akihiko). Also, I don’t think they explained Maki’s scar?? Or maybe I missed it somehow. Idk. Quite a few of Chika’s CGs were in the common route so there wasn’t as many fluff scenes. Although that being said, they didn’t cop out on Kiss CGs. He got like 3 in total and one in the extra scene ((which was pretty cute but very short)). If there’s a FD, I absolutely need more fluff with Chika!! He’d be so adorable in so many scenarios. ALSO CHIKA IS THE ONLY ONE WHO’S NIPS I GOT TO SEE!!! #DrawIkemenNipples2k17

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