Side Kicks! サイドキックス – Shishiba


Shishiba (CV: Shirai Yuusuke) is your typical smart and quiet megane who’s skilled in hacking and data analysis. Unlike the rest of the SideKicks members, he’s actually officially part of the SPD.


After buying Rico a birthday present through hacking a reservation for a limited item, Shishiba tells Iori about how he was a popular hacker on the net known as ‘Shiranami’. He would do various hacking task for money and to get by. Then one day he got involved in a case Tatewaki was in charge of. He was almost charged for hacking into the database of the police, so they made him a deal to become a white hacker, or a hacker that doesn’t abuse their hacking abilities and join their special investigation team that would soon become SideKicks. Although, he doesn’t believe his talent his special compared to anyone else and could easily be replaced by a machine. But Inori tells him he’s wrong and his very presence is what makes him special. He thanks her and they leave.

After a broadcast from Shisui, they find out Ayame has become an official police officer and a rival of SideKicks. While everyone is already annoyed by the fact a guy like him is part of the police, Ayame comes in the SideKicks office to greet everyone. He starts flirting with Inori and Rico pushes him away lol. He mentions he’s investigating the Sakurada bombing incident. He starts trying to lower the morale of Shishiba and Rico by mentioning Rico’s brother and how he’s taking on what Shishiba couldn’t accomplish in this unresolved case. With a bitter atmosphere, he casually tells them all he just wants to be friends. Finally, Shishiba gets up and literally opens the door saying “here’s the exit” lmao.

The following day, Inori and Shishiba walk Ginger (the name Shishiba comes up with for the dog they keep) around the park. Shishiba already knew about the dog because the kennel was nearby where he worked. Inori asks where the name “Ginger” came from and he says its the name of one of his favorite super hero characters. He finds this embarrassing to say, so he tells her not to tell anyone 😂. They eventually end up at the memorial park and Inori brings up Ayame. Shishiba thinks he’s smart, which is how he became an officer in the first place. However, he’s been interrogated and suspected before, so he’s either telling the truth or just good at hiding. Shishiba says he understands how Chika felt when a criminal was released on parole but ended up committing another crime when he was released.


He’s frustrated knowing the criminal behind the bombing case is still out there and he has no leads on it. So when Ayame said he was useless, it really annoyed him. Suddenly, Tatewaki appears and was visiting the grave of his close SPD friend and the founder of SideKicks, Ishizaki. He reminiscences on how SideKicks may have been different if he was still alive. After Tatewaki leaves, Shishiba asks Inori how she think it’d be if she just disppeared. He believes no one would miss him if he did and the days would just continue on like normal. But if Inori were to disappear, he’d look for her and be sure be’d find her.


Back at the station Inori and Rico find out that Tsubaki never scouted Ayame surprisingly and was scouted by higher ups. Tsubaki hates Ayame and was against it but has to deal with it nevertheless. Back at the office, Tsubaki asks for Shishiba’s help in tracking someone’s mobile phone for a drug crime. They bring Ginger as well after Kurumi basically forces Tsubaki to. In doing so, Shishiba, Inori, Tsubaki, and Kurumi all follow Shishiba and uses his device to scout out the culprit. They manage to find him walking down the street and Ginger chases after him along with Shishiba. The man takes out a gun and shoots when he realizes he’s being chased. Shishiba drops to the ground holding Ginger with him as Tsubaki and Kurumi take out their guns and tell the man to drop his weapon.


Thankfully, Shishiba gets by with only a scratch and is able to protect Ginger. The man is arrested and Inori treats Shishiba small wound back at the station. He tells her he personally wouldn’t mind it leaving a scar. He doesn’t get to be in much of the action or have a gun so he think it’d look cool. Inori tells him that she was really worried but looked very cool and just like a superhero. Shishiba admits he’s always admired this superhero named ‘Captain Ginger’ who he completely looks up to. If he’s able to become a hero like him then he’s really glad.

One night Inori is late from doing work at the station and heads to the diner where everyone is waiting. On her way there, she encounters Ayame who immediately talks to her and convinces her to take him with her. He asks if she dislikes him as well and she says she doesn’t, she just doesn’t know how to act in front of him. He finds this amusing and tells her about his school life and how he was apparently bullied. Although there was a girl he liked that made him force himself to go to school, even though he never talked to her. He says she reminds him of that girl, then jokes to hold hands with her on their way there.

When Inori and Ayame arrive at the diner, everyone is immediately on edge with Ayame being there. Ayame then starts babbling about how he’s still investigating the bomb incident and talks shit about Shishiba’s report. He says that at the rate he’s going’ he’ll never find the culprit who almost killed Rico’s brother. Rico starts to get angry for him casually talking about his brother. It’s then Shishiba finally snaps and tells him to leave. Once he does, Shishiba decides to leave early. Inori tries to run after him because she’s worried. He tells her that he may be better than a machine, but there’s definitely someone out there who is more capable than he is.

After that, inori hadn’t properly talked with Shishiba. She suddenly encounters him in the office after she had a vision of seeing him. She’s crying for some reason and he asks why but she doesn’t know. He suddenly asks if she likes him, but isn’t sure why he asked. Unable to say anything, he leaves. The next couple days are like normal and Inori spots Ayame on the roof one night. He says he was looking for her and Inori immediately speaks up. She gets annoyed by the way he acted at the diner but he doesn’t get why she’s mad since it has nothing to do with her. He then suddenly asks if she saw him in her dream or if she killed him. Confused by what he told her, he leaves.


Shishiba then appears and gives Inori a file regarding her predictive dreams that he wrote up. Anxious about what he said before she tries to talk to him but ends up falling on top of him lol. She tells him Rico was glad that Shishiba got so upset for his sake. She was also mad when Ayame kept talking trash about the both of them. Even so, she doesn’t believe Shishiba can ever be replaced. If he disappeared, she’d continue to always look for him because she likes him. He apologizesa and since she’s too afraid to hear his response, she gets up and says she’ll see him later and leaves as he calls out to her.


The next day, Inori sees another dream regarding Shishiba. Inori leaves since she’s more awkward around him and Shishiba tells Inori he has something important to tell her later. On her way to the elevator. Shishiba asks to speak with her and so he forces himself on the elevator with her, asking her not to run away. As thr elevator moves, he uses a code to temporarily stop the elevator so he can speak with her. When she said she would look for him he was happy and didn’t know how to respond. And when she told him he liked him, he was happy about that too but didn’t fully understand it. He says he likes her her too, and if that “like” is the same as her feeling, than he’s really glad about that. He then asks if he can do something but ends up doing it anyway and kisses her.


After they get off the elevator, Ayame spots them and says he left a copy of his bomb incident report on the desk in their office. He tells her he’d like to continue investigating the bombing incident. So goes on to tell her about his analysis on the bombing and doesn’t believe it was an act of terrorism on the SPD, but Ishizaki himself was targetted. He was the closest to the bomb and even though Ritsu, Rico’s brother, was nearby, he wasn’t killed but injured. Shishiba knows she may not understand the details, but wanted to let her know. He hesitantly wishes her a goodnight and she leaves. Before leaving, Inori sees a vision of an unfamiliar place. Its then Ayame appears and asks her if she saw a dream. Unable to answer, she’s cut off when he knocks her out.


When Inori wakes up, she’s tied up in the unfamiliar room she had a vision of with Ayame there. Apparently he kidnapped her and read her memos on her phone about the different visions she had. Ayame says he’s starting a sort of ‘game’ and shows Shishiba on a monitor. He hacked his camera to see Shishiba on his computer. He then texts Shishiba through Inori’s phone a picture of her confined. This makes Shishiba immediately call Tatewaki and tell him he think Inori has been kidnapped while Ayame watches in entertainment. Shishiba immediately figures out he’s using a ‘spoofing’ method to send an email from another device while Inori’s phone is turned off. Ayame laughs as he watches him on the camera, expecting no less from him.

He then sends another picture of Inori to them again and calls them on the phone. Hibari decides to answer and they realize its Ayame who’s kidnapped Inori. She assures them over the phone she’s fine, but Ayame tells them they’re playing a game. A game to see if Shishiba can find Inori. He says if they win, he’ll return Inori safe and sound. If not, he can’t guarantee her safety. Nevertheless, Shishiba is unable to track where the photos come from because its blocked through proxies. He starts getting frustrated and arguing with Chika. Inori tells Ayame to stop and he tells her to not cry and he’ll give then another hint.


Ayame then turns on his screen where him and Inori can be seen on the monitor and greets SideKicks. He approaches Inori and gropes her chest ((ugh I hate that shit; gross fucker)) everyone else loses their shit but Shishiba intervenes and tells inori he’ll definitely find her and tells her to wait for him. When he hangs up, Chika yells at Shishiba asking if he has any clues as to what to do. Shishiba yells saying he doesn’t. Ayame then turns off the monitor and after making a call, he basically tells Inori its his win. Thankfully before this asshole tries to rape her, Shishiba appears. He played a loop video to make it look like he was still unsure of where they were located, but managed to find them by tracking him through the feed and pictures he sent. They arrest him and Shishiba punches his ugly face for touching Inori (you go boy).


After his arrest, Shishiba interrogates Ayame trying to figure out his motive even though he keeps telling him he was bored and did it for fun. After everyone leaves, Shishiba asks Tatewaki if he can ask Ayame a few questions alone. Ayame says he’ll talk if Inori is present and the recording devices are off, so comes in the interrogation room as well. Finally, Ayame speaks in a more serious tone. He basically tells Shishiba he knows things and when he gets orders from someone he does it. He doesn’t confirm who’s ordering him, but says he doesn’t want to be killed on a rainy day, son he listens to them. Before leaving, he grabs Shishiba’s device and writes a code in it meaning “The person is closer than you think”.


After that, Shishiba goes to the beach to watch the sunrise with Inori. Shishiba called it a ‘vanilla sky’ and wanted to show it to Inori. They talk about loving each other and all that jazz. Shishiba then gets surprisingly frisky and wants Inori to say she wants him 👀.


He gets on top of her and touches her boob and licks her neck (woooop)). Inori immediately blushes and wonders why he did that all of a sudden and apparently he wants to, in his words ‘override’, what Ayame did ((lmao wow)). He then kisses her and tells her not to bite his lips lmao ((they prob banged each other tho)). In the epilogue Inori keeps calling her boi cute and he gets blushu and takes a pic of them kissing.


Thoughts: Shishiba is a cutie! (*´∀`*) All he ever dreamed of being was a superhero because he thinks he’s a lame nerd (even though he’s surprisingly frisky) I wish his route was longer though. I actually did Shishiba’s route second (although its recommended you do Hibari). I really liked Shishiba as a character but his route felt really short. Maybe its just because not much happened?? Aside from the stuff with Ayame which was probably mostly inserted drama. His romance felt kinda rushed…… idk, I felt like something was missing in his route. It was more connected to the plot but still didn’t reveal enough to spoil much. Either way he’s a cute megane character who likes superheroes and hacking.

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