Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly 黒蝶のサイケデリカ – Summary/Review


I don’t usually write out one post summaries/reviews but this game was very scattered. Even if you did one route, there would be CGs and scenes in a separate short story. So in the end, I decided I’d just write up a review/summary in one post. So, obvious spoilers under the cut.

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喧嘩番長乙女 Kenka Bancho Otome – Common Route


Hinako Nakayama lived as an orphan and never met her biological parents. One day while trying to make it to her entrance ceremony and runs into her own twin brother she’d only coincidentally met. He claimed he hurt his foot when running into her, so he wants her to go to his entrance ceremony as him. His school is known as Shishiku and his name is Onigashima Hikaru. Due to his constant blackmail, Hinako agrees to pose as him at the entrance ceremony.

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