Un:Birthday Song ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ (Post-Trial) Common Route


I’ve finally started this game after like a few weeks it came out. Just like my last common route review, this is a post-trial review. In other words, it’s after the events of the trial. I’m sure most people even slightly interested in reading this would try out the trial first so…yeah. Anyways, the choices don’t make a huge difference but I was going for Zen’s route while going through this. Shizuru is a locked route anyway until you do both Zen and Rikka’s routes.

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Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Demo/Trial English Patch

This honestly wasn’t planned at all. I enjoyed the trial and somehow I ended up translating it. Anyway, I think I did a lot better with my revising this time. While translating the Re:Birth trial I didn’t revise it as well. Thankfully, I’m fixing it up for my actual english patch, but I made sure to not to make too many mistakes with this one. Plus, I actually knew what I was doing when inserting text.

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