Olympia Soiree オランピアソワレ – Review/Summary


The heroine is known as ‘Olympia’ and is a rare remaining [white] of her clan. She has a sort of a pet named Daifuku and is originally from a place called Tenyou island which is where her kind lived and worshiped the sun god Amaterasu. She now lives on Tenguu island where the rest of the [colors] reside and must pick a mate of a certain color at the age of 18 to continue her [white] lineage.

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ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Heiligenstadt no Uta – Common Route + Final Thoughts


The heroine named Lied lives in a musical but also magical city called Shall ( シャル) where objects or even animals can speak. She grew up in a orphanage with her one and only family, Soprano. After a series of “lost sound” occurrences, because Lied isn’t affected by it, she ends up as a member of the Royal Orchestra.

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7’Scarlet – Common Route + Final Thoughts


The protagonist, Ichiko, wakes up in a daze to see her childhood friend, Hino. They both attend the same university and decide to visit Okunezato, a town shaped like a crescent moon with many mysteries, to find clues of her missing brother. One year ago, her older brother suddenly disappeared in this said town. Hino tells her about the “Okunezato Occult Club” a website where its visitors discuss the mysteries and legends of Okunezato. So because offline meetings between visitors take place during summer break, Hino suggests they look more into her brother’s disappearance.

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