Re:Birthday Song -Append Patch- Translation + Un:Birthday Song Progress Update



It’s been a while since I updated on anything related to Re:Birthday Song/ Un:Birthday Song. But It’s almost been two years since I released this patch (March 16th 2017 aka my birthday was the day I released it). So this is kinda, sorta… anniversary commemoration?

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Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [JUNE]


I don’t think I’ve made a formal blog about this yet. If it was doubted or no one actually knew, I am doing a translation project for this game. I’ve recruited translators and all that, now it’s just the translation itself that needs to get done. I do still need a programmer that can extract and insert the images back in the game. So if you’re interested just comment or something. It’d be very helpful!

Re:Birth Translation Progress:

Common – [12/82 scripts] (15%)
Ame – [0/46 scripts]
Kairi – [27/38 scripts] (70%)
Yoru – [0/59 scripts]
Syun – [10/46 scripts] (22%)
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%)
Omake – [0/5 scripts]

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 16% 

These are rough percentages, but more or less the progress. Some scripts are much longer than others so it’s not going by lines but just the scripts themselves. Some I haven’t gotten a complete update on so this could change with a couple days. I won’t be too frequent on updates, but perhaps it’ll be monthly.

Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Demo/Trial English Patch

This honestly wasn’t planned at all. I enjoyed the trial and somehow I ended up translating it. Anyway, I think I did a lot better with my revising this time. While translating the Re:Birth trial I didn’t revise it as well. Thankfully, I’m fixing it up for my actual english patch, but I made sure to not to make too many mistakes with this one. Plus, I actually knew what I was doing when inserting text.

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Re:BIRTHDAY SONG – Trial English Translation COMPLETE

And so I finally completed this trial! It took about a week to translate, revise, and edit. It’s not that long but I’d say it’d take about 30 minutes to an least an hour to do. Now I may have grammatical, translation, or friggin’ line break errors. But you know what? This was hard to do so I don’t even care. for someone who has never ever inserted text into a game before I’d say it’s better than what it could be.

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RE:Birth Trial English Translation – WIP

So yes! I’m actually trying to translate this shit. I think I made good progress since I’m done of the prologue.

Anyway, the only problem I’m encountering is the fact that I can’t replace the default name “ココロ” to “Cocoro” so I thought ‘okay, then anyone can just change the default “ココロ” to “Cocoro” just by typing it into the name box and well……maybe not. I don’t know why but for some reason I can’t type the lower case “c” into it. And I have no idea why.

Also not sure if I should write “Death God” or “Shinigami”; I’m totally familiar with the word Shinigami that even if I wrote it I’d know what it is immediately what it is but I don’t know if that’d go for everyone. And yet anyone who watched Death Note or BLEACH would totally know what it means pffsh. So far I’ve been writing “Death God” but tbh I think I’m gonna change it to Shinigami cause I just like how it sounds better.