Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Nami

The final route; this reveals EVERYTHING…so I warn you ahead of time that you should do everyone else’s route or read my other summaries before reading this one. It’s pretty long too…I tried to write it as detailed as possible.

Nami is the special supplementary class teacher. He’s lazy, smokes a lot, and likes sleeping around even on the job. He’s voiced by Junichi Suwabe.

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Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Kairi

Okay don’t worry it’s not as long as Syun’s. Take that as a bad or good thing IDK.


Kairi is energetic, kind, and always very positive. He’s more or less the leader of the special supplementary class and always tries to keep the morale of the group in check. He also loves playing pranks and building things. He’s voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

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