Charade Maniacs – Review / Summary


In the far future, the heroine Hiyori Sena is kidnapped along with nine others, to a place called “Arcadia”. It is also known as the “Parallel Universe Broadcast”. There, a mysterious masked man introduces himself. In order to escape, everyone is forced to participate in dramas while figuring out who the traitor is among them.

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Shiritsu Berubara Gakuen ~Versailles no Bara Re*imagination~ – Review/Summary


Oscar Yamada is an otaku obsessed with a character named ‘Hikaru’ from a series called ‘Romakoi’. Her mother named her Oscar after Rose of Versailles so she has a complex with her name. Since her mother is a famous actress, she attends a rich school called ‘Bellrose Academy’ which is known for having a popular theatre department. This game is loosely based on the manga Rose of Versailles which it takes many elements from the plot & inspiration for the characters

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ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Heiligenstadt no Uta – Common Route + Final Thoughts


The heroine named Lied lives in a musical but also magical city called Shall ( シャル) where objects or even animals can speak. She grew up in a orphanage with her one and only family, Soprano. After a series of “lost sound” occurrences, because Lied isn’t affected by it, she ends up as a member of the Royal Orchestra.

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