Un:Birthday Song Translation Project – Recruiting Translators!


I’ve been off and on this project for a while now but thankfully have been able to pick it back up. Unfortunately, I lack translators and haven’t been able to make much progress myself. Although on the plus side, this game is shorter than Re: Birthday Song so it should take less time to translate as a whole.

Anyway, I can’t give much update on progress since there’s not much at the moment (as an estimate, I’d say maybe 6%) aside from the prologue being translated. So, hit me an email here: otomehearts22@hotmail.com or PM me on twitter if you’re interested in helping out as a translator. I wish I could compensate, but this being a fan-translation, all I can do is give a huge thanks and credits for those who help…  ごめん

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates later. Thanks!

Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [MARCH]



I’m sorry it’s been a long time since an update! These past months have been very busy for me. I’ve been working non-stop and the free time I get I like to spend it playing otome games or relaxing, haha (when I’m not translating that is). Anyway, onto the updates. This’ll be quick, since there’s nothing too major to cover here.

Common – [34/82 scripts] (41%) [insertion: 20%]
Ame – [46/46 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 100%]
Kairi – [38/38 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 100%]
Yoru – [59/59 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 5%]
Syun – [46/46 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 100%]
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%) [insertion: 0%]
Omake – [0/5 scripts] (0%) [insertion: 100%]

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 70%

Also, reminder to those interested in playing this, I WILL NOT TOLERATE NOR AM I ADVOCATING PIRACY WHATSOEVER. So here’s some good news for you all, you can now import certain games on Amazon JP now. So, if you want to play this when I complete the patch please BUY THE GAME. This would be about $65 USD through amazon which is pretty cheap considering. Anyways, thanks for the support but just know updates won’t be that frequent. I just thought I should write up a quick one.


Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [NOVEMBER] [[Recruiting Translators!]]


Happy Halloween!!

Well, a little belated anyhow…but yes this is still a November update, haha. It’s been a very busy month for me and while I did get progress done, I intend to get a lot more done within the next couple months. I’m aiming to finish translating this game by January, but I can’t say for sure if I’ll get there. It depends on the quickness of me and my other translators. So more accurately, early 2016. And once I finish translating, I still need to revise and edit. I guess more or less be a TLC on other translations aside from my own. Not to mention image editing as well, which shouldn’t take long… it’s just the inserting part that I still need help on probably, haha. I really do want to start on Un:Birthday ASAP once I finish this. Still always open to more translators but I’m not really desperate for them right now. Anywho, onto the translation progress.

Common – [32/82 scripts] (40%)
Ame – [35/46 scripts] (76%)
Kairi – [38/38 scripts] (100%)
Yoru – [55/59 scripts] (94%)
Syun – [46/46 scripts] (100%)
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%)
Omake – [0/5 scripts] (0%)

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 65%

EDIT: It’s actually 65% now, my other translator updated me on the amount of scripts she’d done. Thanks so much for all your help Phii!~

So… I’m basically half way done on translating this. Once I finish Ame’s route, it’ll literally just be two routes left. I’m not even worried about the common route. It may look like a lot of scripts but more than half of them are really short… like separate choices and scenes that make up barely any dialogue. Like, I could probably translate like 30 of them in a day or two is how short a lot of them are. I guess in that case I should do the percentages by lines, but this is easier and less time consuming. Honestly I should just get this stupid common route translated already ┐(´~`)┌

Also, note to my translators: If you make any progress, please upload it to the dropbox. I want to make sure I have updates so I need to count scripts aside from my own. Thank you!~


Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [OCTOBER] [[Recruiting Translators!]]


I actually meant to get an update in September but it’s already October. Anyway, I’ve made good progress this past month! I have two routes completed and now it’s just 3 more and then finishing up the common route (omake as well). I’m still looking for translators. If you’re willing to help just message me or email me at: cuteblossum@hotmail.com. I’m serious when I say this’ll go a lot faster if I have at least one other translator helping me out.

Common – [12/82 scripts] (15%)
Ame – [13/46 scripts] (28%)
Kairi – [38/38 scripts] (100%)
Yoru – [0/59 scripts] (0%)
Syun – [46/46 scripts] (100%)
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%)
Omake – [0/5 scripts] (0%)

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 35%

I should note that the common route has a lot of scripts, but most of them are pretty short. Truthfully I feel like I should’ve gotten it over with before the routes, but that was cause I was eager to get the routes done first lol. So with that in mind, the progress is actually further than it seems. Anyways, that’s all for now but stay tuned for more updates. I’m currently translating Ame’s route right now!~


Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [AUGUST] [[Recruiting Translators!!]]


It’s been almost 3 months since an update and I think everyone deserves to know what’s been going on as of late. First of all, these past couple months have been very hectic for me. On top of literally moving to another country, I’ve had a big change in my life and obviously its going to affect other things. Recently though I’ve gotten back on track with things and can finally start translating more.

And I’d like to start with saying that I’m recruiting translators again. I can’t get in contact w/ a few of my own, and considering I’m already translating, editing, and inserting… progress won’t move on its own without other translators to help out. I have no hard feelings towards those who aren’t able to commit and have to leave a project (especially since this is being done if free time), but if that is that case, please email me because when you suddenly disappear, it makes it hard to know what you’re current status is.

Please click here for my email and such because same rules apply like in my last recruitment post. But please, if you literally can’t make any time for this. Don’t email me to become apart of it. I understand life can take over but even a little progress at a time can make a difference. And if you can’t make any time for it, I honestly have no idea why you’d volunteer to be a translator for a fanmade project in the first place. I’m using dropbox (it’s sooo much easier to send translated scripts this way) so I need your email to send you a link of the script folders as well as sending the scripts themselves. ALSO SEND ME YOUR SKYPE IF YOU DONT USE TWITTER. Communication is essential and whatever you use most, just send it. I don’t want to set deadlines for scripts since I think its a bit unethical for a fanmade translation, so please contact me if you have questions, concerns, or want to leave the project. Thanks. And now a progress update which is probably long awaited. And under the cut cause this is getting too long……

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Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [JUNE]


I don’t think I’ve made a formal blog about this yet. If it was doubted or no one actually knew, I am doing a translation project for this game. I’ve recruited translators and all that, now it’s just the translation itself that needs to get done. I do still need a programmer that can extract and insert the images back in the game. So if you’re interested just comment or something. It’d be very helpful!

Re:Birth Translation Progress:

Common – [12/82 scripts] (15%)
Ame – [0/46 scripts]
Kairi – [27/38 scripts] (70%)
Yoru – [0/59 scripts]
Syun – [10/46 scripts] (22%)
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%)
Omake – [0/5 scripts]

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 16% 

These are rough percentages, but more or less the progress. Some scripts are much longer than others so it’s not going by lines but just the scripts themselves. Some I haven’t gotten a complete update on so this could change with a couple days. I won’t be too frequent on updates, but perhaps it’ll be monthly.