Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Prologue [White & Black World] + Final Thoughts


This game has two heroines with two different sides of the Black Route and the White Route.

White Route – Airi, a normal high school girl, encounters a man known as a black rabbit, Rain. Suddenly, he takes her into a world called the Black World and told she must become queen of this said world.

Black Route – A sudden coup d’état takes place in the black world where, Luna, rules as the queen. Her two aides, Rain and Snow, decide to take her to the White world while a new queen is taken to the Black World.

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Collar x Malice – Common Route (Prologue)


The protagonist is a woman named Hoshino Ichika. She works as a police officer in Shinjuku, while various terrorist attacks known as “X-Day incidents” have been occurring. One day, she’s attacked and a collar filled with poison is placed upon her neck. With this, she’s become a vital key into solving this on-going case.

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Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan – Shougo


Shougo Ukai (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is the son of the Prime Minster and was actually affected by one of the maremono books (on the same day as Tsugumi’s brother) that made him try to commit suicide. Due to this, he’s shunned so he stays with the Fukuro to be protected while deciding he can be a complete asshole to everyone cause he’s a rich bocchan. ((don’t worry though, he’s actually the biggest tsun the world)).

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