Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Prologue [White & Black World] + Final Thoughts


This game has two heroines with two different sides of the Black Route and the White Route.

White Route – Airi, a normal high school girl, encounters a man known as a black rabbit, Rain. Suddenly, he takes her into a world called the Black World and told she must become queen of this said world.

Black Route – A sudden coup d’état takes place in the black world where, Luna, rules as the queen. Her two aides, Rain and Snow, decide to take her to the White world while a new queen is taken to the Black World.

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あやかしごはん ~おかわりっ!~ Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~ Uta


Uta (CV: Shimono Hiro) has warmed up to Rin a lot more and he’s so new to love that even his first kiss is moe as hell. I swear the Inushima bros are just two tsundere losers. I’ll warn you now that this route is full of ラブラブ and cute scenes that’ll just make you melt.(人´∀`*)

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