Side Kicks! サイドキックス – Tatewaki / Another Story


Tatewaki (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro) is the unreliable leader of Sidekicks. After the truck incident in the diner, he recruited Inori into SideKicks with curiosity in her ability.  ((Unlocked after Nora’s route as Another Story; MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS; PLEASE CLICK MY JUMP LINK FOR NON-SPOILER THOUGHTS))

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Side Kicks! サイドキックス – Common Route


Set in the USA in California, a city called Sakurada. The heroine, Inori, is scouted into a special investigation called SideKicks with an ability to see visions of the future. It’s within the SPD (Sakurada Police Department) and a group with members of unique skills. An addictive drug known as ‘Ripcord’ has been related to a series of cases. For the sake of maintaining order in the city, SideKicks was created.

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