Ozmafia!! – Axel’s Route

So here’s my review/summary of Axel’s route. It exceptionally long I think. It’s a summary I wrote up as I played. It’s not literally 100% each scene that occurs but it has a good portion I think. I mean I did get all of his personal CGs.


I haven’t played every route yet. But this is definitely my favorite. He’s really a sweet character just has trouble expressing his feelings cause he’s the tin man and he had to gain a heart and what not.
But  how can you not love moe tinman?


I’ll start when Axel and Fuka were rescued from Caesar. It’s still all the common route but soon branches off into his route.

In the morning when Fuka wakes up she immeditately goes to the living room and looks for Axel. Surprisingly, she sees him there. And rushes towards him touching him and making sure he’s not really a ghost. Suddenly she hugs him and says “Thank goodness!”

Axel gets all flustered and tells her to let go heheh. Caramia then teases them and asks “since when were you familiar enough to embrace each other?” Axel then says “No this is completely one-sided! Now please let go.” Fuka finally stops embracing Axel lol.

Kyrie tells Fuka he didn’t shoot Axel but the ground.
He hands her a paper that says:

Grimm family: Clean the avenue area
Andersen family: buy 11 dozen matches

Which was the reduced penalty from losing part of the territory.

Before Axel is told to do his job he tells him he’s banned from eating sweets for a week! Axel asks if this is in the regulations of the agreement as well. He says no he’s just doing that for (cause he’s a meanie ;A;) worrying the family.

Afterwords Fuka follows Axel and asks if she can help clean. He says that’s not necessary since its his punishment. Then he says the honorific isn’t necessary for him since he’s not as important as Kyrie and Caramia. She then settles for Axel-kun and he blushes while calling
her Fuka-kun ;3;



Caramia and Kyrie then appear saying their stomach’s are at their limits.
Shocked Fuka wonders how long they were there. Kyrie says since the part when she said “Please go out with me!” then Kyrie is like “No, it was since the ‘You are my sun, I love you!’

Axel gets embarrassed and says he said nothing of the sort. He then says he’s leaving and while Fuka asks what about breakfast, he just says he’ll eat outside.

Kryie then says she really influenced Axel to be a bit more open for himself. He wonders if thats the opposite sex’s strong point and if she’ll be charming him next. Caramia says thats enough out of a bad insect like himself. He then says “how rude I am not a insect but a scarecrow.”

Next scene starts out with Caramia talking about the different cakes in the shops on a map. Axel then comes out and asks Caramia if he may have permission for sugar intake. Fuka asks if he eats sugar as it is; Axel asks “is that bad?” she replies saying its not bad but just a strange way of eating. He says he can’t help it as its a matter of life and death for him. (how dramatic OMG AXEL (❀◦‿◦)) Caramia then says “Axel…you know sugar is a sweet, right?” Axel then says “Yes…” so he tells him “Then, nope! The sweets ban is still in affect!” He then tells Axel to endure it for several more hours and good luck! pffsh.

Kryrie then comes back with a entire fucking cake and wants to eat it in front of Axel to torture him. (That’s so meeeeeean!! ;o;) When he asks Fuka to not hold back either she hesitates but Axel tells her not to worry about him and to think of her own happiness.



Fuka goes on a stroll and Axel accompanies her. She thanks him for it but he says he’s only following his orders. She then asks who she voted for at the contest and he said no one and that he kept his eyes on Fuka since he was in charge of protecting her. But Fuka misunderstood
he asks why she’s blushing and she said that when he said “he was only watching her” she misunderstood the meaning. Then Axel blushes like a dork. Axel asks what the heck she’s talking about and Fuka appologizes but he says:

“there’s no need for an appology but…um…you can stop blushing.”
“Even if you say that, your face is red too.”



At one point Axel notices a cat and thinks its cute. He says:
“I don’t especially like cats but…small animals are cute aren’t they?”
Fuka found it surprising he’d like something cute. And Axel told her to keep it a secret from everyone else.

Axel loses his glasses and is tripping around looking for them. Fuka asks what he’s looking for and he says its nothing she needs to worry about. She then finds his glasses on the ground and picks them up on the floor. She walks towards Axel and gives them to him. He puts them on
and gets all embarrassed cause he realizes how close they are:


Axel: “Y-Your too close. Please part yourself.”
Fuka: “Axel-kun, your face is red. Do you feel unwell?”
Axel: “It’s none of your concern…well maybe it is…but that doesn’t matter.”
Fuka: “Sorry?”
Axel: “I-It doesn’t matter. I appreciate you finding my glasses. Thank you.

Once he leaves he bangs into the door. SMH, Axel.


Fuka: “A-Are you alright?! To bang into the door like that…you aren’t hurt are you?
Axel: “It’s nothing. This is…actually an everyday occurrence for me.”

So at the festival Fuka looked at the stars and thought of what she’d wish for. Immediately Axel came to mind, thinking it’d be nice if he came since he’s always busy. Soon he arrives and he asks her if she made a wish yet. She says she has and its for Axel to be freed from guarding her. Axel then says:

Axel: “Do you really hate it that much?”
Fuka: “Eh?”
Axel: “Do you really hate being by my side?”

Axel says he believes its always fun to be by her side. He always liked being along so he thought being along side with someone was troublesome. But she’s different. Her very existence warms his heart. And he’s able to become happy by just seeing her. He then asks if he’s a nuisance as a guard for her. She says its no trouble at all since she loves him.


Axel: “Really?”
Fuka: “Yes”
Axel: “You really mean it?”
Fuka: “I really do”
Axel: “I see…”
Axel: “Thank goodness…I wasn’t sure what to expect…”
Axel: “In comparison with the boss and Kyre I felt I was a complete failure. I thought it was hopeless.”
Axel: “So…I’m sorry. It seems I’m not able to properly express my feelings.”
Axel: “I love you, Fuka. I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Then he says it’d probably be best to tell the boss of their relationship lol. They approve of their relationship and well yeah.

So their relationship takes a rocky start as Axel has no idea what to do in a relationship so he has no idea how to approach Fuka or even respond to her. So he had lately avoided her. She says its fine because she likes the way Axel is and he should just be himself. Axel agrees and says that he wants to stay the same together with her forever since he’d probably be happy that way.

Afterwords Axel is having a conversation with Kyrie. He basically says he should value his relationship more and be more forward and try and touch her more. Well……aside from “other things.” Axel gets flustered and leaves.

Anyways once Axel goes on patrol he asks Fuka to come with him. She agrees and follows. While walking Fuka notices it was raining and spots a puddle with a supposedly drowning bug in it. Axel corrects her that its a water bug that floats on water. Fuka asks if it has fun swimming and Axel says “I don’t know. I can’t understand the feelings of an insect”
Then Fuka goes and slips on the puddle lol.

Axel then goes to ask Caramia what he should say if someone fell in a fountain. Caramia asks if she fell in a fountain but he corrects himself saying it was a puddle. Caramia tells him you’d probably say “Be careful next time” while laughing. Axel says he’ll do that next time. (Psshh)

So next day, Axel and Fuka don’t spend a lot of time together. While sitting along Fuka sees Axel. He asks her if there’s anything he can do for her in order to be more of notice or need. Fuka says she wants him to stay by her side. Axel asks if she’s okay with only that and she says yes. Just being by his side is good enough for her.


Then she turns the question on him and asks what he wants her to do. He says he wants to hold hands. (WHAT A CUTIE) He says she’s got such small warm hands and Fuka says that his are large. He responds saying HE HAS MAN HANDS OF COURSE THEY ARE.



Axel: “I held hands with Fuka.”
Kyrie: “And…?”
Axel: “That’s it.”
Kyrie: “*Sigh* well this is you we’re talking about…”

Kyrie tells him he needs to stop reporting about his love life to him and just have a live a free happy love life (oh Axel ORZ).

Next day Fuka visits Axel’s room and talks about how he should have stuffed animals in his room. She then touches one of his wood ornaments and accidentally breaks it. Though he was actually more worried about her. A little later after that Fuka goes out to buy something for Axel. Though he gets mad that she was out so late since he was worried about her. He gave her a strong (AND CHOKINGLY TIGHT) hug. He apologizes and she hands him a present before he goes to bed. It’s a…guess what? STUFFED ANIMAL.Well a stuffed dog that has the same color as Axel’s hair. (omg Fuka is so cute)

Once Axel goes back to his room he starts to feel he’ll only hurt Fuka because of his abnormal strength.

Next day Fuka talks to Caramia about Axel and how she’s worried about him blah blah. Caramia is all like “Ah, you sure worry about him a lot. Makes me jealous.” Fuka cockblocks him by saying “oh don’t worry you’ll find someone someday.”

Next day Fuka decides to clean their office. Caramia acts all nice with Fuka clearly showing he wants to get in her pants. After they finish cleaning Caramia notices a feather in her hair from a cushion while she was cleaning. Once he takes it out Fuka gets embarrassed and then–

Axel walks in! Such timing!
Now I kinda laughed while playing this part because I could only imagine Axel running out the door like a dramatic shoujo character who just witnessed her crush with someone else. (hell even another otome game where the heroine finds her lover next to someone else).

Anyway Axel runs out the door and Fuka follows after him.
So once she catches up with him, he goes on about how Caramia would be better for her. She tells him he’s misunderstanding but he asks why he doesn’t understand his feelings even though he loves her to such an extent. Then he grabs her against a wall lol. She tells him that it hurts and he’s all like “WELL YOU’RE HURTING MY KOKORO.”


Caramia tells him to let go of her. He tells him that he should consider her feelings as well but then he gets pissed at Caramia for approaching her knowing full well how he feels. He says he’s the worse and then leaves and runs off to his room.

Fuka looks for Axel but can’t find him. Then Caramia takes the opportunity to tell her he likes her (for whatever reason) and that he thinks Axel is a good person but he doesn’t think he can treasure her. He tells her to separate from Axel and to hook up with him.
(seriously?? thats a pretty shitty thing to say in a situation like that…I mean its out of nowhere wtf)


Well they go to look for Axel and they find him drunk in a bar. Poor bby.

He’s all like “yo get me more sake” then he yells at Caramia and asks why he’s tormenting him so much and why he wants to take away Fuka from him. Axel sobs while saying how much he loves her (ugh poor bby) Soooo they literally drag him back to the mansion.

Once Axel wakes up he’s back in his room with Fuka standing over him. Axel begins to sorrowfully tell Fuka that he’s afraid he’s going to hurt her. Even embracing her is scary for him because he’s afraid he’ll break her (well literally omg).


Fuka tells him that he’s selfish and kisses Axel. (this girl is so bold in comparison to Axel HAHA) So she basically tells him she loves him and nothin’ will change that! So c’mere and love me bitch.

Finally they make up! They go on dates and eat lunch together. Axel says he want to  learn more about Fuka; and not who she was but who she is now.

Time passes I guess. Fuka becomes an official member of Oz. They discuss where the brand is put on the body and usually females have it on their wrist while males have it on their chest close to their hearts. Fuka asks where Axel’s is and he says its in a different spot. When she asks him to show her he’s all like ‘you want me to strip naked?!’
She says only the area of which its on. Then he gets all embarrassed and Kyrie says “near the right of the waist” Axel gets pissed and Kyrie’s just wanted him to stop flirting in public LOL.

When she wakes up the next morning Axel is sleeping next to her bed. Once he wakes up he apologizes and says he merely wanted to explain the soldier’s role but fell asleep since he didn’t want to wake her up. Well he promises he didn’t do anything (oh Axel you’re too innocent for that)
Fuka’s all like “Axel you so cute” then hugs him and he’s like:


“it’s not that I mind…but you’re wearing light clothing…and in bed…in this sort of situation…”

Then she finally releases him and he says he thought he was gonna die LOL. Fuka says next time she wants to go to his room. He says there’s a possibility for that…but he’s not mentally prepared yet so she gonna have to wait PFff.

Oh my god next morning Axel sees Caramia and he tells him he smells like Fuka’s room. Axel asks “w-what smell?” He says its the same smell from the flower near her hut.


Caramia: “That smell…Ohhhh I see. So you slept with her didn’t you?”
Axel: “H-H-How did you…?!”
Caramia: “Ah, since when did Axel become a man too? Looks like daddy Caramia will have to hold a feast tonight!”

Though he admits he did sleep with her just not … well you know.

While on patrol Axel and Fuka went to a cafe and Axel wanted ice-cream but since he was on duty decided against it. Fuka was persistant and said he should just get some soft served icecream to eat while walking instead. Then Axel thought of what flavor he should get since there’s so many.

So afterwords Axel said he had some business to attend to and told Fuka to return to the mansion. After that he went to a shop to go buy a present for Fuka (a hair pin). On his way back Axel was hit on the head and brought back by Sou. When he wakes up he tries to kill Sou. But he’s calmed down by Robin Hood or someone.

Originally, Axel was a tinman with no heart. The necklace he had that was his “heart” broke when he got hit in the head. So he lost all of his emotions.

Next day Fuka notices Axel acting emotionless and stern. She offers to get him breakfast but he turns her down and when he asks why he’s bothering she says:

Fuka: “Because we’re lovers…”
Axel: “So? What about it?”

Then he leaves while telling her she’s in the way. She’s all upset about it. Anyway he continues being a robot and even when Fuka finds the present he bought for her he just bluntly says he bought it for her. Clearly still showing signs of not giving two shits.


He remembers liking her but doesn’t feel anything. So he’s basically like a robot who doesn’t understand the feels he has.



Then the Oz family decides they should take revenge on the Wolf Gang since they attacked Axel. Fuka decided to warn Sou to run and Sou told her to come with him. Once they ran away they met Hameln who grabbed Fuka and started shooting at Sou. Soon after Axel arrived and saves Fuka from Hameln and regains his heart and love and whatnot. Happy END!

Best End: Fuka visits Axel as he gets discharged from Robin Hood’s care. Kyrie and Caramia talk about when Axel is finally do the do with Fuka and get funky. On their way back Fuka wonders what they were talking about and Axel says he’ll tell her in a more suitable place. Fuka asks “what place?” he says “his room” so then they go to his room and I assume they frick frack maybe.


Good End: Axel gets Fuka to command him and tell him what to do so he lays on top of her awaiting each order. (for serious HAHA)


shes ready for whatever you got

NEXT IS THE FUCK YOUR MAN IN SOMEONE ELSE’S ROUTE. This branches off Kyrie’s route. So you make choices that get you in the Kyrie/Axel rival route. And basically end up pick one or the other.

In Kyrie’s route Axel starts wondering what being in love is like and asks Fuka to tell him. Fuka tells him you have warm feelings when you’re in love. Axel says that’s strange. She asks why and he says well if thats the reason it could be possible he’s in love with her too cause he gets the same sort of feelings when he’s around her.

Later on Kyrie asks her where she was and she said she was out with Axel. He then says “Oh, you two would make a fine couple” and Fuka’s all like “how could you say that” and he kinda just leaves and is all whatever.

Axel is distressed about him always hurting her feelings; so later that night he visits her in her hut and tells her he can’t stand Kyrie
hurting her feelings any longer. He hugs her and says he finally realizes that the feelings he has are love for her. He loves her and he wanted to tell her that no matter what. He soon leaves after telling her goodnight.

The next day Fuka finds Kyrie in the kitchen. Soon Axel appears (awkward lol) and gives her something he bought from the market. A gift for listening to his conversation last night. He straight out says “When I said I loved you” in front of Kyrie. She takes it and Kyrie says “don’t take gifts from others while smiling”. Kyrie then asks Axel why he’s approaching Fuka so thoughtlessly. Axel says he doesn’t put peoples feelings into consideration and says he won’t back down. He tells him he doesn’t want to see her hurt by him any longer.

Kyrie thinks its BS and soon Caramia comes in and tells them to stop arguing. He then tells Kryrie and Axel to return to their rooms and talks to Fuka about her love affairs. He says “ya gotta choose one” and Fuka was already questioning Kyrie’s feelings for her so Caramia makes sure to tell her to consider Axel’s feelings as well.

So basically she gotta choose one (as in every other route). Anyway Kyrie comes to get her while she’s out and tells her its fine if they separate and she should trust her own feelings and blahblah.

She then visits Axel in his room and tells him she came to love him and she has the warm doki doki feelings around him. Axel is really happy and hugs her gently. Fuka says she doesn’t mind if he hugs her more tightly but he wants to treat her like a delicate princess heheh.


He then says we wants to try and something and lays her on the bed and he says he has it all mentally prepared in his mind but not sure if he can actually do it. (OH MY GOD PFFFF) Then he says it could be too early for them and she may not even be mentally prepared.
(so they clearly did the do PFFF)

The next day Fuka tells Kyrie she wanted Axel’s booty and not his (okay I kid) but he says that’s great and wishes her the best.

Next scene she wakes up with Axel and her in bed. Clearly some frick frack or some shit was going on. While Fuka was enjoying Axel’s sleeping face; he wakes up. Fuka gives him his glasses and once he puts them on he takes them off! Fuka’s all confused but then he says that her face is so close so its embarrassing.



Next day she and Axel are walking around the market and he mentions a crepe shop that opened up. He’s really embarrassed mentioning it though since he’s a guy and liking sweets so much isn’t so…manly xD
Fuka then tells him to hurry and get in line; he’s all surprised but she tells him not to hold back on his wants cause they’re dating! Axel’s all reluctant at first but agrees and says she’s very kind.

Once they get there that girl with the annoying voice shows up (her name is Ande I think) and while Axel wants a limited sweet she wants it too so Axel gives it up for her. Fuka asks if thats really okay but he says he’s fine with what he has. Fuka also tells Axel to show more self-value towards himself but Axel says the reason he doesn’t is because he’s
afraid he’ll hurt others. But he says he’ll to try improve on it more.

Randomly they encounter some boy and Fuka wonders if it was a friend of his and he says just some random kid no one special. Then he goes on saying that Fuka is the only one he cares about and her existence alone is all he worries about. He then stops himself from saying something super embarrassing heheh. He admits he’s usually afraid to say the things he’s thinking because he’s scared of how people will react. (this guy omg) Fuka asks what he thought her reaction would be and he says “I’m getting sick of this guy”. (OH AXEL BBY) She tells him there’s no way she’d think that! And he’s very relieved.

So next scene Fuka is talking with Sou and Axel appears being very irritated. He apologies afterwords for the way he acted. He knows he has to work and he can’t restrict her whenever she does something.
He says he hates it but its painful to see her with other man. (IT MAKES HIS HEART ACHE JSESUS) He says he knows he should throw away these sorts of feelings but he doesn’t know how.

So then…then he consults Caramia on this matter. He wonders why they’re relying on him for this but Axel just says “Because your the boss.” PFF. Kyrie comes in saying he should keep his distance
from her and Axel’s all like “I didn’t ask you”. Caramia agrees that’d it probably be wise not to stick so close to each other all the time and maintain some distance here and there. Axel gets anxious
cause he’s worried they’d make it an opportunity to take her away from him. Kyrie’s all “My, My, it seems we aren’t trusted.” But Caramia promises they won’t do anything.

Next scene Caramia tells Axel to repeat even if Fuka is with someone or speaks to someone he won’t get angry or let it bother him for the next 3 days. Kyrie then tests him and asks Fuka on a date. Axel has to hold himself back lol. He then suggests that they hangout the “3 of them”; once they have lunch and dinner they’ll go the bar. Then later have some so called “adult time”. Axel gets flustered and Caramia assures him he’ll look out for Kyrie.

Fuka tells Axel to do his best and Kyrie says “I’ll do my best to disturb you two!” and Caramia tells him to play nice.

Fuka wakes up to have Axel at her door. Apparently his trial time is up and he visits her looking dead inside. He says its the withdraw symptoms (PFFF). Fuka says if he’s sick he should go see a doctor. Axel says it isn’t necessary since the cause is her.


He lays next to her and says that this trial was pointless since now she’s only become even more precious to him. He becomes very anxious when he isn’t beside her and always feels like something is missing. He tells her he went on a journey to obtain a heart becasue he felt he would be able to live more happily with everyone. And be able to sympathize with others. However he’s only felt jealousy and impatience. Only to hurt more people. Soon he falls asleep. Fuka admits she didn’t know he didn’t have a heart. But it doesn’t matter because she loves him now.

Once Fuka wakes up there’s a knock at her door. She has to sneak out of the bed with Axel beside her. Kyrie is at the door and tells them that Ande and Grimm families have started fighting cause Hameln started shit.

It splits off from there and there’s two scenerio’s
Here’s the first:

Axel says he’ll take care of it and tells Fuka not to worry.

While Axel is with Caramia and patrolling the area. They take a break and Caramia asks Axel if he regrets having a heart. Axel says sometimes he does; but its thanks to a heart he’s able to smile, be angry, or love her. Right after they hear a whisle. It’s a magic whisle that effects beasts and children so then Caramia goes batshit and starts choking Axel. Axel tries to shoot him but merely grazes him. Then he shoots another time and it blacks out.

Fuka is back at the mansion; worried about Axel. Kyrie tells her not to worry but clearly she’s gonna. He’s in charge of protecting the mansion and yeah.

Back to Axel; he seems to have outrun Caramia. He then finds Hameln and starts fighting with him. Hameln manages to stab him a few times and goes on asking where his “heart” is so he can destroy it.
Axel tells him his own heart is his alone and he won’t allow him to take that from him. Axel throws him to the side (or stabs him with a piece of glass I forget) and takes his whisle, throwing it in the fire.


let us not question the fact it looks like he spilled wine on himself

Then amazing grace starts playing in the background and I’m just “???????” While Axel is dying on the ground trying to get up I mean.
It ends there. I thought he died TBH.

Epilogue scene: Axel and Fuka are enjoying the Meteor shower and Fuka wants Axel to make a wish and he wishing he’d be by her side forever.


I mean I thought he died but then there’s epilogue with them at the festival and I thought it was a flashback but they’re together so it couldn’t be??? Idk I was kinda confused.

The second scenario is that Caesar takes the opportunity to take Fuka while the mansion’s empty. Thankfully Axel arrives just as he’s about to take her to the forest. Axel unfortunately gets beaten up by him pretty bad until Kyrie shows up and makes him run away. Once Caesar’s gone Axel asks about his glasses but they were crushed by Caesar. So Fuka had to guide Axel back to the mansion by holding his hand ;w;

In the epilogue Axel is getting his new glasses and he wonders if they’re going the right way. He says he’s not sure to trust her judgement since she’s just saying “don’t worry”  but she says for not trusting her he’s holding her hand pretty tight. Axel immediately blushes and apologizes asking if it hurt. She’s says its okay and it didn’t hurt.


Once he got his glasses Fuka still wanted to guide him home so he took his glasses off. Then she saw his precious face up close so she took them off again and suddenly hugs him but accidentally glomps him to the ground. She accidentally broke his glasses too oops LOL. Soon Kyrie comes to interrupt their moment by kicking them on the ground.

Well that’s that.

Hope you enjoyed this summary review thingy. Im shit at writing and even explaining stuff so I hope this can at least give a good idea of what happens in his route. I enjoyed his route a lot though. Axel feels the most genuine since he starts to understand love and feelings. Kind of reminds me of Kent from Amnesia. Those really serious types that don’t get the feels. But let me tell you he’s the most sweetest, moe, tinman ever.

One thought on “Ozmafia!! – Axel’s Route

  1. OMG LOL, I played both Amnesia and Ozmafia, and in the former I picked Kent, and the latter I picked Axel. Can’t tell if I just have a thing for dudes in glasses or just these types of personalities. LOL. 😉 thx for the guide btw. I finished Axel’s route but did not manage to get all the CG scenes so I guess I need to go back and play (with him) summore! ^__^;;

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