Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Zen


Zen is your typical “ore-sama” type of guy. He can be very childish, speaks his mind a lot, and sometimes has a big ego. He’s voiced by Satoshi Hino.

December 14th

Hotori comes home and starts sobbing after being rejected by Shizuru. Zen borrows Rikka’s handkerchief to wipe her tears and takes her to her room. There, Hotori is still crying and since Hotori’s embarrassed for him to see her like that, he hugs her so he can’t see her. He then pats her head and comforts her as she cries in order to calm her down. After she does, she tells him everything that happened regarding the confession with Shizuru. Zen is proud of her for confessing even though her feelings weren’t accepted. She thanks him and tells him that she no longer has any regrets. She tells him that she wanted to be lovers with Shizuru so she could experience what it’s like. Zen thinks it’s fine since she can just watch dramas and read magazines on it. She can see it pretty much anywhere and know what it’s like. Though that may be true, she doesn’t actually know what it’s really like since she never got to experience it for herself. She asks what Zen’s view is on how a love life is. He tells her not to ask him since he doesn’t know. She’s surprised to hear this and asks if he ever dated anyone before. Zen gets all flustered and eventually admits that he actually hasn’t dated anyone before. He hit on girls in the Netherworld but in his past life he didn’t bother with any of it. Hotori asks why and Zen is hesitant to answer. But apparently he was blind in his past life and didn’t ever get the opportunity. Hotori feels really bad for him and apologizes. He pats her head and tells her not to feel so bad about it. Though she says she’d like to know more about him.

Hotori wonders what she should do now that she’s confessed to Shizuru. He suddenly suggests that she go out with him. She wonders if he’s serious and he says he is. It’ll be something to do with the time she has left. Hotori says she can’t since they’re not in love with each other. So just as he’s about to give up she says she’ll think about it overnight. He then asks if she’d be prepared for him to kiss her and she thinks he’s teasing her. Though he does end up kissing her forehead before he leaves. Hotori isn’t sure whether or not she should pretend to be lovers. She doesn’t even know if she likes Zen. She doesn’t know what to do but she knows that she does want to experience it before she dies.

December 15th

The next morning Hotori greets Zen after making breakfast. He asks if she decided and Hotori says that she’s decided that she’ll start dating him. She’d like to try and get to know him better by being together. So he accepts and they start dating I guess. Though Zen tries to kiss Hotori, she’d rather do something like a date or hold hands. Zen says that sounds like a pain and even suggests…something else whereas Hotori knows what he’s implying and yells at how much of a total “baka” he is ((バカバカバカ)). Zen then asks Hotori to go on a date together with him after she finishes eating. So they go out together but none of them have the slightest clue what to do or where to go. So Hotori suggests they go shopping since she needs to buy more stuff. So…their date is at the supper market. They arrive at the store and Zen is all giddy over pushing the shopping cart (loser). Hotori then decides she’ll make his favorite food for dinner since he helped her go shopping. She then says that’ll it’ll be a meal made for her “lover” (ohohhh) and she asks what he wants and he says hamburger steak.

On their way back from shopping they notice a lot of illuminations up because of Christmas and also hear a piano performance. Though Zen secretly mimics the tune with his hand and when Hotori notices he quickly denies it. Hotori asks why he’s trying to hide the fact he can play and he tells her it doesn’t matter and to just let it go. But she can do that cause she wants to know more about Zen. She tries to push the subject on and tells him that she likes pianos since her father is a quite a well-known pianist. Her father’s name is Kanno Shuuji. When Zen hears the name he’s quite surprised. It clearly indicates he’s familiar with him, but when Hotori tries to push any further he just walks ahead and doesn’t say any more.

When they get back Zen quarrels with Rikka a bit, but Hotori notices he seems a bit more down than usual. Though he acts like it’s nothing. That night as Hotori was about to go to bed she had Zen at her door. When she lets him in he tells her he wants to hear all about her father in detail. She tells him about her real father died when she was really young. She then lived alone with her mother for quite a while until her mother got remarried; she was 6 years old at the time. And that’s how she came to meet her current father, Kanno Shuuji. So he and her mom have gone abroad to perform everywhere. They call occasionally but usually talk mostly about things regarding piano playing. When he described it to her she became more immersed in it and started to love it. So she finds it sad to see Zen so upset when listening to it. She finds it funny how she’s ending up talking about herself when she told Zen she wanted to know more about him. Zen then suddenly asks if she has a brother, and she says she doesn’t. Zen gets sort of anxious about it and gets closer. As she backs away a bit she tips over some CDs that Zen goes pale when seeing. He then apologizes and leaves her room which puzzles Hotori.

Zen leaves outside to get some fresh air. He thinks to himself about how he doesn’t want to remember his past. It’s suddenly then he feels a presence near him. He turns around to find Sora standing there. He tells him he bears no grudge but he’d like to rid of him if possible. Suddenly Sora lunges an a attack at him and Zen barely manages to dodge it.

Hotori is anxious about Zen and suddenly hears the door open. She finds Rikka carrying an injured Zen. He tells her he was attacked by a Shinigami. This obviously confuses Hotori since Shinigami are supposed to be their allies. So he explains how this Shinigami, named Sora, is a different case, whom has murdered his own kind. He goes on to explain the situation with Sora and how he escaped after killing his own partner. Rikka then entrusts Zen with Hotori as he goes back to the Netherworld immediately.

Hotori goes to Zen’s room to take care of him in any possible way she can. While she’s treating his wound, he wakes up. He then grabs her close to give her a kiss…on the cheek. He teases her and notices that she didn’t resist. Though it was because he didn’t want to further his injuries. Zen explains what happened and Hotori is thankful he didn’t get killed in a process. Zen thanks her and Hotori tells him that Zen left to the Netherworld as well. She wishes him goodnight and leaves his room.

December 16th

The next day, Hotori makes Zen stay home from school. Rikka still isn’t back from the Netherworld yet, so Hotori goes off to school by herself. She was a bit anxious to meet with Shizuru after being dumped, but when she arrived at school he wasn’t there. And since he’s never absent from school, Hotori was very anxious about it. Once she returnes home she finds a starving Zen in bed. Apparently he hadn’t eaten a single thing cause he was too lazy to make anything. Hotori goes into the kitchen to cook something up and then Zen suddenly comes in and asks what she’s making. She’s all worried to see him out of bed, though he reassures her he’s fine. It’s then Zen falls over on top of Hotori. Zen panics as he gets totally red and embarrassed, but unfortunately because of his condition he isn’t able to get up. So it’s just a bundle of confusion and embarrassment. Finally, they’re able to part of each other. Hotori lectures Zen because he got up in that condition. Though he came out to help Hotori cook, so she thanks him. He gets a bit embarrassed when she thanks him, but then changes the topic by asking what he should do to help. After dinner, Rikka still hasn’t returned which makes Hotori a bit anxious. Zen starts teasing her a bit for getting all worried about him, though she can tell he’s just teasing her. He gets all embarrassed and Hotori points it out. Though he thinks she’s just making fun of him, she tells him she likes him when he gets embarrassed. The whole “like” throws him off and they both become awkward and embarrassed.

December 17th

The next day, Shizuru STILL hasn’t come to school (who knows where this guy went) so Hotori heads home wondering if Rikka is back yet. When she gets back she hears Zen arguing with someone (whom she think may be Rikka) in the living room. When she comes in Zen yells at her to not come in but it’s too late and she finds Sora standing there. He doesn’t say a word but he does stare at her and him for a while before leaving. Right after that, Hotori treats his wounds. Zen didn’t expect him to come into her house and apologizes for getting her mixed up in this mess. She doesn’t mind but finds it rather unfortunate this is what’s been happening while they’ve pretended to be lovers. He hugs her and asks if it feels like they’re like lovers. Hotori agrees and he tells her he probably would’ve liked to go out with her if he was still alive. Hotori agrees that if she could live longer, she would’ve like to too. After dinner Zen wants to eat pudding (cause he’s actually a child) so they go to the convenience store together.

After coming back they admire the stars together. Zen talks about how he had a lot more fun being a Shinigami since he could actually see unlike when he was alive. Zen pats Hotori’s head and she notices that he has a habit of doing that. Apparently it’s because he did that a lot in his past life as a human he could only touch in order to have his feelings get across. They soon get back and Zen eats his pudding. Hotori realizes that’s much easier to talk Zen then it was with Shizuru since she was too consciously aware of everything she said in front of him. So she starts wondering whether or not she actually loved him or just admired him. She tells this to Zen and he asks if he was her first love and apparently she already had a first love. Zen is really curious and begs her to tell him. So she finally gives in and tells him. Her first love was a pianist by the name of “Kisaragi Zen” (Like yes, she does say his full name so…I don’t really get how she wouldn’t realize it’s him though…) He gasps when he hears the name, and she tells him that she hadn’t actually met him. But when she listened to the CD that her father gave her, she fell in love. She thought it was the most beautiful sounding and was drawn into the world of piano music after hearing it once. He asks if she really loves pianos that much and she says she does. He suggests that she play it tomorrow then, much to Hotori’s surprise.

December 18th

The next day Zen finally goes back to school since Hotori doesn’t want him to stay home alone with the chances of Sora coming back. When they arrive at school, Shizuru still isn’t there. Zen can tell what Hotori is thinking and reassures her that it’s not her fault. So when Hotori gets back home she gets ready to play the piano for Zen like she promised. She decides to play one of her favorite songs of Kisaragi’s. After she plays it (from memory more or less) she notices Zen is crying. She asks him why and he says it’s because he was yawning (in a obviously strained voice). He makes more excuses about being tired and lies down on the couch while she plays. After she’s done she thanks him for listening. Though apparently he fell asleep…or so she thought. He was pretending to be and then he teases her for a bit by pinching her cheeks. Hotori says she’d wants to do that too so he brings his face all close to hers. She closes her eyes distinctively though since it seemed like he was about to kiss her. So she flips out and runs to her room. He then mutters to himself about how he hates pianos….

December 19th

The next day Shizuru was still absent from school as usual. Hotori tells Zen this is a first for him and he wonders what the heck that guy is doing. Later that day before Zen and Hotori went home, Zen was called out by some girl in class. Hotori left the class but waited outside it. She overheard the girl confess to Zen and him reject her since he’s already has a lover. Hotori left the school after hearing it and met up with Zen. He didn’t know she overheard but he eventually figured it out when she didn’t ask him what happened. Not like she had anything to worry about since he wouldn’t have accepted it anyway. He casually holds her close and notices she’s bright red. He doesn’t get why until she tells him he’s way too close. He then flips out and apologizes for holding her so close without realizing it.

That night Rikka finally returns after 4 days and brings a document concerning Sora. Rikka shows both Zen and Hotori and they’re surprised to see his name is actually Kanno Akito. With Kanno Hotori listed as his sister. It’d already been five years since he died. Rikka starts asking her questions about when and where he died. Hotori starts to remember being in a hospital and isn’t able to answer any more than that and blacks out. Hotori has a memory where she’d tripped over and her brother Sora helped her. One day she’s admiring the stars and doesn’t realize a car coming and Sora dies protecting her from it. She was hospitalized but her brother didn’t make it. When she found out, she was devastated and forced herself to forget it all including the fact that she ever had an older brother. He wasn’t actually blood related to her though. Hotori starts crying because she’s upset that she’d forget the brother that saved her life. Zen manages to calm her down, and she wonders why her kind older brother would do such a thing as a Shinigami. Rikka tells her it’s clear that he’s trying to protect her from other Shinigami. They stop discussing it for tonight and Zen takes Hotori to her room. Zen decides to reveal that he actually knew her father when he was alive. Which is why he asked if she had a brother since he heard of him having a son and daughter. She asks who Zen was when he was alive but he says he’ll tell her tomorrow. When Zen leaves her room he tells Rikka that he’s going to tell Hotori about his past. Rikka is against it at first but he reveals that her father taught him how to play the piano. Rikka asks if he won’t go against his orders and Zen tells him he won’t and that he still wants the “option of death”. He assures him that’ll he’ll fulfill his duty.

December 20th

The next morning, Rikka leaves for the Netherworld. Hotori then greets Zen and he begins to tell her his past like he promised. He tells him that his name in his past life was a pianist by the name of Kisaragi Zen. He committed suicide and that’s how he eventually became a Shinigami. Hotori is surprised of course, but she’s even more surprised to hear that he died. She knew he’d suddenly stopped his work, but an announcement of his death was never made public. Zen is surprised and doesn’t really understand himself. He then tells her he should look for some pictures as further proof to confirm that Sora is actually her brother. She tries looking but it seems all evidence of him was kept hidden from her. So Zen suggests she calls her parents and when she tries there’s no answer. They decide to try and find some info elsewhere and head to the library since it could have an article on the accident. When they arrive they find a article that revealed pianist Kisaragi Zen was in a car accident. It was in that very same accident where Sora was hit by a car while protecting Hotori. Zen freaks out and runs out of the library.

It’s then she finds Sora and Zen whom have encountered each other. Sora tries to attack Zen but Hotori screams his name and tells him not to kill Zen. Sora says her name and gasps in surprise but then runs away. It’s then Hotori realized that he really is her older brother. Hotori starts crying and apologizes to Zen since he’d almost killed him numerous times. Zen tells her not to apologize and hugs her closely. He says the reason he died was because of him in the first place. When they get back Zen starts playing the piano and crying silently. A little after that Zen says he has something to tell Hotori. He goes on a long monologue basically about how he was born in darkness and sound was all he had. His parents gave him a piano and that’s how he was immersed in that world. Though no matter how hard he tried to play he could never become as good as he wanted. So his parents had Shuuji Kanno help teach him to play. It was during which Shuuji told Zen about him having a son and recently got a daughter (who isn’t blood related). He tells him her name is Hotori and she likes pianos like he does so if they met, he’s sure they’d get along. It’s thanks to Shuuji telling him about Hotori that Zen was motivated and soon became quite the famous pianist. He had a dream to make the most beautiful music in the world. That is, until the accident happened.

His mother, who was his manager, caused the accident. She was driving while talking to Zen while she was fatigued and tired. Due to the young boy’s death, Zen was unable to play the piano after that incident. He felt guilty about over working his mother as manager and started not eating or taking care of himself. So he committed suicide by stabbing himself.

Afterwords, Zen starts crying and embraces Hotori.

Zen: “I’m sorry…I took your brother away. I deprived you of your happiness…”
Zen: “I’m…really sorry…”

He apologizes over again and asks if there’s anything he can do to make up for it. She tells him to allow her to forgive him. She doesn’t think he should blame himself alone since everyone has suffered. She then asks if his parents are still alive since they should be around the same age as her parents. His mother killed her older brother so he’s not sure where she is now. He’s not allowed to involve himself in the human world more than necessary. So Hotori says that she’ll do her own research on his parents.

December 21st

The next day Hotori decides to call her parents again. Finally her mother answers and she tells her that she remembers her older brother. Apparently even after she lost her memory of him, her mother still visited his grave. It’s by a church and so her mother suggests she goes to visit. Hotori says she will and then asks to talk to her father. Once he’s on the phone she asks about Kisaragi Zen. She asks if he bears a grudge against him and he tells her he doesn’t since it was an accident. He believes he was a young man who had great talent. Apparently he’s still alive but his mind is dead. Apparently his mother died of illness and now he’s looking after him. She then tells the both of them that she loves them and makes it more of a parting message (not that they realized that) before hanging up. Hotori starts crying a bit and Zen comforts her saying she did her best. Hotori then asks Zen if you can go to the Netherworld if you hadn’t died but he tells her that’s impossible. Even he can’t believe that he’s still alive. Zen refuses to go to the hospital with Hotori so she decides to go by herself.

December 22nd

After school the next day Hotori goes to the hospital where Zen is supposed to be. And so she visits his room and he apparently he really is still alive. She introduces herself and starts to introduce herself and talk to him before a nurse notices her. She asks if she’s a relative of Kisaragi and she says she’s not but she’s Kanno Shuuji’s daughter. The nurse recognizes his name and says it’d be great if he woke up. Hotori asks her his condition and she says his body’s recovered but his consciousness hasn’t returned (so basically he’s in a coma).

When she returns home, Zen is sleeping on the sofa. She wakes him up and tells him that she saw him at the hospital. The nurse told her that he’s recovered but he’s still unconscious so it’s great that he’s still alive. Zen then flips out and get’s mad saying it’s not relieving. He’d thought he’d killed himself and now he’s alive all of a sudden. He couldn’t play the piano even while being blind. He gets so mad he forces himself on her (for whatever reason…idk) and he finally stops (after she either slaps him or apologizes for not considering his feelings) and he apologizes. She tells him she’s jealous of him. He’s still alive but she’s going to die soon. She wants to live so she can learn more about Zen. She runs out the door and Zen chases after her. When he finds her he tells her he’s sorry and that he’d thought about what she said. He asks her to come back and so she does. That night Zen tells Hotori he wants to speak with her. So she lets him in her room.

The situation reminds Hotori of when Zen comforted her after being rejected by Shizuru and they started being fake lovers. Zen asks if there’s anything in specific she wants to do before she dies. She tells him she wants to go on a Christmas date. He tells her he’ll make that happen for her and she thanks him. They then share their first kiss right after gazing into each others eyes. Hotori realizes that she loves him and remembers when she told him about her first love Kisaragi. She’s all embarrassed about it but Zen doesn’t think she should be since circumstances were different then. He tells her he probably fell in love with her too. So they ended up being each other’s first loves anyway. So he wishes her goodnight and leaves her room.

December 23rd

The next day both Zen and Hotori make plans for their Christmas date. Hotori lists different things on TV and when she turns around to see if Zen is listening he snatches a kiss from her. Hotori gets all embarrassed and tells him to at least let her prepare herself first. They then decide to discuss where to go later. Hotori then says she wants to go her brother’s grave, and so Zen agrees to come along with her. His grave is near a church because her father is Christian. So when they get there they ask a priest to take them to his grave. Hotori brings flowers and greets her brother. Suddenly Sora appears and tells Zen he won’t hand her over to him. Zen and him get ready to fight each other but Hotori begs Zen to allow her to talk to Sora. Hotori thanks him and apologizes for forgetting about him. She’s happy she was able to remember because her memories of him are very important to her. She thanks him for watching her all this time while he was alive and even after he died. She wants him to not worry for her any longer since she’s going to live to the fullest until the day she dies. He tells her he can rid of the Shinigami who are after her but she tells him it’s okay and his love for her is enough. She doesn’t want him to hurt any more people for her sake. Sora then starts to fade since his regrets have disappeared. Zen then yells out that he wants to apologize too for depriving him of his life. Though he can’t forgive him and his mother but he’s thankful to have him by Hotori’s side before she dies. He can’t promise he’ll look after Hotori all the time but he wants to try. Sora then disappears before saying goodbye to Hotori.

When they get back they find Rikka there. They explain the situation about Zen to him. Rikka says there’s some special cases that occur in the Shinigami world. A spiritual death is treated the same way as a physical death, in Zen’s case. Though what Rikka doesn’t understand is why Zen is able to see. Since when a person dies their condition more or less stays the same when sent to the Netherworld. So if he was blind, he should’ve been blind in the Netherworld too. It must be a special circumstance related to the fact that his body is still alive. Not only that but his promotion was quick when he was partnered with Rikka. He believes he should inform this to Aira. Hotori asks if there’s way to return to his body but not unless Zen is able to clear his regrets. Unfortunately, Zen doesn’t remember his regret. And even if he does clear it, it’s possible he may just die. So he decides that he’ll visit himself in the hospital tomorrow. Rikka then leaves to go make a report to the Netherworld. That night, Zen and Hotori sleep together.

December 24th

When Hotori wakes up, she see’s Zen sleeping next to her. She remembers “last night” and gets all hot and bothered (you know what that means) They’re all ラブラブ all over each other and Zen kisses her constantly.

After they eat breakfast that morning they go on their special Christmas date together. They hold hands and visit a cafe and share a drink with a intertwined straw. Hotori gets all embarrassed thinking about the kisses they shared and tries to think about something else. Unfortunately, Zen surprises her with a kiss anyway! Later they find a piano performance going on and decide to listen together. After they’re done and everyone leaves, Hotori decides she wants to play and so she and Zen both play it together.

Suddenly a crowd gathers and they start clapping at their performance. Some guy asks if Zen is Kisaragi and then he and Hotori run away before they can figure it out. When they get away Zen tells Hotori he really does love pianos but he loves her most of all. Hotori says she feels the same way. On their way back they buy a cake at a cake shop. Once they get home they have a bit of their own Christmas party together. They then feed each other cake and Zen flirts with Hotori by kissing her right after he eats it. He asks if it’s sweet and she’s says she can only taste Zen (PFFf) quite the bold statement and she gets all embarrassed.

Hotori then tells Zen she’s glad she could be happy until her very last moments. He asks if there’s anything else she wants to do and she says there is one thing that only he can do. She tells him that she wants him to meet himself who is still alive in the hospital. He says it won’t change anything but she tells him whether it does or not she believes he should see for himself that he’s actually alive. He finally agrees to so Hotori has no last regrets. That night she and Zen stay together until morning.

December 25th

The next morning both Zen and Hotori visit the still alive Kisaragi in the hospital. When they arrive, Zen starts questioning how he became a Shinigami if he’s still alive. And why does he have to hunt the life of the woman he loves.

[insert dramatic love music here]

Hotori tells him he’s not an awful person. Zen tells her that “Even in this pitch-black world, I’d be able to live if you’re in it.” He tells her that he’s realized his dream. And that’s to be reborn so he can earn a lot of money, and be born a handsome guy that’d she’d fall for. He’d find her and spoil her with anything she ever wanted. So someday they could live together. All of that is part of his dream. The moment he says this, he starts disappearing. He realizes that his regret was cleared and he’s finally about to pass on. He apologizes for dying ahead of her but makes her promise that they meet in the next life and be reborn as “true” lovers. He thanks her and then disappears. Hotori then breaks down crying. A doctor then runs into the hospital room since there’s a change in the unconscious Zen’s condition.

When she leaves the room she finds Rikka who was apparently looking for her. When he asked what happened to Zen she tells him that he disappeared. He then tells her to accompany back home and when they do he discusses something important to her. She asks him if she’s about to die now and he tells her that she was never supposed to die. It all started with finding out that Sora was her brother. The higher ups believed that Sora would appear if his younger sister was in danger. But now that Sora disappeared there was no reason for her to die. So to put it simply, she’ll be able to live out the rest of her days. Hotori is surprised, but Zen is still gone. But Rikka tells her that Zen is still indeed alive and only disappeared because he regained his willpower to live. He tells her to go meet him tomorrow. Rikka leaves and tells her goodbye.

So the next day Hotori goes to the hospital to see Zen. He finally wakes up after she stays with him for a while. He realizes it’s her and she calls out his name and hugs him.


Zen has an eye operation and Hotori goes to visit him in the hospital afterwords. She promises to always be with him even if he can’t see. They’re both scared to remove the bandages but when she does, he’s able to see her again since he disappeared as a Shinigami. He starts crying and she thanks him for living and not giving up.


Zen asks Hotori to go out with him the day before he was able to leave the hospital. Before they were supposedly faking so he wants to go out with her for real this time since he loves her. Zen is still blind but slowly gets back into playing the piano with the help of Hotori’s father (along with the help of Hotori). One day Zen decides he wants to have an eye operation since he doesn’t think he’ll have another chance for it. Whether it be successful or not he wants to do it. And of course Hotori supports him and jumps into hugs arms for a giant hug.


I never usually like “ore-sama” types to be honest, but I really liked Zen. Sure he wasn’t my bias but I did enjoy his route. He’s really just a big baby sometimes that you want to love and take care of. Especially when he’s blind cause he acts so much more vulnerable. The ending song was also really nice (yeah no hardcore rock this time) I love Satoshi Hino’s voice, haha. The CGs were nice but gosh…it felt on the lacking side. After having played Re:Birth with 5 characters and 10 CGs it’s quite the disappointment that a game with only 3 characters get a mere 7 CGs each. I also felt like certain moments could’ve had a CG but didn’t. And the ending was nice and all but it wasn’t two endings at all. The 1st ending is just a follow up of the 2nd ending. So it’s more or less split up for some reason. Which is disappointing since Re:Birth had literally two different endings and a CG for each. It may be because the lack of CGs though.

My main complaints though is mostly just the writing. For one thing, the fact that Shizuru dumped Hotori. Okay, I guess I could see why if he thought that she liked Zen or Rikka instead of him (because of the choices you’d have to make in order to do their routes) but it still doesn’t explain why he’d suddenly stop going to school and just…vanish. And yeah Zen and Hotori were worried for a little while but, they sorta just stopped caring after they stopped going to school. And the fact we don’t find out where he went…seems like a random plothole. I also don’t see how she didn’t realize (at least herself w/o Zen telling her) that Zen was “Kisaragi Zen”. He clearly had a “thing” with pianos. At the very least, since his name is Zen, would she not see some sort of connection there? I don’t know. Anyway, aside from these his route was interesting and the ending was really sweet. I would’ve liked a ending where he doesn’t get eye surgery though. I mean it just seems…too perfect y’know? I’d like something a little more realistic. I’m happy he got his eye sight back (cause his reaction was adorable and when he started crying) but it would’ve been interesting to see how he lived life blind w/ Hotori. And in all honesty it would’ve made for the perfect two DIFFERENT endings //sigh

And the “plot twist” that Hotori wasn’t really going to die seemed so…anticlimactic. And pointless too; I mean why make it seem like she’s going to die the whole route and then just pull a “IT WAS A PLOY TO LURE OUT YOUR BRO” kind of a cruel thing to do in my opinion. Then again, I guess they really just wanted to catch Sora.

So yeah my complaints don’t really lie specifically with Zen’s route, just certain things I feel like could’ve been written better. I just realized I wrote a ton but I guess I just had a lot to say about his route and stuff, haha.

2 thoughts on “Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Zen

  1. AAaa you did it! Haha, Zen was really adorable, right? He’s just a big baby. It was really adorable (and also a bit sad) seeing him all introverted and vulnerable when he’s blind……. It just makes you want to hug him even more ;_;

    And I just saw that your complaints are the same as mine. SPECIALLY THE ”TWO ENDINGS”. No, honeybee, these aren’t different endings at all and tbh, it would be much more emotional if they put them together, but…yeah.
    ” I would’ve liked a ending where he doesn’t get eye surgery though. I mean it just seems…too perfect y’know? I’d like something a little more realistic. I’m happy he got his eye sight back (cause his reaction was adorable and when he started crying) but it would’ve been interesting to see how he lived life blind w/ Hotori. And in all honesty it would’ve made for the perfect two DIFFERENT endings //sigh”
    YES. YES. Like, who cares if we had a really nice idea here, right??┐(’~`;)┌ I mean I did like him getting eye surgery, but I also wanted to see him accepting the fact he can’t see at all but he still has someone who loves him… (specially after his CD).

    And that plot twist about Hotori… was VERY anticlimatic. I mean, they created the whole drama based on the very fact she was going to die and suddenly they solve it just like that. I don’t know, it’s not like the reason is not good, but nobody reacted to it at all. It was like “oh great so you’re not going to die anymore, although we were all manipulated. It happens.” (゚⊿゚)ァ? A-and I honestly wanted her to actually die in one of the ends… ItwouldbeverysufferingseeingZenwakeupandnoHotori– /shot

    Anyway, Zen was adorable ;_; I wonder if honeybee will port this series and fix some stuff or just add…………………..Liketheyusuallydoanyway.

    1. Yeah he really was!~ (*´▽`*)He’s just a big baby that needed some love is all. Gosh, it made me feel so bad for him. And that scene when he started crying cause he felt guilty I was just…bby nooo! ヽ(´□`。)ノ

      YES. It really irked me that they did that. NO, THAT’S NOT TWO ENDINGS AT ALL HONEYBEE.(;¬_¬) I did the 1st ending first so when I did the second ending I was just…?/? ? cause they might as well reversed the endings. EXACTLY. Like why not? I mean its nice he got eye surgery but to at least make it more realistic, they could’ve done a second ending. Obviously she’d still love him even if he was blind cause that doesn’t matter! Not everything has to be perfect, and it may seem tragic but it’s really just more…realistic.

      It’s like reading a book that builds up this sort of “plot device” and then when you get to the end you find out everything was fake. I hate those sort of buildups…it really is anticlimactic. And yeah the fact that they’re sort of “whatever” after being used like that. Seems strange to me…but eh.

      I mean even HAVING HER ACTUALLY DIE would’ve made for a dramatic ending. Or at least one of them. It’s not like they couldn’t have her reborn or sent to the Netherworld for some reason to meet Zen again. Something like the Death ENDs Re:Birth, Idk.

      They ported AyaGohan so I can’t see why they wouldn’t port this series. I’d like to see some stuff elaborated on that’s for sure. At least we know if they DO port it they’ll probably add a few extra CGs. Which would be nice…and they may even make a FD someday (since ayagohan got one recently).

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