Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Shizuru


Shizuru Hayasaka is Hotori’s classmate and her high school crush. He’s kind, helpful, and diligent. He’s the last route since you can’t do his until you finish Zen and Rikka’s route. He’s voiced by KENN.

So Hotori finally confessed to Shizuru and he’s in literal shock. He asks again if she really means it. And Hotori says she does. Shizuru says he loves her too. He asks if it’s okay to hug her and she’s all “yeah honey come on in” okay she doesn’t but she nervously says he can. So he embraces her closely.

(Unfortunately the CG doesn’t seem to look that way for some reason. So I don’t know why the heck it says he hugs her.)

He tells her he should’ve told her sooner and asks her to go out with him. So they’re officially lovers from now on! They finally stop hugging and he says they should get going since it’s late. So they hold hands and Shizuru notices that her hand is cold. So he acts like a caring darling and apologizes for not noticing she was cold. On their way back they talk about their favorite foods together. They then start to call each other by their first names, though Hotori calls him “Shizuru-kun” since it’s too embarrassing. So they finally make it back to Hotori’s house. They find it hard to believe they’re both lovers now, but want it to stay that way forever. So much so that Shizuru can even bear to separate from her right now (d’aw) and ends up hugging her again.

It’s then suddenly Zen and Rikka appear who were apparently watching them for a bit. They could assume from seeing them hug that they had already started dating. Finally Shizuru leaves Hotori alone with Zen and Rikka who are curious to hear all the details. So Hotori tells them everything that happened. So she doesn’t have any more regrets now that she’s confessed and they started dating. Although, now she feels like if she dies it’ll cause a traumatic experience for Shizuru. Zen tells her there’s no helping that of course, but she should make happy memories of the time they have left with each other. She then makes dinner for the both of and goes to bed.

December 15th

The next morning Hotori sleeps in a bit since she couldn’t sleep much last night. It’s then she hears a loud bang at her door. It’s Zen who’s dying of hunger and wants her to make breakfast already (LOL). So they all finally head to school after breakfast. They meet up with Shizuru who was waiting for Hotori. They end up all going to school together though. During class Shizuru calls Hotori by her first name and hands a dictionary he borrowed from her. She’s still not used to it so she gets a bit started. A classmate then teases Shizuru for being so close to her to be able to call her by her first name. He then admits that he’s going out with her which totally surprises his classmates. One of them pretty much yells out to the whole class that they’re dating. One of his classmates say he was kinda interested in her but he’s all “ooh better give that up cause she’s mine now” and flaunts this girl of his by grabbing her by the shoulders. Afterwords Shizuru invites Hotori to have lunch with him. The students around him continue to tease him too. He also offers for Zen and Rikka to come along since he knows Hotori would feel all nervous still. During lunch Shizuru talks about wanting to get to know Zen and Rikka more as friends since he barely knows anything about them. He’d like to become closer with them since they’re Hotori’s “cousins”. They both agree that it may not be such a bad idea.

That night Hotori gets a call from Shizuru who just wants to hear her voice before he goes to sleep. It then switches to Sora’s point of view. It has two voices talking to each other (obviously Shizuru and Sora). Shizuru says he had a lot of fun today. Sora is thankful and blesses Shizuru’s relationship with Hotori. Though “those” people are still in the way. Shizuru is hesitant about it and Sora tells him he shouldn’t be so kind and everything will be fine.

December 16th

Hotori meets up with Shizuru again and thanks her for talking him the night before. Anyway, during lunch in class Shizuru can tell Hotori is all excited about lunchtime. And she wonders how he knows and he whispers in her ear “It’s cause I love you…” ohohoh. Hotori gets madly embarrassed and then Shizuru gets embarrassed because she’s blushing like a tomato. Zen finally comes along and they all eat lunch together. During lunch Zen mentions how they always eat Hotori’s cooking and Shizuru says he’d also like to try her homemade dishes. So Hotori says he’ll make him some and he’s all happy about it. Zen then mentions people playing badminton and thinks it’d be fun if they all played together. They force Rikka to participate as well and promise that they’ll all play it tomorrow. After school Zen’s starving so Shizuru has the pleasant idea of them all eating out together. So they eat some parfaits together. Zen is all excited and says he’ll come anytime Shizuru invites him. Hotori agrees and Rikka says she’ll get fat if she over eats.

Shizuru (the sweetest boy in the universe) says that’s fine and she can eat all she wants because he’ll love her any way she is! (人´∀`*) She was so surprised to hear it that she dropped her spoon. He apologizes for saying something so out in the open and promises to say it more with just the two of them. Though Zen doesn’t really mind and finds it mildly entertaining. Anyway, they enjoy their ice cream parfaits together. That night, Hotori is anxious about not telling Shizuru the truth of her fate.

Again it switches to Sora’s POV, with the voices of Shizuru and Sora. Shizuru is telling Sora all sorts of things and he apologizes for talking so much. Though Sora doesn’t mind as long as she’s happy. He then asks if he’s finally made his decision and Shizuru says he hasn’t. He knew he wouldn’t be able to so he says it’s fine and he’ll do it himself if he has to. He won’t be able to listen to what he has to say about it. He’s already gone this far and won’t fail. And so Shizuru says he understands.

December 17th

The next day, the 4 of them played badminton like they promised. Shizuru was teamed with Hotori and Zen with Rikka. They played competively for a little while; though since Hotori is bad at sports Shizuru helped her most of the time. Just when Shizuru’s about to hit another serve though, he falls over holding his chest. He says he’s fine and just needs to rest a bit. Hotori decides to rest along side him, and so Zen and Rikka continue to play amongst themselves. Hotori offers a drink to Shizuru and apologizes for making him overwork himself. Shizuru tells her that’s not that case and he just always had a weak body. He was always hospitalized so overworking himself put a toll on him. But he got carried away since he was having a lot of fun. This makes Hotori realize she doesn’t know too much about him. And so she wants to learn more little by little.

After school Shizuru and Hotori are alone in the class together working on their after class work. She starts admiring his features and stares at him for a bit (like a real shoujo) while he writes until he finally notices. He asks if she was watching her and she nervously says she was. He was joking so he was surprised that she was actually honest about it. But that makes him glad anyway (so score one for you, Hotori). She thinks he’s being really sly though he’s just speaking his honest thoughts since there’s no better way to get his feelings across. He goes on about not wanting to have regret not saying certain things. She says that she’d like to hear him talk more about his thoughts and he says she’s the same as she’s always been. But that’s just what he likes about her. He then changes the topic on how they haven’t been alone for a while (because of Zen and Rikka) and then holds her hand. He asks if they’ll be able to spend more time like this and Hotori gives a vague answer since she isn’t able to say “yes.” He then tells her it’s embarrassing to admit but Hotori is his first love since he’d never had another girlfriend before. He was popular so a lot of girls liked him, though he rejected all of them. He wanted to be with the one he loved, in other words, Hotori. She never realized it but he’d been watching her for a long time. He’s knows about all her good and clumsy features because he’d been always watching her. When she asks since when he puts a finger to her lips and says “It’s embarrassing so it’s a secret.” But this very moment is a miracle for him, so he thanks her. Hotori starts thinking about how it won’t last though. And musters up the courage to try to tell him about her impending death.

Hotori: “Soon…”
Shizuru: “What’s coming up soon?”
Hotori: “U-Um…”
Shizuru: “What is it?”
Hotori: “Christmas…”
Shizuru: “Christmas? Oh! Could it be you’re inviting me?”
Hotori: “Uh…!”
Shizuru: Sure. Let’s spend Christmas together. Sorry…I’m the one who should be inviting you, huh?

So, the conversation shifts there. Hotori says it’s fine but he officially invites her out himself and of course she agrees to. He says he’s all new to this stuff since he never had a girlfriend but he’ll do his best. So he hopes she looks forward to it! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

They sort of just sit there silently for a bit until Shizuru breaks it by asking if he can kiss her. Hotori can do nothing but nod while blushing furiously. (。・//ε//・。)


Shizuru: “I’m not sure what to do. I’m so happy…I could cry.”
Hotori: “I…I’m also really happy.”

So when Hotori gets home, Zen and Rikka have to leave for their common duties. Later on she’s woken up by Zen and Rikka coming home all beaten up. Zen tells her he’ll explain tomorrow she patches them up for the night and goes back to bed.

December 18th

The next morning Hotori immidiately goes to check up on Rikka and Zen. Rikka is still unconscious but Zen is up and about. Zen urges her to go to school and promises that he’ll tell her about it when she gets back. When she meets up with Shizuru she tells him that Zen & Rikka have a cold. So they walk to school together while holding hands.

Hotori returns home early in order to check up on Zen and Rikka’s situation. Thankfully Rikka is now awake and so Hotori fixes up a meal for them. Later that night Hotori’s informed all about Sora and how he escaped the Netherworld and is now killing other Shinigami. Zen and Rikka are anxious to visit the netherworld but, they’re worried about Hotori being attacked by Sora. So Rikka goes back since his wounds are the worse and he wouldn’t be up to fighting. So Hotori goes back to bed with Christmas drawing nearer.

Back to Sora’s POV. He’s injured because he fought with Rikka and Zen. He notices Shizuru seems down. It’s because he told a trifle lie and hates it. He tells Sora they should hurry, and Sora says tells him he knows but he’s also worried about him. And so Sora thanks him.

December 19th

The next morning Rikka goes to the Netherworld and Hotori goes to school along with Zen. They discuss about Sora a bit and how he died 5 years ago around the same time Zen did. Hotori starts to wonder what exactly she was doing 5 years ago. It’s then Shizuru appears and notices Rikka is missing. They tell him he’s still sick of course and walk to school together. They have lunch on the roof as usual. After school, Zen leaves early so Hotori can have some alone time with Shizuru. So the two of them walk home together. Hotori talks about how her father is a known pianist and her mother is his manager. Shizuru asks if she has an older brother which confuses her a bit since he’s asking older brother in specific. But regardless she tells him she doesn’t. He then tells her he’d like to meet her family sometime. After some silence Shizuru asks if he can meet up with her tomorrow at his house. Apparently he wants to show her something so they plan to meet up tomorrow at his house. She wonders if it’d be a nuisance for his parents but apparently they’re dead and he lives alone. Though he’s happy now that he has her and gets all excited since he’ll be able to spend all day with her tomorrow. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ He then thinks it’d be a great opportunity to eat her cooking, with him helping her of course. She of course agrees to and he’s happy to hear it cause he’s wanted to go on a date where they pick ingredients and cook together. They laugh together realizing they really do get along. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

They finally reach Hotori’s house. Shizuru says he’ll come get her tomorrow morning. He gives her a goodbye kiss which totally surprises Hotori. He then says he’ll see her tomorrow while blushing like a tomato just like Hotori. ♥~(‘▽^人)

Once she gets back she makes supper all blushy still from Shizuru’s kiss. Zen even teases her about it. After dinner though, Hotori finds out some big news. Sora’s name in his past life was Kanno Akito and he’s listed as Hotori’s brother. She doesn’t remember anything about having a brother, but she remembers what Shizuru asked and wonders if he may know something about it. Afterwords, she goes to bed. Zen and Rikka then get suspicions about fact they’re hunting a soul that has relations with Sora. They don’t think it’s a mere coincidence and should’ve been told by Aira beforehand about this. So, they decide to go investigate it.

POV to Sora. Shizuru tells Sora he believes that Hotori will regain her memories of him. Though he knows it’ll be painful for her. But when that time comes they’ll help her. He’s hesitant in whether he can but Shizuru believes in him.

December 20th

The next morning Hotori wakes up more tired than usual since she didn’t sleep much due to last night’s news. Even so, she wants to meet up with Shizuru and continue their plans together. So she meets up with him to walk to his house.

They get shopping done and talk about how they’re looking forward to Christmas since all the time they spend together has been really fun so far. So they head to Shizuru’s house and when they’re almost there he asks if she’s nervous to come over. He is, if fact, nervous about her coming over since it’s the first time he’d ever had a girl over. Same for her too so they’re both in the same boat.

Finally, they arrive at his house. Shizuru brews some nice tea for them and they drink it together to warm up. Whatever he wants to show her he’s going to save it for last. So they instead decide to eat lunch since Shizuru was oh so looking forward to eating a meal that Hotori made. She makes hamburger steak and instinctively watches him closely as he’s about to eat it. This makes him a bit nervous so he asks her not to stare so much. Though he’s sure it’ll taste just fine. And he’s right about that! Once he takes a bite it’s heaven in his mouth. Afterwords, they eat ice-cream for desert and even feed it to each other much to Hotori’s embarrassment. Shizuru then goes to go clean up dishes and Hotori waits in the meantime but ends up falling asleep. Shizuru comes back to find her asleep and puts a blanket over her.

Finally Hotori wakes up to see Shizuru watching her adorable face, or so he says. Anyway, Shizuru tells her there’s someone he wants her to meet. It’s someone who’s very close to her. But unfortunately since it’s late he’ll have her meet them tomorrow. So he sends her home with a departing kiss. When she gets back though no one’s home.

In Sora’s POV, Shizuru tells him that he’ll be taking her to the hospital tomorrow. The place where it all started. And it’ll definitely be okay.

December 21st

The next day Shizuru brings Hotori to a hospital she was hospitalized because of an accident when she was 13. Shizuru was hospitalized there too for most of his 13 years of growing up. And apparently it’s where the two of them met, but Hotori doesn’t remember. She forgotten everything that had happened at that hospital because of the painful memories that resided then. He tells her the person he wants her to meet is at the rooftop of the hospital. Until then he wants to help her regain her memories by walking inside. When they step inside, Shizuru tells her that he met her right here in the waiting room.

Apparently she was lost because it was when she was first hospitalized. That’s when she first spoke to him and he learned of her name, that from then on, became very special to him. They got along well and became friends pretty quickly. Shizuru never had any friends to begin with. He was considered a “cursed child” so everyone stayed away from him. And so he’d always been alone. It was her that helped save him from his loneliness. And so he fell in love with her and till this day had always yearned for her.

He next shows her around to a courtyard around the hospital where they used to have various conversations. Unfortunately, Hotori doesn’t remember any of it. He tells her he wants to spend more time with her but they don’t have any time left. It’s then he reveals that he knows that she’ll die on the 25th of December. And he also knows that both Zen and Rikka are not her cousins, but Shinigami who came to hunt her soul. Apparently he knew right from the very beginning, and so he apologizes for deceiving her. They go back inside the hospital and he tells her that he liked to sing. Apparently whenever he’d sing at various places, a passer-by would ask him to sing for them. It made him happy that people wanted to hear him sing. Though he unknowingly sang without realizing his song has the same power as a Shinigami. He never had any friends because his surroundings were always filled with death. His parents, then his brother, his aunt and uncle, and eventually his friends. Everyone around him died because they heard his song. He didn’t know about it at first, but when he did, the only people that approached him were people that wanted to die. So he was basically helping souls that wished to die.

Anyway, he was surprised when he met Zen because he met him when he was the famous pianist “Kisaragi Zen” in his past life. He’d requested to hear Shizuru’s song. And so he sang, and after that he committed suicide. They then enter the hospital room where “Kisaragi Zen” is. His body is still alive but his soul was extracted when Shizuru sang for him. When Shinigami hunt a soul, they sing and the soul is dragged out, then they hunt it with the scythe. Though Shizuru didn’t have a scythe so the process was done half-way. This is most likely how all the souls he sent ended up though he doesn’t completely understand it. So there may be a way to revive Zen but he’s unsure of how. Finally they decide to go to the rooftop to meet this “person”. When they arrive there she still hasn’t remembered anything. He then introduces to her his most important friend.

Right when she sees him, all the memories come flowing back into her. She remembers him as her older brother, Akito. And his name now is Sora. He’s the very same brother that protected her in that car accident. She spent half a year in the hospital but forgot it all to protect her own heart. She tells him she remembers everything and apologizes before falling unconscious. All of the memories of the accident, meeting Shizuru, and spending every day in hospital come back. They decide to wait until Hotori wakes up. Though Shizuru knows that both Zen and Rikka will come looking for her. And at that time, he’ll have to fight them. Shizuru is against it but Sora will show no hesitation no longer. For the sake of him and Hotori, he’ll do anything he must.

Shizuru: “Sora, without you I…”
Sora: “I know. That’s why I intend to succeed.”
Shizuru: “Sorry…”
Sora: “Don’t worry about it. I only want you thinking of Hotori now.”

December 22nd

Hotori wakes up the next day in Shizuru’s room. She spots both Shizuru and Sora whom took her there in the first place. She’d slept for most of the day so she borrows his shower while Shizuru prepares something to eat. They then all eat together and Hotori starts crying since she’d hadn’t eaten with her brother for a very long time. Afterwords, Shizuru and Sora speak with Hotori. Apparently they hadn’t contacted Zen or Rikka so they’ll most likely come looking for her. Although since Sora attacked them before, they’re still enemies. Hotori wonders why he attacked them and Shizuru tells her it was to protect her. Though she doesn’t approve of it at all since she knows she destined to die.

Though apparently Shizuru is alive even though he was Sora’s target when he was 13 years old. He’d waited one year until he took the Shinigami exam. That way he’d be able to enter the present world and it didn’t matter who the target was. It was then he murdered his partner whom was weaker than him. All for the sake of protecting Hotori. When Sora met Shizuru, he could surprisingly see him. Most likely due to the fact his singing was similar to that of a Shinigami. So Sora informed him of Shinigami and after they acquainted, Shizuru stopped singing. The reason they came to know each other so well was because they shared a common interest. For Sora who wanted to protect Hotori, and Shizuru who loved her. So Shizuru had known him since he was 13 years old. And the reason Shizuru hadn’t died back then was because Sora gave him a soul of a Shinigami who chased after him. Shizuru’s body is originally weak most likely due to the affects of him being able to sing a Shinigami’s song. Shizuru hated it but there was no other option. He wanted to live and believes there’s a chance for her as well. Sora finishes his sentence by saying that the only way is to rid of Zen and Rikka. But Hotori doesn’t want to live at the expense of someone dying. Shizuru says he felt the same way before but after seeing death countless times in the hospital, his view changed. He started to want to live. So no matter how foolish it was he didn’t mind as long as he could be with the person he loves. Even if it’s for a short time. Both he and Sora desire for her to live.

It’s then Sora senses Zen and Rikka heading towards them. Hotori wants to reason with them but Sora doesn’t think it’d be that easy after all he’s done. It’s then they hear the doorbell ring and Shizuru answers it. Zen asks where Hotori is and he tells them she’s here and lets them inside. They wonder why she didn’t contact them and before she can answer, Sora faces them ready to attack. Zen wonders why Sora’s in Shizuru’s home and Rikka realizes that the document that stated Shizuru was Sora’s first target was indeed correct. Though Shizuru is still alive now because Sora had protected him all this time.

Sora immediately starts attacking Zen and Rikka. Shizuru tries to get her away from them but Hotori refuses to leave. Just as Sora’s about to make a final blow, Hotori jumps in front of them to protect Zen and Rikka. Of course, she doesn’t listen and starts to apologize to Sora. She apologizes for forgetting him and having him go through such lengths for her. She tells him she doesn’t need to be protected by him anymore nor hurt others in the process. She’s already fine and is ready to die. She tells him that he’s worried about her for long enough. She hugs him closely and he apologizes for not being able to protect her. Though she tells him that’s not true at all and he’d always been protecting her even now. She thanks him and he then begins to fade. He tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too and he says he’s really thankful he met her. He thanks her before finally disappearing as his regrets finally cleared. It’s then Hotori falls unconscious.

When she wakes up she sees Zen, Rikka, and Shizuru standing there. Shizuru explained to them the whole situation. They decide to head back home and insist Shizuru comes along with them so they can ask more questions. Hotori goes to bed early that night as Rikka asks Shizuru various questions.

December 23rd

Hotori wakes up to find Shizuru who stayed over at her house. Zen and Rikka left to make a report. They decide to go out to eat together at a cafe. Later, they came to a park to talk with each other. Shizuru tells her that he’s very grateful to Sora since it’s thanks to him he’s able to speak with her right now. Though he’d never agreed on Sora’s views of Zen and Rikka. He’s not sure how he can protect Hotori. His song can deprive people of their lives and he has no idea why. He wants to know if there’s a song that can heal a person’s mind not damage it. He almost starts crying and Hotori embraces him and tells him it’ll be okay. She’s already had so many happy moments with him and is looking forward to Christmas Eve.

When they get home they cook dinner by themselves since Zen and Rikka are still gone. So they eat together and talk about Sora. Eventually Zen and Rikka come back with solemn looks on their faces. The dreaded news is that the one who’ll be dying on the 25th of December is Shizuru, not Hotori. She was chosen only to lure out Sora and have his regrets cleared so he can pass on. So now that he’s finally gone her original purpose has been completed. And since Shizuru was supposed to die when he was 13, he has no choice but to die instead. Hotori is severely upset about this, though Shizuru tells her it’s alright. He then requests for Zen and Rikka to be the ones to send him off. And lastly he wants to spend his last moments alive together with Hotori. Hotori wonders why Shizuru is so calm but he tells her it’s probably because he was supposed to die in the first place. He’s only living because Sora made it that way and it’s only right for him to die. He tells her not to cry or she’ll spoil that lovely face of hers. She then cries all night until she falls asleep (I would too….)

December 24th

Finally it’s the day of Shizuru and Hotori’s date. Hotori awakes to find Zen and Shizuru in the kitchen. Apparently Zen was complaining about being hungry so Shizuru decided to make something. Hotori laughs and thinks the two of them are like brothers. Though Shizuru said he’d be the “older brother” of course. Zen of course gets all mad (well Zen you are the child of the group heheh). Anyway, Shizuru cooks up a real savory breakfast.

Later, Zen and Rikka leave to the Netherworld. They tell Hotori and Shizuru to enjoy their last day together and then leave. Once they do they start being all lovely dovey and share kisses and hugs with each other. They eventually decide to go stay at Shizuru’s house and buy a cake on the way there. So they stop at a sweets shop and eat a parafait while they wait. He gives her his biggest strawberry cause he wants to see that happy look on her face. Though she says he wants to see his too but he’s always happy when he’s around her. She calls him a “バカ…” and he just says she’s so cute, pfff. After they leave, they decide to go see the illuminations together while holding hands. They both of course think they’re really beautiful. Shizuru says he would’ve liked to see it again with her but he’s glad he’s able to at the very end.

Shizuru: “Thank you letting us be together.”
Hotori: “You too…”
Shizuru: “Thank you for falling in love with me.”
Hotori: “…..”
Shizuru: “Thank you for finding me.”
Hotori: Those are my words…”
Shizuru: “Nope. They’re mine.”

So they watch the illuminations while Hotori desperately tries not to cry (like me).

December 25th

The next morning, Hotori slept with Shizuru at his house. When she wakes up she prepares breakfast for the both of them. Shizuru really loves it and says Hotori will make a wonderful wife someday. Though Hotori says that she wants to be HIS wife. (´;Д;`) He thanks her but also apologizes cause he can’t. Shizuru then has one last request and it’s to visit Sora–or rather Akito’s grave. Hotori calls her mother to find out where the grave is. She asks if there’s anymore she can do and he says it’s fine and being next to her is enough as it is. ( p′︵‵。) He then hugs her and tells her he loves and that the time he has isn’t nearly enough for him. He doesn’t want to hand her to anyone else, and wants her to be only to be his. Unfortunately, he can’t…。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 he start starts crying a bit but holds it in since he wants her to see him smiling until the very end. They then visit the grave together.

Shizuru gives thanks to Sora’s grave for being his first friend and also for giving him more time to live. Hotori just sort of breaks down (can’t blame her) and begs Shizuru not to leave her and to stay with her. Shizuru embraces her closely and apologizes over and over. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

It’s then Zen and Rikka appear and say “it’s time” so you know what that means. As Zen and Rikka ready themselves, they begin to sing. Just then, Hotori interrupts them. She asks to have quick a moment with Shizuru. Once she does, she asks him to sing for her. And yes, she knows exactly what she’s saying. She can’t live in a world without him. Shizuru refuses to deprive her life. He wants her to live just like Sora did. But, Hotori presses on and says that if she can’t be with him in this world, then she wants to be with him in the next one. He tells her it’s possible she’ll become a Shinigami if she does, but even so she wants him to. Shizuru finally complies to her request though he believes Sora may be angry for it. They believe they’ll definitely meet again. So he tells her to close her eyes and he gives her one final kiss before they meet again. And finally says he’ll sing and it all fades to black.

Ending 1

“I’m sorry, Hotori.”

Those are the words she hears before she falls unconscious. Zen and Rikka wonder what the heck Shizuru did and he tells them that he sang for her as requested. Although, he surpressed himself as he sang so she merely fell asleep and isn’t dead. When Zen asks why he says that he wished for her happiness, not her death. Rikka says it’s kind of him, but it’s not his kindness but his own ego. So when she wakes up he’ll be gone. Zen asks if he’s sure and Shizuru says he is and asks him to sing. He tells the two he was fond of them both. But most of all he was fond of Hotori. He whispers to her to find happiness.

When Hotori wakes up she sees both Zen and Rikka standing there. They tell her that they already hunted Shizuru’s life. She runs over to his body and asks why he left her. Zen says she should know that it was because he wanted her to live. He hoped for her to live and find happiness. Zen and Rikka say their goodbyes as Hotori weeps helplessly.

Ending 2

Hotori and Shizuru both die and are sent to the Netherworld because they left regrets behind. Shizuru is now Sei and Hotori is now Kamino…Camino? (I don’t know I tried searching up the name but it was either the name of a car brand or a fictional planet from Star Wars). Anyways, they fell in love “naturally” as if it was fate *scoffs* And so he says he loves her and it ends. Wow that was the most lackluster ending ever. Sheesh.

Ending 3

Many decades past and Hotori hand become an old woman. She got married, had two children, and had a very fulfilling life. And 4 years ago her husband died peacefully. But inbetween her happiness she always felt empty inside when remember Shizuru; the one she dated for only 10 days. She’s never forgotten the love he gave her.

One day Hotori’s daughter goes out to the store. She’d been taking care of her since she’d been slowly becoming weaker. Somehow, Hotori could sense that she was going to die on this very day. It’s then she hears a voice she hadn’t learn in a very long time. Someone she wanted to see for so many years to pass.

Hotori: “Shizuru-kun…”
Shizuru: “We were finally able to meet again…”

He was dressed in Shinigami attire since he’d become one. She asks about Zen and Rikka and apparently they had already disappeared when given the “option of death”. All of a sudden her body becomes the appearance of when she met Shizuru. He asks if she was happy and she says she was very happy. He can tell by her face that she’d always been thinking of him. And she tells him there wasn’t a moment where she hadn’t. He thanks her and asks when they’re reborn someday to meet him again. Hopefully, as lovers. They then promise by pinky swearing. She asks him to sing since she’d been wanting to hear it for a very long time.

Shizuru: “…Hotori”
Hotori: “What is it?”
Shizuru: “I love you. Even if I’m reborn I’ll always love you.”
Hotori: “Me too…”
Shizuru: “Rest peacefully…”

He then begins to sing.


This is in Sora’s point of view. Basically, Sora grew up with his parents in awful shape. They’d constantly fight and eventually they had a divorce and Sora stayed with his dad. His dad was the famous pianist known as Shuuji. And since he was always busy, Sora was always lonely. Though he’d put on a fake smile and endure it. One day though, his dad remarried and met up with Hotori’s mother and that’s when he met Hotori. After spending much time with her, his world became a much happier place. She saved him from his loneliness. And he always wanted to see her happy cause it made him happy.

It didn’t last long though. One day there was a car accident that took Sora’s life. It was then he was sent to the Netherworld. He studied hard until he was one of the top students. All so he could become a Shinigami and go to the present world to see her again. When he finally graduated he’d left on a mission to hunt the life of a boy who was constantly hospitalized. On the day of his mission is when he killed his own partner. It was then he met Shizuru, the boy who’s soul he was supposed to hunt. He didn’t kill him in the end because of his thoughts for Hotori. As timed passed Sora watched Hotori meet Shizuru again and fall in love with him. But Hotori accepted her fate and Sora passed on because she was satisfied with her life. But he believes as time constantly repeats and their soul and reborn over and over, he’ll meet he again.

“So, let’s meet again.”
“Any form is fine.”
“Even if it’s as your parent, sibling, friend, or even your pet…”
“If I can meet you again, any shape or form is fine with me.”
“But you know, if…my wish could come true…”
“I’d like to fall in love with you.”
“I want to fall in love and become your lover.”
“It’s…a small wish of mine.”


Wow, Shizuru was definitely the best character for me. His route was sweet, bittersweet, and downright depressing. I think I got most of every emotion in it. That very end really got me. He’s just so precious…ugh. The CGs were great too if not the best in this game (still wish there were more…). I reaaaally liked his third ending though. I felt like it was the best ending in the entire game solely because it was much more realistic. Hotori actually lived out her entire life and then Shizuru comes to take it. It’s both romantic and sad. I just like the mixture between the two. I didn’t even like the second ending to be honest. I don’t really think it makes sense for them to be reborn as Shinigam. Because if they’re Shinigami together…what’s their regrets? Wouldn’t they just disappear after meeting each other again as Shinigami if they no longer have regrets? Surely they’d have regrets regarding to not being together or something. I can’t imagine what else they’d be. At first I thought they had no memories of their past lives and just met each other by chance but they remembered everything w/ Sora and stuff so I guess that wasn’t the case. And even if they are why do they have different names? What’s the point? If they still have their memories from their past lives why would they need new names? Well, his extra scene was interesting I guess. They met Sora reincarnated as a random child.

Well, aside from that there was just random plotholes that bothered me. Aira for example…they didn’t explain much about her. I thought she was going to have some significance since she explained a lot in her POV at the beginning of the game. But nope, she appeared like a few more times after that and we never saw her again. And that’s really unfortunate IMO cause I really did want to find out more about her. Sora’s past and everything about him was pretty sad too. This guy deserved a route, I think. I mean I don’t really see why not? He wasn’t actually related to Hotori and he was probably more or less in love with her.

Anyways, overall this was a great game. I did really enjoy it. I did wish however, it got more content than it did. It felt short, and not only that but it also felt rushed. In comparison to Re:Birth it seems like they didn’t spend as much time on this one. If I had to choose between both ShinKare games…I’d say I liked Re:Birth more tbh, mostly because I loved the friendship aspect (and Syun’s route) and the plot felt like it had more depth. I also just liked the characters more in Re:Birth. I think they should’ve added more characters in Un:Birth. There was literally only 5…and that’s including sub characters. Un:Birth was fun and I really liked it but it lacked a lot of things and I just wished it had more. And 3 routes just isn’t enough for one entire game IMO. Put it simply, if Un:Birthday wasn’t so rushed I think I’d like it a lot more. I’ll give Un:Birth one thing though, at least they didn’t have a sort of template for the routes like Re:Birth did. And scenes didn’t repeat thankfully.

Now as for opinion on the series as a whole, I really loved these games in general. I just…really liked the characters. Maybe the story was lacking in certain ways but the characters were well written, I think. They didn’t feel “generic” at all. They had such unique personalities that I really enjoyed. I’d say my favorites we’re…Syun, Shizuru, and Yoru. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Syun is number one but I really did like Shizuru and Yoru. I’d personally like to see a FD of this series too…I’m not sure how it’d work really w/ Re:Birth’s ends…but I hope to see it somehow. And it’s funny how when I finished Ayakashi Gohan I wrote in my review “wow I’d really like a FD” and what do you know, there’s a FD of that game coming out this year. So I’d say it’s likely tbh. If they port this series to Vita though I hope maybe they’ll add stuff to fix these plotholes.

You know what though? They should seriously stick to voiced Heroine’s..imagine hearing both Cocoro and Hotori voiced. I mean it’d just sound a lot better. Why don’t ALL otome games do this? I don’t know what made Ayakashi Gohan so special for it but seriously…PUT. IN. VOICED HEROINES. I’m passionate when it comes to voice acting so I just love hearing the heroine’s personalities w/ their voices. I don’t really self-insert anyway…the heroine’s are their own characters. That’s why I like to hear them voiced. This is one thing about Ayakashi Gohan that I really liked. And I think all otome games should do this. Otomate has sometimes…Norn9, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, I can’t recall any others. WHY DON’T THEY DO THIS MORE OFTEN??? I WANT TO HEAR THE CUTE VOICES OF THESE HEROINES. Okay I’m getting off topic here. Anyways, I hope honeybee tries out voiced heroines in their future games. This is another reason to look forward to the Ayakashi Gohan FD.

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