Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan –Hayato + Secret Route


Hayato (CV: Yuuki Kaji) is one of the first members of Fukuro that Tsugumi meets. He’s very kind and sympathetic of her most of the time. He likes playing billiards, is very outspoken, and apparently likes big boobs.

Tsugumi finds a maremono with Hayato that was apparently the same one that made Hitaki, her brother, almost kill himself and they decide to leave it Nabari. One nighy after work Hayato invites her to watch him play billiards cause apparently he’s a pro at that and wins his match at that.

The next day they go on patrol together and visit Kuina’s shop but he’s not there. So they wait for him to come back and in the meanwhile Hayato talks about how some earrings would suit her with her now short hair. But he slips up and points out she had pigtails when she was younger to reveal he actually knew her when she was young and saw her reading in a park. He fell in love at first sight apparently and while he mever met he directly, he got her name through her friend. But when she graduated from school he never saw her again. Tsugumi is so shocked and frazzled she flies out the door in a hurry. Hayato eventually catches up to her though and tells her they should get back to work like normal but they’ll talk about “that” later.

Next day Hayato finally discusses with Tsugumi about his sudden confession. He tells her he’s sorry about suddenly springing it out on her but is very blunt about his feelings. He says’ll he act normal from now on but nevertheless he won’t give up on her. Tsugumi meets with her friend and her boss at one point and they tell her that Hayato apparently turner down famous actresses just for the sake of his childhood love aka her. And apparently is open about liking big boobs cause when he went to America he noticed all the woman there had large breasts lmao.

Meanwhile Nabari is cooped up in his room not eating anything but stale bread so Tsugumi decides to make marmalade for him as he reminiscences about the old days with her and Hitaki (making Hayato a bit jealous). So aside from Hayato still crushing on Tsugumi, the majority of time she’s investigating with Shiori to see how the incident with her brother connects with other burning incidents. Later, Tsugumi finds out that Hayato actually had a sister who committed suicide thanks to a maremono but actually succeeded in killing themself unlike Hitaki. This is why Hayato was really relieved to know Hitaki was still alive but disappointed in himself he wasn’t able to stop the incident all together.


One day Nabari apparently ends up burning the maremono that Tsugumi found because he says it was too dangerous. It was one of their biggest leads to finding out the cause of Hitaki’s death though since it had a similar flame to the same book he had read. Tsugumi later finds out from Shiori that her husband also died in the same manner as Hayato’s sister and almost Hitaki. Hayato is also in heat and is very thirsty for Tsugumi’s answer to his confession and hugs her from behind while sulking about her relationship with Nabari (even though they have like no chemistry imo).

One day while Hayato and Tsugugumi are on patrol they find out Yoshikiri was severely burned and had a maremono beside him. They know its not Karasu behind it though cause they always leave black crow feathers behind the scene of their crimes. Not only that but the book left with Yoshikiri looked much newer than the books that she found and that her brother had. Meaning the book was made recently for the purpose of being used as a weapon. So they decide they need to warn everyone about the dangerous books.

Tsugumi finds out from her friend, Koruri that she was in love with Yoshikiri (they’re both newspaper writers and she worked under him) and apparently the book he had was sent to him from an unknown source. Koruri also decides she’s going to everyone’s of the books through writing a newspaper article. Meanwhile, Nabari acts weird af and after Tsugumi visits him and accidentally starts a small fire, he basically has an orgasm over seeing the flames. He yells at her to get out of his sight and after Hayato sees her in that state, he tells her to never be alone around Nabari as if he wasn’t suspicious enough.


After recollecting dangerous books for a while, Yoshikiri finally regains consciousness. Koruri takes this opportunity to go confess to him and tells Tsugumi to do this same with Hayato. She tells her you never know who will be a victim next so now is the time before its too late and regret it later. So Tsugumi decides she gonna do it and confesses she loves Hayato and makes him promise her he won’t die or disappear on her. Next minute he starts making out with her and basically says he wants to get randy. Tsugumi starts getting self-conscious about the whole “Hayato likes big boobs” thing and says he dun care and wants to eat her up lmao. And so, they make sweet love till the sun rises.

(also randy after bed sex cg lmao)

Next day Tsugumi finds out that Koruri asked to marry Yoshikiri but he said no cause he wanted to purpose himself when he’s better. So after that Shiori tells the news that another burning happened and this time it was Mozuyama who’s burnt body was found dead near the university he teached at. No crow feathers were found so they deduce after finding out more information (and that he always uses the same intials for the forged books), that Nabari is most likely the culprit. Tsugumi doesn’t want to believe it, but all the facts lead to him being the one behind the burned book victims.


Next day they find out that Nabari has fled through some hidden back door in his laboratory. Not only that but they get a call from Hitaki that Nabari had kidnapped him and took him to an abandoned house and demands Tsugumi come alone or he’ll kill her brother. So that night she comes to the abandoned home and finds them there. He explains his parents died in a fire right in front of him when he was young and from then on thought flames were a beautiful thing. After that he started seeing the “aura” of maremono and writing his emotions into books. Other authors didn’t realize they had written these books but he had and began researching them.

His fascination with flames is what he wrote about and that’s what made those who read his books want to envelop themselves in flames. But it was a coincidence that her brother ended up reading one of them. In regards to the attempt murder of Yoshikiri, Nabari was pissed off he insulted him and also just hates Hayato and wanted to hurt his senpai. He also killed Mozuyama because he witnessed him attempt to kill Yoshikiri and found an envelope that would basically confirm as evidence. He tried to use that as leverage to threaten him and send to Fukuro but Nabari said screw it and decided to kill him to silence him lol. He doesn’t believe he killed anyone either but instead believes he brought them to the flames. So Tsugumi asks what he intends to do next and apparently he wants her, Hitaki, and him to all burn in the flames together.


Tsugumi thinks fast though and grabs the knife from under her skirt and stabs Nabari so she’s able to run away with Hitaki. After that, Shiori comes in with the police telling Nabari to stay put or she’ll shoot. Hayato also arrives and hugs both her and Hitaki relieved they’re unharmed. He then yells at Nabari for betraying Tsugumi and tormenting her since she tried to convince him and believe in him until the very last moment. He asks if he regretted it even a little and all his response is that he doesn’t know what he truly wanted, but her marmalade was delish! 😅


In the epilogue, Tsugumi is invited to the restaurant she often goes to by Hayato and he asks her to put on a nice dress too. When she does, he reveals his last name is actually Yashiro, the guy she was supposed to marry into money at the beginning. The reason he didn’t tell her is because he didn’t want his money and name to interfere with their true love lol. He wanted her to fall in with him naturally. Not that it mattered anyway since his feels for her were always real. So he officially asks her to marry him and she agrees and they live happily ever after hopefully. In the bad ends, Tsugumi dies by getting hit by car or severely burned in a coma with Hayato watching over her until she wakes up.

Nabari End

Literally copy pasta of Hayato’s route without the romance. Nabari is still suspected by everyone except Tsugumi is much more forgiving to him. Tsugumi reads his book and sees his past where his parents burned in a fire. He kept saying he had to return to the flames where his parents were (which started his whole obsession with flames in the first place). When he kidnaps Hitaki he hides in the underground passage way. Tsugumi and Shiori find him and there, he admits his crimes and tries to burn them all. But Tsugumi manages to convince him to stop and tells him she’ll make marmalade for him again once he atones for his sins.


So in the end he’s arrested, but will probably be fine since the whole crimes with the books are under wraps anyway so Fukuro isn’t given a bad name. Although funnily enough he doesn’t show up in the epilogue itself. Everyone is just continuing their regular lives and jobs while Tsugumi promises herself to wait for Nabari to be free so be can enjoy life happily with them. Truthfully, after killing 2 people almost getting your little brother killed, idk why she’d be so forgiving but in this game everyone is forgiving and as long as she can keep making marmalade for this guy she is golden. In the bad end they decided to pull a yandere otouto and make him push Nabari into the flames while telling Tsugumi he’s gonna protect his Nee-san forever and ever.


Thoughts: I didn’t really like Hayato that much tbh at first cause I thought he was too clingy but I guess it makes sense because he’s madly in love with her so idk. All the romance was expected since he already liked her at the beginning. Even if he’s the “true” route it felt like it focused too much on Nabari, rather than the crows, who seemed the be the ones doing the real bad crimes. So in the end, nothing was really resolved aside from Nabari being arrested I guess…? But he had issues separate from the case anyway with his whole fire obsession. AND OMG OTOMATE WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS DAMN YANDERE OTOUTO SHIT. If that bad end wasn’t bad enough ((where he pushes Nabari into a fire and promises nee-san he’ll stay with her 5ever)) his fucking diary entry stated he had wishes of marrying Tsugumi but Japanese law won’t allow it. Like, fuck, no ew… stop I don’t want that shit in any game I play. It’s not fucking cute it’s annoying and gross as hell. I really don’t see the point in it unless it’s just a charm but really??? you’re like 13 and you wanna fuck your older sister like fuck please stop and find jesus cause you need the lord’s help.

Wow this took me forever to write up but boy am I glad I finally did. I got so lazy to the point where I didn’t even feel like writing this up. It mostly started when I was playing Shizuru’s route cause from then on I was bored of the game and didn’t feel like writing a review for the rest of it. The highlight of this game for me was Hisui and Shouko’s route cause they were just precious. From then on, it kind of dragged on in some routes. And while the plot itself certainly had potential, it felt sort of unfinished. It seemed like Hayato’s route was supposed to “reveal everything”, but I didn’t feel like it revealed much. If anything, Hayato’s route had such a hard on for Nabari, I felt like it was more about him than anything. I mean, it felt pretty open ended so I can see there actually being room for a FD if more plot is to be had. Either way, it wasn’t one of the worst games I’ve played. I actually liked the atmosphere and it was certainly unique making “books” the source of crimes.

And as its probably already known to many, this game is getting both a FD and an anime. Which is honestly kind of surprising to me considering this game is still pretty new plus I mean… an anime?? I think I know for a fact CxM will probably end up getting an anime, but I honestly did not expect this game to. Not that it was one of the worse games of 2016 but to warrant a FD & anime at the same time?? ok…… And I might be the only one here, but I would’ve loved a heroine like Shiori. She’s actually a type of character I’d like to see more often as an otome heroine because she has these leadership qualities, a bad ass personality, and is the definition of a “strong woman” in that era ((I mean she’s the leader of the owls so… yeah)) and tbh the strict innocence of Tsugumi was kinda irritating sometimes. She was fine in some routes but in others she was oblivious and too forgiving and I just think that’s the easy way out for writing a heroine because it’s almost like a generic template. And that’s not even always the case either cuz sometimes I felt she lacked dialogue and hardly said anything while the guys would go on with an entire monologue. Idk, just sayin’. But yeah, if you like a trashy romance with sexy scenes + hot seiyuu timez def a plus for anyone and Hisui is a baby so love him 5ever.

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