Re:Birthday Song English Translation Patch [Complete] [FIXED PATCH RELEASED]


Yep, after much hard work, it’s finally finished! I’m gonna go ahead and make the joke but I ended up finishing this Re:Birthday Song translation on my birthday  (March 16th) so, joke’s on me…?

Anyway, thanks so much for your patience and support! I learned the hard way how time consuming and tedious a translation project can be, (especially after translating, inserting and editing a lot of it myself). But I’m happy to have finished it and hope everyone can enjoy the game! Also, big thanks to Phii who helped a lot with translating! Thank you!

And before anyone asks, no I’m not providing any type of download of the game.


UPDATE: There’s people having issues with the game crashing due to script errors. Please let me know if you’re able to run the game smoothly with no issues if you can. I’m not having issues on my side, so it’s difficult to fix without seeing a sort of error/mishap in the scripts or game file (since my files are completely fine). In the process of fixing it, so please bear with me.

UPDATE 2: Okay, I think I have an idea what the issue is (and how to fix it). Basically, the game detects that there’s been an alteration in the text file. Thanks for the feedback about it though. In case the wait is too much, a temporary fix would be to replace the patched Rio.arc file with the Japanese one and when you pass that point, it’ll work again when you override the Rio.arc with the patched one. Although its a bit of hassle. There may be another method that I haven’t found yet. Let me know if there’s another way to bypass it that I overlooked.

UPDATE 4: I finally have a solution to this problem but it’ll take a bit of time (no longer than a few days at most depending on my schedule). Until then, please be patient!

UPDATE 5: Alright guys I finally managed to fix this problem. Thank you so much for your patience and I apologize again for this inconvenience. The download is now changed to the fixed patch. Also, big thank you to Shojx for helping me out in terms of editing. I managed to fix some spelling errors and a missed line as well (he also translated the OP for me so hopefully I can add lyrics to the movie file soon). So, there should no longer be any crashing with this. If you do have any issues though, let me know and show an image if possible. ALSO, don’t load from your old file, start a new one if you already had one. Delete your old save file (clear the entire folder because loading older save files will probably cause it to crash since that’s from a previous script) and that’ll clear your game. 

Steps are fairly simple, and if you played my demo translation, it should be easy enough:

  • Change your locale to Japanese
  • In Re:BIRTHDAY SONG~恋を唄う死神~ located in the honeybee folder, replace the Rio.arc with the one I provided in the download above.
  • Rio.arc has all the script files so you’re literally replacing the Japanese scripts to the English ones.

First things first, this is a text only translation as in, none of the menus or images are translated. I can tell you now none of it is needed to understand the story, but just in case I decided not to try and hack the game any further or delve into editing image files. If you have any questions about the menus or configurations, just feel free to ask.

That being said, I appreciate the feedback, especially for future projects. As for Un:Birthday Song, I’ll just say it’s definitely on my to-do. Nevertheless, this is my first project so go easy on me! It certainly helped some of my translating skills, haha. So please let me know if you have any issues or questions about running the game and such. I did test it myself, so it should be fine, but then again human error does exist (My biggest fear is missing a line while inserting).

Also, it was the same weird thing in the trial, but when typing ‘Cocoro’ in the default name (or literally any other name with a lowercase ‘c’), turn on caps lock and hold shift to type a lowercase ‘c’.

Thank you!

117 thoughts on “Re:Birthday Song English Translation Patch [Complete] [FIXED PATCH RELEASED]

  1. お疲れ様! Otsukaresama! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this project. A well deserved rest is at hand 😀
    I can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Thanks so much for doing this, and congratulations on finally finishing it! 🎆🎇🎉🎊
    Take a well deserved rest, and also happy birthday! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  3. I do not believe that.

    I am very happy to know that you have finally finished the translation. I still remember when I played the demo with your translation.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to translate this game so that we can all understand it.

    Luck in your future projects, I will be supporting you.

  4. Thank you so much, and happy birthday! I can’t wait to play this game; you have completely made my day. Rather, this has made my week! 🙂

  5. Hello. Thanks very much for your hard work!

    May I ask if there’s a route order you would recommend? Also, if you leave the name (Cocoro?) on default, will characters call it out?

    Happy birthday to you 🎂

  6. ; w ; you’re a lovely person who deserve every good thing in the world. Thank you so much for the patch! I bought the game ever since I found out there was a patch but now I can finally play it? Ahhhh, I just wanna thank both you and Phii for the game (pls excuse me if I’m missing anyone…)
    That aside, happy birthday C:

    1. I have had the same problem.
      I would have to switch between the rio files and move on to Japanese and then switch it out to English for it to work..
      It’s pretty inconvenient 😭

      1. Is it possible those parts are not translated or something since I can continue playing in japanese?? idk

        More instances..

      2. It may have something to do with the disc file. Can you show me an image of the contents in your Re:BIRTHDAY SONG~恋を唄う死神~ folder, that has the application and Rio.arc file in it? All scripts are translated, so this seems to be an issue with altering the game file.

      3. Okay, thank you. Trying to figure it out now. Problem is, I’m not having issues on my side, so its hard to find out what the issue is with other people. I’m going to test it on another computer. Also, if there’s others not having issue, please let me know.

    2. Thank you so much for the english patch! I know it’s a lot of hard work and very time consuming translating a whole visual novel, as I’ve played many myself in japanese. They definitely are challenging at times, especially the ones that use historical lingo. Now more otome fans can enjoy the games that have yet to be localised!

      Just letting you know that I also experienced the script error, same as the users above. Not entirely sure how it happened, but best of luck with fixing it ^^!

  7. Happy Birthday and may the Otome gods bless you! This is such an awesome gift you are sharing with all of us. Thank you for all of the hard work! お疲れ様!!

  8. Hello, I was so seeing if you would allow me the honor of using your English patch to make a game play for my channel. I promise to give you full and proper credit as well as links to your website.

  9. Whoaa~ thank you for your hard work!! Umm.. can you please tell me where i can download the full ver of this game in japanese first!??._.

    1. If you didn’t notice, the translator mentioned they will not be providing any kind of illegal means to acquire the game. You should buy the original game in japanese to support the creators and use the fan translation on it~ ^^

  10. Disbelief. Shock. Investigation. Exclamation!
    oh my god you seriously translated an entire game??? oh my god this is AMAZING. dear me oh my. wow.
    I am astounded to see so much effort taken to translate, and make the script accessible to others. I know there are great people out there that do patches and scanlation projects, but hot damn, it always looked like so much work! I translated an anime trailer before (probably badly) and that took long enough lol.
    I will have to find this game now. yay! I love listening to VAs and there’s a few I know in this. Plus Satoi’s artwork, ooooooh~ I like going into VNs blind, so I guess I’ll find out the premise when I get there lol.
    Thank you so very much. Thank you!

  11. Yeah, i has a same issue as “flashzone101” that suddenly the game was forced close with the japanese detail in the screenshot above. I am on yoru route now 😦 please help meee :”(

  12. Having an issue where the game crashes during Syun’s route. I swapped the rio file back to the japanese version and was able to get past that part but when I switched it back to English it’d immediately crash when I loaded the new save. I tried skipping even further and went ahead a whole scene but it’ll still crash as soon as I switch it back to English. Please help!

  13. I think the issue with the game stopping for some people may be related to whether or not they’ve applied any patches released by honeybee to their game and what version of the game (no patch, ver 1.0.1, ver 1.0.2, or ver 1.0.3) the translation was based off of. The translation patch may only work perfectly if the versions match.

  14. Hmm so to keep playing I would just switch the rio files back and forth to move on past the parts where the game crashes and I eventually finished one ending of Ame’s but then when I played ame’s route again to get the second ending, the game played just fine. The part where it crashed didn’t crash and just played like normal…
    Weird lolol

      1. yup
        at parts that just stopped working with the english patch, i would switch it back to the original rio file and play through the scene in japanese and then switch back to the english patch, it kept crashing again at some parts and i would have to continue switching and then skipping to a part where it did work
        when you finish the route, for some reason i could play the whole route without it crashing.
        i finished both ame and yoru’s route because of this
        now i can play both their routes without any problem
        idk why
        maybe someone should try to force skip an entire route in japanese to get an ending and play through again in english to see if it crashes?

      2. i’ll probably have to continue doing this with kairi, syun and nami’s routes but it’s worth it in the end T_T

  15. Thank you so much for getting out a fix – even if it’s just a temporary one – so quickly! I tried the download link, and unfortunately it says that “The requested page does not exist.”

      1. That’s okay, and thank you! It’s working great now 🙂 Good luck with working on the fix!

        (I ended up commenting the same thing twice before, as I didn’t think it had posted. I’m sorry about that!)

  16. First of all, thank you for your hard work with the translation and the temporary fix. However, I still experience crash after replacing the save file. Did I do it wrongly?

    1. If you loaded a save file it may not work because its been altered. Otherwise, as long as you have my ‘save00’ in your re:birthday song saved games folder, it should definitely work (and it’ll be a conpleted game file).

  17. Thank you so much for putting your precious time and hard work into translating this!!!! I hope that you know that non-Japanese speaking otome fans (like me) love you so much!! :*

  18. Thank you so much for doing this! As someone who is still learning japanese, this is awesome cause I can start playing. Much appreciation!

  19. i actually have the same problem but it said something like this…

    and this is shun rute
    thanks thou for translating this game 🙂

    i found another one of the bug.

    this is kairi route… thx

  20. omg thank you so much for this! I love you senpai ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ It works great ^^ I will also be fondly waiting for your Un: Birthday Song translation project lolol (≧◡≦)

  21. Er, I downloaded the fixed patch, but the game still crashed while playing ^.^; can you put up the link to download your save file again? I deleted it because I thought the problem was gone…

    1. Could be something else maybe? I’ve tested my own game by deleting my save file and using the Rio.arc file I provided. I can provide the completed save file regardless though. Just know when you use it, spoilers are harder to avoid (there’s an epilogue scene that automatically plays on a completed file when you beat a route).

      1. Hi, thank you for your hard work! I am still having issues with the fixed patch. Can you please put up the link again for your save file? I cannot seem to find it…

    2. Try starting a new game and getting onto the desired route again. My game crashed when I loaded a save from the old patch, but starting a new game had crashing no issues. 😀

  22. Hello I need help on something,
    I have successfully downloaded the English patch and also the Japanese game. The game works and everything looks fine although I am unable to replace the file named ‘Rio.arc’ with the one you made. It wont delete and I cannot add in the English patch ver with the other one still there…
    Please can someone help me out???

      1. I have tried that and it comes up with “There is not enough space on REBSDISC1. You need an additional 4.55 MB to copy these files”. I do have space on my laptop it is just within the disc-thingy, it wont come up with anything saying ‘replace’.

  23. Hi,
    Can someone please share the completed share file that was posted here before. I am still having problems with the fixed patch..
    Thank you.

  24. Thank you for your hardwork ;;w;; without this i cant play the game, since my Japanese is awfully poor huhuhuhu
    Are you gonna translate Un:Birthday Song after finishing this? hehe thank you once again

  25. Is there anyone else having problem with the game crashing constantly? Like the whole “exe has stopped working” shenanigan? My game is going ok relatintig to the bugs but a lot of the times when i try to save or load the game simply crashes and is driving me insane T_T is it a problem with my computer?

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