Side Kicks! サイドキックス – Common Route


Set in the USA in California, a city called Sakurada. The heroine, Inori, is scouted into a special investigation called SideKicks with an ability to see visions of the future. It’s within the SPD (Sakurada Police Department) and a group with members of unique skills. An addictive drug known as ‘Ripcord’ has been related to a series of cases. For the sake of maintaining order in the city, SideKicks was created.


The heroine named Inori wakes up in a diner where a man picks up her phone she dropped. Thankfully, its not broken and she thanks him as he leaves to take a phone call. Apparently for as long as she can remember she’s had this ‘condition’ where she’d often randomly fall asleep in places. But even when she got a check up, the doctors deemed her normal. Kirara, the owner of the diner gives her a mocha instead of a latte by mistake. Its then she has a memory of the same conversation from her dream. Apparently aside from randomly falling asleep, she could almost see bits of the future. She remembered talking to Kirara and then a truck crashing into the diner. She tries to warn everyone but no one listens.


She calls out to a group sitting by the window and the first guy, Chika thinks she’s crazy while one of the guy asks her name and tells her to calm down first. The heroine introduces herself as Inori, while he introduces himself and the rest of them. He himself is Hibari, the one on his phone is, Shishiba, the one with the bad attitude is Chika, and lastly smaller shota boy is Riko. She tries explaining but when she says she saw it in a dream, they all think she’s crazy. Hibari checks to see of she’s been drinking which she hasn’t and Riko is quick to jump on board with the idea. He gets everyone to evacuate the windows and shop. Chika thinks its nonsense, but just when everyone is away from the windows a truck suddenly crashes into the diner.

Thankfully, thanks to Inori warning everyone, no one was injured. Soon someone named Tatewaki appears and the group appears to know them. He tells Inori to wait for the SPD, the Sakurada Police Department. Its then they all confront Inori about what just happened and how she predicted the truck crashing into the diner. She tells them she saw it in a dream and shows them a memo of what she wrote in her phone. They’re all pretty impressed but Chika still thinks it was somesort of coincidence. So Inori was more concerned about the driver of the truck and Tatewaki asks Kirara to check on them. When she does, a man pops out and threatens Kirara with a knife. Right after though, the SPD arrive.

Someone named Tsubaki lectures them, ‘Sidekicks’, for not taking action but Tatewaki goes on to say thats their job. From there, they begin investigating the details of the situation. Riko remembers the car was registered as a stolen car at an exact time and date. Hibari speculates that the man had been on the recently popular drug, Ripcord due to his symptoms. Meanwhile, Kirara cries for help and Chika decides to finally take action and use his combat skills to kick the knife out of the man’s hand. Kirara punches the man in fear and the one who ends up hurt is the culprit himself ironically. A man named Nora appears saying he’ll write a report about the incident. After that, a man named Shisui appears. He’s a singer and Radio DJ who’s also popular online for airing a channel where he reveals secrets about Sakurada so the police try to take down his feed. After revealing secruity tape to Shisui, Tatewaki reveals their new member of SideKicks to be Inori.


Chapter 1

After those events, Inori was invited by Tatewaki to lunch in order to meet up regarding her new arrangements. As she waits at Little Kirara, Tatewaki, Chika and Hibari finally arrive. Finally, they sit down and Tatewaki asks for a menu. They all order until the last one left to order is Inori. Once she finally orders, Kirara leaves to take their orders. Tatewaki begins to explain what department Inori will be in. They explain sidekicks is a special investigation team developed within the security organization of the Sakurada police department with Tatewaki as the leader. Hibari is a profiler who specializes in psychoanalysis. Chika specializes in his atheltic and shooting abilities. Shishiba is a hacker prodigy who doesn’t have great social skills. Riko has a photographic memory that pretty much goes beyond normal capabilities and looks young but is actually 19. They start to ask Inori questions about herself and her ability, but apparently this ability to see visions in dreams is something she’s always lived with. Chika is still reluctant to believe it though.


Afterwords, they all head to the Sakurada police station. Inori has mever visited before and Tsubaki had called them to his office. Apparently the top floor is going renovations though after a bombing accident a year ago. They also use one of the older rooms as their office. When they arrive, they’re greeted by Tsubaki yelling at them. Tatewaki introduces Inori as their new recruit. Kurumi, Tsubaki’s subordinate, comes in with paperwork as they inform her of the new recruit, Inori (which she’s not to keen about). Anyway, Tsubaki begins to explain a case file where his men had gone missing. In one case, a man named Shida had gone missing with traces of blood left on the trunk of his car. Apparently he was having issues with his wife and before he went missing, he cleared out their jointed bank account. This is an urgent case since the missing person is likely dead. However, Tsubaki has his hands tied with the rain killer case. A case in which someone slashed the throat of victims only when it rained.

They accept the case and before Kurumi leaves, she reminds Chika of the juvenile division. Suddenly, Chika’s phone rings and he says he has to leave to for an academy exam proceedure. Riko asks about the case, but he says Ms. Ability should be able to solve it and sarcastically wishes her luck in solving the case. Riko tells her not to mind him though. Tatewaki tells Hibari to keep an eye on Iori and so they get ready to leave. Shishiba gives Inori the SideKick’s contact info on her phrone so she’ll receive up to date data on cases. Inori doesn’t know if her power will be much help, but Tatewaki tells her not to worry.

So Inori, Hibari, and Riko leave together. They tell her they’re technically not police–rather, quasi-police. However, Chika’s situation is different because he’s actually an officer in training and carries guns time to time. He then brings up the topic of her visions and wonders if reading about the case file itself would make her have these future visions. She tries doing it but it doesn’t work on the spot. However, Hibari believes she may be able to trigger something while learning more about the case. Suddenly a woman named Yashiro appears who’s the director of the crimes division. She’s higher up than Tatewaki and explains that a year ago in the bombing incident, someone named Ishizaki died. He was starting the same organization but Tatewaki took over for him after he died.

After she leaves, Hibari and Inori split up and head to the interrogation room to meet Shida’s wife who suspected in killing her missing husband. Hibari sits down with her and Inori. He tries to speak about the incident but she tells him she didn’t kill her husband and she doesn’t know anything about it. He confirms he’s not a police officer, but a psychoanalysis. So she speaks about what happened with her husband. They fought often recently and she highly suspected him of cheating on her so she accused him of such. And when he took the money out of their joint bank account, she believed he may be eloping with someone. On the night he went missing, she told him to leave the house and that she didn’t want to see him again. After explaining her side of things, he gives her his business card to contact him again and tells her to go home and get some rest.


They go back to the office to find just Tatewaki there. Shishiba is investigating the missing man’s phone and Chika hasn’t come back yet. In the meantime, Tatewaki hands Inori her ID card that allows her access to the level 1 of the police department as well as the lounge and outside area. After that, Inori decides to go visit the lounge area. She spots Hibari flirting with a girl on her way there. After he invites her out and leaves, he notices Inori. He pretty much can tell she was curious about their conversation. But confirms they’re not dating he just goes on a couple dates from time to time (he barely even remembers her name, kinda brutal imo). He starts flirting with her again again and she changes to the topic about how she wants to become friends and get along with everyone in SideKicks.


Inori goes back to the office to meet everyone there. No one was able to gather much info, but Shishiba was able to recover some data from Shiba’s phone. It revealed he may have connections with a woman who’s a drug dealer. Suddenly Hibari gets a call from Shiba’s wife, Azami. She wants Hibari to be present while she talks about her husband on Shisui’s broadcast. So Hibari and Inori drive there together. Hibari asks of Inori has had a dream recently and she mentions having a dream about a man sleeping near boxes but can’t remember beyond that. Eventually they arrive at Azami’s place. Hibari is quick to mention that her husband may be or have been involved with drugs and had contacted a woman who is a drug dealer. She asks if she’s the one who killed her husband and took the money from her bank account, but Hibari tells her to calm down since nothing is confirmed yet and they’re still investigating. Apparently Shisui invited her to talk about her husband and in return he’d broadcast about him on air to find him.

And so, they head to Shisui’s studio where he greets them. Azami talks about her husband’s disappearance, but because she’s nervous, Hibari takes over. Just before it ends, Azami begs for her husband to be found. Shisui thanks them for coming and says he hopes her husband can be found. After that, Hibari receives a call confirming that the drug dealer has been caught and her husband has been found in an abandoned warehouse by the Union River. She didn’t have much of a reaction though and left. After she leaves, Hibari heads back to Azami’s house, knowing full well that she’d be there. Instead of going directly where her husband was found, she went back home because she knows he’s already dead. Hibari actually lied about finding her husband. She actually pretended she didn’t know he was involved with a drug dealer because she mentioned it to Shisui before Hibari told her.

Nevertheless, he points of the proofs being a knife from her kitchen missing neing the weapon, and her forgetting to wipe the fingerprints off her rear view mirror of the car with traces of blood. Not only that, but her husband was clearly still involved with a dealer, hence the money earned and them buying expensive things in a not so expensive home. Her actions, and mostly lie after lie is how he realized she was the culprit. She finally gives in and realizes she can lie no further. Apparently Shisui’s broadcast was still running the entire time too so he thanks Hibari for revealing the truth to him. She starts crying saying that her husband would only ever complain about the little things she did and being broke (hence why he got into drug dealing) and cause she was sick of it all she said screw it and killed him. Finally, Hibari and Inori go back to the office and he tells Inori the reason her husband took the money from their account was because he wanted to cut ties with the dealer and needed money to do so. Soon everyone appears, including Tsubaki who explains one of the suspected drug dealers named Aika was released after being arrested due to lack of evidence even though there was Ripcord found in her possession.

Chapter 2

Inori explains to Shishiba she saw another dream in a dark place where a voice said “sorry” in a pool of blood. Unfortunately, she can’t remember nore than that and he tells her its not enough info to be useful yet. So he looks back to his computer when they stand there silently. He finally tells her he analyized her memos and there’s nor correlation to the time and date when the dreams and actual situations occur. And there’s more of a chance of her to see a dream of something she knows something about. Anyway, soon they’re interrupted by a ruckus outside where Tatewaki, Chika, and Rico are discussing adopting a retired police dog as a mascot for SideKicks. But Hibari tells them they already have a mascot cat, being Rico lmao.

Shishiba tells them they haven’t gotten much info on Inori’s dreams yet and suddenly Tsubaki appears with Kurumi. She shows them a document stating about the rules of vacation for staff. Basically, Tatewaki hasn’t used any of his vacation days so he’s forced to take 10 vacation days. With this, SideKicks is without a leader so they can’t investigate as freely. So he tells them to leave the work to the actual police department for now, clearly jealous SideKicks has been getting in all the action as of recently. Even so, Tatewaki doesn’t show any signs of it bothering him and is actually thinking of things ro do lol.

Inori heads to Little Kirara to meet everyone there. She then spots a boy near a taco stand who dropped a paper bag with not tacos, but drugs! A man then appears in a hooded jacket and tells the shopper to give the boy tacos intm return for the obvious drugs he handed him, telling the boy to never do that again. He then directs his attention to Inori and says if he reports what she saw, to leave the boy out of it. People will do anything for food, which is probably why he was going to sell drugs or something. And its the adults that influence them. He then leaves and the man somehow reminds her of Chika.

After that, the SideKicks crew arrives at Little Kirara’s telling her that with Tatewaki on vacation for 10 day’s (and him being the leader) they’re basically on vacation too. Anyway, Nora appears and discusses how SideKicks will manage without their leader since they’re technically like normal civilians without Tatewaki. Although, Shishiba states that its pretty much Tatewaki’s fault for not taking his vacation in the first place. Just while they’re talking about him, Tatewaki appears in vacation attire that he bought after shopping for the entire day lmao. The others complain how pretty much can’t do anything without him there, but he has no solution the problem. It’s then Shishiba speaks up and says he’ll take the place of the leader while Tatewaki is on vacation. In order for SideKicks to work as an offical department, there needs to be an actual SPD member present. Everyone else is basically a quasi-police while Chika is still one in training. Shishiba is part of the SPD though so he qualifies to lead. Not that Tatewaki does much as a leader anyway, as they all agree on. So, its decided that Shishiba will be their substitute leader.

Tsubaki arrives at the diner as well and the crew greets them as Kurumi forces a seat inbetween Chika and Hibari lmao. Tsubaki asks what the hell Tatewaki is wearing and he tells him its “resort fashion” pffft. He even writes an entire list of 10 things to do for 10 days. Tsubaki starts to complain about how he was promoted even though he’s lazy as hell. He gets mad to the point where he accidentally knocks over Kurumi’s cola. Tsubaki apologizes but she gets annoyed at him and goes to the bathroom with Inori. She helps clean her jacket and talks to Inori about her ‘ability’. Kurumi comments on how it isnt as useful as it could be and Inori apologises. Kurumi tells her not to apolgize though cause she hates it when girls feel the need to apologize over things they automatically deem their fault. Inori then gives her cleaned jacket back and notices that Kurumi has an adam’s apple as she buttons up her shirt (YEEA I KNEW IT)).

Kurumi comes back out looking like Inori cause she’s wearing her clothes and hair like hers too. They point out how similar they look but Chika mentions how Inori’s aren’t as big ((aka her boobs)) lmao. Chico chimes in and says Hibari has said its not about size, bit the way they feel. After thinking they do seem small, she feels like her boobs are being looked at so she yells out to not look at them lmao. After that, they leave the diner and Nora tells Inori to only tell people about her ability whom she trusts because with SideKicks becoming more popular, its always possible for malicious people to find her a threat and try to use her power. She thanks him for telling her and says she’ll be careful.

The next day, Inori goes to the usual office but no one is there. She suddenly has a vision of Kurumi in a dark place, crying about doing nothing wrong and how its cold. Hibari notices she had one of her visions again and asks about what she saw. She meant to write it in her phone, but realizes that she accidently took Kurumi’s phone by mistake while she was helping her dry her clothes in the diner bathroom yesterday. She tells them what she saw and suddenly Tsubaki barges in saying Kurumi was kidnapped. Tsubaki got a phone call with someone saying “I have your woman” while saying he’ll contact him with his demands later. He heard her voice over the phone which confirms it wasn’t a lie. Nevertheless, Yashiro, the head director leaves Shishiba in charge.

Shishiba decides to try and trace any calls made on Inori’s phone, since Inori accidently took Kurumi’s so she most likely had hers. Hibari thinks its bold of them to kidnap an officer although Tsubaki mentions she never wears her badge. Suddenly, Tsubaki’s phone starts ringing and Shishiba tells Rico to trace his call as soon as he picks up. Once he does, the caller demands a ransom of $50,000. Kurumi can be heard in the background saying Inori’s name (she talks in 3rd person) instead of her own. In otherwords, the culprit mistook Kurumi for Inori because that night when she changes, she looked similar to Inori. She tries to remember her predictive dream so Hibari suggets saying keywords to help Inori remember. Right when one of them says, bag, she remembers seeing an orange bag of money. Either way, they have no choice but to wait for the culprit to call again with the place and time for the ransom.

Inori feels guilty about her taking the fall for what was supposed to be her and Chika calls her out on it. He tells her he still doesn’t believe she has these predictive dreams, whether they’re real or not he knows no one blames her. She thanks him and he leaves pouting like usual lol. Afterwords, Shishiba brings on orange bags full of ransom money. Inori points it out since it was in her dream, but it doesn’t deem useful. The culprit then calls again demanding the money in 30 minutes by a cafe Terrance. After tracing rhe call, Rico gets an idea of where they’re located. Shishiba directs Chika and Rico to try and find where Kurumi is being kept while Inori goes with Shishiba to the ransom place in order to remember something from her dream.

Tsubaki goes to the designated place where to meet the culprit and waits while Shishiba has a video camera planted to watch. Just while he’s waiting though the money is snatched from him. He receives a phone call after that with the cuplrit saying they received the money and will call back after confirming the contents. In the end, the culprit ended up taking the actual money instead of the fake. When they get back at the office, Chika gets pissed at Shishiba blaming him for their failure. Its then Tatewaki appears and knocks them both in the head saying they’re both at fault. He lectures Chika for not believing him as a leader and without teamwork, their team falls apart.


In the end, Shishiba asks Tatewaki to take over as leader so he can focus on what he can do. Suddenly, Inori has another vision and tries focusing on it to see it. She sees many colorful boxes in a dark place and hears a gunshot along with seeing blood. She tells this to Shishiba and he gets her to try and remember details about the place she pictured. She explains it in detail and Shishiba does research on based on thr fact she said its cold and colorful boxes. He believes it to be a freezer where ‘bates chocolate’ are stored. Based on the phone call, he’s able to pinpoint a location.

When they make it to the warehouse, they hear a gunshot. Chika and the others charge in and find one of the men who made the phone call. They ask where the hostage is and says they’re dead. Chika tells him to stop bullshitting and then they find a locked door to the fridge where Kurumi is. Shishiba manages to unlock the door and when they open it, they find Kurumi with a pool of blood under her along with another woman beside her. Tsubaki calls out to her and apologizes as Shishiba calls for an ambulance. After that, Kurumi and another woman is taken to the hospital.


They wait for a while and the nurse finally comes out to tell them the news. Tsubaki immediately asks the condition of the woman, but she says they didn’t make it (the nurse thought they were talking about the other woman who was lying next to Kurumi). It’s then Hibari and Tatewaki notice something then say how the condition of the ‘man’ is. Its then she tells then ‘he’s’ fine and just suffered from hypothermia (confirming that Kurumi is actually a guy). Its then Kurumi comes out saying she wants to take a shower and greets everyone. Tsubaki is in shock and asks if Kurumi is an angel since he thought she died. The nurse tries to confirm that she is actually he but Tatewaki interrupts saying it was a mistake (he has no idea omg). The woman who died was actually one of the culprits who kidnapped Kurumi.

Inori tells Kurumi she’s thankful she’s pkay amd apolgizes. Kurumi gives her phone back and says it’s thanks to her memo she wrote on her phone she was able to pretend she was Inori. Even so, Inori still blames herself but Kurumi tells her to stop apologizing and worry about herself for once while storming off. Inori then talks to Nora who appears wanting to interview Kurumi. Later, Kurumi goes on air with Shisui (she pretty much idolizes him) and tells him all about how she handled herself in the hostage situation. When Inori gets back to the station, Shishiba seems anxious and everyone leaves to go get food. When alone with Shishiba, Inori puts her hand on Shishiba’s trembling one. He was worried Kurumi may have died because of his reckless actions. He wanted to be a leader like Tatewaki but in the end let everyone down. Inori comforts him though and tells him that if he was a leader, no one would be able to do his job as an cyber analysis. He was also jealous of everyone else’s skills and felt he wasn’t good enough but now he’ll try harder to prove himself and thanks Inori.


Chapter 3

SideKicks hunted down some thieves that Inori had a vision about and Chika showed off his swift moves by knocking down the culprit and removing the guns from his possession. Apparently the woman who was released with possession of Ripcord was killed by the rain killer. After that, Chika drives with Inori back to the station while Shishiba and Rico eat at the diner. She randomly asks if he likes to cook and apparently its too much of a hassle so not usually. He then gets a phone call from Tsubaki yelling at him to hurry back to the station with a report lol. In the meantime, Inori and Hibari go to the diner to meet with Rico and Shishiba while Chika finishes up his report.

When they arrive at the diner, Rico and Shishiba greet them. They talk about an app they’re developing to enter in a contest to win 5k lol. Rico also mentions he has a twin brother who was in the SPD as well but got iniured in the bombing incident and is now hospitalized. Suddenly, Hibari gets all call from Tatewaki that Chika unconscious and jn the hospital. So they all head to the hospital in a hurry to find out what happened. On the way to the diner he was hit in the head and had to get 13 stitches. Although he’s fine, when they go to visit him, his manner of speaking is completely different. He talks politely to everyone without his usual slur and adds an honorific to each of their names ((I prefer the badmouth Chika 😅)). Inori asks if he’s okay, and he immediately says she’s so kind for worrying about him. He says he’s fine now cause his head no longer hurts. He’s much more cheerful and when Rico asks if he’s okay, he apologizes. He suddenly says he’s tired then goes to sleep lol.


The next day, on Inori’s way to the Sakurada station, she bumps into a girl. She’d lost her way looking for the public library, so Inori helps her out. They apologize to each other for bumping into each other and then the girl thanks her for helping her before leaving. When Inori arrives at the station, Chika happily greets her. Rico can’t stand this new Chika and takes pictures of him smiling all the time lmao. Chika then shows him a crappy picture he took of the church at the hospital. Rico asks Hibari when Chika will go back to normal again, nut he basically tells him with an impaired memory, its something that takes time or he needs something to trigger his memory. More importantly, Shishiba believes they should find out who hit his head in the first place. But, the only one who would know best is Chika, so they have no choice but to wait for him to regain his memory.

Tatewaki then appears and Chika happily greets him. Although he acts like he’s worried, he’s enjoying watching Chika act so cheerful for the first time in forever. Chika apologizes after Tatewaki pretends the situation makes his heartache, then Tatewaki goes along with it and says “Don’t worry. Whats more important is that your alright–” then bursts into laughter before leaving. After that, Hibari asks more importantly how Inori is feeling. She’s confused at first then he goes to say that both her and Chika were engaged. She flips put then Chika then immediately apologizes for forgetting something so important (its pretty hilarious).

Nora then appears to see the state of Chika as well. He asks him simple math addition problems and he counts his hands and solves it like a little kid (its so cute but omg poor bby hes like a 5 year old). Although Nora says he’s still the same dumb Chika like befoe and Chika responds “thank goodness” LMAO. Anyway, now that SideKicks has gotten more popular after these recent cases, its caused backfire with criminals that are out to get the police which is most likely why Chika was targeted. Apparently he was hit with a wine bottle but they have no idea if it was a deliberate attack or not. And so, while Nora goes to explain the details of the case, Hibari asks if Chika really doesn’t remember anything. Chika starts almost crying saying he doesn’t but then mentions that he heard a voice say “Are you Chika from SideKicks?” before waking up in the hospital. This confirms that Chika was targeted by someone.

Nevertheless, Nora believes that the culprit may have had some other motive since nothing was stolen and goes to prepare for something in the meantime. Afterwords, they all meet up and Nora explains his plan. They know that someone was out to get Chika and failed. Which means they’ll try to finish the job. So the plan is to use Chika as bait to get the criminal to appear. Chika is afraid to go alone though, so Inori suggests she go with him since she’ll be seen as less of a threat. And so, Inori and Chika go to Sakurada central park together. The rest of them communicate to them through a microphone while keeping them on surveillance to watch for the culprit.

Meanwhile, Chika tells Inori he has something important to tell her. He tells her he’s scared of being part of SideKicks and becoming a police officer. Knowing that he may be the reason someone may die scares him. He asks Inori hypothetically what she’d do if someone died because she made a mistake with one of her dreams. And wonders how she can smile knowing she’s in a life or death situation. Unable to answer, everyone else comments on how insensitive that question was, and Chika apologizes. But Inori tells him its fine since she understood what he was trying to say. Suddenly, a man calls out to Chika and grabs him. They try to break his arm and take a picture as proof but Chika manages to escape with Inori. Shisui then appears with a live broadcast and Shishiba and Rico call the cops.


When they get back to the office, they find out through the phone of the culprit that a bounty was set on Chika. They manage to look at the history of their phone and find a hitman site thats hidden to look like a flower arrangement forum until you login. Shishiba uses his amazing hacker skills to disable the site even though they used tons of proxies and crap to hide their IP. Chika then starts crying again and getting sentimental about everyone working so hard for his sake making everyone realize he’s still not back to normal lol. After that, they all head to the diner after Shishiba confirms the one who hired hit people was a woman in Sakurada and assures she’ll be caught soon.

As they all walk ahead, Chika asks to speak with Inori. He tells her he feels out of place and doesn’t think he’s worth going all the trouble for. Inori tells him he’s wrong and everyone cares about him. Its then a man comes up to Chika saying he’ll get 10k for killing him and got call from his client. Chika tells her to run while he tries to attack him with a knife. Inori flips out and throws her bag but she accidentally hits Chika instead of the guy and knocks him out cold. Inori, unsure of what to do, tries to wake him up. Suddenly, Chika gets back up and yells at the guy asking him wtf happened. Eventually the others appear and notice Chika is back to his usual self ironically by getting hit in the head by Inori lmao. Back at the diner, they all discuss what happened and Inori tells Chika he was kinda cute when he had a different personality which he gets annoyed at lol.



Afterwords, Chika and the others bought a cake with the SideKicks logo that says ‘Welcome to SideKicks’ and gives Inori a badge with ‘SK’ on it. She’s an official member of SideKicks. Tsubaki and Kurumi arrive as well with a dog. Chika flips out knowing full well he told them they shouldn’t keep a dog. Nevertheless, the rest of them try to come up with names. Tatewaki also suggests an actress who has big boobs cause their ossan boss loves big boobs!! Chico tells them to stop talking about boobs and come up with an actual name and celebrate.


Thoughts: I have to say, what drew me into this game was the visuals. When I first started playing, I couldn’t stop looking at the details of the backgrounds. I really liked the animation at the start of the game. It makes for good suspense and draws you in. Anyway, the common route has a good mix of comedy and action! I was really glad to see that even though this was the common route, it focused on some of the characters per chapter. ALSO KURUMI IS JUST GREAT. GIRL WINS BEST SUB CHARACTER FOR ME.

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