KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Fun Party – Summary/Review


A review/summary of the Klap!! FD. All spoilers and such are under the cut.

This game continues off the first game with an After Story but with a new If Story, sub character routes ‘Ryo’ and ‘Shinobu’,  and extra side stories as well.


In the ‘If Story‘ Koyomi left the school full of Yuuma that had graduated and moved back to where she lived. She worked as a teacher in an ordinary human school. One day all teachers are called for a meeting to introduce a new set of foreign exchange students being… Everyone from the yuuma school!! Yep, they were sent to basically study abroad for the first time ever. Basically, since they’re least likely to go on a rampage after being trained in the discipline school, they were chosen as basically test subjects to see if yuuma’s can successfully attend human schools without any problems. This is kind of a quick unfinished story in which they attend a human school and then fall in love with Koyomi at the end.


Sousuke (CV: Yuuki Kaji) – Following the events after the first game, Sousuke comes back to the human world after a year and graduating from school (after repeating a year). Everyone celebrates him coming to the human world by visiting and having a party at his grandmother’s place. Sousuke is tsun as ever and everyone greets him happily saying they know he missed them all and hug him as annoyed as he gets lmao. They then decide to commemorate the moment by taking a picture with everyone together. Sousuke is a bit taken back by the idea since he never had photos of family or friends but Koyomi tells him they’ll make plenty more memories together and forces him into the group to take a picture.

After that, Koyomi goes home by herself and declines Sousuke to walk with her since she thinks its better he spend more time with his grandmother. After she leaves his grandmother convinces him to go after her and he excitedly does. He meets up with Koyomi on her way home and although she’s surprised to see him, she’s happy since she wanted to spend more time with him ((making Sousuke blushu)). He holds hands with him and Koyomi notices that his words have been a lot more kind lately making Sousuke get tsun about it lol. He teases her about how she hasn’t changed but prefers it that way. Before Koyomi can try to leave out of embarrassment, he asks why she left. She said she wanted him to spend more time with him, but thought it better he spend more time with his grandmother. He sighs saying she has no idea how badly he’s wanted to see her. He grabs her close, pulling her into a kiss. He starts calling her Koyomi and tells her not to get so close with the other guys since she’s his.

The next day, Sousuke randomly invites Koyomi over to his place just to see her lol. She tries to suggest for them to go sightseeing to show him the human world but he’s not interested. She then brings up an aquarium and he’s more interested so she tells him she wants to go. Once they arrive, Sousuke is excitedly fawning over the different fish. When she brings up penguins, he gets super excited like a little kid. When they arrive, Sousuke is in awe seeing how they’re real and even says that if they went to the North Pole, they could see even more penguins ((what a cutie)). Koyomi decides to take a picture of him there and even sneaks a picture of him looking embarrassed. She teases him and he says he’ll get her back for it lol.

After that, they go to a cafe and sit on lounge chair together. A couple of girls sneak pictures of Sousuke cause they think he looks hawt. When Koyomi comes back from the bathroom, the girls are on the sofa, trying to talk to Sousuke. He tells them to back off though and gtfo the sofa so his girlfriend can sit down since he’s clearly on a date with her. He also tells them to delete the picture they sneaked of him too cause its gross for someone to sneak a picture of someone they don’t know. After deleting the picture and telling them off, the girls run off. Koyomi feels kinda bad but is glad and teases Sousuke being so forward and saying his “girlfriend he’s on a date with”. He gets embarrassed and tsun saying he didn’t do it for her sake he was just annoyed lol.

After that, Sousuke tells Koyomi his future plans are to find a job rather than go back to school. He thinks of wanting to become a teacher like Koyomi. When they get back, they’re greeted by Sousuke’s grandmother. They have dinner together and Sousuke rambles about the different things he saw at the aquarium to his grandma like a little kid. A few days later, Sousuke calls Koyomi to meet him by the riverbank. He tells her he got a job but won’t tell her what it is yet (making Koyomi wonder if its something sketchy lmao). So a few days later, Koyomi spots Sousuke in uniform heading towards the aquarium. She feels bad about following him but wonders if its related to his part time job. When she finds him, he’s a worker in the area with the penguins (of coruse lmao).


She takes a picture of him having fun with the penguins and he finally spots her. During his break he’s embarrassed she found out but explains he got the job because he loves penguins ・. Koyomi realizes he was probably too embarrassed to admit that was the reason he wanted to work there. After that, Sousuke goes to Koyomi’s place and tells her about how fun it is working with the penguins. He even mentions how he’s memorized all 30 of their names like how Koyomi memorized all 30 names of her students lmao. Koyomi gives him an album as a present for getting a part time job. She tells him that way they can make lots of memories together. Sousuke says a small album book will probably be filled easily so she tells him they’ll just have to get another lol.


Sousuke tells her he’ll meet up with her after work the next day. Koyomi doesn’t want him to leave though and Sousuke softly pushes her down on the bed. He tells her he likes her warmth wants to be filled woth her love lmao (frick fracking maybe?). He kisses her and says he’ll make her only think of him. After returning home, Sousuke is greeted by his grandma like usual. He shoes her the album that Koyomi got him and is all excited about it lol. Just as she’s about to make dinner, she seemed in pain for a brief moment but assures him she’s fine. Koyomi meets Sumire on her way home and she tells her about how happy Sousuke was to receive her album. Suddenly, she almost collapses but assures Koyomi she’s fine before leaving.

A few days later Koyomi shows Sousuke the developed photos she took for his album. He excitedly reminiscences the photos she took and talk about showing his grandma. She then asks about Sumire and he says she’s been fine. Although since she’s anxious, he says they can go see her now. When they arrive at Sousuke’s place, they find his grandmother collapsed on the ground. After calling an ambulance, she’s examined while Sousuke and Koyomi stay home. Sousuke clearly upset realizes she’d been pushing herself so he wouldn’t worry about her. Koyomi tries to comfort him but no avail. She then apologizes saying its her fault since she noticed her condition beforehand. This makes Sousuke lash out at her saying its fault and she should’ve said something. She starts to tear up accepting that its her fault. He apologizes after realizing what he said and tells her he wants to be alone.


After that, Sousuke hadn’t contacted her for a little while. When she finally gets a message from him, he says his grandma had been released from the hospital. Koyomi goes to his place and meets Sumire there. She apologizes for making them worry but she tells her she’s glad she’s okay. She apologizes since she felt like it was her fault but she tells her its not. Apparently she’s fine but she’s getting old so she’s been overexerting herself. She asks if Sousuke is mad but she then shows Koyomi a box. It was a box that contained all the letters that Koyomi sent to Sousuke, even though he told her be threw them out (cause it was too much clutter). She mutters how he’s a liar before leaving to go meet up with him.

She finally meets with him after work and they talk by the riverbank. He apologizes for what he said to her and how he was just afraid and wanted to pin the blame on someone. Koyomi tells him its fine and she understands he’s afraid to be alone. She also tells him that someday she’ll probably die earlier than him since she can’t live much longer than 100 years. But when she does, she wants him to look back on the memories they made in the album so he doesn’t forget her. She tells him she’ll be with him for as long as she lives. He then hugs her closely saying he wants to stay with her forever and he’s always liked the Koyomi who’s stupidly honest.


Eventually 2 years pass and Koyomi is still working as a teacher and Sousuke is working at the aquarium. They already completely filled their album up. Sousuke then tells Koyomi that he can’t express in words how thankful he is to have her and how she taught him so many things. And so, he purposes to her with a beautiful snow encrusted ring. He puts it on her finger and they declare their ever lasting love for each other. In the epilogue, Koyomi and Sousuke are dressed up in wedding attire readying to get married. They reminiscence on the past and vow to stay together forever as a family.

Sousuke is my fave boy!! He’s also tsun and a moe cutiepie who’s in love with penguins. Also his extra story is soooooo adorable. Sousuke is all about family cause he always wanted to meet his own so when Koyomi gets pregnant he’s so excited to start his own family. It’s so fucking adorable. ヽ(´∇`)ノ


Touma (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) Koyomi is invited over to Touma’s place and is greeted by his siblings. Touma puts on a demon mask while his siblings throw beans at him and he yells at them not to hit his nose lmao. After that they clean up the beans they threw and eat them whine Touma’s siblings crowd all over him. Afterwords, Touma walks Koyomi home from his place. Touma has already been working hard as head of the Tengu, in place of his father, for a year now. Although he’s been busy lately and hasn’t had the time to spend much with Koyomi, he promises he’ll make up for it and give her the love she deserves ・. Touma also does special training and reminiscences about his father who he promised he’d become just like him.

One day, Koyomi notices Nurarihyon saying he wants dumplings from the human world. So Koyomi plans to go there to repay him for his kindness. Touma calls her and she tells him about it and he asks to go to the human world as well. So when they arrive in the human world, Touma and Koyomi wait in line to buy dumplings from a popular shop. Touma also manages to haggle some shops to get some food for his siblings try. Afterwords, they run into Ryo and Kaede. They’re in the human world practicing their comedy skits. They’re working on a couples skit and beg Touma and Koyomi to help them out. So, they go to a cafe while Kaede and Ryo press them to talk about couple-like stuff. In the end, Touma starts spouting how he wants to all these couple like things with Koyomi that he hasn’t gotten around doing because he’s been so busy. This makes Koyomi embarrassed and she literally stands up and drinks water to calm down lmao.

A couple days later Touma finally has free time to visit Koyomi at her place. He notices her necklace that he gave her as a birthday present that she leaves at home. She almost lost it before so she keeps it there so she doesn’t lose it. Although Touma tells her to wear it because if she loses it, he’ll just buy her another one. So, she puts it on and he tells her it suits her. She says it’ll feel like he’s always with her when she puts it on. She gets more self-conscious when he looks at her and he tells her to look at him. He says he’ll prove just how much he loves her. He lays on top of her on the bed and tells him not to look at him but “feel” him lmao. But Koyomi just looks at him anyway and they make out.


One day Koyomi overhears Haruka talking to some Tengu who still worship his dad even after what he’s done. Apparently there are still those who believe that Tengu and humans can never coexist but Haruka doesn’t believe in that way of thinking and still carries his father sin. Koyomi tells Touma about what happened and he believes that no matter how he feels towards Haruka’s father, he wants him to be punished accordingly without the constant chain of hate. He wants to do what’s best for the Tengu family while putting his grudge aside. Koyomi tells him he loves that mature side of Touka and he gets all embarrassed. Finally unable to endure it, he tries to kiss Koyomi (who’s worried someone is looking). In the end, they’re interrupted by Touma’s siblings who were watching and waiting for them to make out lmao.

Koyomi goes to visit Touma while training. She overhears Haruka talking with the same Tengu again that try to persuade him to continue under the path of his father. Koyomi overhears this and when her phone rings, the tengu notice her. Haruka tells her to run but they manage to catch up to her and use their tengu wind powers to knock her unconscious somewhere in the forest. Haruka manages to contact Touma and tell him what happened through her phone and he immediately goes off to search for her. When Koyomi wakes up, she can’t move because she hurt her ankle. Eventually it starts raining so she tries to shelter from the rain wondering what to do next. Soon, she hears Touma calling out to her and he manages to find her. He tells her Haruka contacted him and was really worried about her. He shelters her from the rain and they head back after it stops.


A few days later, Koyomi goes back to school like normal. She meets Touna afterwords and he walks her home. He’s worried about her injuries but she assures him she’s fine. On their way back they spot Haruka and the bunch of Tengu who worship his father. They continue to bitch about how humans and tengu could never coexist. Touma asks how Haruka feels about it all and he believes Touma is right and his father is in the wrong and is thankful to him. The Tengu attempt to attack Touma but he manages to defend their attacks and stand his ground. They eventually run away accepting defeat. After that, Touma goes to Haruka’s father’s residence to speak with him. He manages to convince him to assist him in becoming the new Tengu chief and change his way of thought.


Afterwords, Touma discusses with Koyomi he knows it isn’t going to be easy, but is going to do his best to stop the feud between Tengu and humans. Touma then tells Koyomi he knows her life is short, but wants her to spend the rest of her life with him. He asks her to marry him and promises he’ll be a great husband for her who’ll uphold the tradition of Tengu and humans. She tells him she was gonna say yes either way!! In the epilogue, Touma dresses up in a suit all ready to tell Koyomi’s parents he wants to marry her. They’re skeptical at first but realized Touma is literally a dork head over heals for Koyomi lmao.


Akito (CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana) Akito is busy from working to take over his father’s business. He invites Koyomi to a fancy birthday party that he’ll announce their engagement at. He tries to make love to Koyomi back at her place after work, but is cockblocked by his phone and is called back into work by his father. After that Koyomi goes with Akito to his fancy birthday party in a fancy dress Akito picked out for her. He plans to announce their engagement at the end of the party. Albeit, some other kappa girls are all surprised to hear the rumor he’s with a human girl. Soon his mom arrives and introduces herself as Miyabi Suruga. She’s a hotshot among the Kappa and has a prestigious way about her.


Akito tells Miyabi he’s going to announce their engagement after the party but she says she wants to make an announcement first. In doing so, she tells everyone that their engagement announcement will be postponed. This confuses the hell out of Akito and demands an explanation. When they get home, Miyabi explains that Koyomi needs proper training to become a lady of the Suruga household. Not that his mom disapproves of their relationship, she just doesn’t believe Koyomi is ready to be the wife of the next owner of their business. She believes she should have special training to behave like a more proper lady. Koyomi accepts much to Akito’s confusion.

So a few weeks pass and Miyabi thoroughly trains Koyomi how to do many things like Tea ceremonies, cooking, ect. Akito is hungry for some sexy time and gets turned on seeing her in a kimono. ・ After that, Koyomi continuously tries to train while unable to see Akito much since he’s busy with his father’s business. Koyomi eventually confides in Touma to help her sew and he brings her to his place and has his mother help her. Koyomi is so focused on her work she doesn’t realize Akito pop by and check up on her progress. Nevertheless they walk home together and promise they’ll spend more time together.


All the while, Koyomi and Akito are working so hard they’re not able to see each other often. Shion notices Koyomi dreading over not seeing her bf so he convinces her to just text him since itd not wrong to take a break here and there. So Koyomi finally texts him and asks if they can see each other on his next day off. Although, plans are ruined again by Akito getting pulled into work again. Koyomi is left waiting for Akito until sundown. He finally arrives to apologize for not being able to go on their date together. Koyomi starts having doubts of her being good enough cause of what one of the fancy kappa bitches said. This causes them to get in an argument since Akito tries to convince her thats not the case.


After that, Koyomi laments on what she said. Akito’s dad convinces her that its only natural to do your best for someone, even when they’re far apart (like him for his wife). He manages to convince her that its stupid for her to think she’s not good enough so Koyomi decides to meet up with Akito. She finds him after his work and runs up to him and hugs him. She apologizes for what she said and makes up with him. That night, Akito promises to give her a randy time in bed. A few days later, they make up all the days they missed making love by role playing husband and wife. They also have mattress mumbo afterwords much to Koyomi’s embarrassment.


Afterwords, Miyabi tells Koyomi that she passed her ‘test’ of becoming a more perfect lady; making her worthy of being in the Suruga family. Koyomi and Akito finally have their offical engagement party and announce it there. They show off their rings of engagement and the media is quick to take pictures. In the epilogue, Akito has it rain during their wedding ceremony since its a symbol of eternal happiness to come.


Camil (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) Camil tells Koyomi he has a secret but refuses to tell her yet. Afterwords, Koyomi finds out back at school that Camil has become Shinobu’s assistant for the nurse office. He annoys the crap out of Shinobu but works hard and is still able to be fine around blood. One day, while Camil and Koyomi are walking home they are greeted by Camil’s brother, Michael. He came to ask Camil directly why he hasn’t returned home and he tells him he already sent a letter that he’s staying with Koyomi. Koyomi tries to introduce herself but he says he doesn’t care about her name since humans are just food to him. Camil tells him that Koyomi is his important girlfriend though and Kazuaki smooths things out between them. Michael keeps tripping over his cloak and soon they both leave after that.


The next day, Camil tells Koyomi that Michael reset his game before he could save and he lost his savedata lmao. That night, Michael talks with Koyomi privately. He tells her he can’t understand why Camil would like such an ordinary human like herself. But he tells her if she truly loves Camil like she says she does, she should become a vampire like him. Koyomi tells him that Camil loves her as a human though and they’ve already decided she won’t. Michael just laughs and tells her he’ll probably get his vampire instincts eventually anyway. Before it can escalate any further, Camil and Kazuaki appear. Camil tells her not to worry about what he says before leaving.

That night, Koyomi goes to visit Camil since he hadn’t come to school. He invites her out on a late night date and they go to the park together. He’d been thinking about what his brother said and Koyomi becoming a vampire. In the end, he wants Koyomi to stay a human. He knows vampires and humans can’t cooexist so he can’t go back home with her, so he wants to stay with her. To vampires, humans are mere food but to him Koyomi is special. Koyomi hugs him and tells him it’ll be okay. Camil says he wish his brother could understand a human’s warmth like Koyomi’s.


The next day, Michael visits Camil in the nurse office to tell him he’s come to a decision. He’s going to suck Koyomi’s blood and make her into a vampire so Camil doesn’t have to. Camil tries to stop him and they start to duke it out. Meanwhile, Koyomi hears the commotion and goes to the nurse office to find Camil and Michael fighting. She tries to intervene but Michael uses her to threat Camil. Just as Michael is about to bite her, she thrusts herself away and knocks over a medicine cabinet. She ends up cutting herself and the blood causes Michael to lose his shit even more.


Before the fighting can continue any longer, Nurarihyon appears and stops them. He manages to convince Michael to gtfo and so he finally leaves. Later that night, Michael decides to visit Camil one last time to convince him. He asks if he’s absolutely sure and he tells him he is. Michael finally accepts it but on the condition that Camil comes visit his family at least twice a year. After that, Koyomi finds Camil sleeping in the nurse office after saying he’d meet her. They share a tender love moment before getting brutally interrupted by Shinobu lmao. A year later, Michael slowly starts to accept Koyomi. On Camil’s birthday, he proposes to Koyomi and asks her to become his wife in which she happily says yes!! In the epilogue, they ride a boat on a lake that was prepared by Michael during their wedding.


Kanade (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto) Koyomi is with Kanade at his house while he leisurely sleeps around like an actual housecat lmao. They make dinner and eat together. Kanade tells Koyomi how the dojo he works at is being repaired so he has to use the school’s dojo temporarily. Koyomi says she may have to start calling him sensei now but he gets all embarrassed about it lol. Nevertheless, Koyomi promises to visit him and cheer him on. However, since Kanade believes they shouldn’t live together until they’re married, he walks her home like usual. The next day Koyomi visits Kanade in the gym of the school while he’s training kids kendo. Koyomi ends up calling out to him and he screws up; causing a student to whack him on his butt. That night, Kanade apologizes for looking like an idiot in front of her but she says she was happy to see him all sensei-like.


The next day Koyomi decides to go to Kanade’s place and cook dinner for him. While waiting for him to come home, she notices he’s still not back yet after a long while. She starts to panic and even calls Shion. So since she’s unable to find him, she decides to head back to his place and low and behold he’s there!! Koyomi immediately runs up to him and hugs him asking why he went AWOL. He tells her it was because one of his students got injured during practice and he took him to the hospital. He apologizes for worrying her but she tells him she understands the circumstances. His stomach then growls indicating dis boy is starving!! ・


That night after eating, Koyomi tells Kanade she doesn’t want to go back home and even though she knows he doesn’t want them to stay together until they’re married she don’t wanna leave him!! He says he wants to stay with her too so they kiss under the moonlight and share exchanges of love. That night Kanade has trouble sleeping and wonders what he can do for Koyomi. The next morning, Kanade decides to take Koyomi on a date. They go to thr human world together and he gets a cell phone so he can easily get in contact with her. He then goes off (trying to be more guy-ish) to buy a crepe for him and Koyomi. While Koyomi is waiting for him to get back she’s harrassed by some guy. When Kanade comes back and tries to tell him off the guy is surprised to find out he’s her boyfriend cause he mistakes him for her brother. He ends up pulling out his actual sword and threatening to attack so Koyomi has to tell him to chill and remind them they’re in the human world lmao.


The next day, Kanade realizes he’s not manly enough so tries to get tips from Akito when he so happens to run into him. Akito suggests he move in with her but since Kanade is against that unless they married, he tells him to propose. Kanade decides he’ll do it and the next day they go on a date. So, Kanade tries various ways to propose to Koyomi but they all turn out badly. One day she comes home to him groveling on the floor because he hurt his back trying to clean lmao. A few days later Koyomi buys a magazine and Kanade looks at it together with her. She notices guys that look like straight up tall, handsome guys so Kanade gets upset thinking she probably prefers men like that. Kanade says screw it and suddenly a puff of white smoke appears.


Within the white smoke is a man who looks like Kanade, or rather is him in an adult-like form. He talks to Koyomi in a deep masculine voice and Koyomi flips her shit asking if its really him. He assures her it is and that Nekomata can transform as well. He talks to her in a smooth (sexy) voice and while it does make her heart dokidoki she tells him that she prefers his normal childish side, so he transform back. She doesn’t need him to be some strong ikemen like in the guys in her magazines. After that, he invites her to the park. Kanade finally gathers the courage to tell Koyomi to marry him and she of course says yes. The next day they tell everyone and they all give them their blessings!! In the epilogue, they have a traditional Japanese wedding.


Shion (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) Koyomi comes home to Shion making a delicious dinner for her. Since he’s now the god of luck (and not misfortune) he sparkles out luck and good things tend to happen to Koyomi all the time. The next day at school Shion asks Koyomi what she wants next for dinner (like he’s the chef of a fine dining restaurant lmao). Koyomi is all “blehh” about him doing all the cooking ((lol what who cares)) but he don’t care!! Shinobu then invites Koyomi and Shion out for drinks. He tells them that both he and the principal have had good luck lately. Meaning, Shion deems them important people to him ((as tsun as he is about it lmao)). Either way they toast to Shion’s love for them all lmao. They then start talking about how if Shion becomes so dazzling she may need sunglasses or a mirror to reflect the light from the walking lightbulb Shion lmao.


After Koyomi and Shion go back to his apartment, Shion is salty about the jokes made and how she was getting along so well with Shinobu. Clearly jelly, Koyomi asks if he’ll forgive her for teasing him. He says nope thought and pushes her down on the couch for revenge. He kisses her and since she clearly wants more lovin’ he assures her she’ll be getting plenty of him tonight if you know what I mean ・. A few days later though, Shion has thoughts of how his life may be eternal since he’s neither a yuuma or human, but a god. This makes him anxious about living forever and how Koyomi will pass on without him. So, the next day he tells Koyomi he’ll be late coming home (she’s excite about it though cause she gets to make dinner). Shion visits many different Gods but none of them will answer the question whether Gods are immortal or not.


Koyomi gets worried about Shion who ends up coming home late everyday. He assures her its fine though and he’s just continuously searching for that certain “something” or so he told her. In February, Valentines was coming up so Koyomi decided to make chocolate for Shion. She’s hesitant to give it to him at first when she hears girls at school talk about how they’re gonna give their chocolate to him. As popular as he is though he tells her he only ever wants her chocolate so he declined all the offers he got. He then makes out with Koyomi and she tastes dat chocolate she made for him on his lips. After that, Koyomi and Shinobu start to notice they’re having a lot of bad luck as of recently. They realize Shion no longer sparkles good luck anymore.


They consult Nurihiyon about it and he thinks Shion over exhausted his power. So, after that Koyomi gets a bad fever and leaves school early. After school, Shion immediately goes to her side to nurse her back to good health. After a few day, Koyomi finally recovers and both her and Shion come back from the circus together. Suddenly a crow spirit talks to Shion and tells him he knows the answer what he’s been looking for. Shion finally tells Koyomi he’s been trying to find out whether he’s immortal or not and Koyomi insists to come with him and meet this lake god who claims to know the answer. So the answer he’s told is that gods are basically immortal and not immortal cause they can choose when to end their existence and be reborn.


After finding this answer, Shion starts sparkling again and regains his good fortune. He embraces Koyomi in his god-like form and promises to make her happy. He also says he’d like to go to the human world to get her parent’s blessing for their marriage. In the epilogue, they go to the human world like they promised and visit the shrine where Koyomi first met Shion.


Ryo (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) Kaede and Ryo are preforming in front of kids in the human world with their comic duo routine. During it Kaede asks about a book Ryo has and he says its a devil’s book (akuma no hon) that will curse you if you read it. Then when Kaede pulls it out, its a book about bears (kuma no hon) lmao I love stupid puns. The kids aren’t impressed though so unfortunately they get the cold shoulder. Apparently they’re going to a school for comedy in the human world and even have part time jobs too and makes sure to list the times Ryo screws up lmao. While Ryo goes off to play with the kids, Kaede points out the good thinga about Ryo and Koyomi asks if they’re dating. She quickly denies it though and says she doesn’t feel that way about him and he wouldn’t be her comedian partner if she did ((well there goes that ship)).

Kaede asks if Koyomi has someone like that and when she says she doesn’t, she tells Koyomi she should hurry and find someone cause she’ll be an old woman before she knows it. Meanwhile, Ryo comes back and Kaede has to go work at her job. Ryo doesn’t have plans so asks if Koyomi wants to check out the city with him. He takes her to a cafe with a giant parfait on a couples only menu (so he yells out they’re a couple to order it lmao). Soon their giant parfait arrives and has a firework sticking in it. Ryo wants to wait for the firework to go out but Koyomi suggests he eat it before it melts. When he tries to take out the firework though, the flame sparks into his hair. Koyomi throws water on his head and thankfully puts out the flame. Unfortunately it burnt off some of his bangs and Ryo cries in despair. His mood immediately changes to cheerful though after Koyomi forces him to eat the parfait. They manage to finish the parfait though and Ryo asks Koyomi to hang out with him again sometime since he had a lot of fun with her.

A week later Koyomi gets a phone call at work from Ryo asking to hang out again. Koyomi tries to get out of it but ends up deciding she’ll show Ryo around the human school she works at. Koyomi finishes up her own class activities while Ryo tours the school. Afterwords, she can’t get in contact with him so she tries looking for him around the school. Finally, she spots him and while going down the stairs she ends up slipping and falling…. on top of Ryo. Although she ends up accidentally kissing him in the process lmao. This causes Ryo to lose his shit out of embarrassment and even starts going rampage because of it. So she takes him to an empty classroom and finds masking tape to use on him (since she doesn’t have her whip lmao).


Finally she manages to calm him down but he’s still upset over the whole thing especially since it was her first kiss. Koyomi tells her not to worry about it though, rather, forget the whole thing happened. Although, Ryo says he won’t forget but its fine if she does. A few days later, Ryo calls Koyomi to meet him by the riverbank. There, he tells her he’s going to take responsibility for the kiss and asks her to marry him. Koyomi is super confused but apparently Ryo had come to the conclusion he’s in love with Koyomi. She thinks its just the guilt from kissing her so she tells him she can’t accept his feelings leaving him heartbroken 亅. So while walking back on his own he meets Kaede and tells him his situation and how he believes he likes Koyomi. So, Kaede decides to help this idiot out lmao.


So one day Koyomi encounters Kaede and they go to the same cafe Koyomi went to with Ryo. Koyomi explains what happened with Ryo (even though Ryo already told Kaede). Kaede tells her that Ryo’s feelings were most likely genuine whether she likes him or not. This makes Koyomi realize she just assumed his feelings were true. After that she meets up with Ryo to talk with him. Ryo tells her that his feelings weren’t just some misunderstanding and he really does like her. Koyomi still doesn’t reply to his feelings but basically the two of them start dating so she can realize her feelings and see if she sees him that way. Ryo is happy either way though lmao. Kaede appears after spying on the two of them trying to understand what the heck happened lmao. In the epilogue, Koyomi finally realizes she likes Ryo and confesses to him. He’s literally speechless at first but then screams out of delight. He then picks her up bridal style and screams on the top of his lungs how he loves her lmao.


Shinobu (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki) Koyomi goes back to the human world now that she has a job as a teacher there. A few weeks later she gets a call from Shinobu asking to hang out since he’s visiting the human world. They go to a cafe together to catch up and Shinobu js still a lazy af teacher while Koyomi is adjusting to her new class. After that, Koyomi asks if they can hang out again sometime and Shinbou says he’ll think about it. A few days after Christmas, Koyomi goes to her parent’s house to help out their shrine as a shrine maiden. Suddenly Shion greets her after visiting the shrine. When he leaves, Shinobu appears. He decides to stick around after greeting her parents formally like a business man lmao. Koyomi takes Shinobu to drink some amazake with her on a bench. They countdown to the New Year and give their best regards to each other.


A few days later Koyomi’s shrine is still as busy as ever. Her dad hurts his back so she tries calling Ryo and Kaede to help out since they’re in the human world but they don’t answer. She then calls Shinobu but feels bad since it seemed like he had plans so tells him to forget about it. Although when she tries to take out the trash she almost collapses due to exhaustion and Shinobu catches her just in time. He tells her to stop working and eat gurl!! So she doesn’t collapse again. After that, Shinobu ends up helping at her shrine. Koyomi gives him a charm as thanks from her parents. Shinobu invites Koyomi out for a night and when he leaves, he ends up forgetting his pack of cigarettes so Koyomi holds onto them to give them back to him.

So one night Koyomi and Shinbou go to a bar to have drinks together. Coincidentally Shion appears and joins them for drinks. After Koyomi gives Shinobu back hos cigarettes, he goes to the bathroom albeit a bit salty over Shion appearing lmao. Shion tells Koyomi that Shinobu had a matchmaking for an arranged marriage on the day he helped her out. In other words, he skipped out on it to help Koyomi instead. This makes Koyomi wonder what his actual intentions are so Shion suggests she ask him. Apparently Shion and Shinobu have a sort of rivarly hence why Shinobu finds it a pain to act on his feelings. After that, he walks her home. But she doesn’t end up asking him.


On the day Shinobu is about to go back, Koyomi gets a call from Shion and meets him at a cafe. He essentially encourages her to act on her feelings rather than just question Shinobu’s motives. With his a-okay, she goes to find Shinobu at the bus station. Before leaving, Shion tells Shinobu to stop denying his feelings cause of him and just to be selfish for once in his life. Once Koyomi meets Shinobu she tries to confess her feelings in a pretty roundabout way lol. Shinbou getd the message though and tells her to decide where she wants to go next for their next date. In the epilogue, a caterpillar falls on Koyomi’s head during their date and Shinobu flips out as well lmao. He then finally calls her by her first name too.


Story – I can’t say that Klap!! has always had a very strong story. It was mainly about whipping hot demon boys so honestly, I can’t really critique the story all that badly. It was short and fun. Although, I will say that a few of them felt a bit unmotivated. I REALLY enjoyed Sousuke’s story (him being my bias) but Akito’s and Touma’s kinda bored me. Which is weird because I really liked Touma in the first game. Also, Camil is fucking hilarious but he didn’t have much humorous moments in his route. It kinda centered more on his yandere brother which I was really bleh about. Meh.

Characters – The characters were pretty much the same for the most part although they did add a few sub characters as well. Thankfully it was centered around the mains and they didn’t poop out tons of sub characters to write pointless crap no one cares about.

Visuals – Unfortunately, the artwork wasn’t as good as the first game and one thing that stood out in this game were the CGs and not always in a good way. The promotional art looks so… off. They look like completely different characters at times which made me think there were inconsistencies with the artwork. I even noticed that the sweet memory CGs looked better than half of them tbh. Some were just kinda weird looking.

Music – I think there was a few new tracks in this game but, bleh. The music in this game never really stood out to me. ALSO, I normally don’t care about the endings much cause its usually literally just a character’s CG slideshow with the same song. But the ending in this game actually had texts between Koyomi and the route your own with different dialogue. Also each character had different icons and stickers they used. It was cute. ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

Final Thoughts:  I literally played Klap!! like a year ago so I was pretty familiar with the story when I played this. If you liked the first game, love the characters, and like whipping boys, I do recommend. Unfortunately the whipping part is only a mini-game in this ver. and you don’t do any whipping in their after stories (except for Ryo’s lol). HOWEVER, they did add new dialogue and new items like hairdryers, kendo swords, and cucumbers to slap your man with. The short epilogue stories were a nice touch too (some of them even had kids!!). They also had sweet memories or something like that, which yes, that would be nice IF THEY WERE VOICED. Literally a regular scene but just not voiced??? I don’t get why they couldn’t spare to get the seiyuu to do like 5 – 10 lines of dialogue for them. It was really weird. Kinda like the characters just suddenly became voiceless like Koyomi lmao. They even had a feature where you touch spots on the CG and the guys will say some cheesy love lines or some shit. Anyway, it was a fun short FD.

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