Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Jack


Jack (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki) is the leader of the queen’s Royal Knights. He’s kind but also shy and timid. He gets nervous around Luna and will follow her while hiding in the distance somewhere (the picture above describes his personality very well lmao).

Chapter 1

When Luna goes to class, Jack is constantly following her wherever she goes. She starts finding it annoying and calls him out for it. But he insists he needs to keep an eye on her but without getting too close and getting in her way. He starts getting called her “spirit guardian” since he follows her from a distance. Jack believes that Luna looks more and more pale by the day. This being because Luna craves blood, but knows she needs to endure because if she drinks blood it’ll increase her “Alice” power and she’ll be more likely to lose control of herself.


The next day, Luna goes to the cafeteria and again Jack follows her. Suddenly a guy asks Jack to join his sword club but Jack refuses. The guy then tells him if he wins a sword fight against him, he’ll give up on making him join. So when Jack grabs a sword, he immediately wins their duel and his atmosphere when holding a sword completely changes. This makes Luna realize that as timid as Jack may be, his skills are exceptional. This causes Jack to become super popular among the female students.

So the next day after class, girls are constantly talking with Jack. One of them asks Luna permission to hang out with him and she tells her she can do what she likes. After this, Luna encounters Minette who tells her there’s been rumors her and Jack are dating. This all stems down to the fact he’s been following her and calling her ” queen” which Minette has to emphasize has a different sort of meaning in this world lol. Anyway, apparently Jack is his childhood friend so he knows a lot about how gentle and sensitive he is. Minette then realizes Jack was there the entire time and leaves him to talk with Luna.


She almost tells him he doesn’t have to follow her since she’s not a queen anymore, but stops herself. He realizes she looks ill but she already knows its because she craves blood but tells him she’s fine. As his rank he has no family and he tells her his purpose for living is to serve Luna. She tells him if he believes so he should either approach her or leave. While giving him the choice he slowly approaches her and she tells him she’ll bite him since she craves blood. She can no longer endure her craving and he allow her to drink his blood. He laughs, glad to see her smile again and she says she’s returning to her room.

Chapter 2

The next day everyone is suspicious of Luna’s attitude towards Jack so they ask if he did anything to her while teasong them. After that, Luna drags Jack out of the classroom and asks if he’s okay. He tells her he’s fine and would be today too. She apologizes for yesterday but also thanks him since it helped her body a lot. Thanks to that Jack literally falls over in shock lmao. Luna demands he gets back up and speak to her like everyone else. She tells him if he’s going to escort her, then to approach her more closely, grabbing his sleeve. Jack covers his mouth and points out the fact she has him by the hand but she refuses to let go as a joke and Jack loses his shit lmao.

During lunch, everyone notices Jack has closed the distance a bit between him and Luna. When she sees him eating somewhat closer to them in the cafeteria, she commands he sit next to them instead of watching from afar. So he timidly sits next to them. After class, Luna tries to invite Jack to help her study in her room and everyone in class notices Jack has finally closed the distance and congratulates him. Girls start to flock around Jack because of this and just before things get too chaotic, Jack picks up Luna and runs out of the classroom. They end up near town and Luna suggests they go check out some shops. Luna spots a strawberry tart in one of the cake shops and Jack immediately goes to buy it for her.

After buying sweets, he was told by the clerk about a park so they both go visit to eat there on a bench. They eat their tarts together and since Luna is curious about Jack’s tart, he offers her to try some. When she does she ends up eating almost half of it but he jnsists she eat it all if she wants lmao. After eating their tarts, Luna tells Jack that she doesn’t like the sunset since it reminds her of the fact she’s in a different world. When she gets back from the dorm she spots Rain and demands he take her to the black world. He refuses and almost threatens her, causing Jack to be overly protective of Luna. Just after he leaves, Jack flips shit for grabbing Luna and tries to cut off his hand ((jfc this guy lmaooo)).

Chapter 3

Luna wakes up from a nightmare and screams, causing Jack to appear immediately. She tells him about her dream and he affirms her that she is the queen and asks her to drink his blood to prove it. So he cuts his shoulder and allows her to drink his blood. She thanks him and says she feels a lot better thanks to him. Jack flips out again from her thanking him and leaves, realizing he wants to be by her side more than ever. Afterwords, Luna realizes Jack is lacking in sleep and confronts him about it. Apparently he’s been standing in front of Luna’s door to keep watch without sleeping. Luna tells him to rest but he refuses. So, she suggests he sleep in her room.


Jack flips out at the idea but Luna doesn’t understand why. She mentions how she used to sleep with a stuffed animal as well and compares it to that lmao. Nevertheless, she forces him to sleep in her bed and before she realizes it, she falls asleep as well. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she realizes she’s sleeping with Jack. She gets self conscious about it, but ends up falling asleep in his arms anyway lol. When she wakes up, Jack is on the floor, feeling bad about sleeping next to her. She tells him its fine but makes sure he agrees to only escort her during the day.

Chapter 4

During class, Luna hears about a “Rose Festival” from Azuna and Miu. Its a festival that one can duel for their queen. When Jack hears about this contest, he’s quick to agree to enter and begins practicing every single day for it. Luna decides she’ll cheer him on and wants to do something for him. When she talks with Minette and her friends, she decides she’ll make him a boxed lunch since they tell her guys love homemade lunches from girls they like lol. So Luna practices every day in the home economics room to try and make a proper boxed lunch. Nazuna and Miu help her out since she completely sucks at cooking lmao. Eventually, she’s able to make something editable and decides to give it to Jack during his practice.

Luna heads to the gym and waits until he finishes practicing. He goes to change and when he comes back, just before she can day anything, Rain appears. He tells Jack that Nine will take his place as Luna’s escort and he’ll go back to the black world. Apparenty Nine was supposed to orignally go to the White world but Jack insisted he go. And with him being the captain of the queen’s guard, he’s needed in the black world. Luna tries to tell Rain to back off and how she needs him but then Jack tells Rain he’ll return. Luna is depressed by this and soon the day of the Rose Festival arrives. Luna goes back to her room forcing herself to believe dhe doesn’t need Jack and how he left because he doesn’t see her as a queen anymore. But, Nine reminds her that Jack definitely didn’t want to leave her and he worked very hard to be able to stay by her side and serve her as a knight.

Chapter 5

Luna grows more curious about how things are in the black world and hopes to find Minette so he can tell her. When she visits the home economic room, she finds Minette there making a potion. He asks Luna to drink it and when she does, she turns tiny but then turns to normal right away. Minette asks for her blood to make the magic last longer so he can help her go to the black world unnoticed. So she allows him to use her blood for his potion and she turns small again. Minette puts her on his shoulders and heads to black world. There, Luna sees Airi speaking with Jack happily, feeling sad and abandoned as a queen. When they return to the white world, Nine tells Luna he’s been looking for her everywhere and she says she’s going back to her room.

The next morning, Ryohei comes in a panic to tell Luna that someone had ransacked the inside of her room. And day by day she starts to notice some of her things go missing. When trying to look for her missing pencil case, she feels like she’s being watched only to encounter Nine. That night, she hears a knock at the door and rattling of jer doorknob. When she asks who it is the person won’t answer and eventually leaves. Because of this, Luna barely sleeps the until next morning. When she tells Nine, he acts strange. Luna leaves the school to spend some alone time by herself. On her way to thr park, she bumps into a girl and scrapes her knee. The girl apologizes and gives her candy as an apology.


When Luna reaches the park, she finds Nine there. He’s acting strange and suddenly starts saying he wants her blood. He tries attacking her but Jack appears before he can do anything. Luna realizes that Nine may have started to go crazy due to her visiting the black world and her “Alice” power awakening. Nevertheless, Jack tells her he’ll stop Nine and fights him. He almost kills him, but Luna tells him to stop. She confronts Nine and he apologizes profusely for what he’s done and was overcome by the scent of her blood. Luna dismisses him to the black world just in case it happens again and he leaves. Luna finally asks Jack why he came and Jack explains Airi isn’t an official queen yet and they’re still looking for a way to awaken her “Alice” powers without her drinking blood. Jack shows her a book that basically tells her that her mother and grandmother all died because their “Alice” power made them go out of control and using it was a way to maintain their power but as a result they end up dying.

Chapter 6

Luna remembers a memory she tried to forget of her mother trying to force her to eat a poisoned tart when the “Alice” started to make her go crazy. Apparently Jack was the one who saved her and stole the tart, saying he wanted to eat something delicious. But Luna realizes it was to save her since Jack doesn’t like sweet things. But Jack also tells her he met her before that and the reason he’s always wanted to stay by her side. When Jack was young, he’d often train hard to get strong since he couldn’t use magic. He’d train literally every day even though people ridiculed him for it since he was a “Tail End” aka the lowest ranked on the hierarchy.


Just when he was finally about to give up, Luna saw him and asked him what he’s doing. She’d been watching him from her castle train everyday and found him interesting because of it. She asks why he’s forcing himself to train so hard, and he tells her its because he wants to be admitted by others. She tells him that she’ll admit him then and she can tell by watching just how strong he is. So she pats his head and said he’s done a good job. This meant a lot to Jack who’s never been praised before once in his life. Although Luna was called back to the castle and never saw him again, Jack swore to become a knight to protect her because of that.

In addition, Jack was saved again by Luna when she persuaded her mother to not give him the death penalty for stealing the tart. He then swears on his life that he’ll never leave her side and he’ll protect Luna with his life forever. Luna doesn’t quite understand so he finally admits that he’s in love with her. Luna is shocked and tells him to never leave his side or else lmao. As they walk back, they encounter Rain who demands that Jack return to the black world. He refuses, so Rain doesn’t hesitate to try and cut him down for betraying his orders. Thankfully, Jack manages to escape with Luna into the school. They hideout and Luna tells Jack to drink her blood since it’ll give him strength. Luna starts to ponder which world she’d want to stay in.


White end


Luna convinces Rain and Snow that she’ll stay in the white world and never go to the black world so as long as she can have Jack. So a few weeks later, Luna and Jack are living peacefully in the white world. Minette manages to convince Jack and Luna to go on a date and get Luna to make a boxed lunch for Jack (cause apparently he’s their wingman lmao). So on the day of their date they go to an amusement park and Luka suggests they eat lunch. She shows him the boxed lunch she made and Jack flips his shit over it, saying he might die cause of it. After they eat, Jack pledges his undying love for Luna with a ring and vows to be by her side always.

Black end


Luna decides she wants to stay in the black world to protect it and her people. She tells this to Jack but he’s completely against it at first and tells her its okay to be scared or run away. He doesn’t want her to go crazy and end up dead like the previous queens. However, Luna is firm on her decision and wants to figure out a way to stop the madness of the queen’s. Jack then kisses her passionately and finally tells her he’ll follow her so as long as she puts her life first and foremost. So, Luna uses the extra shrink potion she got from Minette, to go back to the black world with Jack. Although, since Jack is seen as a traitor, all the trump troops are after him.


Jack and Luna follow Nine who take them to a hidden room that only Rain and Snow had known about so they won’t be found. Soon, Jack grows weak due to his injuries and Luna tells him to drink her blood again. When be does, he regains his strength a bit. But Rain appears with his troops and managed to sniff them out. Jack fights back and all the troops, including Rain, feel weakened when they fight him. Minette appears, explaining that this is because Luna’s blood awakened Jack’s power of weakening the enemy. Thanks to this, Rain and Snow back down. Afterwords, Luna lives as queen alongside Jack and Airi goes back to the white world.


Bad Black End


Luna tells Jack she wants to go back to the black world. When she does, she ends up going mad due to Jack’s blood and slaughters everyone in the castle, including Rain and Snow. When she finds Airi in her throne room, she hugs her closely and says she’ll save her. She takes her crown and pushes her away, commanding Jack to cut her down.

Bad White End


Luna decides to stay in the white world so as long as Rain guarantees Jack’s safety in the black world. Being separated from Jack in the white world, Luna realizes she actually wants to go back to the black world. When she sees Jack who visits her she tells him this. He then drugs her (I guess) and she wakes up with a chain on her leg. Jack goes full on yandere and tells her he’ll stay with her forever and never let her leave to the black world. He kisses her and gives her drug via mouth-to-mouth so she’ll “coorporate” better. Wtf. ಠ_ಠ

Thoughts: Jack was really cute!! So different from the norm and his relationship with Luna was both cute and funny. I knew from the beginning he was going to be an interesting route cause of the way he acted (he looks so much like Ukyo tho lol). He flipped his shit so much because he basically always liked Luna so whenever she’d do something nice to him he’d die lmao. I think I liked his white end better though cause I feel like they probably didn’t know what to do with his black end (he was a traitor so they basically gave him powers that made him untouchable??). I mean, I feel like because they literally HAD to make a white and black end they kinda just have to come up with a way for Luna to stay in the black world for the ending. He also got two bad end CGs and both of them were… creepy. I personally didn’t mind the one where Luna and Jack killed everyone in the castle. It was a good bad ending in the sense that it was intense and interesting but damn that white bad end… no fucking thank you. I ain’t into that drugging and keeping the heroine locked up.  ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ  I was also kinda interested in his backstory with Minette since they were childhood friends but… they surprisingly didn’t really elaborate much on it.

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