Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Rain


Rain (CV: Umehara Yuuichirou) is one of the Queen’s aides and the younger twin brother of Snow. He shows very little emotion puts his duty before anything else.

Chapter 1

Airi wakes up feeling depressed about not being able to go back to her own world. Rain comes in with her breakfast like usual and she asks him again to return her to her home. He tells her again that if she leaves, that’ll mean the downfall of their country. Airi doesn’t understand why she’s been given such a big responsibility and Rain tells her she has the blood of ‘Alice’ so she’s the only one who can. She starts crying realize she’ll never see her friends or family again. This startles Rain and he finally speaks up saying that its possible that they can get their previous Queen back. This cheers up Airi a bit so she stops crying. She thanks Rain and he blushes saying there’s no need to thank him since he just doesn’t want her to collapse (such a tsun).

So Airi takes on the task of Queen which means making judgements on citizen’s “crimes” like stealing cake which Airi doesn’t deem them guilty for. In addition she has audiences with citizens who have requests. While feeling restless, she often sneaks out of the castle to visit Minette who has tea and sweets with her since Rain is such a stickler about her leaving the castle. Nevertheless, that night Airi decides to go sneak out of the castle since she knows Rain isn’t around. Unfortunately, he catches her and immediately takes her back to her room. Once again he tries to make her understand her ‘power’.


He suddenly unbottons her shirt a bit so he can drink her blood. Clearly confused af she just lets it happen. Rain then demonstrates how drinking her blood gives him special powers because her blood is literally special in the sense where if consumed, it can make you powerful. And apparently the reason for him doing so is because some creeper was watching Airi the whole time and tailed her into the castle to attack her. Rain uses his power from her blood to try and kill him. Airi tells him to stop but he ends up poisoning himself anyway. So Rain tells Airi to keep her eye out because without him there she would’ve been killed.

Chapter 2

Airi continues with the strange (not so serious) trials and makes her judgement to the citizens. Meanwhile, Rain notices she looks tired so he cancels her audience she had scheduled. As he pours her tea to relax, Minette appears. Rain demands to know how he got past his guards and into the castle, but Minette tells him its a secret. However, on the conditions he allows him to play with Alice a bit to cheer her up, he’ll tell him how he snuck into the castle. Anyway Minette leaves calling Rain Airi’s father who always wants her back on curfew lmao.

So Airi goes with Minette out to where Nello is. He lives in the forest with a merchant named Asagi. Afterwords, Airi tells Rain about him and says he knows of him. He doesn’t want her leaving the castle though so they look at Asagi’s items in the salon. The mad hatter, Kanon, joins them out of interest in the new “Queen” mentioning how she’s very different from their previous one. So Asagi offers Airi some of his items to look at. Asagi tells Airi that Rain was very attached to the previous queen’s ways and there were rumors he may have even been in love with her.


After that, an intruder like before appears. Asagi draws a sword to attack but before he can, Rain comes from behind and kills him. Rain confronts Asagi for drawing a weapon in the castle and kicks him and Nello out while Minette and Kanon leave. Rain escorts Airi back to her room and tells her to change out of her her clothes soiled with that man’s blood. She cries again saying how she was scared and wants to go home. Rain leaves not understanding what to do.

Chapter 3

A few days after the incident Airi has tea with Minette again. He ends up drugging her tea I guess?? And she falls unconscious. She wakes up back in her bed with Rain outside of the door. He waits for her to get changed and when she does, she has trouble tying her ribbon. Rain tries to help her but she realizes even he doesn’t know how until he clumsly figures it out. After that, she has an audience with a couple citizens who talk thoroughly about the kingdom’s history. This makes Airi wish she understood their world’s history better so Rain takes her to their library filled with loads of books. Rain shows her a picture book be read a long time ago so she decides to read it herself.

Meanwhile, Airi tells Minette about the library and they have tea together again. Although, right when she sips the drug tea again she becomes numb and unconscious as Minette wishes her goodnight. She wakes up again in her room with no recollection of what happened and assumes she just fell asleep while reading her book. One of the guards escort her to the library upon her request. Airi ends up overhearing Rain’s conversation with his brother Snow. He says how Luna’s power is out of control and is the reason why she’s being kept in the white world but under no circumstances can either Queens return to their previous world.


Airi also finds out that Rain has had Minette drugging Airi’s tea so she’d forget about her world, the White World. Upon hearing this, she immediately runs out of the castle and into the forest. She starts realizing that she’s started to forget the people she knew in her world and that Rain was lying to her about wanting to bring the previous Queen back. Its then Asagi appears and lets Airi stay at his and Nello’s place to calm down. The next morning Asagi escorts Airi to the castle and Rain flips his shit when he sees Asagi with her. Airi tells him to back down though since Asagi helped her so Rain finally calms down and lets him leave, withdrawing his

Chapter 4

After that, Airi is escorted back to her room by Rain. He asks if she hates him for lying and she says she did. Later on Minette tries to talk to her but she ignores him. He figures out its because Rain requested he drug her with the medicine. He tells her its true that she is from the white world though and Rain confirms it. Apparently its customary for twins born from the queen in the black world to have the children separated in both worlds. Normally they’d just live out their lives in separate worlds but due to the change in the black world, Airi was taken there. Rain, feeling rather anxious of lying to Alice, mentions about the parade coming up in celebration of the new queen.

The next day Rain’s trusted soldier named Nine accompanies Airi while she visits the library. He shows her a hierarchy of the kingdom’s classes and explains how its an honor for him to be by her side. Meanwhile, things are still awkward with her and Rain. So the next day is the day of the parade. Rain comes to meet Airi in her room and says she’s come to pick her up. Airi decides she’ll just try and be happy and do what she can since crying or being upset won’t change anything. So, she’s escorted by Rain to meet Jack, the captain of the Queen’s guards. He’s very shy and apologizes over and over for being late and when Airi is nice to him, he gets very anxious and shy.

After that, Rain, Nine, and Jack ride the carriage to the parade together. They greet the citizens and see Minette and Nello along the way. Unfortunately, there’s a sudden attack in the middle of the parade and bombs go off in areas of the town. So Rain leaves along with Nine to check it out and tell Airi to stay put. Airi realizes that she’s most likely the target since her blood is special and getting Rain separated from her was probably their intention. She immediately calls for Rain to return and when he does, he takes a hit for her when a bomb goes off in front of him. He’s injured badly and immediately falls to the ground.


Airi then decides to cut her finger and feed him her blood in hopes the power in her blood will heal his wounds. They manage to help him a bit and he stands back up, declairing Airi as their queen as everyone cheers. He finally falls unconscious though but thankfully his wounds aren’t fatal. Meanwhile, Asagi appears and is relieved she’s okay. Airi tells him its because of the stone he gave her and when she tries to take it out of her pocket, she realizes its gone. Its then Asagi says it doesn’t matter cause its already done its job and knocks Airi out.

Chapter 5

Snow lectures Rain for not resting after his injuries but Rain tells him he can’t rest at a time like this when Airi has been captured. Rain realizes that Airi knew he was trying to make himself the target and because of that, she called him since being by her side would supposedly be safest. She was still captured nevertheless so Snow guesses the culprit must have known Airi. Snow also realizes that Rain must have feelings for Airi to feel guilty about deceiving her the entire time but Rain still tries to deny it lol. Either way, Snow tells him to rest up so they can come up with a counterattack.

When Airi wakes up, she’s in a room with Asagi. He tells her it was him who set off the bombs and ordered his men to try and kill her on multiple occassions. Thats why he gained her trust and gave her a stone which helped him track her down. Apparently his goal is to abolish the queen’s reign in order to gain freedom. When the power of “Alice” is over used, it can cause the vessel, queen’s body, to go out of control. So basically, all he needs is her blood. So he takes a sample of her blood to make a medicine out of it. Before leaving, he tells her if she tries to escape, he’ll have his men invade the castle and take out Rain.

Back at the castle, Nine and Snow find Rain in the library. They see he grabbed a book on “how to understand her heart 100%” lmao and tease him for it lmao. Suddenly a soldier comes in with news of where Airi may be kept. They figure out Asagi, the leader of a merchant guild, is the one most likely pulling the strings. Rain tells Snow to keep an eye on the castle since he decided ge’ll be going to find her (and realizes he’s in love with Airi lol). Rain leaves with Nine and they persue enemy soldiers. Unfortunately, they’ve used the power of “Alice” so they’re exceptionally stronger.


Meanwhile, Rain is knocked out and taken to where Airi is held captive due to Asagi’s orders. When Airi first sees him he’s covered in injuries so she tries to help him. She confirms Asagi is the mastermind behind it all and apologizes. He tells her not to and notices the injury on her arm from Asagi taking her blood. He hugs her saying he’s thankful she’s okay. She tells him to let go and says she’s glad she was able to see him. Suddenly, Asagi appears and basically tells Airi that if she doesn’t let him use her power he won’t hesitate to kill Rain. When he leaves, Airi explains to Rain that his goal is to abolish the hierarchy bloodlines and rid the status of queen. Airi asks if she’ll go out of control like the previous queen and Rain promises he won’t allow that to happen. And since she hasn’t fully awakened to her power yet nor is she capable of using it, she won’t need to worry about it.

He tells her that the reason her mother died and her sister was banished was all because of their overuse of their “Alice” power and going out of control. So no matter what he doesn’t want that to happen to her. He explains how anxious he was when she wasn’t there, thinking of how that may happen. Airi smiles, realizing how worried he was about her. Rain tells her he wants to know exactly how she’s feeling right now or he won’t understand. He tells her he won’t let go of her hand because he loves her and doesn’t want to let her ago. He finally realized the reason he was so anxious when she cried and felt guilty about his lies.


As Rain is livid from the injuries Asagi inflicted upon Airi, she notices he looks like he’s in pain so he asks to hold Airi’s hand to make the pain feel better (d’aww). He realizes that it was her that was making him so emotional all the time and mentioned how even Snow had a strong perception about how he was feeling. He realizes he’s in love with her and that’s why he was so worried. Airi mentions she thought he was in love with Luna, which makes Rain wonder why she’d think that. Airi immediately remembers it was Asagi who told her that. However, he tells her that all of his feelings are the truth. Even if she hates him for lying to her, he still wants to be by her side. Finally, Airi speaks up and tells him there’s no way she could hate him since she feels the same way.

Chapter 6

Afterwords, Airi wakes up with Rain sleeping close beside her. As she tries to move, he wakes up and asks where she’s going. She says she’s not going anywhere though and he smiles saying he loves her again. This makes Airi embarrassed but Rain is blunt as ever with his words and even says she looked lovely as she slept 😚. He asks her what she’s thinking right now and Airi finally says she loves him with a big smile on her face. This causes Rain to have serious dokidokis due to her moe and has to take a moment to gather his feels. She says she wants to be with him forever. Rain mentions how he feels like he had the same conversation before in a dream where he promised something. But before he can continue Asagi appears.

Asagi: Did you sleep well? Or were you whispering sweet nothings to each other all night?
Rain: And so what if we did?
Asagi: You’re quite the honest man, huh? Well, whatever.

Asagi tells Airi he’s to come with her. When Rain demands he let her go, he slashes him with his sword and kicks him. Airi tells him to stop but he ends up forcing some sort of drug down hee throat that makes her fall unconscious. Asagi takes her back to the castle with his men and tell Snow and his guards to back off if they don’t want Airi harmed. He puts her in her room to rest and tells her if she tries to make a move, he’ll kill everyone in the castle. Meanwhile, Rain almost dies of blood loss but both Kanon and Minette help him. Rain begs the two of them to help him stop Asagi’s plan and save Airi.

So Asagi takes Airi to her throne room to meet the citizens and tell them of his plan. He tells them that the two rabbits have abandoned their duty and now, a third class like him is with the queen. He begins to announce the abolishment of the class system but as he does, a sleeping gas makes all the people fall unconscious. Minette appears along with Kanon and Rain. Kanon uses his magic to freeze Asagi in place while Rain gives Airi a medicine to rid her numbness in her body. Asagi is quick to rid his magic though and fights head on with Rain. Soon Snow and his guards arrive telling them they have them surrounded and their men captured.

Nevertheless, Asagi takes the chance to explode some bombs and grab Airi and run. He runs all the way to the room that has the mirror that connects both the white and black world. But as he tries to pass through Rain stops him. He fends off Asagi for a while until be pulls out a handgun that he obtained from the white world. He shoots Rain twice and then gives Airi an ultimatum of going to the White world so Rain lives, or staying in the black world where he’ll die. So the end is dependent on whether you chose to go to the white world or stay in the black world.

White End


Airi decides she’ll go with Asagi to the white world. As Rain tries to stop her, she pushes Rain into the mirror, sending him into the white world. Airi follows after him and they both find themselves in the closet of the school where the mirror is in the white world. Its there where Airi meets Luna and tells her the situation. Asagi had already headed after them, so Luna heads back to the black world and tells her to leave it to her. Once Luna heads back, Airi smashes the mirror so no one can get through the mirror, blocking the path. She tells Rain to wake up and assures him everything is okay now. In the epilogue, Rain and Airi are living in the white world like normal. Their memories of the black world are gradually fating and no one questions Rain’s existence and all treat him as a classmate. Airi meets Rain after he leaves the hospital and they vow to be together forevahhh.

Black end


Airi decides she’ll stay in the black world and Asagi calls her a fool and tries to kill Rain. Airi intervenes though and gets shot instead. Rain screams in despair for her not to die but then suddenly Airi is enveloped in a bright white light. Snow and their soliders come and arrest Asagi. Airi’s wounds are healed and the light around her is “Alice” aka her blood. When she touches Rain, his wounds heal as well.


Airi then remembers a flashback of when she was a child, Apparently she lived in the black world with her mother and sister until one day she was taken to the white world by orders of the queen. She visited the mirror and cried saying she wanted to go back home. That’s when she met Rain who told her she had to stay since there couldn’t be two Alice’s. Airi started crying and Rain told her to not cry. He promised that someday he’ll come pick her up and protect the country as well.


In the epilogue, both queens Airi and Luna are being crowned since the twin queens are one that are essential to rule. After that, Rain and Airi meet each other after a long day. Airi decided she wanted to try and find a way for her and Luna to not go out of control using their powers. Anyway, Rain hugs Airi from behind and Airi tells him she loves him. He gets embarrassed and kisses her, saying he loves her and she’s his one and only queen.


Black Bad End


Airi ends up drinking Rain’s blood and going mad like the other queens. Rain is in shock but has no choice but to accept it. Airi sentences all people to death on the throne. Repeating over and over its boring to listen to their problems.

White bad end

Airi listens to Asagi and agrees to go with him. But she ends up pushing Rain into the white world to save him and becomes a blood cow for Asagi.

Thoughts: Rain was, as expected, was a cute kuudere!! I fucking love quiet, serious, types. Although part of his route I was getting kinda annoyed by how Airi reacted to certain things (like it was cute but it felt kinda lacklaster). Honestly, I think I would’ve liked to see him with Luna… I really liked her so it sucked she wasn’t with one of my fave guys. I struggled with him being my fave but Kanon ended up winning my heart (sorry boi). Anyway, one of my biggest complaints of this route was that the ends felt kinda rushed. I didn’t really even understand the conclusion of his black end (which is clearly the more true end when you see Snow’s black end). I think I should’ve played Snow’s route first, before Rain’s tbh. Also, his white end was so half-assed and felt like a bad end. I think the reason was probably because it doesn’t make sense that Rain would go to the white world and he couldn’t go back to the black world because the mirror was destroyed. Didn’t even get to see what Rain’s future with Airi would’ve been in the white world. Doesn’t really seem like a happy end but… meh. ALSO, Rain was so unlikable in the black world routes its almost hilarious.

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