Un:Birthday Song Translation Project – Recruiting Translators!


I’ve been off and on this project for a while now but thankfully have been able to pick it back up. Unfortunately, I lack translators and haven’t been able to make much progress myself. Although on the plus side, this game is shorter than Re: Birthday Song so it should take less time to translate as a whole.

Anyway, I can’t give much update on progress since there’s not much at the moment (as an estimate, I’d say maybe 6%) aside from the prologue being translated. So, hit me an email here: otomehearts22@hotmail.com or PM me on twitter if you’re interested in helping out as a translator. I wish I could compensate, but this being a fan-translation, all I can do is give a huge thanks and credits for those who help…  ごめん

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates later. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Un:Birthday Song Translation Project – Recruiting Translators!

  1. I hope you’ll be able to finish this project. Though I can’t help you but I’ll be cheering on you! ; v ; And thank you for translating Re:birthday Song ❤

  2. I really love how you translate the full game of Re:Birthday Song, So I’m really looking forward in this project.
    But may I ask which is supposed to play first, Rebirth or Unbirth?

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