ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Heiligenstadt no Uta – Arushe


Arushe (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga) the violinist who is essentially the poster boy of the Royal Orchestra. He always calls himself a genius and thinks highly of himself which makes him a girl magnet.

Arushe makes Lied accompany him on his shopping trip (while making her carry everything lmao) and Soprano being stepped on lol. They finally stop at a cafe where Arushe treats Lied to tea and sweets. She ends up getting all sentimental about being a bother and Arushe cheers her up and tells her not to be so insecure all the time while pinching her nose lol. He them tells her to close her eyes and disappears from her sights. After that, Lied meets with Vissie and Hart who are outside in the garden with sleeping cats (who don’t seem to like Hart lol).


Lied encounters Arushe on her way back and she flips out since he’s in just his bathrobe again. She tells him about a small box he left at the cafe and he tells her its hers. When she opens it, there’s a necklace inside. He says it’s thanks for accompanying him earlier and since Lied can’t put it on herself, Arushe does it for her. He takes the flowers she picked as a reward. Suddenly they see flashes and a random paparazzi from earlier yells out how he has a scandal and runs off lol. Arushe tries to tease Lied some more by asking if she can go to her room or his. But because he’s in just a bathrobe he end up sneezing from a cold and Lied tells him to go to his room already.


The next day there’s a scandal article in the newspaper about Arushe and Lied when they gave each other flowers and a necklace. The rest of the group get on their case but Arushe is chill about it and is used to this sort of publicity. They also see an article written by Hart for someone to pick up an orphan cat and Hart gets embarrassed by it lmao. But Arushe realizes that it will be a problem to have this scandal in the newspaper since his parents are visiting.

Lied is freaking out about attending a party thanks to Arushe’s requests. Since she’s in the newspaper with him, Arushe asks Lied to pretend to be her lover in front of his parents while they’re visiting. In addition, he wants her to learn how to dance and act like a “proper lady”. So he gets down to business and gets Hart to help train her to dance and the others help her work on her manners and music skills. Finally after all the training, on the day of the ball, Lied gets ready to go with Arushe to meet his parents at the port. Arushe suggests that Hart meet with his parents but Hart tells him he’s busy with the commander gone so he tells him to give him his best regards instead.

When they arrive, they all board the ship and greet each other inside. Arushe’s mother is concernee about Hart since he wanted him to visit as well but his dad tells her he’s busy. Suddenly Lied changes the mood by playing on a toy organ as Arushe’s mom joins in with her violin. Although Lied notices that his parents are acting strange. Arushe’s mom acts like Arushe doesn’t exist and while Arushe plays a performance in their auditorium on the boat, his dad mentions how he wanted to meet Lied. Meaning, the whole sham about Lied being Arushe’s girlfriend had no real purpose. Just as his dad starts asking if Arushe’s “sound” is necessary. After that, Arushe is suddenly in pain and falls unconscious.


When he wakes up, Lied is watching over him in his room. He starts to tell her how Hart was the only one everyone ever cared for and how he was forgotten. He tells her to leave and go to where Hart is but she tells him she won’t and intends to stay right there. He calls her a weirdo but says she’ll have to make up for the times she danced with Hart. So he grabs her hand and starts dancing with her until he finally pulls her into a hug. He tells her he dropped his heart in the ocean so he can no longer feel anything. He says she may think he’s some prince but she’s completely wrong. So, because their two worlds are so different he tells her to leave him be.


The next day Lied goes to the same cafe where she went with Arushe. She thinks about what Arushe told her about dropping his heart in the sea and how that would even be possible. Suddenly, Fier appears and sits down next to her. In addition to wanting to erase all the sounds with the forgotten apostle, she mentions how rather than darkness, Arushe has nothing inside him. She begins to explain about Mozart who was the rival of Beethoven and even took a ship in search of him. Fier basically tells her that Arushe is the same as Mozart and is no longer alive after giving something away (his heart so he says).

After this, Lied goes back to the house but finds herself in a speaking to Mozart in her consciousness. He bore a grudge against Beethoven just like Arushe and Hart. She ends up waking up, clothes on, in a tub full of water. Arushe found her and jokes about her to not commit suicide since they don’t need another dead person like him. Lied tells him to not speak like that but he explains he’s still alive through the Forgotten Apsotle’s power. He tells her he intends to take a shower though so if she wants to stay she can take one with him lmao. So she runs out of the bathroom and thinks about Arushe and if he intends to let himself die alone.


On the day of the performance, Arushe’s parents come to see it. While Arushe’s mom still only recognizes Hart’s existence for a second she almost mentioned Arushe before the performance started. When it does, there’s sudden shaking in the ceiling and the lights go out in the auditorium. Thanks to this, a chandelier ends up falling on Hart’s foot. Eventually the Forgotten Apostle appears and tries to suck up everyone’s music so he can erase it. Arushe appears though and just starts playing his violin saying he wanted to play alongside Hart just once. Just as the Apostle tries to continue, he stopped by Hart who finally freed his leg from the broken light. They manage to stop him as everyone else is freed from the darkness. However, Lied knows that if the Apostle is killed, it may kill Arushe since his power has a hold on his life.


Suddenly, Arushe’s mother starts to remember Arushe. She remembers when she wanted to give her soul to the spirit of Mozart in the sea but before she could, Arushe took her place and said his heart was more beautiful before flinging himself into the ocean as her mother cried out his name. She starts crying and is afraid to call out to Arshe now that she can see him because she doesn’t want him to hate her. Lied convinces her he doesn’t and he did what he did for her sake because thats what he does. Finally, Soprano gets their attention and Arushe notices his mother. She calls out to him and so does Lied lmao. He starts crying and tells them to shut up already. He says this’ll be his last performance but Hart says it won’t and stops attacking the Forgotten Apostle, telling him to join them since there’s still a lot he doesn’t know.

After that, the Forgotten Apostle left the town, keeping Arushe alive. Arushe’s parents are leaving so Hart and Lied head towards the dock to meet up with them and Arushe who are giving their farewells. Arushe gives his mother a flower and Soprano writes ‘bon voyage’ in the sky lmao. Just then Arushe kisses Lied and tells her he can’t love anyone and may cheat on her but hey that ok?? And Lied is all nopppeee you better only have eyes for me! Arushe says he as joking but doesn’t know what to say next and stumbles. She then runs off embarrassed and Arushe stands there dumbfounded lol.


After that peace regains in Shall again. Lied’s relationship is a bit awkward with Arushe after he kissed her though and even when he tries to invite her out to talk to her about something, she refuses his requests and comes up with excuses not to. One day she decides to wear the dress that Arushe wore for her and runs into the old woman who tailored it for her. She tells her that Arushe basically pleaded for her to make it and kept coming back over and over. Since she knew Arushe was rich enough to just buy a dress, she decided to make it for him. Realizing how much effort he put into getting her it, she runs to Arushe’s room and asks him about it.



He He tries to dart around the question and even tells her to take off the dress if she doesn’t like it. But after Lied persists he finally reveals he bought the necklace for his mom and the dress was made for her. It was a gift for her Since he doesn’t have a heart and has all these feels but doesn’t know what to do with them! He realizes he’s feeling dokidokis even without his heart. Lied tells him she doesnt even care anymore but she knows she loves him lots. Arushe cuts her off with a kiss and finally tells her he loves her too and says the reason clothes are presents are so they can get removed later 👀. So she closes the door and they probably make love lmao. In the epilogue, Arushe visits the orphanage where Lied lives and pretends to have a heart attack so he can get resuscitated by Lied lmao.


Thoughts: You thought Arushe was gonna be that typical dramatic flirt who tries to win you over, right??? WRONG. More like the opposite. He pushes you away and the one chasing after him is Lied. I thought he was spicy good and I love how he acts like he dun care but no one but he obvs does. Though he certainly a inferiority complex in regards to Hart. More like his family actually liked Hart more than him so I can’t really blame him. But then his plot rolls on in and suddenly we find out this tensai is a actually tinman and doesn’t have a heart because he dropped it in the sea lmao. The one thing I didn’t really get and I don’t think the game didn’t explain very well was why exactly Arushe was tied to the Apostle in the sense that if he died, Arushe could be affected too? Idk I guess he was kinda sorta… dead??? I didn’t really get it honestly and some plot points felt like they were missing in that aspect.

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