ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Heiligenstadt no Uta – Clavier


Clavier (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) is the tuner and harpsichord player of the Royal Orchestra. He has a warm and calm personality and everyone in the band looks up to him as their adviser.


While Lied is trying to take the christmas tree back into the storage room, she ends up falling on her butt and dramatically pretends she’s dying lmao. Clavier finds her and helps her and gives her his regards for taking care of the orchestra. He tells her about he you can talk to instruments and then takes her hand and starts to call her Lied instead of “Librarian”. Meanwhile, Soprano bites his hand telling him to stop lmao and Lied holds his beak so he’ll shut up. He then helps her with putting away the tree but it ends up falling on her again lmao.

After that they find out Dee was throwing around mochi with his cello and Clavier almost gets pissed but Hart beats him to the punch. Dee ended up accidently tossing Mochi on his head and so while Dee and the others notice Hart look like a monster covered in Mochi, he asks for Dee’s blood. Dee flips out and apologizes but Hart tells him not to worry because he never misses and chases after him lmaooo. Visse says that Clavier is like the mother of the orchestra and Arushe says that must mean Hart is the dad haha.


That night, Lied visits Clavier’s room and he shows her his kotatsu (heating table). She ends up falling asleep on it while he’s making tea and so he pats her head and says she should be fine even after he leaves the orchestra. Suddenly, a voice starts to speak in his head and he yells out how he didn’t kill anyone, banging the table. This ends up waking up Lied and Clavier immediately disregards it. Lied then starts to hear something and when Clavier asks about it, she no longer hears it. He tells her that her power to hear things in the orchestra is wonderful and touches her face and ears.


She gets embarrassed and says his name and finally he realizes what he’s doing and apologizes all flustered lmao. They then hear Soprano talking about haikuu’s in his sleep so he tells her a haikuu about her soft ears oh gawd. She tells him Soprano has been all over and he asks if she’s ever wanted to know his past and she says she hasn’t because whatever he’s hiding she believes its for her sake. They then eat soba noodles together while Clavier gives her another Japanese lesson lol. She tells him to continue telling her about Japan and to scold her when necessary as well.

The next morning, Lied wakes up grabbing something soft and its none other than Bianca’s boobs lmao. She tells her its fine but when Clavier comes in she accuses him for being the one at fault since he supposedly touched her butt when they thought there was a ghost in the mansion lmao. Clavier flips saying he only wanted Bianca to wake up Lied for a girl’s touch rather than himself waking her up and making it weird but she flips out at him anyway lmao. The next day, Lied goes with Clavier to her orphanage and he shows her another Japanese custom where she makes a wish to God on New Years.


Clavier’s arm starts hurting so Sister suggests he rest at the orphanage. While discussing about his past briefly with Sister, they hear an orphan baby cry. Clavier believes its hungry so Lied goes to the kitchen to find formula for it. Clavier goes to help her and finds out it wasn’t hungry after all. He jokes how they seem like a married couple with a baby. She feels as though he might go somewhere so she takes his hand and puts it to her chest. She apologizes and tries to remove her hand but he tells her to leave it just a little longer. Clavier then admits that he can no longer feel sensation in his hands which is why he must leave the orchestra as his own “punishment”.


After that, lied joins the orchestra practice between Hart, Arushe, Visse, and Dee. Hart tells Lied that Clavier is part of the “Johan” family that built Shall and he’s the only one in the family who actually joined the orchestra. He tells her he liked his music but unfortunately Clavier will never be returning to the orchestra much to her disappointment. One day while bringing snacks to everyone, Lied drops cookies on the ground because of Soprano lol. Clavier ends up spotting her but when he tries to help she instinctively tells him not to. That night, Lied has a strange dream where a hooded man threw a baby into a cliff.

After that Lied decides to go to the library and do research on Clavier’s family since she knows next to nothing about him. She ends up falling asleep there and when she wakes up, she hears that sound again. She follows the sound to uncover a bookshelf that reveals a basement. When she goes down there She finds instruments in ruin and a sword. The sword starts to speak to her and when it finds out she knows Clavier, it tells her to bring it to him so it can cut off his arms before war happens. Lied refuses but then the sword tells Lied about Clavier’s past since she knows nothing about him.

Clavier was involved in conducting human experiments in the orchestra. They implanted the talent of music into children and wanted to make a weapon of mass destruction rather than create music. It claims they brought slaves from all over the world to build Shall and the weapons, “Fargar” were never created for peace but war. Lied denies all the accusations at first but then starts to consider it being true because of Clavier’s situation. Suddenly Lied hears a commotion going on outside so she runs out and goes towards town square. There she finds Arushe fighting with Fier.


When she decides to try and attack Lied, Clavier takes the blows instead and she continuously hits him with her whip. Eventually, Clavier hears a voice and suddenly his whole attitude changes coldly. He attacks Fier and almost kills her before Hart intervenes. Arushe manages to talk Fier out of her angry and plays the anthem of her country. She peacefully fades away before the police arrive. Vissie doesn’t know any other way of distracting their attention so he ends up stripping and claiming he’s the criminal lmao.

That night, Lied visits Clavier to treat his wounds. He tells her he doesn’t need it though and then he realizes that she’s in love with “him”. He pushes her down on his bed and tells her to remove her clothes then and Lied refuses. She finally realizes who she’s talking to is not Clavier. He tells her that he is indeed “Clavier” but the older twin brother of him who was killed by Clavier after he took his arms and his “Farger” power. He tells her he doesn’t need her anymore and unleashes a dark power. When Lied regains consciousness, she wakes up in a strange space where instruments are abandoned. There, she meets the Apostle, Realm, and the sword she talked to before.


The sword explains that the Clavier she knows has a twin brother who was a murderer who only ever used his talent to kill. Clavier didn’t have the same talent though. He would tune instruments and could also talk to them as well; which is how he met the sword and often talked about Japan together. One day the sword ended up killing Clavier’s twin brother for his sake, leaving him shocked and in disbelief. Clavier ended up cutting off his twin brother’s arms, as well as his own, to attach them to himself. That way, he could take his place and use his power to protect Shall. However, this resulted him in losing the ability to hear or speak to instruments. So, Lied decides its best for the sword to confront Clavier together with her. The instruments then topple and gather on top of each other to make a bridge towards the sky.


When Lied makes it back she challenges Clavier to a duel to rescue the old him after explaining the situation to everyone. When he tries to use Dee to help him, Dee already knows that Clavier wasn’t the Clavier he knew. She presents the sword to him and it apologizes for what its done. Clavier, or rather his older brother, admits to being jealous of his brother and seeing how happy he was talking to instruments. Soon the jealously turned into hate and that’s when their relationship deteriorated as he started to go on a path of darkness and murder. So oniichan tells the sword to cut off his arm and so he does and Clavier is immediately taken away for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the sword dies too after thanking Lied.


So after recovering, Clavier was given prosthetic arms after they were cut off. After apologizing to everyone, they all play a performance for his sake and thank him for being part of their music together and Clavier cries after hearing their performance. After they all leave, Lied decides to finally confess her feelings to Clavier. When she does, he starts crying saying he doesn’t have the qualification to receive her feelings. But she tells him nope because she’s going to love him anyway and wants to hear his feelings. He tells her he couldn’t let go of his love of music, but most of all, he couldn’t let go his love for her. And so he tells her he loves her and they kiss.


In the epilogue, Lied is helping Clavier clean his room and he ends up pretending to fall on her so he can snag a kiss while feeling her since he no longer can feel with his arms.


Thoughts: Lawl, this route was a wild ride I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, the start of the route gave me St. Germain vibes so I was thinking ‘oh damn this guy must be the traitor’ but then its all lol nope plot twists ITS THE EVIL TWIN BROTHER! DUN DUN DUN!!! It was kinda cliche honestly, but well… I guess it was interesting at least? But they didn’t really elaborate on their pasts so I was left kind of confused about this whole brother relationship. But damn boy, I can’t believe you was so thirsty for recognition you’d think to cut off your brother’s arms. I mean yea, he was evil and died but that’s kinda brutal lmao. Also apparently if you cut off your brothers arms, they are easily re-attachable. I had no idea. But he ended up cutting them off again anyway. Lol rip Clavier’s arms i stg. No but seriously Clavier was your typical oniichan type that I actually quite liked but his whole brother thing was kinda weird imo. There was something about this route that screamed ‘Shizuru’ from Nil Admirari with his arms (liked the cursed book) controlling his body; AND THE FUNNY PART IS THEY ARE BOTH VOICED BY SUZUKEN. Weird coincidence. I make fun of this guy but he actually was pretty cute tho.

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