ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Heiligenstadt no Uta – Dee


Dee (CV: Uchida Yuuma) the cellist of the Royal band who has a cheerful and carefree personality. He always pulls pranks outside of the theater or purposely vandalizes Arushe’s posters lol.

Lied hears music playing after the concert and finds Dee practicing by himself in the theatre. Clavier was pestering him about doing well so he starts complaining about it lol. Lied mentions on how nervous he was before the performance. Lied had entered the dressing room and he couldn’t focus at all (and started to see Soprano as fried chicken lmao). Lied and the others ended up cheering him up by making him laugh and she told him he looks good in his outfit. Back in the present, Dee continues to practice his cello playing and mutters to himself how he won’t allow anyone to destroy their music.


One day, Lied goes to visit Clavier in the hospital since he’d injured himself. Seeing that he’s doing fine, Lied and him have tea together and Claiver brews some macha tea which Lied finds way too bitter lol. Clavier begins to tell Lied that Dee has been struggling with his position in the orchestra for a while since he’s been there. Lied believes it was Clavier that pushed him to try his hardest and knows he cares about him. She starts to go on and before she can finish, Dee jokingly says he and Dee aren’t dating lmao. Clavier tells her that its not just him though who helped him, it was also Lied herself. He tells her he feels reassured to know he’s leaving the orchestra on these terms. Lied asks if he’s really going to leave since he’s been playing with Dee all this time.

Just as it gets silent, Dee comes to the hospital to see Clavier. Clavier is surprised since he gave him so much sheet music to look over lol. He brought a banana tree that he stole so Clavier could eat them. Clavier tells him he should put it back where he found it though and Dee makes the comment “what so you wont eat my banana??” im dead. He then tells Lied to take off her bandage to reveal an eye on her forehead. Dee wrote it on her head while she claimed she was listening but fell asleep instead. Clavier was in on it too but told him to use a water based pen so he scolds him for it lol.


While Dee laughs about bis prank, Lied runs out saying he’s mean. Dee runs after her into the central area of town and finally catches up to her. He promises to wipe it off her face so he tells her to close her eyes. She doesn’t realize he’s there so she opens them to make sure he didn’t run away. All of a sudden he’s super close while trying to wipe off the third eye on her forehead. He ends up flipping out in embarrassment because of how close they are and only realizing then lol. The alcohol ends up getting in her eyes though so she runs off with the third eye still drawn on her forehead. In a flashback, Dee is shown as a child with adults talking about doing human experiments within the orchestra that were done on normal people to give them “färga” powers.


So as Dee and Lied are heading back, they encounter Rudolph who’s arresting Visse for a thievery crime of someone who claimes they were called “Nyan-nyan Kamen” lmao. Lied and Dee manage to convince him its not Visse and once he leaves, Dee tells him he’ll cooperate with Rudolph to find the real criminal. Rudolph is surprised and super happy that he and Lied want to help him and when Dee asks to see the letter from this so called phantom their, they all take a look at it together (with a cute CG I might add 😂). They can’t decipher the message, but predict something will happen at 7:00 pm where cats gather. Dee figures the best way to lure cats is to use Soprano lmao.


Suddenly, Rudolph’s assistant Anton solves the crime and finds the culprit to be a couple. After arresting them, Lied then realizes Soprano is missing and when he returns, he essentially confirms it was Dee who was the source of it all. Realizing this, Lied grabs Dee’s hand (and he gets super embarrassed by this lol) and run for their lives as Rudolph yells out after them for Dee to explain himself. In another flashback, Dee is called “D” as he’s a survived experiment being forced to play the cello. He ends up being consumed by dark sound and when he’s taken back to his room (or prison) he’s introduced to Clavier who calls him “Dee”.


One day, Lied is caring for the flowers that Clavier asked her to tend to. Dee ends up scrambling in the garden and asks Lied to hide him. Arushe appears and asks Lied where Arushe went and she attempts to lie. As he pretends to leave, he comes back to try and “kiss” Lied. Dee immediately throws a marker in her mouth before he does and Arushe leaves acknowledging that Dee was there. He gets annoyed since she sucks at lying but Lied asks why a pen flew into her mouth lmao. He tells her it was to help her since she probably didn’t want to get kissed by Arushe. She thanks him for helping her and he asks to help her out with the posters.

During the next concert, Visse ends up messing up and can’t produce sound from his piano. Just as they’re about to close the curtains, Dee starts solo playing his cello to help Visse. It ends up being a success but Hart mutters to himself how no ordinary person could improve at that speed and believes the “experiment” to transplant “färga” was a sucess. After that, Lied finds Dee getting annoyed at the store clerk because of a certain item being to expensive. He ends up leaving and walks with Lied to find Visse at the station talking to Anton about arresting him.

When they drag Visse away and try to talk to him about it, he doesn’t want to so Dee tells him he can tell him when he’s ready. Lied then tells Dee she wants to visit her orphanage and Dee ends up playing soccer with the kids. After that, Dee and Lied drink tea together. Once Dee drinks it, he yells out how bitter it is and Lied tells him its matcha tea and she had the same reaction when Clavier made it for her. Dee flips and tries to make her drink it and ends up on top of her. Lied closed her eyes and when she opens them, Dee is straight up in her face. He tells her he can’t hold back anymore and wants to kiss her but Lied pushes his face away out of embarrassment lmao.


Dee gets super flustered and says she almost let Arushe do it so wonders why she was so quick to push him away. Lied tells him that she believes Arushe was only teasing him and its not like she didnt want to kiss Dee, she just wasn’t prepared. So, just as Dee is about to try and kiss her again, they’re interrupted by one of the kids. They both scream out of embarrassment and Dee leaves to go take a bath lmao. The next day, after they leave the orphanage Lied tells Dee she didn’t dislike the fact he tried to kiss her, she was just really shy and unprepared. He tells her he knows and has her promise she’ll let him kiss him if he does well in his next performance.


Once they get back they find out Visse is missing. The commander tells Dee that they have to assume he’s not part of the orchestra as of now and if it comes to it, to replace Visse as a performer. As days pass, Lied doesn’t see Dee as often since he’s practicing and Visse is still missing. One night, Lied hears a sound in the middle of the night and leaves her room to find the source of it. She runs into Dee who scares the crap out of her but when she starts to hear the sound again, she leaves to where the auditorium is. She spots Hart there who is trying to negotiate with Realm in meeting the Forgotten Apostle.

Lied intervenes and as Realm is about to attack her, Dee blocks it with his cello bow. She tells him to move aside since he has no darkness within him but when he tries to summon his weapon, he can’t. Just as she attacks, Hart takes the blow instead and falls unconscious. Arushe too is attacked by Fia and just then Realm is shot by Aisen. He asks how this happened and Dee says its all his fault. He runs out of the auditorium and into the city. He runs all the way to the hospital where Clavier was and when he reaches the room there’s no one there but a single notebook. It has “Experiment D” written on it and when he opens it, it says “Failure” on it. He sees something else on the last page.


Meanwhile, Arushe and Hart are being treated in the medical room of the orchestra. On the day of the performance, Aisen goes missing and Lied leaves to look for Dee who had also left. She finds him on top of a hill, saying he’s trash and can’t do anything. He tells Lied about his past and how he was an experiment called “D” with no real given name who had the power of “fargar” implanted in him. Every other experiment died but he continued to live even after it. But now his power won’t respond and he blames himself for not being able to help Arushe and Hart from getting injured. As he starts crying, Lied hugs him and tries to comfort him.


He tells her she’s better off staying away from him or he’ll destroy her too but she says she wants to stay with him. She doesn’t know any other way to make him stop crying so she decides to give him a big ol’ smooch 😍. She tells him that she loves him and its not bad for him or things to change. After confessing, she kisses him again and he tells her he loves her too and playing music as well. He then tells her to give him her hand and tries to put a ring on her finger. It ends up being too small though but Lied leaves it on anyway. He then tells her that they’re going to do the biggest prank yet before heading back to the orchestra.


So when the performance starts, Dee performs on his own. The audience starts to leave since its just him and Arushe isn’t there. Just then the apostle appears feeling Dee’s “darkness”. But Dee tricks him and there’s no darkness in the sound to erase because Dee was never consumed by the loss of sound in the first place. The Apostle gets pissed but Dee tells him that he can’t erase Shall’s music. Soon Clavier appears and explains that he always wanted Dee to become part of a family, not an experimental subject. Apparently he wrote in the back of the experimental notebook for Dee things one would teach a kid when growing up. Soon everyone else appears and starts playing their instruments. Thanks to magic Shall music powers, Realm returns to her music box form and disappears with the Apostle.


After that, Dee and Lied go to visit Clavier to recruit him as their instrument tuner. In the epilogue, Dee and Lied go on top of the clock tower together. Dee wants to kiss Lied though and because Lied is embarrassed she gets nervous about it. But they get spotted by Rudolph and the others though so Dee sneaks a quick kiss on Lied before they run away.


Thoughts: EVERYONE HAS SUCH DEPRESSING PASTS BUT DEE KINDA HAS IT WORSE. D’s name is literally a code name for an experiment which is pretty sad. Again this game fails to elaborate on certain aspects such as the ‘human experimentation’ that was going on. Especially w/ Clavier who was also involved heavily in Dee’s past but… you don’t really find out a whole lot. I expected him to be more hostile to Clavier considering but… ok. Dee as a character though was super cute tsun though who dicks around because he’s afraid to play which I guess I can’t blame him.


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