ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Heiligenstadt no Uta – Hart


Hart (CV: Ono Yuuki) is the conductor of the Royal Orchestra and the successor of Beethoven’s will. He’s strict but earnest about everything he does.

After the successful performance, everyone celebrates and Hart thanks everyone for their hard work. Even Bianca gets drunk after many tequila shots lmao. She ends up making Hart drink as well so he keeps repeating to Lied, asking why she’s trying to leave the theater lol. She keeps telling him she’s not and sits him. He holds her hand and tells her to stay with him as he falls asleep on her shoulder. Lied knows he’s drunk but gets embarrassed by it anyway lol. 😊 Meanwhile, the music box called Realm contemplates why Lied has the power to counteract Apostle’s power. She also tells Fier to not act without permission.


The next morning, Lied greets Hart who is training in the training room. Everyone else is preoccupied and Arushe went to visit his parents. Hart reveals he was taken in by Arushe’s parents, after his had died in war, and has been very greatful to them. So since Lied has free time she accompanies Hart who has something to do outside of the house. As they walk through town they hear a woman scream. When they see the situation, there’s a best couple’s contest going on in town and apparently the screams were from a woman and her boyfriend lol.

Lied and him end up meeting Noran’s mother who saw their performance and is now reconciled with Hart. She ends up revealing he’s “Hart the conductor” so girls flock around him lol. Just as they try to leave, the man on stage hosting the event asks them to participate since he claims he and Lied are on a date. So they’re forced to participate and jn the first challenge they have a food eating contest with baumkuchen. Due to the rules of the game, Hart has to feed Lied the baumkuchen and she ends up eating all of them (much to Hart’s disappointment lmao). Soon Soprano arrives to sing in the last event and ends up winning best couple with a flamingo lmao.


After they leave, they arrive near a large mansion. Hart explains that it was the composer Beethoven’s mansion before he died. He explains how he was basically the one who made Shall into what it is now and shaped how music was created. But after a certain point he started to go deaf due to a disease in his ears and wrote a will explaining why he wanted to commit suicide. In the end, he started to hate music because of this. Hart tells Lied that ever since he died no one ever approached his mansion and the door is locked. Lied immediately thinks she hears a baby and tries to open the door. Just as Hart thinks she’s going to open it, her stomach growels and tricks Hart into thinking it was the door opening lmao.

Meanwhile, Aisen tells the group to basically do as they’ve normally been doing but to gather info in the process. Aisen asks to speak with Lied after that and he treats her to tea and sweets. He explains how he grew up with war so he doesn’t have a home in his hometown anymore. Afterwords, Lied meets with Hart in the training room to ask if he’ll teach her how to fight. He tells her he doesn’t believe its necessary but then Soprano manages to convince him with a dramatic speech that he claims was him acting lmao. So he first decides to teach her how to use a knife. While doing so, the words sound dirty and Soprano comes in screaming lmao. What Hart was actually doing was teaching Lied how to cut a fish 😂.


Hart then gets Lied to try some wasabi and Lied freaks out by the taste. He twlls her to stop being so noisy and she asks why he suddenly made her lick it lmao. In the end, Hart admits he wanted to see her reaction 😂. So a few days later Hart continues to give Lied… Kitchen knife training lol. One day Lied goes to the training room as usual to meet him there but Hart isn’t there. She ends up falling asleep and Hart finally arrives saying he was caught up with work. Just a she approaches her, he sees a strange vision of himseld in a dark stadium but then it disappears and Lied wakes up. She apologizes for falling asleep and Hart tells her to be quiet lol.

After that, Lied asks him to come with her to her orphanage. She tells everyone she wants to cook for them and litetally everyone in the orphanage flip the hell out cause they know how bad her cooking is lol. So she ends up making a stew with Sister Ivan. Just as she calls for everyone, she notices they’ve all disappeared in the church. Suddenly she’s pulled behind a curtain by Hart who tells her to be quiet. He’s playing hide and seek with the other kids and the one caught has to eat her food lmao. Lied gets annoyed by this and literally screams so Sorprano can find them. He he tells her to be quiet in a panic and admits he doesn’t mind eating her food 😊.


After they eat the stew Lied made, Lied encounters Hart near the organ. She asks why he doesn’t play since he clearly wants to, but when he taps a key on the organ, it doesn’t sound. Lied immediately confirms if it works for her and it does. Hart begins to explain when he was young, he was asked to take an entry test for the royal orchestra by Aisen. After he got in, he made wonderful music. Everyone had inherited talents from Beethoven. But after a while he threw away music and it started to “hate” him, so he lost his ability to produce sound. Either way, Lied tells him to play a song anyway. When he does, Lied closes her eyes and can hear his song. She ends up falling asleep next to him after asking him to play. He realizes he likes having her next to him and as he touches her hair, Soprano appears and reveals about the one who took over Beethoven’s will.


One day Lied asks Arushe about Hart’s past. Hart was an orphan that was brought by his parents after Arushe came to Germany. He was taken in on a boat before arriving to Shall. Before this, Hart’s parents were killed in war and he sat by the sea all alone. It was there he met a bird (who was actually Soprano) that he thought he heard talk. He played on his toy organ a song for the bird as he cried. After he stops playing, Hart says he’ll never forget him and the bird flies away as a boat approaches.

Lied can’t sleep so she visits Hart in his room. He apologizes for leaving in the morning and Lied tells him its fine. She admits she thought it was a lot of fun having him at the orphanage and hopes he’ll come visit again. Before she can leave Hart stops her and tells her she said that he was tried to do everything on his own. Lied says she believes she can do anything and wants to be by his side. Hart asks why and she finally confesses after much hesitation that its because she loves him. Hart asks if she’s misunderstanding and she tells him she’s definitely not.


He suddenly pushes her down on the bed and he asks if she’d dislike this sort of thing. She doesn’t answer but knows she doesn’t truly hate it. Nevertheless, she closes her eyes and averts her gaze with him. He calls her an idiot under his breath and tells her that its not him she likes but its because of Beethoven’s power. Lied tells him he’s wrong and doesn’t care if her love is one sided because she’ll still love him. She touches his face and he blushes in surprise. He then suddenly runs out the door (omggg).

As days pass, Hart continues to avoid Lied and they don’t so much as make eye contact. One day Lied decides to make a boxed lunch for Hart. She visits him and Aisen speaking and tries to give Hart her lunch she made for him. But Hart rejects it and ends up unconsciously slapping Lied’s hand away when she tries to give it to him and drops the lunch. Hart just stands there speechless like Lied but Dee ends up calling for him so he leaves. Aisen tries to cheer up Lied and then tells her she needs to open the lock on Hart’s door aka the power of Beethoven’s curse.

After that, Lied walks to Beethoven’s mansion in a depressed state to where Hart took her. She opens the door and is enveloped in darkness. She then sees a vision of Beethoven wallowing in despair from music betraying him after he went deaf and thats when his darkness was emerged. Its then Lied realizes where she is and hears Hart from the entrance of the mansion. When he meets him, he tells her she broke the lock of the mansion but she tells him she doesn’t remember. Hart immediately apologizes for his behavior and Soprano then explains about Lied and her connection to Beethoven.


After Beethoven lost his hearing and died, darkness was born and is what embodied the hooded man aka the forgotten apostle. Lied was born from Beethoven’s love of music and Soprano had been searching for her all this time. Hart also finally admits he doesn’t find Lied a nuisance and he was in the wrong the entire time. Soprano let’s them settle their feelings and leaves the two to go back to Hart’s room. In doing so, Hart admits he doesn’t mind her being the only person he loves and confesses his feelings to her. She tells him she loves him too and he admits he could never dislike her. They finally smooch and Hart tells her he’ll continue to love her whether she likes it or not! 😊

A few days later, Hart tells Lied about a upcoming performance for Beethoven’s birthday. He suddenly hugs her strongly and says he plans to do the best he can and just as he stops hugging her, he gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and smiles at her (in the most cutest, moe way ever). He tells her to believe in him no matter what happens and she tells him she will.


The next day, Lied expects to see Hart when she hears someone knocking at her door. But it ends up being Aisen who’s acting strange. He brings her all the way to the main hall and shows her Hart on the projector, bring consumed by the darkness of sound. Because of this, everyone in Shall are suffering due to the harsh sound. Lied finds that everyone’s “existence” has been erased and when she reaches the entrance of the mansion, she encounters the hooded man again who’s ready to erase their existence. He knows his power won’t work on her though so he tries choking her to death. Thankfully, Arushe interrupts and saves Lied by attacking him.


Arushe tells Lied to go to Hart and so she enters the auditorium with the Apostle. He tries to erase Hart’s darkness but in the end, they find the whole thing was a sham and Hart and everyone else was on stage, waiting for him to appear. The Apostle is in shock since he was sure that Hart had darkness within him. But Hart admits he probably would have succumbed to darkness before but now that he has Lied he won’t. Suddenly, a gunshot rebounds and Aisen appears. He reveals it was his plan all along to make everyone go out of control and have the Apostle erase their existence. He then tells them about a story of how he killed a girl he was indebted to in order to survive. Just as Hart is ready to attack, Aisen takes Lied hostage and points a gun to her head.

[Even Arushe can’t believe Hart would just smooch her in front of everyone but omg the reactions here are priceless]

Hart tries to reason with him but to no avail. Lied then decides to try and “hear his sound” by closing her eyes. She hears the voice of the girl he had fond memories with before he killed her and went into a pit of despair and darkness. Because of this, Aisen loses his grip a second long enough for Soprano to interfere and set Lied free. Soon the police arrive to arrest Aisen and he yells in agony. Eventually Arushe appears as well with Realm and gives her back to the Apostle. Lied then asks why Hart didn’t tell her anything about their plan and Hart says her face would’ve revealed everything lol. Lied starts to sulk so Hart asks Arushe what he would do in a time like this. Arushe whispers him an answer and Hart complies. Right after that he gives Lied a nice kiss on the lips, surprising everyone, including Arushe who didn’t think he’d actually do it lmao.



After that, everything is back to normal in the mansion. Lied decides to give Hart another bento to make up for the last one. Hart is speechless though so Lied starts wondering if he hates it and gets sulky lol. Just as she’s about to leave, he stops her and pulls her into a kiss. He tells her to be quiet, but then tells her to talk some more because he wants to hear her voice. In the epilogue, Lied and Hart are busy all the time so they don’t get to hang out as often. So they talk about going somewhere together.


Thoughts: Yooooooooooo this is my fave boy!! I probably shouldn’t have played his route first since it revealed most before the secret route but I couldn’t help myself because I knew I’d love him. Hart was as expected a kuudere who warms up to you by the end of the route. ALSO HIS LAST CG WAS REALLY FUCKING CUTE??? I was so happy by his CGs because oh my god happy Hart is so cute. LOOK AT THIS SMILE.

This boy got the best kiss CGs cause omg like 3 in total and im so happy. Although his story kind of confused me with the Beethoven connection but I guess because Lied was born from Beethoven’s love of music, that would make one think that’s the only reason Hart would “love” Lied? Anyway, his character was so cute so it made up for the fact that his plot was kinda confusing to me. I was half expecting to hear Kaito Ishikawa when I first played though cause he looks like he could be like Chika in Side Kicks! since they’re both poster boys. ITS SO FUNNY THOUGH I dont typically end up liking the poster boys but its like extend makes them to my liking I stg.

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