フォルティッシモ Fortissimo – Eiichiro Akaboshi

フォルティッシモ_1 (2)

Eiichiro (CV: Ono Yuuki) is the leader of Fortte and usually very kind to Futaba and always makes her cups of coffee. He started off learning how to dance really young and got scouted by an agency. He’s also a siscon though (you cant escape them in the Brocon world).

On the day of Futaba’s trip to Osaka with Eiichi, Futaba meets with Eiichi to go to the station and is shocked to hear Ryo would pick out new clothes for her since its out of character for him. So once they get to the stage in Osaka they finally encounter Egawa Toranosuke from the idol group “Shibuki”. He’s from the Kansai branch so he has a kansai accent and he’s very flirty and hyper around Futaba. After their practice, they head to a pub and drink tea and talk. Eiichi tells Futaba that Egawa is a sort of rival to him but they’re on good terms in regards to their relationship. After that, Futaba realizes she forgot to buy tickets back to Tokyo. She calls Tsukishiro knowing full well he’d get angry, but Eiichi takes the phone and makes an excuse for her saying Egawa got too drunk so they have to leave tomorrow morning instead.

So that night, Futaba and Eiichi check into a hotel in Osaka. While in her hotel room, Futaba decides to watch Eiichi’s drama and Eiichi just so happens to knock on her door and come in with a yutaka on. He asks if he can watch his drama with her and she agrees to it. He offers her a beer while he drinks a sweet drink. Futaba hadn’t drank in a while though so her tolerance for alcohol was low and she ended getting pretty drunk. Thanks to that she started saying a lot of somber things like how she’s no good at her job and Eiichi is amazing. Eiichi comforts her and tells her he’s really not all perfect and also gives her water as he helps her lay on the bed to feel better. Futaba ends up falling asleep and wakes up to Eiichi inviting her out before they leave Osaka to make her feel better.

フォルティッシモ (2)

They end up riding a ferris wheel where Futaba ends up flipping out when the gondola moves and reveals she’s afraid of heights lol. Eiichi makes her look out the window though and she’s able to see a beautiful sight from above. He says he hopes she comes to like Fortte on her own and Eiichi makes a boasting comment that Futaba teases him for. She tells him she now understands why his fans like him so much and thanks him. On the day of their performance, they show Futaba for the first time their live. Before Eiichi goes on stage, he tells her he’ll show her just how earnest they are and she’s memorized by them and how they perform.

So as Futaba continues to work with fortte she gets a lot of flack for the clothes she wears so she starts to get particular about it so mostly Towa won’t shit talk her lol. One day, they notice Takuma is late to a shooting and find out he got hit by a car and broke his ankle. He was on the phone but suddenly stopped while crossing the street. The car hit the breaks before it could hit too hard so it really just knocked him over. After visiting the hospital, they find out he’ll be fine but he just needs to recover. In the meanwhile, fortte decides they’ll cover Takuma in his place until he recovers.

So Eiichi takes care of covering Takuma while in the hospital. While recording a drama scene, Futaba encounters Matsunaga again. He flirts with her as usual and asks who she imagined in one of the drama scenes. Noticing she was being bothered, Eiichu stepped in and told him calmly to not touch their manager lol. Eventually Erina appears and tells Matsunaga to stop troubling Futaba and Eiichi and have their interview. Soon after Takuma is discharged from the hospital and Futaba goes to pick him up. They’re greeted by a ton of fangirls who act bitchy about Futaba being fortte’s manager.

This clearly bothers Futaba and when she gets back to their dressing room, she mentions what happened and Takuma apologizes for not noticing. But of course, Eiichi tells her she’s their important manager and those fangirls can buzz off. They then suggest to try changing her image, such as cutting her hair. Futaba says she never really thought about doing that and they bring up Fuuto’s brother Louis Asahina whos a hairstylist who may be able to do it. Towa then complains he wants a haircut and that he should get one instead lol.

So there’s an upcoming memorial event for James Entertainment which has businesses and mutual parties having a social gathering. Fortte is making their appearance before splash due to a hiccup with their scheduling so they’ll be the ones making the bigger entrance. Eiichi asks Futaba if Fuuto is going to be there but realizes she hasn’t confirmed yet. No one believes he will come but he tells her to contact Fuuto right away. When they do they find out he cant come which is a surprise to no one. During the party everyone is dressed up and speaking to other actors and actresses. Ryo notices that Futaba is looking at Eiichi a lot and Futaba ends up bumping into someone, spilling wine on herself. She causes a bit of a commotion but thankfully Ryo manages to wind it down.

After that, Erina appears looking sick and Futaba feels off seeing her and Eiichi together. Erina is then taken home by Tsukishiro while Ryo tells her to come with him. He confronts her about staring at Eiichi and makes her realize she has feelings for him. He tells her to basically not have feelings for Eiichi cause its all in vain anyway. Ryo also indirectly infers that Eiichi has feelings for Erina (so more brocon for ur fortissimo). Tsukishiro then appears, interrupting them. He says he won’t ask questions and tells both of them to go home. While on her way back, Eiichi calls out to her until she finally notices him. He didn’t want her to go home with a wet shirt so he gives her his jacket. Without realizing it, Futaba accidently says outloud she likes him. Eiichi is surprised but then she runs off in disbelief that she said that.

The next couple days things are awkward between her and Eiichi. As they prepare for their upcoming concert, Ryo confronts Futaba about it and tells her if she can’t get her shit together then she should quit being a manager. One day when picking up Eiichi, Futaba tells him what Ryo said about thinking she should quit. But she tells him she doesn’t want to quit being their manager because she loves Fortte and wants to see them grow as a idol group. That night, Futaba meets the president of James Entertainment on her way home who tells her to come with her (refering to her as cinderella lol ok).

On the day of the concert, Futaba greets everyone with her new hair cut that symbolizes her new outlook on fortte. Everyone is shocked but tell her short hair suits her. So fortte goes on stage to perform but are suddenly greeted by the idol group “Shibuki” with Egawa leading them. Everyone is surprised by their sudden appearance and then Egawa suddenly has a dance off with Eiichi lmao. After that, Eiichi goes back stage for a break and greets Futaba. She tells him she wouldn’t have gotten where she has without him and finally confesses to him (knowing full well he’d reject) and he apologizes saying he can’t respond to her feelings. After he goes back on stage, Tsukishiro tells her to move on basically and she tells him she will and that she’ll look forward as a manager of fortte.

So some time after that, Matsunaga comes with a scoop story thats revealed on TV about Erina being in a relationship. This troubles Eiichi so he starts screwing up his drama scenes and shows no signs of improvement. Futaba knowing this would happen tries to support him and wait for him to get his shit together. Egawa even gives up his tickets to the sky tower for Futaba and Eiichi. They enjoy themselves for a bit and Eiichi is cheered up by Futaba. Unfortunately, it only gets worse once Erina calls telling him the news that she is indeed in a relationship and pregnant as well. After congratulating her, he hangs up and runs off telling Futaba not to follow (jeez chill the tf man).

After that Eiichi is MIA for the most part and Tsukishiro has to make plans to replace fortte with Shibuki if Eiichi won’t get his shit together. Futaba then has the plans of bringing Fuuto back to replace Eiichi and bring Fortte together. The president agrees with this idea and decides to get a ticket ready for her. So Futaba flies to Los Angeles and meets with Fuufo at his acting school. At first he thinks she’s a fan but when she reveals she’s the manager of Fortte he tells her to buzz off lol. Futaba keeps insisting he talk to her though but he tells her no. Finally, after getting on her knees (dogeza) he reluctantly says he’ll listen to what she has to say. She explains the situation and how Eiichi is in a slump over his siscon. And after they talk he agrees to prove himself worthy essentially.

So they head back to Japan and Fuuto immediately has to greet the press and say some things to his fans. After that, Futaba drives him to his hotel so he can prepare to look over the script of the drama Eiichi was to perform in. He tells Futaba not to leave (in a flirty way lmao) but then he just ends up making her do chores for him at the hotel lol. He teases her asking if she expected something to happen with the two of them there but she tells him she didnt and he laughs at his obvious joke lol. She then sincerely thanks him for coming back to Japan (even when he says it wasnt for her sake) since she believes it’ll save fortte. A little embarrassed by the praise, he tells her you’re welcome.

The next day, Fuuto fills in for Eiichi’s role and practices in his stead. Meanwhile, Futaba decides to just go to Eiichi’s place since he won’t reply to any of her texts. He already knows Fuuto came and is still depressed as fuck so she tells him to come back tp Fortte as their leader. He continues to whine though how Fuuto can now replacement and he’ll only cause trouble to everyone. He starts getting dramatic when Futaba tries to sympathize and says she has no idea how he feels (what a drama queen wtf). She continues to beg him and says she’ll do anything for that sake. Upon hearing that Eiichi goes into angst man rape mode and kisses her, telling her to take him then since she loves him. Thankfully, she punches him in the gut and tells him to get his shit together and watch the her who loves Fortte and him.

フォルティッシモ (3)

After running out, she runs into Ryo who was going to visit Eiichi as well. He notices her in distress though and tells Eiichi to leave when he tries following her (almost felt like Ryo was telling his dog to stop being a bad dog lmaoooo). Next day, Eiichi comes to the office finally and apologizes to Futaba for the way he acted and promises to make up for it. He goes to the practice for his drama finally and hears from Fuuto that Futaba literally begged him to come back (dogeza). Eiichi feels so bad about it he ends up apologizes profusely while Fuuto teases him about being a siscon albeit Eiichi says he doesnt want to hear that from Fuuto who sent out a broadcast message congratulating his older sister (Ema) on graduating.

So finally Eiichi officially comes back and apologizes to everyone for troubling them with his problems. But thanks to that they are finally all together with Fuuto. On the day of their live performance, all six of the fortte members are finally performing. So days after that Eiichi finds Futaba alone in the office and decides he’ll do the questionnaire since she’s still there. She notices he’s staring at her a lot and asks what’s wrong. He admits he’s finally looking at her and the words she told him at his place about “watching her” stuck with him because he’d always been watching Erina. But now he’s going to properly watch her and thanks her for literally punching some sense into him lol. She apologizes again but admits he deserved it. Futaba then asks for an official handshake from him so they can continue to do their best together.

After half a year passes, Fortte continues to grow in popularity. Meanwhile, Futaba meets up with Miya and tells her about how everyone forced her to take a few days off cause she overworked herself (only in japan). Suddenly while working with Eiichi in thr dressing room, Eiichi gets a call from Erina saying she had her baby. He and Futaba rush to the hospital and meet Erina there. Eiichi sulks for her not contacting him sooner and she apologizes. He officially congradulates her and gives her a hug. Erina then thanks Futaba for all she’s done as a manager to help Eiichi. Futaba acts modest about it as usual and says it was Eiichi who helped her; they bicker at who helped who more and Erina says they’re a suitable match for each other lol.  After that, Eiichi realizes how old he feels as an uncle and Futaba teases him being called ojiisan. He then pats her head and asks if she’ll continue to stay with him and she tells him she will.

フォルティッシモ_1 (3)

One day, Ryo is stuck in traffic so he can’t make it to his interview. Futaba gets Fuuto to fill in and they encounter Matsunaga again who tells Futaba she’s changed. He teases her again and says he’ll see her later after Fuuto indirectly tells him to leave. After that, Eiichi and Futaba are invited to Ryo’s place to drink together. While Futaba helps Ryo set up his table, Eiichi plays with Ryo’s cat named Hachi. During their dinner, Ryo and Futaba have a sort of battle for affection for Eiichi with giving him drinks to choose from lmao. After that, Eiichi talks with Futaba about Ryo and how she still wonders if he accepts her as their manager. Eiichi believes he does though and as he’s about to pat her head, Futaba avoids it because of her feels. Ryo then appears and tells Eiichi to go take a bath since he’s staying over while he walks Futaba out. He tells her while waiting for her taxi to arrive that no matter what she decides to do, she’ll accept it so as long Eiichi is fine with it as well.

フォルティッシモ (5)

One day, Futaba receives a letter from Matsunaga with a scandalous picture attached to it. When she and Tsukishiro meet up with him, he shows her pics he took of her and Ryo; coming from his apartment. Since this “scandal” would ruin fortte, he blackmails Futaba to try and get her to leave Fortte and work under him instead. Tsukishiro tells her to ignore his demands but Futaba tries to leave after that. Eiichi stops her and tells her she shouldn’t go through this alone and that he won’t let things end like this. He knows she wants to stay as their manager and she agrees. So he tells her he wants to meet with Matsunaga and try to convince him not to to use the pictures.

フォルティッシモ_1 (6)

When they do meet up with him at night, Eiichi immediately asks him to not use the photos. Matsunaga refuses unless he has something better to offer and Eiichi is all, “oh boy do I have something special for you” and tells him to get his camera ready as he smooches the heck out of Futaba. After taking pictures, Eiichi tells him now he has his scoop thats better than the last but made negotiations to not use the other two pictures. Satisfied with what he has, Matsunaga leaves and both Eiichi and Futaba head to a bar. She tells him she’s happy she can stay as their manager but he may still use the image. But when that time comes it comes cause he wants Futaba with him no matter what and will do anything for that sake.


A few days later, Matsunaga backs off for the time being but Eiichi invites Futaba out alone to a quiet park. He confesses there that he’s in love with her and shares a third but more meaningful kiss with her and she tells him her feelings again as well. After that, Eiichi and Futaba have to go on a secret date at his place so they’re not seen in public. They decide to make pancakes together and finally make some decent ones after burning so many of them lol. Futaba gets fed by Eiichi and he gets cream on her mouth (on purpose) so then he licks it off lmao.

フォルティッシモ (6)
On the day of their live performance, Futaba gets a VIP seat and sits with the president who implies she knows she’s with one if the boys and calls her cinderella who changed Fortte for the better. After that, Futaba meets everyone after the performance and Eiichi secretly tells her that after the celebration he wants the two of them to meet together. They do so at Futaba’s place this time and basically make out most of the time. Eiichi tells Futaba he wants more of her and wants her all to himself and gives her more kisses after telling her he loves her.

フォルティッシモ (8)

In the 肉食エンド end,  Eiichi confesses to Futaba in an office while practicing his drama he’s to record with Erina. After that, Futaba watches Erina and Eiichi perform and gets jelly af and Erina even purposes they have tea and Futaba tries to make a million excuses as for why they shouldn’t lmao. Erina finds it cute to see Futaba jealous (as does Eiichi). That night, Futaba goes to Eiichi’s place and they watch a scary movie together. Futaba who’s scared clings onto Eiichi and he starts getting thirst so he starts making out with her and tells her to stay the night. After making some sweet love, Futaba wakes up naked beside her naked lover lmao. On the day of the live, Futaba tells Eiichi she loves him like before but he doesn’t reply “sorry” like before, he tells her he “loves her too” and she wishes him luck on stage.

フォルティッシモ (9)

In the bad end, its basically an NTR end where Eiichi and Futaba get in a fight and when Tsukishiro sees Futaba upset in the office, he basically tells her to ditch Eiichi for him since he would be a man that wouldnt let his woman cry lmao. Eiichi catches them hugging and runs off and Tsukishiro tells Futaba to not chase him and she basically starts doubting her feelings.

Thoughts: Oh,,,,,, Eiichi………. Your route started off pretty good and since he was the first route I did, it seemed like this game was going at a good pace. Then, I got to the part where he was in a fucking slump over his sister. LIKE HOLY SHIT MAN, you can fuck up an entire career for a siscon crush?? ok. AND THEN, he decides to be a dick to Futaba when she tries to HELP him. God I thought you were so kind and your sister makes you into a total douche. I mean, I know he apologized but this guy reeeeeeeally needed to chill the fuck out about his sister. Even when you finally get to the romance its all shoved in and short as balls. I thought Eiichi was pretty cute at times but I hated his thirst for his sister; it really ruined his route for me.

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