Wand of Fortune R – Review


Considering I bought this when it first came out, I probably had time to play it I just never did because I was intimidated by the system. Anyway, here’s a quick review of this game. Not super detailed cause let’s be honest I’m sure there’s tons of reivews/summaries out for this game already.

As for general story, Lulu is an energetic girl who enrolls in a magic academy called Mills Claire and must pass an exam to graduate and become an actual magician. So basically, each route involves passing the exam whereas most scenes are just random events during the weeks you plan. Let me just say this system was a pain in the ass. I can see why people hate it so much. I know it was worse in the previous versions but they still make it pretty tedious for a VN.


Noel Valmore – I ended up doing him first and wow this guy makes me laugh my ass off. Noel strives to become a great magician and while he acts like he’s this super smart obnoxious guy he’s actually gullible af and always buys knock off items thinking they’re rare lmao. He’s got a really competitive relationship with Julius (who doesn’t even really realize it) because he has nothing better to do lol. Anyway, in his route, there’s a suspicious Poupe (these clay servant things) that is the key to passing the exam. Noel gets a fortune told by a fortune teller and she tells him that his armlet will basically be the death of him if he keeps using it. This makes Noel super depressed and almost gives up on taking the exam but Lulu manages to cheer him up after hugging him and telling him he’s not worthless. So she and Noel manage to catch the Poupe and Noel hugs it in order to help it (and obtain the medal to pass the exam) from it. In the end, it takes the shape of Noel and Lulu decides to call it Rueno (Noeru backwards lmao). In the end, Noel FINALLY confesses to Lulu in the most dorky way ever lol.


FD – In the FD part, Noel keeps buying shit that curses him but Lulu is impressed by him anyway haha. Unfortunately Noel is too pure and a timid moe so he doesn’t know how the heck to make a move. Lulu tries holding hands with him at any opportunity she has but he’s too shy and always tries to avoid it by saying they should focus on studying and nO romANCE. Alvaro sees him in distress and gives him a love potion that’ll make him suave and smooth. He ends up taking it because what are ya gonna do and says some really OOC stuff to Lulu making her shit herself and when he tries to kiss her she ends up whacking him in the face. He then apologizes later but admits he’s just too SHY and has no confidence so he didnt know how to approach Lulu. Sooo they finally share their first kiss in the garden (little do they know they’re being watched). So when they get back to the dorms everyone grats him on becoming a MAN and Noel flips his lid.


Julius Fortner – I seriously thought this guy would be more of a ladies man before I first started playing but I mean, I was half right. He’s popular alright but he’s also a magic maniac and pretty dense when it comes to romance. This is why he kind of reminds me of a super energetic kid sometimes since he’s super obsessed with different/unique kinds of magic to the point of where he doesn’t even sleep cause he’s too busy studying lol. This is one of the reasons he’s always interested in Lulu’s magic (and her failures). In his route, Lulu and Julius have to solve the mystery of the magic cock since it has the medal to pass the exam. In almost catching it though, Julius ends up fucking up while doing magic to stop it and it almost attacks him. Thing is, if you look into its eyes you’ll get paralyzed and when Lulu tries to intervene she ends up getting paralyzed herself. Julius is super depressed because of this and vows to help her. In the meanwhile, Lulu gets a spell done on her by Vania so she can move temporarily in order to solve it once and for all. She convinces him to get his shit together so they can pass this exam and figure out a way to stop it. In the end, they kill the cock and Lulu’s is all good again and passes the exam. In the epilogue, Julius confesses to Lulu a million times by saying “I love you” over and over lol.


FD – In the FD part, Julius can’t keep his hands of Lulu in the library and instead of studying he wants to cuddle her all day lol. But Lulu just can’t handle it and when he kisses her she gets upset and runs away. From then on she avoids Julius for as long as possible until he summons her from the mirror and begs Lulu to talk to him and forgive him. He admits he didnt know what it meant for her to want to have her special ‘first kiss’ so then Lulu forgives him. Julius makes it up by them going on a date together and making up their first kiss by having it when the sunset. I felt like Lulu was out of character here, she’s all over the tsun and moe guys but when its someone who tries to get all over her she’s the complete opposite. I guess it has to be one or the other??


Lagi el Nagil – Basically Natsu Dragneel (same seiyuu and all) except he can actually turn into a dragon when he’s approached by girls. Thanks to this, he gets super hungry and has to eat to return back to normal. And as most fiery tsuns he loves lots of  肉. Lagi actually can’t use magic (so he uses his sword) but attends Mills Claire to try and fix the fact he can’t control when he turns into a dragon. In his route, Lulu and Lagi have to catch a little fire salamander but Lagi has struggles of whether or not he wants to live among the dragons or the humans which is why his powers are so wonky. Lulu doesn’t want him to though and Bilal convinces him to be a man & make a choice. In the end, Lulu manages tries fight the salamander and just as it almost attacks her, Lagi intervenes and powers up into a giant DrAGoN. Yes, finally he got what he wanted. So Lulu passes the exam after getting the medal and in the epilogue, Lagi finally confesses his love for Lulu. They hug and because Lagi gets super embarrassed he ends up turning into a dragon again lol.


FD – In the FD part, Lagi is basically really non-bf material cause he has the romance experience of a wall. He ends up upsetting Lulu because she wants to hug him and he doesn’t so she sulks for a while until he finally mans up and LITERALLY comes crashing into the girl’s dormitory to apologize for being an ass. So they make up in the garden where Lagi finally kisses Lulu for the first time and NEARLY SUFFOCATES HER LOL. And turns into a dragon anyway because its too much for him to handle.


Est Rinaudo – The dark shotachan who has forbidden PoWERs. Est is a child prodigy who excels in all magic. Lulu actually does treat him like a kid most of the time so he gets fussy af about it since he finds her annoying half the time lol. I honestly thought Est would be really annoying but he was actually quite cute for a kuudere. It takes some time for Lulu to warm up to him but he’s really moe when she does. For the final exam, there’s this rumored dark knight that’s the key to solving the exam. Est manages to find it and opens up a portal to a dark alternate dimension of Mills Claire and gets sucked in. Lulu despairs to find Est has gone MIA in the darkNESS so she decides she’ll study up and open the portal herself to SAVE EST. So she does it and finds him in the dark dimension and  Est has some hidden dark secrets that he finally reveals. He was apparently a “failed experiment” that was created by the ‘Ancient Ones’. This is why he can use all magic no problem. He actually believes he’s meant to stay in the dark forever and envies Lulu who’s so cheerful while he’s emo af. He basically implies he’s gonna stay there and get Lulu out which Lulu DOES NOT WANT. Regardless, his plan to stay in the dark is for naught, because when he opens the portal to exit, Lulu literally grabs him and takes him with her and says she loves him so she ain’t gonna let him fall into the DARKNESS. So Lulu passes the exam and literally FORCES Est to CONFESS and when he does its pretty darn cute.


FD – Lulu is so thirsty w/ Est its so hilarious. Every five seconds she’s jumping on top of the guy and telling him how much she loves him. Est is suuuuper dere and tsun about it but just lets it happen lmao. So Est ends up getting sick but doesn’t tell Lulu about it so she gets super worried and goes to see him. When she does, he’s wrapped up in his blankets and coughing up a storm. She tells him how worried she was and helps take care of him even when he tells her to leave so she doesn’t get sick lol. She does end up getting sick though haha. Lulu then tells him she wants some lurve cause she’s always giving him some sugar but she’s not getting a lot from him. So he kisses her and gets super shy about it loolll. Est is a cutie.


Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald (sweet god why is your name so long) – Bilal is an arabian prince from a country called ‘Faranbald’. He’s apparently attending Mills Claire to learn water magic in order to restore the drought that has forsaken his hometown. Idk I feel like I heard this before with many foreign type characters?? Anyway, he also talks in a gaijin accent aka sloW japanese (I found this annoying to sit through at times). In the final exam, Lulu and Bilal find the lake is blood red and Cynthia + her friends are in a coma. This is all because of a water spirit (who’s name I actually forgot lmao) who cursed them because she’s got nothing better to do. Lulu and Bilal greet her and she says the curse will end in 10 years when she dead but thats actually just a month in human time. Bilal keeps trying to get Lulu to give up since he doesn’t want her to deal with this shaman magic voodoo crap but Lulu tells him no they’re partners and they’re gonna do it together whether he likes it or not. Lulu goes to the lake herself and the spirit asks if Bilal is her lover, otherwise she’ll have him lol. This makes Lulu realize her FEELS & wants to see Bilal. When she does, he actually confesses to her and asks her to be his wife (which is fine with her) and they kiss. After that, they go fight the water spirit and win. The water spirit also starts a contract w/ Bilal so she chills w/ him and Lulu in the epilogue.


FD – Bilal is thirst for Lulu as usual and even has her lay on him on a couch where everyone can see lmao. But the problem is that Lulu ain’t woman enough for Bilal  lmao because whenever Bilal tries to make love to her and say they must get married she gets all  flustered. This makes Bilal feel she’s not ready because she’s still too “childish” and he’s a macho man ready for McLovin. So basically Bilal starts to act more distant and when Lulu finally asks him whats up he admits he feels like she’s not ready. But Lulu tells him she is ready she’s just embarrassed but WANTS HIM NAO. So they make love by a river and Lulu finally lets him have what he wants.


Alvaro Garay – Always gotta have that one character that is more than meets the eye (esp when they put on this flirty facade). Alvaro is your typical flirt who tells Lulu things like “oh I love you” “you’re cute” blah blah blah. But the catch is that he’s really just a liar and does this shit cause he’s bored. He hates to be bored too so he finds Lulu the one interesting thing in Mills Claire. ANYWAY, all the fun shit he loves to do is just for kicks, this guy is actually some assassin/spy guy who’s from this organization called the GUILD (how original). During the exam, he goes along with being Lulu’s partner and pretends to help her try and solve the exam, but he ends up stealing the medal she needs to pass. His clothes also change and hair color to black… lol how did he do that. He goes MIA for a bit and Lulu finds him again and he puts a curse on her that basically makes them share their lives. So if he gets hurt, she does too and vice versa. This prevents the teachers from intervening so Lulu has no choice but to accept. After getting over her depression of realizing it was all a lie, she challenges Alvaro to a duel to end it once and for all. She ends up studying up and learns a new curse of her own. This curse actually makes their lives permanently shared so they’re stuck with each other. In the epilogue, Lulu promises she’s gonna make Alvaro fall in love with her & he’s like ok… not like he has much of a choice but to be stuck w/ her.


FD –  This route was really super short but it honestly just kinda confused me?? You can tell there’s more to this guy but thats left to the sequel obvs. Basically Alvaro starts getting bored of Lulu so he fools around and says he’ll leave if she doesn’t entertain him. He goes around w/ his black hair making Lulu feels sad. So she goes out to look for him when he disappears and pinches his cheeks telling him t o st a p his bs and so he gives in and she tells him she’s gonna keep telling him she likes him until he does. So he kisses her saying it should be fine since she likes him anyway.


Elbert Levine – Elbert is one of the sensei in Mills Claire who’s very timid and shy and has a reeeally low self-esteem. He even talks to his own plants because he’s lonely af. Whenever Lulu tries to hang with him he always tries to tell her she should hang with students instead cause he’s just a boring person (but also because he’s really iffy about student/teacher relationship lol). Unfortunately for him, Lulu don’t gaf and wants to spend time with him anyway. When Lulu takes her exam, she decides to do it alone since she doesn’t know who the heckie to pick as her partner. But then she thinks, “hey sensei why dont you be my partner?” and well Elbert declines and says it should be a student. Soooo Lulu tries to figure out the exam herself and ends up spilling a sort of gas that wilts Elbert’s plants. Elbert helps in time and ends up feeling bad so he decides to work with her for her exam. While they don’t actually solve it (since Elbert basically does all the work) the other sensei let Lulu try again next time. In the epilogue, Lulu confesses her love for Elbert and wants a date NOW. Elbert gets super flustered but accepts her feelings lol. In the FD, Lulu hangs out with sensei in his room and sneaks a kiss on him whereas he flips tf out because he intended to kiss her on the cheek lol.


Amy Salovaara – Amy is Lulu’s roommate and the first friend Lulu makes at Mills Claire. Amy’s family is known for star reading but Amy has always been self-conscious about it and doesn’t have confidence when it comes to her ability because there’s a lot of pressure with her grandma being a pro and all. When Lulu ends up not picking a partner, Amy feels bad and decides she’ll help and try her best. She tries using her crystal ball but it ends up breaking and it knocks her out. When she wakes up, she feels like crap and believes she’s no good at all. Fortunately, the fortune teller lets her know she has a power within and gives her a special bell to use as her special item. But Lulu doesn’t pass the exam so Amy explains and pleads for them to allow Lulu a second chance. Fortunately they allow it and in the epilogue, Lulu & Amy stay best friends and watch the stars together. In the FD, they plant flowers together and promise to stay friends forever.

Story –  I’ll admit that this game doesn’t particularly have a full-fledged story but it’s definitely full of a cute and fun elements. I really like the magician setting and the fact they attend a magic school but I would’ve liked more plot in general? I guess there’s a sequel for that but it was a sort of repetitive scheme where you pick a partner –> take exam –> finish exam. The downside is that this game is very short (the FD included) and it feels like after struggling to get to the events (while going through the horrid system) the route is left being very short.

Characters – The characters in this game are super fun & cute; definitely the charm of this game. They all have really unique personalities so there’s a lot to choose from.  I particularly liked Noel but Est (as kuudere as he was) was pretty cute too especially when he warms up to Lulu. Noel in general was just hilarious and everything he did made me laugh. Lulu makes for a great heroine who doesn’t take shit (and is very dominate in terms of personality) so she made for a cute couple with the majority of the boys and handled them all very well.

Visuals/System – Okay, first of all, this is a port with adjustments to the system and new beautiful CGs. The visuals are great in terms of Usuba’s art but there are inconsistencies when you see old art vs. new art. I personally would’ve preferred if all the CGs were redone since it would’ve made for a much better experience. But of course, this is Otomate and recycling assets would be much easier than remaking an entire game (but new sprites would’ve been great). As for the system, I think this game’s ‘infamous’ system is pretty known to anyone who’s heard or played this game. I HATED to the point where I almost didn’t want to play because it was annoying af to have to reschedule over and over and the who RNG for triggering dates/buying items until you get that special pull thing that allows you to always pull the right one but you get it at the very end which makes no sense??? There’s nothing fun about this system because its like it’s trying to feel like a dating sim with a stat build but its not?? BUT THATS NOT ALL. There’s also the card game that frustrated me to high hells. You had to play these games OVER AND OVER and some had patterns you could catch to easily win but others didn’t and it only made it more frustrating when I pulled the wrong card. They should’ve just trashed the system entirely because it adds nothing but frustration to this game. Lastly, there’s the audio. They redid new lines for the characters saying Lulu’s name, but it sounds off when you hear it alongside the original audio.

Music – The music reminded me a lot of Mario Party sometimes lol. It wasn’t particularly memorable for me since some of it repeated so much I got sick of it because of the system but I really like the opening theme because its super catchy.

Final Thoughts:  I really did enjoy this game albeit I hate the system. I actually bought this game when it came out but I never got around to playing it and it was sitting there for the longest time until I had nothing to play and no backlog. I still felt like it was too short and needed more actual plot but I guess that’s probably what WOF2 is for. Although I very disappointed if I do decide to buy the sequel, it only comes with WOF2 and not the WOF2 FD which makes no sense to me unless they plan to bundle it all together into one PS4 game. But then again, it seems like Otomate gave up on PS4 so maybe it’d be better to just play WOF2.  I wrote this before the Switch announcement but I’m guessing if they do port WOF, it’ll be on switch? That would be nice.


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