Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Review/Summary


The long awaited fandisk of Collar x Malice!! It takes place after the original game when the X-day incident had been resolved (and of course some side stories with sub characters and Adonis).

non-spoiler thoughts

Starts with Rei talking to someone and giving him files of all the Detectice Agency members (including Shirashi whom is a spy). He tells him to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, the point of view switches to Ichika. It takes place five days prior to Ichika getting the collar on her neck and meeting everyone. So Ichika is about to go home before she hears a sound on her collar. No one speaks but then there’s a knock at the door and Okazaki comes in to introduce someone named Chisato Tachibana. He immediately asks to talk to them and as everyone tries to push him away they finally sit down and listen. He tells them he believes one of his friends are involved in Adonis and went missing 5 days ago. His name is Shota Matsushima and as evidence he shows a letter he found in his room similar to the one they also got from Adonis. So after discussing, they decide to investigate since its supposedly their only lead to gathering info on Adonis.

From here, Ichika has the option to investigate different areas. When going with Takeru and Mineo, they go to the apartment to investigate the computer and general area of the room. While Takeru tries to hack in the PC, Ichika has growing suspicions of Chisato when he mentions Takeru growing up in a foreign country and acting like he told him. After Ichika figures out a code in the computer, Takeru realizes its a trap but before they can do anything Ichika is knocked unconscious. When they wake up, Chisato threatens to kill Ichika and Takeru stops him. He talks until he buys time for Mineo to show up but he ends up escaping anyway after telling them everything he did was for the purpose of “testing” them.

When going with Mineo, they investigate the apartment. There, Aiji realizes the apartment was barely lived in. The power goes out and then Chisato makes a run for it while Aiji chases him. Mineo stays and helps Ichika hide. With Kei, Ichika goes with him to investigate near the apartment. Kei begins to suspect Chisato and when Ichika gets a call from Yanagi, he reveals himself and ends up fighting with Kei. Although, Kei manages to pin him down and have him taken into custody. With Shiraishi, Ichika goes with Chisato to take the letter that was sent to him and gives it to him for analysis.  Shiraishi ends up asking him questions for suspection reasons and eventually after Aiji calls they realize he’s part of Adonis and he leaves. Ichika wants to stop him but Shiraishi tells her to let hik go. After that Shiraishi tells Ichika a bit about his past and Ichika (feeling like her past was a bit similar) pats his head after feeling bad.  In the end, Rei confronts Zero to deal with Takeru who could possibly remove the collar or figure out where they’re hiding. But Zero tells him to leave them be and Rei realizes their paths are changing.


Takeru (CV: Daisuke Namikawa) Ichika is texting Takeru to ask where he is and he tells her he’ll meet her soon. He also calls her “his girl” in his text so Ichika tries to come up with a sort of text affirming it but can’t do it out of embarrassment. She then hears a voice telling her to text it but she explains Takeru would tease her for it not knowing that the one behind her was Takeru all along lmao. He tells her she should be more wary of her surroundings since he easily snuck up on her but she says its because she’s so familar with him already lol. So Takeru now works in the cyber department of the Police under Minegishi and Ichika still works at Shinjuku station. All the meanwhile, Takeru is investigating a gun trade that may have caused some shootings in Japan (after the fact guns are now banned again in Japan).

So during Takeru’s lunch break he texts Ichika but realizes he and her are so busy with work sometimes its like they’re in a long distance relationship lol. Ichika is secretly a bit lonely about it but is very happy with Takeru. So Okazaki visits Takeru on his lunch break to say hi and bother him lol. He asks about his work but then shifts to trying to talk about his relationship with Ichika. He can tell she’s clearly lonely and Takeru tells them how they’ve been busy at work so barely have had the time to see each other. He leaves after giving him some advice (even tho Takeru didnt want it lol) to make sure Ichika doesn’t feel too lonely.


On one of Takeru’s days off after not seeing Ichika for a few week, they finally go on their promised date. Unfortunately, Takeru acts strange the whole time and finally while sitting on a bench Ichika figures out that Takeru has a fever. He then collapses onto her lap after finally enduring it for so long lmao.  When he wakes up he’s back in his bed after Ichika helped support him back to his apartment. She asks why he hid the fact he was sick and he embarrassingly says its because if he told her she’d want to put off the date and then they couldn’t be together if that happened (b’awww 😂😂😂 Takeru u bby). She pats his head and asks if he wants her to pick something up at the convenience store and tells her he wants her LOL and asks her to stay with him (in a very pleading way unlike Takeru ww). She of course tells him she’ll stay with him and so she does until he falls asleep.


After getting over his sickness, Takeru goes over to Ichika’s place and is greeted by Kazuki almost shutting the door in his face lmao. He says he has something to tell him and then it switches back to Ichika’s POV. She finds out that Takeru wanted her to live with him for a few weeks and Kazuki was pretty chill about it since he was going to be out sjngjng songs anyway. So Ichika starts living at Takeru’s place and they even cook together while Takeru’s forced to wear a frilly pink apron 😂. Meanwhile while Takeru takes a bath, he comes out half naked and Ichika stands there gaping at his body. He tells her to take a long look since he noticed she was staring so much at him lmao.


Next day while Ichika is at work she hears Mochida talking about his wife and baby in an excited manner and so Ichika starts imagining Takeru talking about his child in the same way (if he hypothetically had a kid with her lmao) which is far from what she can imagine lol. So during her break Ichika runs into her friend Sakuragawa who wants to know all the details about their relationship after finding out about it. So she forces her and Takeru to talk over drinks and asks what the heck made her date Takeru as well his most likeable features lmao. Ichika says its his cute appearance and Takeru tells her to get her eyes checked lmaoo. She then goes on to embarrass Takeru by saying how cute he is hugging a pillow or eating donuts like a hamster LOL.


After that, Ichika starts worrying about Kazuki being at home by himself so she considers visiting him even after he texted saying he’s fine. She tells this to Takeru but he tells her its stupid to visit him and that she should leave him and trust him to take care of himself and not baby him. But Ichika is persistent and tries to keave before Takeru stops her (with a kabe-don). He tells her she only wants to visit him for her own satisfaction. So he tells her to do what she wants but to not bother coming back to his place if she leaves. So next say Takeru and Ichika’s relations are a bit strained due to their argument and while Takeru is at work he keeps thinking about how he fucked up the conversation and felt he may have been insensitive.


Minegishi notices that Takeru is acting strange and asks if he got in a fight with Ichika. Takeru acts like its nothing but then Minegishi pretends he’s gonna ask Ichika out for dinner so his mood completely switches. Minegishi then goes on a speech about how Takeru has changed since he came to the MPD and how he used to always talkes shit about the police not doing their jobs properly. After reminiscing, an alarm on Takeru’s PC goes off to indicate that the gun trader he’s been trying to capture is trying to buy guns off his fake site so he goes back to work and worries about it later.

Meanwhile, Ichika goes to Kazuki’s concert alone. She meets with him and after it, she tells him she got in an argument with Takeru. Albeit Kazuki already understands the situation because he was the one who told Takeru that he wanted to use this chance of Ichika living with Takeru to show Ichika he was okay to live on his own. He already knows that Takeru and Ichika will eventually live together so he wants to have his own independence as well. Plus Takeru told him he’ll take good care of his sister since she’s important to him too 😊. Albeit, Takeru didn’t mention this which confused Kazuki. So Kazuki wishes her all the best but tells her if she cares about him she should stay with Takeru.


After Ichika leaves, she finds an abandoned puppy while it starts pouring. Meanwhile Takeru finishes up his work and heads home after spending the night at work for 2 days. He comes home to Ichika who tries to tell him about the dog she brought home but he cuts her off to say she wants to talk. So she immediately makes dinner and a special donut for him. Takeru admits he’s bad at admiting when he’s wrong so he awkwardly apologizes and so they make up. Takeru then hears a bark and he thinks its Ichika at first LMAO until a dog appears and jumps into his arms. Ichika is afraid he’d be mad but instead he’s happy to see the dog and acts friendly to it, much to her surprise. He says he’ll name it “Ichika” and Ichika herself starts getting jealous of the dog making Takeru laugh his ass off lmao.


After they stop playing with the dog and it falls asleep Takeru tells Ichika that he’ll give her any type of reward for being away for 2 days. Ichika thinks hard and suddenly yells out for him to love her lmao. He teases her and says he’ll do whatever she wants and then finally Ichika requests she wants to go on a date. So Takeru decides they should go traveling and so they end up going to America so Takeru and Ichika visit New York. When they do, Takeru warns American food is heavy so after eating Ichika is super stuffed lmao. They then go sight seeing to places like Central Park and see the statue of liberty. After that, Takeru goes to get drinks for them and an American guy comes up to Ichika asking her questions in English like if she has a brother or sister. Ichika can’t really respond since she doesnt know english and so Takeru then arrives to save the day saying he’s her lover not brother lmaooo.


After that, Ichika asks why Takeru wanted to visit America considering his bad memories with it and then he takes Ichika to a grave. There, he pays respects to his mothers grave and tells Ichika he probably never would’ve visited without her. They go on to talk about how America relies on guns (to the point where a kid can get a gun) as their “justice” while Japan is the opposite. But even though Takeru does feel resentment towards the one who killed his mother, the guy already died to Takeru no longer has any ties to him in terms of seeking revenge. But if something were to happen to Ichika he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t want to kill whoever did it so he tells her to keep living for his sake and always be with him and she tells him she’ll do the same.


When they get back to Japan Takeru pinpoints the gun traders and manages to hack into their location and scare them off where they eventually get caught. Meanwhile at Takeru’s place, they finally found the owner of the dog that they’ve been taking care of so they have it for one last night. Ichika is about to leave but doesn’t want to so she ends up telling Takeru to give her a reason to stay. Takeru then turns off the light and kisses her asking her if she wanted to make him stay. Just before they can continue, his phone goes off, runing the moment. Takeru tries to ignore it, but Ichika persuades him to go since she thinks he’s a great policeman lol.


In the epilogue, its Takeru’s birthday and Kazuki js wondering why the heck he’s he’s there. Takeru then asks him for his approval for having Ichika and says his opinion the most important for her family. He says yes and tells Ichika he actually plans on moving out soon to become a solo artist before leaving to go out. Takeru then proposes to Ichika after confessing his undying love and gives her a pretty neckless. In the normal end, Takeru is doing work business abroad in New York and sends Ichika a video telling her to wait for him.


Thoughts: I did Takeru’s route first because it was the first route I did in the original game so I wanted to go the same path in terms of routes. Anyway, Takeru’s route was very satisfying! The theme was about moving in together since Ichika had moved in with him for a chunk of it and then there was Kazuki finding his own independence. I really like Takeru and Kazuki’s relationship cause they grow on each other and end up being a hilarious duo lol. In the original game you don’t see a lot of Takeru’s sweet side and his vulnerable side (especially when he was sick) that scene just made me melt (¬‿¬). I also like how there was more about his own closure with his past and the whole sequence of him going to NYC was really hilarious and cute. Obvs you got plenty of teasing which was great if you’re a Takeru fan. There’s also plenty of cute scenes. Overall, I was really pleased with his route.


Mineo (CV: Soma Saitou) Ichika invites Mineo on the roof to eat lunch with her which he happily agrees to. Mineo also no longer wears his eyepatch since working with the police since he’s not allowed to on duty. He now lives near Ichika and wants her to rely on him more so he creates scenarios (like there being a spider) and tells her she should be scared call him for help 😂. So during their lunch breaks they meet on the roof and Ichika shares her bento she made with Mineo. She ends up feeding him which makes Mineo flip his lid and admit she’s the first girl to ever feed him like that 😊. Kotoho then appears hearing all their mushy middle school talk and tells them to get married already lol.


After that, Mineo goes on his patrol and they catch a guy speeding on the sidewalk and chase him down. After catching him, Ichika receives a suspicious phone call with someone claiming Adonis will have judgement on someone. Ichika radios this to the police and so Mineo goes to check it out. He ends up finding the woman named Yuka Someya who was targeted. Apparently she was bullied at school so tells Mineo that may be the motive for the criminal. However, he doesn’t think its actually Adonis since its involving high school drama. Meanwhile, Ichika is being pressed by citizens calling their office since the city is now in a frenzy thanks to this “adonis” criminal.


After Ichika comes home from her long day at work she immediately comes home to fall right asleep. When she was up, she overhears Kazuki and Mineo in the kitchen making breakfast together and talking about cheering Ichika up somehow since she’s been working hard. They also talk about Akito and how Mineo told Kazuki to not give up playing his guitar since he knows Akito wouldnt have wanted that. Just as Mineo decides to wake up Ichika, she rushes back to her bed and pretends to be asleep. So after “waking her up” Kazuki and him show her the meal they prepared for her and eat it together.


After that, Ichika walks with Mineo to work and tells him she feels as if she’s not doing enough for the citizens. Mineo flicks her forehead tells her to rely on her more if she’s upset or down. Apparently he poked her forehead a bit hard so it made a red mark and he feels so bad he kisses her forehead to make it feel better. Okazaki then appears interrupting their moment and says he saw everything making Mineo embarrassed as usual lmao. After work, Mineo is asked to come to the hospital since the victim, Yuka, often wants to talk to him since he saved her during the incident.

Meanwhile, Ichika talks to Takeru and Yanagi to ask about the incident. They don’t believe its actually her Adonis and think whoever the criminal is, they want attention. They also remind Ichika that its Mineo’s birthday soon so she tries to come up with some present ideas on her way home. Meanwhile, Mineo visits Yuka and she talks about how it seemingly Adonis who’s caused the incident. But Mineo tells her its likely not Adonis and rather it may be somehiw she knows. She seems rather disappointed by this so after he leaves, he has a culprit in mind but no evidence to back it up. After having further suspicions, he goes to Yanagi to ask for advice. Ichika also gets an email from Mineo telling her to meet him at the shooting range in the morning.


After she does, he informs her of whom he suspects is the criminal but needs more evidence tp prove it. So they want to wait until Yuka is discharged from the hospital until they make their move.  So Ichika escorts Yuka home while she constantly tries to shop. Ichika insists she go home but she refuses to and even tries to run away from Ichika at one point. Ichika tells her to be careful since she could be attacked again but she tells her she’s already been judged so there’s no need. This is when Mineo appears and explains that Adonis would indeed considered those “judged” are “free from sin” hence why she was the one who did it by harming herself. After realizing she’d been caught she flips out before Ichika pins her to the ground telling her to calm down. Apparently her name was written on this Adonis judgement wall and so before something happened to her she figured it would be better to do it herself. Mineo then yells at her to know better than to do stupid shit like that.


After this whole situation is resolved Mineo and Ichika finally go on a long awaited date at the zoo. Mineo tells Ichika about a rumored hummingbird there that said to ensure happiness so they spend hours looking for it while enjoying looking at tigers and bunnies (lmao tiger & bunny). As the sunsets and they’re about to give up, they find it up on a pillar. Mineo then realizes he’s super happy with his girl Ichika and gives her an unexpected smooch ❤. After this, Ichika and Mineo meet with Kazuki and his band friend Isshiki. He thanks them for helping him before and they talk over pizza and chicken.


Mineo takes Ichika back to his place and the atmosphere is awkward for awhile until Mineo speaks up. He tells her they may have sad experiences while working in the police but wants to continue doing so. Before anything can happen though, Mineo gets a call from work and has to leave. Ichika stays the night and so she makes him Miso in the morning. On Mineo’s birthday Ichika makes him a roll cake and sushi. For her gift she gives him a shoulder bag and he tells her that this is the best birthday he’s ever had lol. She then decides to give him his final gift (aka her lol) and asks if she can stay the night with him (boi is gettin laid tonite ✌👀👀👀). Mineo flips out but then agrees to it and so he goes to take a shower.

While he’s in the shower a girl calls Mineo making Ichika wondering who it could be. When Mineo comes out of the shower and she tells him he tells her its someone very cute and special. It immediately becomes a misunderstanding and Ichika thinks its some woman and starts getting jealous and ready to leave. Mineo is clueless until finally she says their name and Mineo tells her its his sister. Turns out Mineo never told Ichika her name so he figured she knew who she was. So all is normal again and Ichika decide she wants to sleep with Mineo tonight. So they do but Mineo gets thirst and they (prob) make love that night.


When they get up Mineo gets Ichika to qear a scarf to hide hickie marks but Kotoho notices there’s something up and when she realizes it (thanks to Mineo), Ichika flips out and runs away. Mineo, feeling bad, consults Yanagi and Mineo and they tell him to just apologize and be himself. Takeru loses his patience with him though after he tips over his donuts 😂. After that, Ichika goes out with Kotoha and Mukai only to get a call from Mineo saying he’s coming to see her. He comes running to her with flowers in hands and basically proposes to her in front of everyone there lmao.


In the epilogue, they visit Mineo’s family and walk alongside the beach.


Thoughts: I always expect a lot of comedy with Mineo and this route didn’t disappoint. Mineo was super cute and funny the entire time. Especially since half the time he was flipping out over everything lmao. This route had a lot to do with Mineo’s growth and maturity while going back to the police. I’m glad they didn’t end up having a whole thing about a “misunderstanding” when Mineo’s sister called. I would’ve def liked to see what Mineo’s sister looked like though… I’m surprised we didn’t get to find out. Anyway, their scenes together are so innocent cause Mineo is super innocent lmao.


Kei (CV: Yuki Kaji) A few months after the X-day incidents were over (and after Ichika was discharged from the hospital) Kei is already horny and making out with Ichika. They make plans for a date since Kei has been very busy as of lately and before he goes to work, they play a compliment game where they say things about each other they like. On Kei’s way to work he meets up with Yoshinari who teases him about being  ラブラブ w/ Ichika and so they gives him a classic choke hold. Kei is now back at his job of guarding government officials after the whole Adonis incident. Meanwhile, Ichika talks with Saeki and he finds out she has a boyfriend now. So before going out for drinks he tells her it’d probably be best to get permission of her boyfriend first. When she does, Okazaki is okay with it albeit secretly feels jealous.


Finally it’s the day of Okazaki and Ichika’s date. Okazaki unexpectedly comes to pick Ichika up at her apartment instead of meeting at the station since he couldn’t wait. They make plans to go to the planetarium and then the aquarium. But before that a rando criminal on a motorcycle decides to grab someone’s purse and ride off with it. Kei catches him just in time though by throwing a can at his hand and making him crash. The pickpocket takes out a knife and then Kei grabs him and pins him to the ground. Unfortunately, this whole situation ruins Ichika’s date with Kei since he has to go to the police to explain the situation. Ichika is also worried Kei may still be careless in regardless to risking his life.


So after that Kei suggests they go to his place to watch a movie instead. They watch a horror movie together while Ichika sits on Kei’s lap lol. After it, Ichika again feels uneasy about Kei and reveals to him she’s still worried he’s not being cautious. But he assures him he is and apologizes for making her worry. She makes him promise to take care of himself. So finally Ichika goes out for drinks with Saeki and he reveals to her that he’s leaving the police to see his family who lives far away. Ichika is sad to hear this but supports him fully and so they drink for a while after that. Eventually Kei appears after Ichika doesn’t respond to her texts and so Kei is formally introduced to Saeki. He invites Kei to chat with them and they get along pretty well and start embarrassing Ichika lol.


After that, Kei realizes he feels slightly jealous of the bond she and Saeki share but she admits even she is jealous of his and Yoshinari’s in the same way. Regardless she only loves him and so he asks her to call him by his first name from now on. The next day, Ichika is asked by Kotoho to go to some fancy party Mukai invited her to and she tells them she’ll think about it. Later, Ichika phones Kei about it and tells him all about her day and how she was invited to this party. Kei is also given an assignment where he has to attend a fancy party to protect a government official. So they both end up attending the same party coincidentally.


So during the party, Ichika is harassed by some drunk rich guy and gets help by Kei who didn’t know who she was at first since she was all dressed up.  He immediately leaves after that feeling bad about not complementing her yet and hunts down a guy who was planning an attack at the party caused a blackout. After catching him, he goes to meet Ichika again and tells her that her dress suits her and she looks beautiful. After making the right decision in apprehending the attacker, Kei promises he won’t be so reckless and will continue to change for the better and tells her to continue to stay with him as he kisses her hand.


So one day Ichika invites Kei to dinner at her place. He thinks its for a special occasion but she tells him she just made it because she wanted to. She then asks more about Kei and his past and he tells her. When was an only child and grew up as a smart kid so he was easily able to obtain his dream of becoming a SP. But then things changed after the prime minister assassination attempt and that’s when he had the obsession of not losing anyone else he cared about. But now things are different and he wants to be strong and live for Ichika. He asks about her family but he tells him they’re fairly strict and kind of distant much like Kazuki. Albeit she knows she’ll feel lonely once Kazuki eventually moves out and so Kei suggests he become her family.


Just before he says anything though he collapses on her from the alcohol and decides to take a rest on her lap lol. He tells tells her he loves her and then she responds in the same way and points out his good points. This makes Kei embarrassed which is rare for Ichika to see and for the first time he’s at a lost for words lol. He tells her he’s still scared of “love” and all that and wants to connect with her even more so Ichika suggests they get married lol. So Ichika relays the story of what happened dueing this time to Mukai, Kotoha, Yanagi, and Mineo at the bar. She tells him all that Kei said he never had thoughts of marriage before. They basically form a new hate alliance (to replace Shiraishi lol) for Okazaki thanks to this.


Meanwhile, Kei discusses what happened with Yoshinari and reveals he actually bought a ring for Ichika but didn’t intend on purposing to her. He admits he really doesn’t want to think about it. Yoshinari gets sick of hearing his shit so he whacks him twice before telling him to get his shit together and stop always using work as an excuse for his problems. Ichika almost misunderstands and thinks Kei is avoiding her (and cheating on her) until she realizes she misunderstood a conversation Yoshinari was having with Kazuki. So finally Ichika and Kei meet up after a while and he invites her to his place where he made her food as a surprise.


He admits he was scared of not knowing he’d be able to make her happy if she married him and always wanted to be with her 24/7 but knows realistically that isn’t possible lol. So he admits he doesn’t mind getting married eventually he just wants some time to recollect himself. Ichika tells him she didn’t need to get married right away anyway and just want to have a closer connection to him. He promises to continue to be with her and then gives her the ring he meant to give her before and it fits her perfectly. He tells her he was super embarrassed while telling her all this and they lay down together. They then kiss and argue who loves who more lmao.


In the epilogue, they go to a planetarium and after hold hands while Kei repeatedly calls Ichika by her name and says how much he loves her lol.


Thoughts: I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Kei. His personality irked the hell out of me in the original game. Albeit, the plot of his after story is him changing and not being that same old reckless SP guy who was willing to give up his life so easily. Which made his route decent in terms of his personality but alas… I’m just not that interested in him as a whole. Regardless of what I think though, I think fans of him would be happy with his route. He gets a lot of fluff and romance with Ichika because he’s like a puppy who needs attention lol.


Shiraishi (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) A year after the Adonis incident, Ichika is back working at the police department. The ringleader of Adonis was revealed to be Saeki after his death was confirmed. Ichika had killed him before finding out his identity so this left her feeling guilty because she didn’t realize she killed her friend. But Mochida assures her she made the right decision and gives her words of encouragement. So while Ichika goes up on the roof she reads a letter sent by Shiraish to Yanagi asking about her. He refers to her as his “black cat” and asks how she’s dojng and whatnot. Three months had passed since Ichika had separated from Shiraishi and she wonders what he’s doing now.

In a flashback, Shiraishi as a younger child talks with Rei about having a dream. Shiraishi claims he doesn’t have one but then admits he wants to become someone more special than he is now. Shirashi wakes up after this dream in what he’s now being held in a holding facility after revealing everything he knew about Adonis to the police. This helped the police arrest and pinpoint other Adonis members. Thanks to this, he wasn’t prosecuted and just lives in isolation for the time being. He then thinks about the time where he was helping Ichika after she lost her memories.

She asked if there was something he liked (he thought to himself her of course but couldn’t say that) and he so he told her he liked cats. Not long after that Ichika sews together a stuffed cat out of yarn. Shiraishi thanks her but feels bad rhat he can’t do anything for her while she’s doing so much for him. She then tries to show him how to sew as well and he tells her its definitely easier than cooking. She tells him she wanted to know more about him and he thanks her for thinking about him. Back to the present, Shiraishi hears a couple of guards say an Adonis member that was arrested had escaped from prison.

Meanwhile, Ichika had heard about the jailbreak as well and is invited by Sakuragawa and Mukai for drinks. They discuss fashion and Ichika helps recommend clothes for them by looking at a fashion magazine lol. They ask if she’s okay and she tells them she’s fine and glad to have people to talk about Shiraishi to. After that, Ichika visits the stray cats that Shiraishi was taking care of. She remembers a time where Shiraishi got jealous of one of the cats liking her and licking her. So he decides to kiss her on the cheek and see how she’d react if he kissed her instead. And of course she has a more embarrassed reaction from the one she loves 😊.


So while Ichika is heading home she feels like she’s being followes by someone so she ends up running into the park. There, she finds Enomoto on a job hunt to look for a client’s lost dog. He tells her that he’s eating donuts at the office and Ichika decides to tag along. When they get there, Yanagi shows them a letter that supposedly from Adonis claiming they are starting the X-day countdown again regardless of the fact their leader was killed. However, they will stop the countdown if they release Shiraishi. They speculate that this person must be the Adonis member that escaped prison named Kurose Shiyuu.

The following day, an X-day occurance happens and a politician is killed in his hotel room with a coin left beside him. This obviously causes an uproar with the citizens while they continue to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, Hoshino recieves a voicemail from an unknown caller. He tells her he intended to kill her last night but was interrupted (when Mineo appeared) but intends to come back for her. Due to this, the investigation department wants to keep a close eye on Ichika and have Kei to guard her to make sure she’s protected from the attacker and they can catch him in the process.

Meanwhile, Minegishi visits Shiraishi to ask him to cooperate in his investigation. Shiraishi agrees to do it only for Ichika’s sake since he’s worried for her safety. So Minegishi leaves all od the investigation materials with him as well as a phone to use for exchanging info to the police. Unfortunately, members of Adonis often change their appearance so he doesn’t remember him too well. So he begins to profile the said runaway Adonis member. Meanwhike, Ichika hears from Yanagi that Shiraishi called them to check up on them and will make calls regarding the case.

So next day the investigation team gathers in front of a monitor where Minegishi has Shiraishi on a video call. Ichika is surprised to see him since its technically the first time in 3 months she actually saw his face and heard his voice. So Shiraishi begins to discuss the case and how its likely someone higher up is making commands and they most likely want to retaliate against Shiraishi because he betrayed Adonis. In addition, they’re planning to kill those who have a connection with him (since the first kill was a man Shiraishi was aquainted with). So Shiraishi suggests in order to catch the criminal they should use him as bait.

Suddenly, during their meeting they’re told Mukai was attacked but it was only minor and she appears telling them she thankfully had somesort of device that made him vulnerable but he ended up getting away after muttering how the traitor must die and they must regenerate Adonis. But this proves that the attacker, Kurose is out to get those with connections with him. Afterwords, Mukai reaches out to Ichika to tell her if she wants to send a message to Shiraishi, she’ll try and do so for her. Next day, the investigation continues and Shiraishi starts to consider gambling his own life to catch Kurose. But he’s told by Morioka he won’t let him throw away his life so easily; criminal or not.

A week later there’s no progress on the case and now Yoshinari is in charge of watching Ichika. There’s then a “X-day” incident that ends up happening where a lot of blood had appeared in an alleyway but no body was found. Yoshinari profusely tells Ichika its better to not get involved but eventually after hearing rumors about it being a little girl that was killed, they decide to check it out. Yoshinari invesigates while Ichika waits in the crowd. But she ends up seeing someone who looks similar to Kurose aka the criminal so she chases after him. Its then she hears a voice saying he knew she’d follow him. Kurose ends up luring Ichika into a trap and put somesort of bracelet on her arm.


Apparently it has a bomb and can only be temporarily deactivated by Shiraishi’s iris scan. He states he wants Shiraishi to pay for his sin and knows she means a lot to him know that he knows fear and will use her to lure him out. Suddenly, Yoshinari appears and ends up chasing him away. Ichika goes back to station and waits for Shiraishi in the interrogation room. He comes in in a hurry and yells out Ichika’s name in concern. She tells him she’s fine aside from the bracelet and so they test to see if his eye scan works which it does. So it temporarily deactivates the bomb but because his presence is necessary to deactivate it, they put the both of them in confinement together.


Shiraishi continuously feels bad for Ichika being in danger because of him but she tells him its not his fault but hers. So while in confinement, Ichika asks about Shiraishi’s past a bit and he always wondered what Rei thought about him since he was the only one who treated him like a person.  After that, Shiraishi comes out of the shower and doesn’t dry his hair so Ichika does it for him. He complains saying she’s like a nagging mother and Yanagi’s the father 😄. He asks if she does this to anyone else and she tells him nope, he’s the only one. He asks if she’s lonely without him but she says she’s just really sad times but there’s no one else for her but him. Cut to a flashback and no. 13 is having an argument with no. 14 about being superior than him.

Next morning, Shiraishi discusses the fact he should probably meet with Kurose since he can’t guarantee her safety so as long as he has that detonator for her bracelet. Finally, Minegishi appears with another letter from Kurose telling them to make happy memories at an amusement park. Shiriashi speculates he probably wants them to make happy memories and then meet them there and kill them.  So Shiraishi says he has a plan and they go to the amusement park together. Apparently his plan is to have much fun as possible while Kurose lurks in the shadows somewhere.


So Shiraishi and Ichika spend the day together at the amusement park and at the end they go on the ferris wheel together. Shiraishi speculates that Kurose is probably in hiding elsewhere and them making these memories is his ritual or way of robbing them I guess. Ichika starts to feel sad since it may not last but she’s glad they can finally have this moment together and they kiss on the ferris wheel. After that, they hear a voice on the intercom and receive a letter from Kurose to solve a sort of puzzle to find where he is. After they do they figure out he’s at the botanical garden facility that Shiraishi and Kurose both grew up in years ago.

When they arrive there they enter an empty room and get locked inside by Kurose. Shiraishi knew him as no. 13 when he was a child in the facility. Kurose is pissed that he killed and betrayed their “god” aka Mikuni Rei. Shiraishi was also curious how Rei felt about him and wondered if Kurose gave him the task of killing him before he died. But even though Kurose wanted him dead after realizing he was “different” from them, Rei told him to leave him be. He also left a message for Adonis to leave freely as they wish. However, Kurose took it as Rei’s way of telling them to revolutionize the world as a reborn Adonis and start by killing Shiraishi who’s a traitor.


Albeit, this isn’t what Rei truly wanted and he denies everything Shiraishi says about him wanting them to be free to have to own wishes because he didn’t want them to be mere dolls anymore. So, after the bombs are disarmed by the police he attempts one last trick to detonate the bracelet on Ichika’s arm but it was already removed and disabled by Takeru and she was wearing a dummy bracelet. He then escapes and when Shiraishi and Ichika come out of the room they encounter Kei. There, Shiraishi tells Ichika he’s going to find him on his own and wants to save him and settle this once and for all. He tells her to wait for him and promises he won’t die and before she can say anymore he puts a finger to her lips (like he did before) and tells her not to say anymore. And so she tells him to go and he does.


So Shiraishi leaves to find Kurose and remembers the last words Rei told him before he died was to fulfill his own wishes. Shiraishi soon finds Kurose in the weapons room but even though he tells him he didn’t come there to fight him, Kurose immediately tries to kill him. But Shiraishi gets the upper hand and manages to get a knife to his throat. But Kurose tells him he’ll prove he was always better than him and kicks Shiraishi to get free again. But just before he can strike again Shiriashi finds an opening after he tells him he knows Rei wished for his happiness. After subduing Kurose, Shiraishi is unfortunately back to being monitored in his isolation room. But Minegishi tells Ichika he’ll have her monitoring Shiraishi from now on so she’s allowed to visit him.


So after that Ichika proposed to Minegishi to be able to make riceballs with Shiraishi. Unfortunately, Shiraishi sucks at it so he keeps attempting until he makes a giant riceball that looks like a bomb lmao 😂. He gives it to Ichika who accepts it happily. He then asks if he can feed her and so she lets him and she gets embarrassed by it since she’s never done it before. Then when she tries to feed Shiraishi he stops her because gets embarrassed too LOL. After this, Shiraishi mentions the shoes that Rei gave him when he left the facility (they symbolized his freedom) and after asking Yanagi about it, he held onto them after receving them from an unknown sender. He visits Shiraishi telling him he’ll hold onto the shoes for him until he’s finally free.


Shiraishi starts to feel regret overcome him and atarts crying while hugging Ichika. He realizes that the feeling is more heavy than he thought but wants to continue to live in order to atone for his sin. He tells her to stay by his side and she says she will forever.


In the epilogue, Shiraishi is still being monitored but is allowed to go outside on certain days. He also reads picture books at child care facilities so he and Ichika head to the facility while Ichika does the children’s laundry. After he’s done, he comes to help Ichika and ends up hugging her from behind while the sheets almost blow away. They ask each other if they’re happy with each other and they both give mutual feelings. Shiraishi also tells Ichika his dream is for them to become family and basically proposes to Ichika and she immediately says yes and kisses him. He tells her he loves her and thanks her for making his dream come true.


Thoughts: Shiraishi’s route definitely felt like the route with the most plot (with it being being a FD). It even had these tricky puzzles for some reason lol. I actually enjoyed this route a lot because I was a fan of Shiraishi and I think most people who like him would definitely enjoy this route. Obviously it starts off with Shiraishi/Ichika not being together but the end result was satisfying imo. Albeit, I felt like the addition of this Kurose guy was literally just an excuse to get Shiraishi and Ichika to be able to interact with each other. I guess they had to do something about that though. Anyway, I know everyone who played this route wanted some closure after the ending in the original game. So thankfully you get that in his after story.

2018-08-25-000152 - Copy

Aiji (CV: Masakazu Morita) A few months have passed since the X-day incident ended and Zero aka Saeki was arrested. His case is still being prolonged so he hasn’t been prosecuted yet. Meanwhile, Ichika still works at the police office and goes off onto the roof for lunch. Mochida joins her and they both reminiscence about Saeki. He tells her its hard and they’ll probably never understand but they have to move on as police officers. Ichika then gets a text from Yanagi which cheers her up and meets him for dinner. Yanagi opened up his detective office and now works there taking requests and such. So Ichika makes dinner for Yanagi while he helps a bit. When its done he tells her she’s improved a lot and she tells him its thanks to him since he was already really good at cooking and she wanted to make him something lol.


Yanagi is super happy by this of course and Ichika and him talk about the others and how its a bit lonely without them. After that, Ichika finds Yanagi doing a puzzle with 5000 pieces LMAO so she decides to try and help. Later Yanagi says he meant to cut down of cigarettes but actually starting increasing because he’s been a bit stressed due to work. She asks if she can give him a hug because she doesn’t known how else to cheer him up lol 😄. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by a text from Kazuki who got home early. So Yanagi walks Ichika home and he tells her goodnight and they make plans for a date on their next day off.


On the day of their date both Ichika and Yanagi meet up. Yanagi gives Ichika a spare key to the detective office or home (since he lives there) and tells her she can come anytime. Ichika is so happy she decides to also buy a matching key ring to go along with it. And so they find a puzzle piece key ring that fit together and match each other. After that, they go to a cafe since Ichika requested even though Yanagi’s not big on sweets. They end up getting a couple’s drink thanks to the waitress and it has a heart straw connected to both. Yanagi is super embarrassed by having to drink out of it but he does it for Ichika 😂. After their date, Ichika goes to Yanagi’s place and stays the night (prob gets in his pants too lmao).

2018-08-25-000158 - Copy

In the morning, Yanagi gets ready to leave and Ichika fixes his tie like a wife lol. He tells her he’s missing something though and gets a morning kiss from her. That day, Ichika encounters Mineo and tells him he should visit Yanagi from time to time since he knows he gets lonely sometimes. He gets weird about it so she decides to ask him about it after work. Mineo walks her home and tells her he felt like he was completely useless during the X-day incident so wanted to face Yanagi once he had more confidence and became a better policeman. But Ichika tells him that she knows Yanagi believes he was just as help as everyone else. So Mineo says he’ll try to visit soon. Ichika also wonders about sort of things to do to cheer him up and Mineo suggests wearing his shirt as temptation LMAO.

2018-08-25-000203 - Copy

Meanwhile, Yanagi meets Morioka for drinks and they talk about their daily life at the moment. Yanagi worked under him so he thanks him for his guidence and apologizes for leaving the police so abruptly. But he aims to become a detective as strong as him and always saw him as a big brother while he saw him as a little brother. After that, Yanagi gives Ichika a call and she feels a bit jelly about his relationship with Morioka but he tells her to have more confidence in herself because she makes him do his best. Next day, Ichika goes to Yanagi’s place to make dinner while she waits for him to come home. Instead she gets a visitor who’s Yanagi’s older brother, Yuuji Yanagi.

Yanagi immediately comes home to find his older brother there and asks what he came for. Yuuji tells him to stop doing his detective work and go back to the police since his so-called detective work is an embarrassment to their family and his company. He also knows if he went back to the police he could aim for a higher position. Yanagi immediately tells him he doesn’t want to hear his nonsense and tells him to leave. Yuuji asks Ichika’s opinion as well bit she tells him its Yanagi’s decision and she’ll support him no matter what he does. Regardless, Yuuji refuses to leave and says that he was the one who left his family because he was a coward acting like he was protecting them when he was in fact only protecting himself. He then leaves saying he’ll be back to convince him no matter what.

After this, Yanagi continues his detective work even though his brother his still set out to sabotage it. Ichika decides to invite Yanagi out for drinks and so they meet at the bar Yanagi likes to go to. Ichika brings up how she’s getting along better with Kazuki and remembers what Yanagi said about how no matter how far you may seem from your family there’s always a connection somewhere. Yanagi still believes this and decides to talk with his brother and confront his feelings. So three weeks later, Yanagi is able to convince Yuuji to leave him be by a blackmail that could ruin his company’s rep but also tells him he wants to talk to him as family and apologizes for how he acted in the past. Yuuji pauses for a while and leaves but Yanagi hopes he’ll come around.


So after that Yuuji visits Ichika at her work and apologizes for his behavior and getting her involved with his family affair. Turns out he really just wanted what was best for Yanagi and was just as clumsy in terms of saying how he feels so he decides to talk to Ichika to learn more about the present Yanagi. So Ichika talks to him for a while about him and then Yuuji decides to tell her about Yanagi’s childhood. He was a delinquent in high school and a crybaby when he was younger 😄. He’d even cry when losing at a video game with Yuuji lmao. He asks if she’s really fine with Yanagi and she says she is. He then calls him up acting like he’s hitting up Ichika and Yanagi blasts through the door and almost loses his shit before Ichika explains the circumstances that Yuuji came to apologize LOL. Yuuji then brings up marriage between the two and tells him to get on that lmao.


After he leaves, Yanagi and Ichika realize how thankful they are that they met back when that incident happened. And even though Yanagi feels regret for taking that man’s life, he’s accepted his past and can knows he can finally move on from it. On their way back, Yanagi brings up marriage and Ichika tells Yanagi she does want to get married and apparently Yanagi had already been making plans of it in his head. 😂 Suddenly, Kazuki appears and interrupts but Yanagi tells him he needs to talk to him man to man. So he talks to Kazuki about his past life and tells him he intends to marry Ichika which is why he wanted to bond with him a bit. Yanagi also calls Ichika’s parents and tells them too.

After that, Yanagi also visits the guy he nearly killed and has been in a vegetable state for 12 years now (might as well put him out of his misery lol). He says how he’s moved on now and hopes for his forgiveness. When he comes back to the office, he’s greeted Mineo, Takeru, Kei, Yoshinari and Kazuki. Mineo invited them all after Ichika told him that Yanagi was feeling lonely. Its there Ichika and Yanagi end up revealing that they’re getting married lol. They also receive a letter from Shiraishi wishing them the best and also thanks Yanagi for treating him like a person. This gets Yanagi a bit emotional and he questions why things happened the way they did with him.

2018-08-25-000217 - Copy

A few days later Ichika makes the decision to meet Saeki and try to understand him more. He tells her she merely just needs to accept the truth in front of her and that all the sides of him were “him” but he just happened to only show her a different side. Before he leaves, he tells her to come see him once she’s full of despair because she can never truly understand him until then. After that, Yanagi and Ichika go on a date together. They go shopping, have lunch on a bench, and visit the observatory where Yanagi tells her he wants to get married.

2018-08-25-000224 - Copy

On their way back, it starts raining so they go back to Yanagi’s place. Ichika takes a bath first (and even teases Yanagi to enter with her lmao) and realizes she doesn’t have clothes so she borrows Yanagi’s shirt. She remembers that being a man’s temptation and uses it to “seduce” Yanagi who’s laying on the couch. Needless to say it works cause he immediately kisses her and says he wants her bad now. They of course tell each other how much they love each other before commencing the lovemaking 😂.


In the epilogue, Ichika and Yanagi get married as promised.

Thoughts: With Yanagi being the poster boy, it’s no surprise his route felt the most satisfying in terms of the content (he even got a wedding CG lol). I honestly loved his route because Yanagi is such a dad and I honestly think Ichika and Yanagi would make adorable parents. I wish we could’ve saw a future where they have kids because with their route’s theme revolving around “family” it seemed most likely with them. AND HE GOT SUCH SPICY CGs!! I guess this is what happens when Ichika is with the oldest guy.

Side Stories



This story follows Kazuki in high school when he first met Akito. He liked composing music which is how they became friends. One day Kazuki invites Akito over to his place and Akito lets him listen to some of his composed music. Kazuki is super impressed and they get to know each other better. Kazuki tells Akito he wants to become a pro guitarist and Akito does composition requests for indie bands. They end up becoming good friends because of this and talk about music a lot. Albeit when Ichika comes into the topic Kazuki gets hostile and talks about how she’s just a nuisance most of the time. Akito, of course, doesn’t agree and often greets Ichika because he believes she’s a good sister and doesn’t see why Kazuki doesn’t enjoy her company. Meanwhile, Akito introduces Kazuki to Isshiki who’s an indie singer. However, his singing career took a hit after the incident occuree where he was falsely accused and arrested. Regardless, he continued to strive to sing and realizes that Kazuki is the same as him with his passion for music.

After another X-day incident occurs with a school being bombed, Akito’s mood had been down lately. Kazuki meets with him and suddenly he starts saying he no longer wants to pursue a career in music because he’s not qualified and doesnt have the same passion as Kazuki. This angers Kazuki since he doesn’t understand why but then Akito starts saying he had consideree quiting music before because it cost him something important and because he didn’t pay enough attention, it was already to late. Kazuki doesn’t understand but ends up telling him he’ll support him no matter what he chooses. Kazuki then decides to confide in Isshiki and tells him he knows that Akito loves music. Akito ends up overhearing and reveals he did lie about music just being a hobby and he really is serious about it and apologizes to Kazuki. Isshiki then suggests Kazuki to join him in starting a band which Kazuki is reluctant in doing since he doesn’t believe he’s good enough yet. So Isshiki gives him until the live performance to see if the fans recognize him. So he continues to practice and Akito gives Kazuki a new guitar pick as a present. During one of their rehearsals, Akito decides to take a photo with Kazuki and Isshiki (which endes up being their last).




This story follows Minegishi who’s told by the higher ups to stop the investigation of X-day completely after the countdown had stopped and it was tentatively solved. Unfortunately, Minegishi’s pride makes him want to see the case until the end and figure out everything he’s missing in this case including the unresolved locations of some of the Adonis members. Meanwhile, Ichika still continues her work and is finally free from the collar on her neck thanks to Takeru and the investigation team. She encounters Minegishi who talks to her about the X-day incident and how Adonis had their own justice and beliefs. He also believes its thanks to her and the collar that they were able to solve the incident. He believes she’s brave for how she handled it and Ichika thanks him and his team for helping her.

Suddenly, an alarm goes off saying an incident happened. Apparently there’s been kidnappings of girls and Minegishi is on the case. He ends up solving it thanks to Mochida and Ichika’s help and goes to them personally to thank them. Minegishi also invites Ichika out for lunch and asks if she’s dating anyone since it would be awkward if she is and he invited her out. She tells him she isn’t and he can tell how nervous she is around him so she tells her to try and be more casual around him by calling him Seiji-san as a joke lmao. He then goes to talk about how he realizes how little confidence she has in herself and yet she most definitely proved herself worthy while working with the investigation team. Albeit, he still wonders exactly why Ichika was chosen to be the one to wear the collar and why she was the reason the incident was solved. But he decides to stop thinking about it so he can continue with his work.

After that, Sakuragawa and Mochida start questioning whether Ichika and Minegishi are dating but she tells them its a misunderstanding and he just invited her out for lunch as thanks. She also wants to repay him back somehow so after giving some valentines chocolates to Sakuragawa and Mochida, she considers giving it to Minegishi as well. And after getting a message from him she ends up bumping into him and he says he came to see her to get some chocolates from her. 👀 Ichika is left speechless and Minegishi plays it off as a joke and almost leaves but then Ichika stops him yelling at him to accept her chocolate LOL. He does of course and teases her by asking if they’re obligatory lmao.


Afterwords, Minegishi goes to the cafe and meets Takeru and Kei there. They notice the chocolates he received but Takeru isn’t surprised since he seemingly has his own fanclub but both him and Kei are in shock to find out its from Ichika lol. Minegishi obviously shows an interest in her and even asks the two of their own evaluation of Ichika and what they think. Ichika soon visits Yanagi and the others and they all tease her about her thing with Minegishi lol. On white day Ichika ends up getting an invitation from Minegishi for dinner to repay her for the chocolates. They talk and Ichika mentions how she’ll be lonely once the investigation finally ends since she won’t see the people she knew often. Minegishi admits he was frustrated he couldn’t solve the incident on his own and he’ll feel lonely too. On their way back, Minegishi asks what Hoshino would do if the same situation happened again with the collar and she says she would do the same thing. But Minegishi he tells her she may fall into a situation where she’s trapped so he tells her to rely on him more and pats her head. Ichika also finally admits she made the chocolates thinking especially of him and he tells her he really enjoyed their date. And since he’s grown an interest in her, he asks to go on another date with her together.




This story revolves around Yoshinari during the time he first met Ichika and is observing the investigation team alongside Kei. He wonders what Ichika’s relationship is with everyone there is and speculates it may be related to the X-day case. One night after Ichika visits the investigation team, Kei lets Yoshinari walk Ichika home instead of him. They end up talking with just the two of them while Yoshinari rambles a bit. When they get to her apartment though Yoshinari’s stomach growls right before she leaves and he ends up lying on the floor due to his hunger lmao. Ichika persists he eat at her place so he finally agrees to it after much reluctance.

So thanks to this Yoshinari stays in Kazuki’s room and both him and Kazuki bond over indie bands and hit it off because Yoshinari was into music as well. Unfortunately, Kazuki and Ichika’s relationship is clearly on bad terms which Yoshinari notices immediately while having dinner with the two. Yoshinari is super thankful and immediately praises Ichika for making him dinner lmao. After that, Kazuki texts Yoshinari to see meet his band friends and watch him practice. Yoshinari ends up consulting about Ichika and his relationship so Isshiki suggests that Yoahinari bring Ichika to his live concert.

So when they go to look for Kazuki, they find him outside arguing with Ichika who followed him since she was worried about him. Yoshinari manages to cool down the situation and Kazuki leaves to practice more. Yoshinari tells Ichika to give Kazuki some time and let him be for now. He then decides its a good opportunity to invite her somewhere and she accepts. Yoshinari then starts to realize he’s falling for her. So Yoshinari brings Ichika to Kazuki’s live concert and she’s shocked but also amazed by his music. Its then Kazuki appears and gets annoyed that she’s there but Ichika tells him that she finally understands why he loves music so much and apologizes.


Yoshinari suddenly feels like someone is watching them and there’s a guy who shoots at Kazuki (but misses). Apparently he’s angry he joined Isshiki’s band as an amateur. Yoshinari immediately aims his gun at him and tries to find an opening. But its when Ichika intervenes and sticks up for Kazuki that the guy tries to shoot her instead. Yoshinari saves her just in time and manages to knock the gun out of his hand and arrest him. A day later, Yoshinari visits Ichika and Kazuki who are now reconciled with each other now that Ichika has accepted his dream. Ichika then starts crying and hugging Kazuki saying how she’s glad she didn’t lose him. Yoshinari starts crying too saying he’s jealous of the two and Kauzki jokes about him wanting to be Ichika’s boyfriend lmao. After that, time passes until its Christmas Eve and Yoshinari is keeping an eye on Kazuki since Akito was arrested. Ichika notices him outside and gives him a scarf since he looked cold all the time. Its then Yoshinari decides to confess to Ichika (in a funny ambiguous way lmao) but ends up getting cockblocked twice lol.


Thoughts: So these weren’t really routes, but rather short stories with Ichika being paired with two sub characters. Akito/Kazuki stories was mostly kinda sad I guess because we know the outcome of Akito. While the other two are more potential love interests for Ichika. Honestly, I never really thought I wanted a route or anything with Minegishi or Yoshinari tbh but I guess based on these short stories it would be pretty interesting if they did get one lol. Minegishi just spoke like a smart rich man who wanted a piece of Ichika cause he was so curious why Adonis had interest in her and then there’s Yoshinari who’s clumsy af but still manages to win Ichika’s heart after helping her reconcile with her bro yeeee. And yea there was also a Kazuki/Ichika CG that was pretty cute. I think Kazuki will forever be my fave otouto from an otome because he’s a tsun when it comes to affection for his sister rather than being a clingy annoying fuck.



This takes place after the Saeki end in the original game. Its been a few years after Ichika had joined Adonis and was now living in their new headquarters since the X-day countdown had come to an end. She had trained there and beame familiar with all sorts of weapons. Adonis is now in hiding since it was stopped. One day, Ichika has a mission in smuggle weapons and is called by Zero. He talks about their resurrection as Adonis and how a new countdown will begin. However, he tells her they may have a “Judas” among them AKA a traitor that may prevent the revival of Adonis. So Zero orders Ichika to investigate all the members of Adonis, including Rei. He also mentions how she cut her hair and says its a shame because he prefered it when it was long.

So after talking with a few of the Adonis members, Zero asks to talk with Ichika again. But Ichika notices Rei speaking with Zero so she waits before entering the cathedral. Rei informs Zero the plans are going accordingly but asks if there may be some romantic feelings towards Ichika since he’s been happier since she joined. Zero sighs and tells him he’s an idiot but doesn’t answer as he leaves. Soon Ichika comes in and reports that nothing has been found so far. Zero then shifts the conversation to talking about when they first met at the police station and how they always went out for drinking. She tells him to stop since she’s already tried to forget about it all. He tells her she really hasn’t changed and tells her she’s better off the way she is. After that, Ichika takes her leave.

In a flashback, Ichika resigned from the police after Yanagi and the others were killed. Takeru (who is still alive) tried to convince Ichika to not go onto the path of revenge. However, Ichika told him she is no longer the Ichika he knows and he should know better than anyone how she feels. As she leaves, Takeru begs her not to leave. But Ichika does and her goal now is to kill Zero and she spent 2 years gaining the trust of Adonis to do so.

Ogata & Sanjou


The more serious ones of Adonis and handles documents and whatnot for Adonis. He used to work as an office worker and was an average salary man. Ichika pokes fun at this since he apparently used to play baseball when he was younger. Ichika convinces him to write a letter to his daughter who he may never see again. Sanjou is a former police officer and ossan lol. He likes drinking and eating ramen. Apparently his favorite type of women are thise with big jugs which already makes Ichika want to punch him lmao. Ichika asks what his weak point is and she ends up tickling him to find out if he’s weak to that LMAO. Sanjou forces Ogata out for drinks and invites Ichika along where Ogata ends up getting drunk out of his mind and saying things about his thoughts on justice.

Suzune & Shion


The goal of these two is to save up enough money to buy a home for them. Suzune is very close to Shion and trust him for everything. But then talking with Ichika she finds she’s able to trust her besides her brother. When Ichika investigates Shion, she finds out he’s surprisingly more kind than she realizes and likes to draw in his free time. They of course appreciate Adonis because they have no home to go to. The two of them feed Ichika chocolate after she gives them it as a gift since she learned its both their favorite.

Rika & Hana


Rika is as usual obsessed with Zero and when Ichika basically lies saying he mentioned her she goes yandere mode in love lmao. Ichika ends up giving some strawberries since its her favorite food and Ichika somehow makes her believe its from Zero so she’ll talk to her more. Apparently Rika used to do make-up before and forces Ichika to let her use cosmetics on her. When Ichika investigates Hana, she gives her some of her accessories and clothes to try on.  When Hana visits her room one day, she offers to dress her up and give her a makeover. Rika comes in to do the same and the two end up arguing about their clothing styles. In the end, they reconcile and think about trying each others clothes and changing Ichika’s dark spy look. They end up doing so and looking super different than how they usually do lol.

Akito & Manabu


Akito shows familiarity around Ichika since he knows her. He tells her he misses her cooking and would like to try it again someday. Apparently he has a fear for bugs and Ichika tells him she’ll kill them for him if he ever encounters any lol. Ichika asks what his ideal woman his after much prying and Akito thinks long and hard about it and realizes its someone like Ichika who is kind, cute, and good at cooking (aww Akito 😭😭😭).When Ichika investigates Manabu, she can barely talk to him at first because he’s always playing his games. His favorite food is junk food and least is eggplants. He does eventually open up more to her after she starts playing his game as well and even reveal he shows guilt for killing someone. One day, Akito threatens to wipe and ban Manabu from playing games after seeing all the money he spent on them lmao. Manabu ends up begging him not to and invites him to play with him

Rei & Zero


Ichika decides to investigate Zero to understand him better. One day she finds him sleeping in the cathedral and sleep talking about food lol. He doesn’t have much time to sleep between planning so he gets tired a lot. Ichika mentions this to him and he gets embarrassed by it. As Ichika frequently visits him, he doesn’t hesitate to ask frank questions and reminiscence on their past together. He tells her he likes aquariums and listens to Jpop surprisingly. He also admits he doesn’t believe Adonis will last but will continue to rid the sorrows of the world. When Ichika investigates Rei, he tells her his favorite food is fish and least is carbonated drinks. He tells her about the facility that existed before to “create” perfect dolls that obey and live for Adonis. He tells Ichika about the past Adonis and how it came to be. One day, Ichika finds Saeki and Rei playing chess together and learns that the two of them had been competitive since they were young.

Normal end

Ichika visits Zero again and reveals her invesigation had come up with no results and he basically reveals he knows her purpose is to kill him. Knowing he would resist she doesn’t do anything, for now. But continues on with the revival X-day.

Saeki End


With 3 days left until the X-day countdown, Zero calls for Ichika to ask for a report and she tells him she found no traitor. Zero tells her that he knew this but purposely got her to interact with the others so that she would regain her emotions. He basically admits he knows her plan to destroy Adonis and kill him and knew she would be full of hatred and kill him. He merely wonders how she plays to kill him and lets it play out. In a flashback, Zero puts the collar on Ichika in December 3 years ago when the x-day case started. He realizes his ideals were starting to change from Rei who wanted to follow through with the X-day plan. Zero gained more interest in Ichika and admitted he was more interested in her actions and thoughts than the X-day plans (which often cause conflicted ideals between Rei and Zero). In the present, with a few days before the revival of Adonis, Zero realize he has a strong obsession with Ichika and wants to see through her actions until the end.

On the day before the X-day, Ichika plans on destroying Adonis and killing Zero. Suddenly, she gets a knock on the door and it’s Zero inviting her out on a date. He takes her to an aquarium and tells her he brought her there so they could have a day off to forget about everything and focus on having fun. Ichika is still unwilling but does so since she believes she doesn’t have a choice anyway. After seeing penguins and watching the fish, they walk around Shinjiku and find a crepe shop. Zero has never tried a crepe before so he gets one for him and Ichika. He finds them super delicious and when he notices Ichika got some on her mouth he wipes it off of her. She tells him she’ll do it herself and to not touch her. He asks if he really hates the thought of him touching her that much and apologizes. Ichika starts to feel conflicted and doesn’t understand why he’s torturing her with these feelings right now.


She realizes that the person she’s seeing now is indeed the “Saeki” she met. She decides to talk to him as the real her and calls him Saeki for the first time in a long time. She tells him she wanted to find a reason for what he did but never could and so she embraced hatred for him. Even now, he doesn’t believe she could’ve changed the outcome. However, she wonders if he’s suffering and he asks if she will save him if he is. She says she would if he wanted to be saved and so he tells her to “save him”. In other words, she wants her to put an end to him with her own hands. On the X-Day, everyone gathers in the catherdal and Zero arrives to make a speech. Once he finishes, Ichika presses a button and bombs go off.


Saeki smiles at Ichika and she draws a gun on him as everyone else is killed in the rubble. She tells him that she’ll kill him and then herself. He asks if she’s okay with that, and she says she is since she no longer has anything else to live for since he was her only reason. He tells her that he truly only did what he did for himself and his own sorrows and now he’s finally free to stop crying. He thanks her and she tells him goodbye before pulling the trigger and killing him. She hopes maybe she can spend time with him again in another life and then kills herself. In the 2nd end, Ichika decides not to kill Saeki and she remains a member of Adonis and even agrees to hang out with Saeki on another date.

[Everyone else gets a happy ending but……….]

2018-08-25-000911[……..I guess the end result of Saeki/Ichika is supposed to be tragedy.]

Thoughts: So this whole ‘Adonis’ sequence was quite longer than I anticipated. Mostly because it had a lot of sequences with each Adonis member. You had to pick a member (which had about 7 short story sequences) until the countdown began. You than had to repeat this until you finished each Adonis member’s story sequence. There were 3 endings and the final (true?) ending resulted in Ichika fulfilling her mission and killing Zero. I thought the scenes with the Adonis members  were interesting (usually) since it gave you a feel for their “normal” personality. Ichika was also had a very idgaf attitude which was kinda funny in certain scenes.

Anyway, as for Saeki’s outcome… it was pretty sad, but expected. I think Saeki got a lot of popularity and everyone wanted him to get a route so… would I call this a route for him? Eh, sort of… but its not based on romance, rather hatred (for Ichika). But this is to be expected since it takes place after Saeki killed Ichika’s friends. Either way I think it was mostly one sided and Saeki definitely did like Ichika and she even realized herself that Saeki never hated her. Hence why he stopped caring about the X-day countdown and only paid attention to her. But I do think Ichika felt something for him too and she clearly wanted to understand him better and try and help him. Either way, Saeki always wanted Ichika to gain enough hate to kill him so in the end he wanted to die by her hands.

I would’ve liked a sort of side story though where they have a more normal romance (w/o Ichika knowing he’s Zero). It would be even more interesting if Ichika fell in love with Saeki and then she finds out later he’s Zero (more heartbreak is better lol). So yeah I mean if you’re a Saeki fan sorry to disappoint but the outcome isn’t pretty. I think in one of Saeki’s recordings he says something along the lines of how he’d like to be lovers in another life so clearly they need to be in a AU to be happy lol.

If there’s one thing I’m left curious about though, its the outcome of Adonis in general since they aren’t technically completely gone in each route (rather they went into hiding and Zero was only caught in Yanagi’s route). But Zero did say himself he doesn’t believe Adonis will last so maybe he always planned to die in the end.


Story – There wasn’t a set plot for this game, rather it was mostly just after stories and side stories. I think overall the story for each route was good and interesting. I honestly half expected another X-day type thing to occur but it really just felt like a normal FD. In Nil Admirari’s case, the FD felt more like a sequel. But I mean, if you’re expecting a whole new story and plot then you should know this is a FD so its lots of fanservice for all the guys (and of course stories for sub characters that elaborate on them).

Characters – There weren’t many new characters so it was really just the same old cast of characters (which I am completely fine with). I was really satisfied with all of their scenes and interactions. There was that new character ‘Kurose’ who felt pretty irrelevant to be in the prologue (since he was a plot device in Shiraishi’s route) so I’m not sure why he was even there in the first place.

Visuals/System – Hanamura Mai’s CGs were pretty much ALL beautiful. I was very satisfied with all the CGs in general. The system layout was pretty much the same but they did have every character in the extras with a sub story and extra story for the main characters. There was also a LEAF sequence where the main guys texted Ichika which was super cute.

Music – The original OST was pretty much the same but they gave each character their own theme. I personally liked Yanagi’s the best because it was really calm and catchy. Plastic Tree again performs for the OP and one of the Adonis endings which were really nice. I also liked the ending song as well. They typically played them before the route ended.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, this was definitely a satisfying FD and I really did enjoy it. I of course got the animate set of this game and it was totally worth it lol. I definitely think its possible it could get another FD like Code: Realize though since it felt like it could indeed have more (for someone like Shiraishi for example). Even with Zero since his outcome is pretty bleak in the end. I do kind of hope if they do make another game, it has more plot though. I mean, I love FDs but I like a bit more action too. I think its worth playing especially if you liked the original game. Otomate clearly is proud of it (I can see an anime being announced) so I don’t think they’ll just leave this franchise be. I don’t think Aksys is going to localize it for PS Vita though. I definitely do, however, believe that it will get ported to Switch along with the original game so I think that would be the time Aksys localizes it. I definitely could see myself buying it for Switch though.

9 thoughts on “Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Review/Summary

  1. Yes! Ichika-chan and Kageyuki-kun finally marry!!! I’m so happy!!!
    But Saeki-kun route really hurt me… Anyway!! Shiraishi-san and Mineo-kun (which is my favorite character) story is soooooo… wonderful!!!! Thank you for uploaded this!!!!

  2. Aaaaaaaa….I’m screaming thank you so much for doing this is the best thing I’ve ever read. Absolutely in love & screaming so hard at Mineo’s and Yanagi’s stories I have no wordssssss,now I can die happyyyyyyyyy TTwTT thank you sososooo muchhh

  3. Yes we definitely need to support it when it comes out this August so Aksys can keep localizing! ❤

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