Cendrillon PalikA – Klone Spinel


Klone (CV: Daisuke Namikawa) resident outside of Tokyou who is lazy and doesn’t care for those who reside in Tokyou. But he’s surprisingly good at cooking and is a glassmaker.

Hairi tries to convince Klone to help her unravel the curse. She explains the method she learned from Kashika of moving the needle of the clock to 12:00 but Klone ignores her. The next day as she’s about to leave to ask him again, Shion tells her about an incident that happened where someone died before they could make it back to Tokyou. You have to wear glass created outside the curse to leave the town safetly, so someone is maliciously trading out the original glass for a cursed one which would have a black hue in the glass. So Hairi goes to the church only to be ignored by Klone again. The others convince her she should try and talk to Klone also for the sake of getting to know him better. They tell her he apparently hates residents of Tokyou but they don’t know why.

Hairi visits Klone in his workshop where he creates glass and again tries to talk with him but to no avail. He admits he hates residents of Tokyou and Tokyou itsf but doesn’t explain why. He tells her to go ask someone else to help her and so she leaves again. After that, Hairi visits again and meets someone named Karigane who is a glassmaker like Klone and works with him in his workshop. He’s originally from Tokyou so Hairi asks why he says he’s Klone’s friend (since Klone says he hates Tokyou residents) but Klone just continuously denies it. After Karigane leaves, Klone tells her he only has him there because he knew him a long time ago. He won’t specify more than that and so Hairi has no choice but to leave again.

Hairi meets up with Ulen, Shien and Klone again to find Shien holding a strategy meeting to pick weeds near the church so they can keep it clean. Hairi uses this opportunity to try and talk to Klone but he continues to dismiss her and ignore her. When they go back inside and Shien makes tea for everyone, Hairi starts to ramble to Klone about gardening. Klone reaches his limit to listen to her and literally grabs her cheeks to make her stop talking. She starts saying gibberish because Klone is holding her mouth and they end up joking with each other.

After that, another black glass incident happens and Hairi’s brother gets worried about her leaving the city. Hairi ends up telling the others about it and Klone asks to speak with her alone. He tells her he’ll cooperate with unraveling the curse as long as she tells him about the black glass incident. So after that, Hairi meets with Klone to discuss the details of their plans. Hairi tells him she needs to get into the clock tower, so Klone suggests she sneak in a back entrance. However, she’ll need a key so he suggest to use some sort of lead material to stick into the keyhole and he’ll make a key for her if and only if she’s able to obtain more info on the black glass incident.

So Hairi manages to find her way to the back of the clock tower and finds the back entrance. She obtains a mold of the keyhole by using the material that Klone gave her. So Hairi goes back to Klone’s workshop and gives him the successful mold of the key so he can make it. In return she gives him a newspaper about the incidents occuring. Klone mutters to himself about it being the same as last time but Hairi doesn’t hear him. After that, Hairi comtinues to show Klone clippings of articles about the incidents and starts wondering why he’s so curious about it. He asks him but he refuses to answer about it.

Eventually Hairi finds an article in the library that Klone wrote about glass and when she sees him outside Tokyou’s gate, she decides to follow him but doesn’t call out to him. He catches her and kabedon’s her into a tree asking why she’s following him. She makes excuses but admits she couldn’t call out and wanted to ask about the article. He tells her to gtfo of his business but she’s persistent and makes a metaphor about him coming to like her by overcoming her hatred for her like overcoming your hatred for vegetables. Klone finds this hilarious and starts laughing saying its stupid she’d say that.


Hairi then goes to Natra for info about the case (in return she’d give him gummy candy) and he shows her a blank notebook that the reporter who died had. She was the third victim and wrote a dying message. Albeit the original paper was gone, the pressure she put on the notepad was shown on it and revealed the sentence that the criminal is the same from seven years ago. Klone then encounters the two of them outside the gate and wonders what the couple of idiots are doing lol. Klone starts arguing with Natra whom he clearly doesn’t get along with and Hairi slips away. She goes to Klone’s workshop and encounters Karigane again who’s looking for Klone.

Hairi says he was arguing with Natra and Karigane explains its always been that way and was friends with other Tokyou residents but now he’s afraid to make friends. Hairi wants to know why so she demands he explain. Finally, he tells her that 8 years ago there was a female glassworker named Banka who was seven years older than him. They all worked together in the same workshop and one day Banka didn’t show up and they end up finding her dead.  Klone sees them talking and gets annoyed saying he’s never going to try and get along with people who can die so easily. Before Hairi can try to talk to him he storms away.

Hairi goes back to visit Klone to tell him more info on the incidents. He tells her it doesn’t matter anymore but she asks why he’s so concerned about the black glass incident. When she brings up Banka, he gets angry but Hairi holds her ground and demands answers. So finally he gives up and tells her that he really just wants to know about the incident because he’s curious about it not because he wants to solve it. He tells her that before Banka died she had a unique glass bracelet that was somehow replicated and replaced into a black glass and she ended up dying. After discussing it, Klone shows her designs he created for glass jewerly and hopes he can let her watch him work sometime.

Hairi visits Klone again with more info on the incident. Glassworkers in Tokyou can no longer sell their glass within or outside Tokyou. Klone then shows Hairi a glass slipper that was sent to him with a note stating the person who fits that shoe will grant his wish. He tells her he doesn’t have a wish so he says she can have it. Hairi then tells him he should smile more and Klone gets embarrassed so he starts pinching her cheeks and teasing her. He suddenly gets sad again thinking about how she may turn into glass too eventually. Hairi then asks what he was doing before he was a glassworker and he says she should know and that he was a glass researcher.


After that, another incident occurs and Hairi tells Klone about it again. He tells her the truth about wanting to know the truth behind the incidents to have closure on Banka’s death. He also apologizes for being rude to her and he was always in the wrong for not wanting to face her because she was from Tokyou. But now he wants her to help him fulfill the wish he actually has. But he also wants to help in investigating the case as well. Hairi agrees to help him and also realizes she’s in love with him. The next day, she visits Shien, Ulen, and Klone at the church to find them all drunk. She decides to make tea to sober them down but then Klone ends up shoving cake he made in her mouth so she’d tell him how delicious it is. He then says he wants some too and ends up nibbling on her cheek lmao.


The next day, Hairi visits the three of them again to find them all with a hangover and Klone flustered when Hairi mentions what he did yesterday lol. After that, Hairi goes with a girl outside of Tokyou since she’s afraid to go on her own. She tells her about a glass earring she bought recently before the shops stopped selling glass and to no surprise she ends up writhing in pain not long after Hairi spots Klone. Klone hugs Hairi as they watch her slowly turn to glass after her glass mutates into somesort of almost creature-like thing. After that, Hairi’s brother is upset and doesn’t want Hairi leaving until the incident settles down. In addition, Klone tells Hairi through a letter he no longer wants her to go outside and deems it better the they don’t meet so she doesn’t risk her life.


After that, Hairi doesn’t see Klone for a while but still tries to solve the curse by moving the needle of the clock tower. Eventually, she sneaks out to try and meet Klone at his workshop but ends up writing a note saying she’s going to keep coming back until he meets her. During this time, she touches a strange vial with her cut finger. She ends up seeing him on her way back and he tells her to never come back again. But she tells him to tell her to that without looking so sad about it. But he can’t so she tells him she’ll come back again and leaves. So she comes back and Klone finally spills his feelings (by crying) about Banka and how she was really important to him. Rather than hate people from Tokyou, he was just afraid of getting close due to how fragile their lives were. He says in reality they’re strong but Hairi tells him she’s just as scared but wants to be able to go outside and meet the people important to her. So they agree to continue to meet and Klone decides to walk Hairi back to Tokyou.


Meanwhile, the incident is currently at a standstill and its been a month since the last victim. One day while walking Hairi back from his workshop, he gives Hairi an earring he made for her. When she wakes up the next day, she finds her finger has a sort of ivy glass growing out of it just like the victims of the incident. She doesn’t know what to do but knows she can’t tell her brother or Klone so she decides to confide in Kashika. He tells her he doesn’t understand it but is going to do his best to research it and find a cure. After that, Hairi goes to visit Klone with gloved hands to hide her finger. Klone comes to the conclusion the glass that grows is a sort of organism and believes having a sample of it would help understanding it. Hairi knows she can just use the sample growing from her finger, so she assures Klone she’ll obtain it.


So Hairi cuts off a piece of the glass on her finger and brings it to Klone not revealing she actually obtained it from herself. Klone tells her he wants to take her somewhere so he takes her to the flower field and tells her its Banka’s grave since he scattered her glass pieces around it. Hairi tells him he must have really liked Banka and gets jealous of the fact he’s still so attached to her. He assures her that his love for her was different than his love for Hairi, revealing that he’s in love with Hairi and confesses his feelings. Hairi tells him she feels the same way and had for a while now and they kiss.


After that, another incident happens and Hairi still decides to meet with Klone to discuss it. Klone figures out that a person’s blood is needed to infect them with the glass and wants to test the blood in the glass Hairi gave him. Knowing it would be her blood, she decides to reveal she has been affected by the black glass as well. Klone is shocked but tells Hairi the blood is not her blood and is someone who has a type O blood not A like Hairi’s. She tries hard to remember what may have happened and she tells Klone she did cut her finger at one point and touched a vial that looked filled with blood in his workshop. This leads to suspect Karigane who is the only other person to visit the cave.

So Hairi suggests they set a trap and she be a decoy to lure Karigane out. It ends up working and Karigane attempts to kill Hairi. They try and get answers out of him and he claims they have no proof. But Hairi tells him they do and points out how he has the vial of blood. So he starts laughing and claims he’s amazed they figured it out. Apparently he used the vial to contaminate the glass which is a special blood of someone’s but won’t reveal who. He also reveals he indeed killed Banka but only because he wanted to see how Klone would react. He also tries to insinuate he indirectly killed her by having feelings for her (since he only did it because he wanted to see how he’d suffer to lose a loved one). But Hairi tells him he’s wrong and he’s the one who murdered Banka.

Klone almost loses his shit and wants to kill Karigane but Hairi begs Klone to not go down the path of revenge. She tells that if Karigane is to be forgiven, its through the hands of justice (she sounds like a detective here lmao). But Klone refuses to stoop to his level and says he’d only end up like him if he killed him. Karigane then tries to kill himself but he’s stopped by Natra and the other guards and is arrested. Kashika decides to leave and try to find a way to cure Hairi. Albeit, after he leaves, suddenly Hairi’s arm is cured and the curse is gone (??? But why???). Klone even makes a joke about it being the power of love but lol what.


In the epilogue, the curse is broken so Klone now visits Hairi in Tokyou. They decide to prepare for watching the stars at night and Hairi experiences rain for the first time when she’s outside of Tokyou. That night they watch each other instead of the stars lol.


In the 1st bad end, Karigane kills Klone by forcing him into Tokyou with him turning to glass and dying which drives Hairi to kill him. In the 2nd bad end, Hairi doesn’t sneak out and nothing is solved. In the 3rd bad end, Hairi is killed after she leaves Klone’s place. 4th bad end, Klone shoves the vial down Karigane’s throat and kills him. Klone ends up enjoying his death but breaks down crying realizing Hairi may share the same fate. After that, Hairi’s still affected by the glass and its slowly becoming harder for her to move or visit Klone. So she suggest to him that he whisks her away somewhere unexpectedly. He does in a yandere fashion in which he kills Hairi’s brother and then takes Hairi away (lol wtffff omg). In the 5th end, Karigane kills himself and Klone wanders off somewhere in despair that he’s essentially lost all people close to him and Hairi is never able to find him again.


Final Thoughts: Its recommended that you do Klone first and I can now see why. His route is definitely the least relevant to the plot. Regardless, I think I overall enjoyed his character. He wasn’t my favorite, but Namikawa made his character feel similar to Takeru from Collar x Malice. Hairi was really great in this route too… she was the one who came up with the plan of being a decoy, getting a glass sample from herself (even after it caused her immense pain). Its funny how I was mostly enjoying her actions more than the LIs. Anyway, as I mentioned, this route was least relevant to the plot and more revolved around Klone and his past. Albeit, that is fine and all. BUT because it was so distant from the plot, the curse undoing itself in this route felt verrrry shoehorned and stupid. There was literally no explanation aside from the generic “power of true love”. This was also the case for Hairi’s glass infection… it just boggles my mind why the writers would just make everything perfect without a reasonable explanation but.. .eh. The bad ends were predictable and yandere… but I guess the one that made me ??? was when Hairi continued to turn into glass and Klone decides he’ll just kill her brother. I mean, everyone had a sort of “yandere” end so it didn’t really surprise me tbh.

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