Cendrillon PalikA – Rindo Westeria


Rindo (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki) A resident of Tokyou and the gatekeeper of the clock tower. He’s the older brother of Natra and has a very gentlemanly and respectful demeanor. He also enjoys cheesecake and collecting butterfly specimens.

Hairi asks Rindo to cooperate with her in solving the curse and he agrees to doing it. They often meet near the cherry blossom tree and when they do, butterflies are often attracted to Rindo. After that, Hairi starts to notice even more butterflies around Tokyou but doesn’t recognize the species even after checking the library. Ela recommends she asks Rindo since he collects butterflies as a hobby and so she does. But he tells her he doesn’t know what species it is and it may have turned the color it is due to the influence of the environment. He also mentions that as beautiful as they are, they can also be poisonous.

A week later, a virus similar to rabies starts to spread around Tokyou. Hairi’s brother believes it could be due to the butterflies that had appeared recently since it matches the timing. So later on as the illness is still being investigated, its discovered the butterflies are indeed the cause and they are calling it a “kukachou”. One day, Hairi finds Rindo about to leave the city and he invites to go bug hunting with him so she agrees to. Apparently he decorates their corpses as specimens in his home and albeit he finds most girls would find this strange but Hairi is intrigued. He shows her his collection (he also reveals he’s 32 years old when Hairi asks lol) and he’s got a whole bunch of butterflies decorated on his room’s walls.

Haiei eventually sends a letter to Rindo to go move the needle of the clock tower. She meets him by the cherry blossom tree where the butterflies often gather and he tells her they probably can’t go there very often anymore due to the butterflies but will accompany her whenever they do. After that, they go to a cafe to eat cheesecake and Hairi decides to ask why he collects butterflies. He tells her its because he likes collecting beautiful things and once he starts there’s no stopping him. He makes a creepy comment about adding her to his collection which she takes as a joke ((Now Hairi, when a guy makes a comment like that I think its time to back tf away)).

Meanwhile, with the virus spreading, shops are closing often and peoplenare starting to go missing along with killing themselves because of the suffering. So Hairi, along with Natra and Ela, decide to visit Rindo and asks him about the butterfly. They figure out the buttetflies came from a different town and are now spreading the disease in Tokyou. With curious people touching the butterflies that come in close contact, the disease spreads even faster when they make contact with other people. After that, Rindo invites three of them to a party where both Rindo and Hairi cook food. After drinking hot cocoa Rindo made, Hairi ends up falling asleep on Rindo’s lap.


One day, the grandmother of a boy named Kasumi (who often visits Hairi and her brother’s shop) visits Hairi and Shion saying her grandson is missing and also had the butterfly disease. Hairi immediately decides to go looking for him outside of Tokyou since many people have had symptoms of sleepwalking out of the town. She looks all over but only finds corpses of people who turned to glass and died. She eventually meets up with Rindo and Natra who were on duty and walk her back to Tokyou. She tells them about the situation but they tell her they haven’t seen him or his body. Supposedly they collect the bodies of those who died to deliver to families and so Hairi points out to Rindo some bodies she saw on a map. Unfortunately, the boy Hairi was looking for was never found.

After that, Rindo prepares a sort of repellant for the butterflies and gives it to Hairi. She wants to thank him somehow and decides to bring food to his home. In the middle of showing his specimens to her again, he gets a urgent letter to attend to some business. He tells her he’ll make it quick so she can stay at his place until he comes back. After he leaves, a butterfly sneaks in and goes inside Rindo’s closet. Hairi tries to catch it but in opening the closet, she finds herself falling through into another room when she reaches inside. And what she finds in the other room is the corpses of people in glass form displayed im glass cases. Thinking they may just be statues, her fear of them being bodies is confirmed when she finds the body of the little boy who was missing.

In seeing this, Rindo returns and finds her there in shock. He confirms thwy are indeed the corpses of those who’ve turned to glass and he collects them just like he collects butterflies. Hairi is in so much shock she faints. When she wakes up, she can’t remember anything that happened and even forgot who Rindo was or who her family is (ok wtf??). Rindo tells her she has amnesia and also slips in he told her he’s in love with her but didn’t recieve a reply yet. Regardless, he believes she’s in no state to go home and tells her to stay at his place instead of going home especially since she now has a fear of glass and Tokyou is covered in it. So Rindo goes to Hairi’s place and tells Shion about Hairi’s amnesia. He lies to her brother saying she’s being treated and that she got hit by someone from behind.

Meanwhile, Hairi is basically like a sick housewife at Rindo and Natra’s home. Rindo already told Natra to make sure they don’t trigger any memories for Hairi so he greets her normally and she meets him for the first time since losing her memory. So time continues to pass and Hairi wonders if she’ll ever regain her memories. Meanwhile, Rindo still acts like a gentleman and there’s even a scene where he smells Hairi (im just not feeling any of this romance) and says she smells good. So Rindo relays the info of the curse onto to Hairi and she attempts to move the needle again. After a while Hairi is finally given a choice to find out more about Rindo when he shows her his display of glass corpses again.


She says she wants to know so he tells her about how he started to collect the corpses of people who turned into glass. He begins to explains his sob story about his strict educator who abused him and ended up dying and turning to glass. Thats when he realized his obsession with glass corpses. Hairi hugs him and tells him its not his fault but because of his past (but quite frankly I dont get how that excuses it but ok). After this, Rindo asks Hairi if she wants to help clean his specimen cases ((wtf really why im)) which she’s hesitant to do at first but finally agrees. In doing so, she starts to remember the boy who went missing and is also in Rindo’s collection. So, Rindo tells her to rest instead of continuing to help.


Meanwhile, Rindo encounters “Harmonia” whom is a sort of being essentially telling him to choose between keeping the curse or ridding it. But since collecting glass bodies is something he can’t seem to let go, he’s hesitant. Hairi notices that Rindo seems upset and goes to move the needle of the clock tower. When she comes back she’s late, so Rindo is upset at her and decides to finally reveal the truth to her. He tells her he’s been lying to her the entire time like how moving the needle of the clock tower will not undo the curse but instead curse humanity and destroy it. But he also admits he’s unsure why he was still mad why she moved the needle without his permission. He then reveals she lost her memory due to seeing the glass specimens.


Not only that but he basically admits he would’ve killed her had she not lose her memory or had she regained it ((oh…..ok…)). He also didn’t want her to regain her memories and start to hate him but Hairi tells him she doesn’t believe she would even if she did regain her memories. After this, Hairi wakes up in Rindo’s room after having a dream about meeting Rindo’s younger self and comforting him. She goes back to Rindo’s specimen room and finally regains her memory after looking at the boy again. So she goes to tell Rindo and when she does, he’s shocked to find her accepting of him. However, she wants him to stay with her instead of collecting bodies. In returning the bodies to the families, he can stop relying on the curse.


After confessing she’s in love with him, Rindo laughs and realises rather than just pure interest in her, he’s in love with her too and no longer has interest in the curse. He cuts ties with Kashika whom he was collaborating with and no longer will collect bodies apparently. Meanwhile, him and Hairi visit the cherry blossom tree and encounter Harmonia there. Rindo confirms his decision to unravel the curse and Harmonia tells him the key to unraveling the curse is the root of the cherry blossom tree and that they’re looking forward to seeing what his wish is. He also told them one of them must make a “sacrifice”. Regardless, they find the source being a giant butterfly and Rindo slashes it with his sword, undoing the curse.


In the epilogue, the curse is gone as well as the poisonous butterflies. Rindo returned all the glass specimens and no longer collects butterflies now that he has Hairi and is embracing life rather than death.


In the 1st bad end, Hairi touches the poisonous butterfly and dies. In the 2nd bad end, Hairi refuses to take Rindo’s hand when she finds his corpse collection and gets caught by Rindo and Natra when she tries to run away. In the 3rd bad end, Hairi dies when trying to grab the poisonous butterfly that was the source of the curse. In the 4th bad end, Hairi pretty much left Rindo because she couldn’t handle his collection and ends up getting sick from the disease. In the 5th bad end, Rindo can’t let go of the curse so he doesn’t allow Hairi to try and undo it. In the end, he makes her move the needle of the clock tower until he convinces her its the right answer. In the 6th bad end, Rindo knocks out Hairi before making a choice and tells her he’s going to keep her as hers forever (insinuating he’ll turn her to glass I guess…).


Final Thoughts: WOw okay wtf was this route even. After doing the previous recommended routes, you’re really walking into this route thinking there’s something really sketchy about this guy (he even says he wants to add YOU to his collection). Especially in Natra’s route where your first impression of him is that “ok this guy is up to something bad”. Albeit, he tries to redeem himself only to make himself look worse in his own route. I’m reeeeeallly trying to understand what the writers wanted you to think of this guy. Did they want you to sympathize with him or hate him? I don’t know. All I know is that I really did not enjoy his route and I did not feel bad for him. Honestly, a sob story isn’t going to justify everything you do. Of course, even when Hairi finds out SURPRISE I COLLECT DEAD GLASS BODIES!! she loses her memory and then it becomes Amnesia 2.0 w/ Hairi edition. A bad end even gave us a glimpse of what she’d do if she didn’t lose her memory (you have the option to take his hand or refuse it) so if you don’t take his hand, Hairi tries to run and both Natra and Rindo capture her. And maybe I could’ve looked passed it (as fucked of a hobby it is) IF HE DIDN’T LIE to Hairi AND her brother when she got amnesia. He practically kept her caged like his bitch. So yeah, let us not forget, this guy basically told Hairi he would have killed her had she retained her memory or regained it. I guess the only way to have a route was to do this random ass amnesia shit. Anyway, what a stupid way to force a romance… Hairi is a great heroine but Rindo is the last guy she should be with. SO YEA BYE THIS IS NOT MY CUP OF TEA.

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