Re:Birthday Song -Append Patch- Translation + Un:Birthday Song Progress Update



It’s been a while since I updated on anything related to Re:Birthday Song/ Un:Birthday Song. But It’s almost been two years since I released this patch (March 16th 2017 aka my birthday was the day I released it). So this is kinda, sorta… anniversary commemoration?

Also RIP honeybee (well for now) they’re under a different company but I feel bad for the fact there may or not be future game projects. I honestly really enjoyed Re:Birthday Song and when I first played it I cried my eyes out (Syun was such a perfect, syunberry). Ayakashi Gohan was another one of my favorites (Yomi was the best kthx). Well, anyway, my laziness the the reason I never released this ‘append patch’. It consists of pretty short (but super cute) stories with every guy. It literally took me one day to translate (so if my lazy ass just bothered with it, I would’ve posted it sooner looool) this which honestly impresses me because I think when I first started translating Re:Birthday Song, I went at the speed of a snail (even with other translators).

First of all, the append patch originally comes with the stella set (? I think??) of Re:Birthday Song. Honestly, this is the stupidest thing to me because while paying a hefty price for a limited edition, you have something (similar to buying DLC) that can’t be obtained otherwise?? Doesn’t make sense to me. Which is why I have no qualms posting it here. As for the directions its pretty simple. Just open the Append.iso and then the setup.exe which will install the patch onto (the already installed) Re:Birthday song. After that, you’ll notice new files such as ‘Rio+.arc’ & ‘Voice+.arc’ replace the Rio+.arc with the new translated one that I provided in the folder. Also, don’t play these until you completed that said route. The stories are in the LI point of view, and they do spoil some things I think?


As for Un:Birthday Song, as much as I’d like to pretend I’ve made a lot of progress, I honestly haven’t really. I’ve been busy these past couple years because I started school not long after I finished Re:Birthday Song. I can’t guarantee when I’ll release a patch for this game, but I will say that it is shorter and would take as less time. However, I’m only one person and doing translating + pr + programming is very time consuming and I don’t have all the time to do that. So, if you’re interested in helping translating scripts, go ahead and shoot me a message. Otherwise, it’ll be slow sailing from there. And for the translation progress it’s self, I’d say I was about half through the common route.

carrot yo
[yo stfu zen]

Anyway, also big thanks to those who played my translation. It was my first project and I know there’s typos on there too (I never fixed it but alas, this is a non-profit project and I am without time to do so). When I took on this project years ago, I had soooo much free time. And then I realized, woah, fan-translations are brutal esp when you don’t have motivation for something you don’t get paid for (the harsh truth). However, I was glad to do something that is happy hobby of mine and I don’t regret it.

So, because it’s been two years since I released this patch and I never really discussed it AT ALL. Let me know what you liked or didn’t like about the game, who your favorite characters were, ect. in the comments if you like. My favorite character was Syun and I’m still to this day annoyed at Honeybee for not giving him the kiss CG he deserved. So happy anniversary to my patch release. Thank you so much for all the support.

5 thoughts on “Re:Birthday Song -Append Patch- Translation + Un:Birthday Song Progress Update

  1. GOOD THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE PATCH AND ALL ;;W;; im envy you who good both at translating and programming goshh i wish my Japanese is that good so i can help you, but too bad i cant read hiragana or kanji ;;w;; my favorite chara is Zen, since the first game im eyeing him www

  2. Thank you so so so much for translating it, you don’t know HOW happy i am to found this >_<
    i really want to help but i'm not good at kanji and katakana, it's so confusing

  3. Aakdjskdj I actually only got to playing Re:Birthday song recently! It’s been sitting in my game folder for a year now because I put it off for so long (Un:Birthday song is still gathering dust, haha…). But I just want to say thank you so much for making an English patch, especially since it was non-profit. My friend actually recommended the game to me because she said that it would be easy enough for me to understand most of it but still pose a challenge, which is why I bought it. My Jap is to the point I can mostly make out what they are saying from just the voice acting. But I really needed a translation for Kokoro as my kanji and hiragana is still elementary level, haha. Honestly, just bless you and your kind soul.

    I’ve already finished the first three boys and just finished Ame’s route last night so I’m planning to move onto Nami soon once I find some time to breathe. Ame’s my favourite so far cause gosh, his sudden small laughs along with the sprite make my heart jump out of my chest, and also I have a thing for green hair //shot.

    I totally agree about Syun not getting his well-deserved kiss CG!!! Ajsjdjksjd goshdangit, Honeybee! I’m such a terrible person for making a meme of the “kiss CG club” and the “no kiss cg club” xD…

    I want to ask if there’s any way for all of us who don’t know Japanese (very well) to help, like boost signalling this project on other sites? I would love to help but I’m not capable of doing so, haha.

  4. Honeatly bless you for translating Re:Birthday Songn. I’m so happy I got to play it as the game is so beautiful and it’s one of my favourite soundtracks! Yoru’s my absolute favourite with Nami in second :3

    I wish you luck with translating Un:Birthday Song! I would love to read it if you complete it. If you want someone to proof read the English translation I could do that. I can only read English sadly. But I’d be happy to tidy up the Re:Birthday Song script if you ever wanted someone to do that 🙂

  5. Hey! Thank you so much for your translations! I’m so happy you translated it as to this day, it is one of my favorite otomes! Good luck on translating Un: Birthday song! Take your time 🙂 I think all the guys were great aha but Yoru and Ame really stole my heart! the ost and art was seriously gorgeous

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