幻奏喫茶アンシャンテ Gensou Kissa Enchante – Review/Summary


The heroine is a girl named Kotone who inherits her grandfather’s cafe after he dies. Upon entering it, she looks over the entire cafe having nostalgic feelings coming back from when she was young and lived with her grandfather. She then finds a strange room with “staff only” on it. When she enters it, she finds a huge extravagant door that has a “closed” plate next to it. After changing it to “open” an other-worldy man appears and says he finally found her and embraces her closely while telling her he’s been waiting for her.

I know this game is coming out in English, so you can use my skip to non-spoiler thoughts if you don’t want to spoil anything.

non-spoiler thoughts


Kotone is confused and pushes the man away demanding to know who the heck he is and asks if he’s cosplaying lol. He claims he’s a Demon King and knows her grandfather. When she asks where he came from, he decides to allow other strange guests to arrive to explain the situation better. Suddenly three other other worldly men arrive. They all question where the heroine’s grandfather is since he hadn’t appeared in a while. Kotone explains that he passed away recently leaving them all wondering what will become of them. They all decide to first introduce themselves to Kotone first. The one whom Kotone intially met, the self-claimed demon king named Miser Rex. The flaming demon beast named Ignis. The fallen angel named Il. And a knight from a land of fairies named Canus.


After Kotone meet everyone, Ignis asks what even brought her there and she shows a letter from her grandfather to everyone. It has written a will where she can do whatever she wants with the shop whether it be to keep it or sell it. She asks what exactly is “cafe enchante” and Canus explains its a cafe where other wordly beings come and go as they please. So they wonder if Kotone will decide to take over the cafe but she decides she needs time to think it over. Meanwhile, the rest of them stay at the cafe in a room they rent. Kotone leaves after talking to Miser and reflects on her grandfather’s letter and how she suggested she leave her job and do something else with her life.


The next day Kotone runs into a man named Rindo after picking up a pen he dropped. He already knows who she is though and immediately reveals he knows about Cafe Enchante, her grandfather, and the other wordly beings there. He however gives her the advice of not taking over the cafe because of how dangerous they all are. Before she can say anything though, he receives a phone call and has to leave. After this, Kotone visits Cafe Enchante again where they welcome her with a welcome party with stuff they bought at a convenience store. They eventually run out of drinks so Kotone suggests to go buy more.

She ends up running into a guy in a suit claiming to be a member of an organization called GPM (Government Paranormalism Measures). They work in an organization to prevent supernatural creatures from interfering with the human world. The man tries to convince Kotone to give up her cafe to them so they can use the land for abolishing the cafe and creating a laboratory where the mystical door is where other wordly beings live. Kotone refuses and the rest of the cafe crew appear to help her scare away the GPM goons. They try shooting at all of them but Ignis and Canus easily deflect their bullets. Its then Canus who scares them off when his helmet is blown off, revealing he has no head.

The rest of them eventually scare off the GPM but then the man named Rindo that Kotone met appears. He reveals he’s actually from the info section of the GPM and its his job to keep an eye on Kotone and the other beings that reside there to make sure nothing happens while she’s there. Albeit he’s a regular customer there so he already knows everyone there. Even though he doesn’t necessarily agree with her taking over the store, Kotone finally decides she’ll do it. So Kotone offically leaves her previous job and tells her parents she’s taking over the cafe. She moves into the cafe and stays in a room where her grandfather stayed.

After this, Kotone tries to do her research in how to open up and start in the business of her cafe. Kotone wonders how to set up the wifi so she asks Canus for help. He knows nothing of technology so they suggest she asks Il who is very good with technology since he plays otome games. Ignis tries to get him out of his room and finds him playing on his switch in the dark. He ends up making a bright light with his angelic power and basically blinds Ignis lmaoo. After that, he helps Kotone and she wonders what his room looks like and goes to visit him. She finds tons of otome games and merchandise all over and Il explains he’s a huge otome fan and hopes she can come indulge in it with him lol.


Kotone eventually tries to get on good terms with Ignis who has his doubts about her taking her grandfather’s position as the store manager. She manages to get through to him that they’re two different people and while she won’t be on the same level as him, she intends to do her best to run the store. Ignis decides to be tsundere about it but admits he just got overly defensive thinking she’s come to replace her grandfather all of a sudden. The next day, Kotone goes out to the town with Canus to buy some ingredients to open the cafe. Canus is more or less known by a lot of people in town who call him “Mr Helmet”.


Kotone was wary at first with his appearance but learns from Mister that thanks to his own magic, the people near enchante aren’t wary of the strange appearances of them. They suddenly run into some school girls who know Canus and think Kotone and him are dating. They take a photo to commemorate their moment and have both Kotone make a heart with their fingers as they take a picture lol. Canus gets flustered and apologizes to Kotone for them bothering her but she tells him she doesn’t mind it and actually realizes that Canus probably doesn’t need magic to be seen as someone normal.

After this, Kotone seemingly overworks herself so Rindo suggests she take a break and hangs out with him. On his drive back to the cafe he asks her some questions about herself but admits he knows most things due to being in the information bureau and investigating the cafe. One day, Kotone is getting ready to open shop and has everyone try her brewed coffee which Ignis thinks is disgusting. Eventually, Kotone gets the hang of it after Miser helps her follow the directions on how to make coffee. He tells her its delicious and brews her some of his own coffee after her hard work.

Finally, Cafe Enchante officially opens and they all hold a party to celebrate. They decide to show Kotone through a sort of tablet Rindo has, the different worlds that each of them reside in. Miser Alex is a demon king from a world called “Asmodia” where demons and some humans reside. Canus is from a place called Medio where fairies live. Il is from a heavenly place called Caelum but not much info is obtained on it. Lastly, Ignis is from a world called Bestia which is a cold place full of beasts. While each world is connected by the gate they come through, there are also “holes” that appear randomly where you can end up in a random world at a random time.

After Kotone gets an explanation of each of the worlds, Miser suggests Kotone visits “Medio” since its one of the safer places to visit. Rindo is completely against the idea at first but Kotone makes the decision to wanting to see the world for herself. In doing so, they all enter the gate in which connects each worlds. They enter with Canus leading the way to his own world “Medio”. But when the heroine arrives there, she’s separated from the rest of the group. She ends up wandering around in a forest until she comes across some fairies that want to play with her. They take her to the top of the waterfall where they push her off.

As Kotone falls, Canus appears and rescues her just in time. He explains that the fairies don’t have ill intent but just don’t know better in terms of her being a human that can’t survive such a fall. In short, they merely wanted to play with her. Eventually everyone else appears and are relieved she’s okay but don’t understand why she didn’t enter the same way they came but instead got separated from everyone. She explains she almost felt pulled in by something, but doesn’t understand why. Regardless, Kotone chooses to stay and doesn’t want her first impression of Canus’ home to be a bad one.

As Canus shows them around, they encounter a servant of the so-called “fairy queen” named Vennea. He tells them that the queen would like to greet them since they’re outsiders. So Vennea takes them to see the queen named Titania. She uses her power of controlling plants to create a banquet for everyone to enjoy. She tells Kotone she wished to speak to her about the human world and how Canus is doing there. She somehow peeks into Kotone’s memory and sees a memory of her seeing Canus for the first time while he’s speaking with her grandfather. Confused, Titania changes the subject and tells Kotone to keep looking after Canus in her place.

Kotone realizes after Vennea explains it that the fairies are all afraid of Canus and apparently he’s known as a “messenger of death”. Because of this, he’s usually isolated since no fairy wants to be around him. Regardless, Kotone leaves to go find Canus on a hilltop. She decides to take a break with him to watch the view where they can see the World Tree which is the symbol of life in Medio. Kotone brings up how she was told Canus is a symbol of death which he tells her not to let it bother her since he’s already accepted it. Kotone isn’t satisfied with his answer but he shares her a “secret” and has her touch his face. He tells her even though its not visible, he very much has a face.  He tells her he appreciates her being concerned about him.


One day, Kotone discusses with everyone about how much she loved visiting another world. Suddenly while in mid conversation, a young boy appears who claims to be a customer comes in to order a drink. He shouldn’t be able to enter Cafe Enchante normally which makes Miser immediately suspect him of not being human. In addition, his presence causes the store to become cold and he even freezes the faucet. When Miser points this out, the boy gets weirded out and runs away. After this, Rindo does research on the boy and finds him in his data base. His name is Abe Kariya and he’s actually a changeling–a fairy baby that was kidnapped and then swapped out for a human baby in the human world.

An eccentric researcher named Akira Mikado who looks like a child looks at what Rindo is researching and tells him he’s surprised to see an outsider of the human world to have lived longer than 10 years in a different world (since they normally can only last 5). Rindo realizes the boy may be in danger and his health is deteriorating because he’s grown up in the wrong world. He decides to try and search for him and ends up finding him at an abandoned warehouse. Rindo reveals to the boy he’s not human but he knows how he can help him. Kariya doesn’t trust him though and attacks him with his ice power. Just as Rindo is overpowered, Ignis appears and uses his flames to melt the ice.

Kariya falls unconscious and is taken to the fairy world where they speak with Titania and confirm he is indeed an ice fairy that was originally born in Medio. She tells him that if he continues to live in the human world that he will die. But Kariya is not convinced about there being other worlds so Rindo suggests taking him to the GPM headquarters. After doing so, its still not enough to convince him, so Rindo asks Kotone to try and convince him since she is also an outsider to the other worlds. However, they find he escaped the GPM headquarters and ran off somewhere. Rindo and Kotone manage to track him down in the abandoned warehouse.


Kariya’s powers start to go rampant but Rindo calms him down while getting hurt by his ice attacks in the process. After this,  Kariya comes back to Enchante and apologizes for what he’s done. Rindo appears after Il treated him and tells him he wouldn’t die so easily anyway. Regardless, he asks what Kariya wants to do and he decides for now he wants to do both. In doing so, Kariya will work at Cafe Enchante so his life isn’t in danger and he can continue living in the human world. However, this will only postpone his choice and eventually the day will come where he’ll have to decide what to do. Meanwhile, Kotone helps Rindo get back in bed since his wounds opened up again.

A few weeks pass and Kariya is continuing to work at Cafe Enchante albeit freezing most hot dishes that are made. One day, Il suggests visiting an aquarium thats going to be relocated so he can be where the characters went on a date in his otome game lmao. Miser and everyone (except Iginis who went back to Bestia). They end up encountering a beast that escaped from Bestia and Canus fights it until Ignis appears to finish it off. After this, their trip to the aquarium gets cancelled and they go back to Enchante. Meanwhile, Ignis tells them he brought back a “souvenir” from Bestia. When they go into the cafe, they find a creature rolling around the store and making Kariya freak out lmao.

Apparently the creature is a sea beast that got separated from its family so Ignis decided to take him with him since he kept following. Miser then suggests they go to Bestia to try and find the creature’s family (now named Kororo by Kotone). At first, everyone but Kotone were to look for Kororo’s family, but since he wouldn’t separate from Kotone, she suggested to go as well. Rindo is completely against it at first but they manage to convince him by telling them them they would protect Kotone to make sure nothing happened. So they go to Bestia the next day and look for Kororo’s family. Even with Miser and Il combining their power, they can’t locate their family.

Suddenly, someone who appears to know Iginis comes screaming towards them as a beast is chasing him. Ignis defeats the beast and the kid introduces himself as Dromi who’s an old friend of Ignis. They ask if he may know where they can locate Kororo’s family and he suggests visiting an area where weak monsters are. There, Kotone notices Ignis walk off and decides to follow him. She then witnesses a conversation between him and a small bunny-like creature. She starts yelling at him and saying he killed her parents. She then talks to Kotone and tells her that in this world, slaughter is justice and Ignis is one of the most brutal beasts that reside there who has killed many.

Ignis himself doesn’t deny it, but suddenly a giant monster appears before the conversation can continue. He threatens Kororo and Kotone but Ignis pretty easily kicks his ass. He doesn’t finish him off however because he won’t just mercilessly kill like the bunny creature thinks he does. Apparently she misunderstood in him killing her parents because he was actually the one who defeated the beasts that killed her parents but she fell unconscious and lived to believe it was Ignis. Kororo starts to take a liking to Ignis and even manages to say both his and Kotone’s name, surprising them that it can somewhat speak. Unfortunately, their search for Kororo’s parents ends in them finding its family’s corpses, which brings Kotone to tears.


After this, they continue to keep Kororo since he can no longer reunite with his family. Meanwhile, Il continues to ask Kotone for advice on what choices to make with his otome games. But ever since Kotone witnessed the sea beasts slaughtered, everyone feels she’s a bit more down than usual. Because of this, they all agree to cheering her up by taking her out on “dates”. At first Miser is completely against Il going out alone with Kotone (since they usually forbid him to leave Enchante after an incident he wandered off). But eventually he manages to convince Miser to allow him to go on a date with Kotone. He has no idea where to go though so Kotone ends up suggesting an going to an otome event.

When they arrive, Il becomes super excited and immediately checks out the events and merch being sold. Eventually Il stars drawing attention since it looks like he’s cosplaying. It gets to the point where girls are gathering around him and Kotone gets knocked over. Finally, Il tells them that he’s not cosplaying and they all back off and apologize. After a while, Kotone and Il take a break while Il goes off to buy a drink for them. Suddenly a couple of guys barge in on the event to try and pick up girls. One harasses Kotone so when Il appears, he tells them to not interrupt their date at an event where real girls wouldn’t be interested in them anyway lol.


He ends up using his powers to flip them in the air and then a sort of fog is let out to erase the memories of the people in the venue (where Miser had been watching them the entire time because he was worried). Il then flies Kotone out of the event into the air. They eventually reach a high point where Il shows Kotone a great view of the city. Kotone admits she knew about his plan to invite her out on a date to cheer her up and thanks him. Il tells her he wanted to see her smile again since it’s been slightly off ever since she witnessed the slaughter of those sea demons. She realizes as the master of Enchante she needs to pull herself together.

One day, Kotone hears news of abnormal weather near her hometown. When going back to Enchante, the weird scientist from the GPM Mikado invites himself to Enchante after Rindo was sent on a mission to a place called Amasaki Island which is near the heroine’s hometown. Rindo had actually called for back up since creatures called Spartoi appeared making it more dangerous. This concerns Kotone since her family and Rindo may be in danger. But Miser is against the idea of her going there so he and Il decide to leave and check the situation for her. While they’re gone, Kotone starts to hear a voice she’s heard before which unwillingly draws her to the other world gate as if she’s being controlled.

In doing so, she enters the gate and wakes up on Amasaki Island. These Hiwa looking things then greet her and tell her where she is. It’s then she’s lead by them and encounters a Spartoi which resembles a skeleton. Rindo then appears to help but doesn’t realize its Kotone at first. He’s shocked to see her and even both Miser and Il appear; confused as to why or how Kotone got there. Just as they try to talk further, a giant hole appears in the sky where all the Spartoi are coming out of. They decide to seek shelter in a cave and discuss the situation. Kotone tells them she was led there by a voice and just ended up on the island.  She suggests leaving to her hometown but Miser is against it and wants her where they can keep an eye on her. So Rindo continues to try and protect the clay creatures while Miser, Il, and Kotone investigate the outside.


Just as they’re attacked by more Spartoi, a massive skeleton arm reaches out from the giant hole and attacks them. Miser and Il can barely attack it until Ignis and Canus fend it off and it retreats. After this, Rindo comes to tell them bad news which is that the island has become threatening enough to humanity that they want to destroy the island. But by any means they want to avoid that scenario so finally Miser suggests a method to close the hole that’s letting in the Spartoi. So they all work together to delay the GPM from destroying the island and let Miser gain enough time to use his power to not only defeat the giant skeleton hand, but to also seal up the hole. Thanks to this, the plan to destroy the island is refuted and things are back to normal.

Canus Espada (CV: Umehara Yuuichirou) is a headless knight (dullahan) from his world called Medio who has serious but calm personality. Looks the most suspicious but is very honest and also likes to garden in his spare time.

One day, Kotone barges into Canus’ room after he wasn’t responding to her and spotted him “sleeping” on a chair. He was asleep at first but woke up with Kotone getting close and poking him. She starts wondering when he’d wake up and not realizing he had already been awake for a while. Kariya then walks in telling Kotone to flirt later and come out and help. Kotone tells him she’s trying to wake him up. But then Kariya reveals he’s been awake the whole time which shocks Kotone and makes Canus literally fall out of his chair. She finds out later that Kariya–or rather fairies have the ability to see Canus’ face in some shape or form. Kariya can see Canus’ face enough to distinguish facial expressions which is how he knew Canus was awake.


Kotone asks Kariya to draw a picture of Canus’ face and it ends up looking like a really crappy drawing lol. After this, Kotone apologizes for observing Canus so closely while he was “asleep” but Canus apologizes for fake sleeping in the first place. She tells him she thinks it’s sad she can’t tell if he’s smiling or crying so Canus promises to convey his feelings through words instead. A few days later, Kotone, Kariya and Canus visit Medio. They greet Titania and give her a magazine from the human world since she’s always interested in hearing about it. Both Kariya and Kotone notice Vennea call Titania “sister” and wonder if they’re related. Titania explains they kind of just “appeared” together and fairies can’t breed like humans so they don’t have genders either.


One day, Kotone is surprised to find Vennea visit Enchante. He explains he’s going to continue to visit for Titania’s sake and to tell stories about the human world. So he continues to come to the cafe and see how the human world is. Meanwhile, Kotone comes back to Medio to talk to Titania about different things related to the human world. One day after doing so, Il and Kotone head back to the gate to leave but notice Canus wander off. As Il picks her up to fly and see where he went, they witness him kill a fairy. After this, Kotone is constantly distracted when she thinks about what happened. She consults Rindo about it at the GPM building, but he tells her just as the human world has certain rules, other world’s may have certain ones too. He believes the best thing would be to talk to Canus himself to understand what happened.

Kotone finally decides to do so and asks why Canus killed that fairy. He explains that while fairies do not have the concept of death, they continue to appear and must not continue to repopulate as it’s necessary  for Medio’s existence. He doesn’t go into detail though and basically tells Kotone to back off and stop trying to pry in the affairs of a non-human world. She cries as he turns his back on her and is told by Vennea to come see Titania. Vennea tells Titania that Canus’ killing of fairies was found out. Vennea gets frustrated by the fact the two of them suffer for the sake of the World Tree. He suggests the Enchante group could help but Canus doesn’t want to risk the deaths of any more fairies. So Vennea starts getting pissed at Canus for just accepting it rather than looking for a solution. After this, the floor shakes and a fairy reveals a hole has opened up.

After 5 days pass, Kotone is still upset after what happened and Canus hasn’t shown himself since. Everyone at Enchante realizes something is up and Kotone finally reveals what she found out and what Canus told her. Kariya gives more detail on the matter of what he heard from an old relative of his in the fairy world. Apparently the fairies lived peacefully until the World Tree appeared over 300 years ago and chaos occurred where fairies started to perish. They then offered up a “bride” or rather a sacrifice–which is Titania today.  Miser asks what Kotone wants to do after learning this and she tells him she wants time to decide. Meanwhile, as Canus is lamenting how he left things with Kotone, a hole appears and he witnesses the tree killing a fairy.

As he goes to see the situation, he finds out thanks to the hole, the tree has been damaged. Because of this, the tree is starting to feed off of not only Titania’s life but also the fairies as well. In other words, an occurrence that took place 500 years ago is about to happen and more fairies will die for the sake of the tree. While Vennea goes to check on the situation of the hole near the root of the tree, Canus remembers his past and how he was given the role of murdering fairies for the sake of feeding the tree. After this, Kotone talks to Vennea who encourages her to speak with Canus to try and mend things. In addition, he hopes that it’ll give Canus the motivation he needs. So he takes her to Medio but doesn’t give details about what is currently going on there. Canus is mad when he sees her brought there but the two of them decide to talk to each other.

Canus explains about the World Tree and how it started off as a seed that was originally from the human world but mutated while being in the fairy world and grew into an enormous tree. It started to feed on fairies for nutrients and so a “sacrifice” was given to subside it’s need to feed until their life was literally drained completely. Apparently Canus’ predecessor,  Banshee who also was a messenger of death and both Titania and Vennea’s eldest sister. As a messenger of death, they are born knowing the truth behind the world tree and so Banshee tried to destroy the tree to protect Titania but ended up dying. However, the damage to the tree did end up causing the amount of sacrfices to decrease so in a way the Banshee’s efforts were not in vain. But for this reason Canus doesn’t want her involved and just wants her to greet him with a smile at Enchante.


Kotone doesn’t accept this is tells him to look at her and not as her grandfather or the master of Enchante. She wants him to look at her as Kotone. He finally realizes the differences between her and her grandfather’s ways of handling Enchante and starts going on and on about all the things he loves about Enchante and Kotone. Eventually he lets it slip out that he of course loves her as well. They awkwardly exchange glances but go silent as Canus stutters to try and correct himself. Vennea then interrupts to ask if they’re done and brings Kotone to speak to Titania and tell her she now knows all of Medio’s past. Kotone also tells them she wants to help in anyway she can and when she suggests to ask the help of the Enchante customers, Vennea disagrees and wants a solution now.

Vennea goes up to Kotone and asks her directly if she’ll help even if it means making sacrfices. She agrees and then suddenly Vennea grabs Titania out of the “throne” and tosses Kotone into it making her a “sacrfice” instead. Knowing full well she will die at this rate, Vennea wants Canus to take action and save Kotone. And in doing so, destroying the tree as well. Titania is furious at him for doing this but he refuses to lose her over this  Suddenly, these things called “Soul eaters” appear due to the threat of a foreign object or rather Kotone–a human, being put in the throne as the bride of fairies. They constantly attack Canus and the fairies who are trying to escape. The fairies then remember Kotone mentioned “Enchante” and how it’s a safe place.


It’s then more soul eaters appear and block the way, but suddenly the door to Enchante opens and Miser, Ignis, Il and Rindo appear after reading a letter Kotone left saying she was going to Medio. They help evacuate the fairies to Enchante as well as help Canus make his way through the forest to the center where Kotone is. Meanwhile, because there is no longer any fairies to feed on, the soul eaters appear in the center area where the “throne” is which they have never done before. This throws Vennea’s plans off since he did not expect this but as the Soul eaters try to attack, Kotone manages to use whatever power she can from the tree sucking her soul to make the roots destroy the soul eaters trying to attack them.


Kotone continues to do this until she starts to lose consciousness and starts calling out Canus’ name. Finally, Canus appears just in time to save Kotone. He slashes away the throne and thanks to the help of of everyone else, they manage to destroy the World Tree for good this time. In doing so, the souls of the sacrifices and fairies that were reaped are released and are finally free. After this, Canus takes Kotone to his favorite place and tells her Medio will now live peacefully without a world tree and the souls reaped are free now. They hope to see the future of Meido together.


In the epilogue, a month has passed since the incident in Medio. Titania can now freely come to Enchante along with her brother. And Canus has become a sort of mentor for the fairies who know longer fear him after learning the truth. Canus takes Kotone to Medio where it is now blooming with flowers. He confesses his love for Kotone and asks her to be his wife and she accepts. In the bad end, Canus doesn’t make it in time and Kotone is now one with the tree and in an indefinite slumber. Canus continues to slay fairies to keep her alive but knows full well she would want him to kill her since killing her would mean destroying the tree as well.


Thoughts: I did Canus’ route first after beating the common route (which was pretty long) so this was kind of my first impression of how the routes would be. Although, after doing all the routes I felt like Canus’ felt the most short? Maybe that’s why its recommended you do him first and each route is a little longer than the first. Anyway, Canus was definitely my type in terms of personalty!! I like serious types so I thought he was adorable. The only unfortunate part about his route is that there really wasn’t very many cute scenes between the two because it felt fairly short. In addition, there’s no kiss CG (not really surprising without his head though lol). Although, I’m fairly certain after basically gaining fairy attributes (from being stuck to the tree) Kotone was able to see Canus’ face for a moment when she looked up at him. Thats just a thought I had. I hope we get a FD for more scenes with him!! But I’m not sure how I’d feel about him gaining a face… I think its better he doesn’t have one.


Ignis Carbunculus (CV: Ono Yuuki) is from Bestia and manipulates fire. He has a short tempered personality and loves to eat meat.

One day, Kotone finds Ignis dying for food near the gate so she whips up tons of food for him that he devours easily. He admits her food is good and she tells him that’s the first time he’s told her that. Unfortunately, he ends up eating most food they have so both Kotone and Ignis leave Enchante to go buy more food. During this, Doromi appears all excited to see them and decides to tag along. He then randomly asks Ignis if Kotone is her mating partner (as in for animals since they’re beasts) and Ignis flips at Kotone denying it immediately but Kotone is more concerned about the eggs Ignis dropped when hearing it lmao. Dromi then brings up having a girlfriend before and gets Ignis even more mad. After kicking Dromi’s butt, he tells Ignis the cow-like creatures they fought before have gone missing.

After this, talking about Ignis’ potential love life becomes a thing since it would be more of an actual thing for the beasts in Bestia to breed like normal animals in the human world (unlike the fairy or demon world’s). Ignis tells them all to shut up about it and not to bring up gossiping about his love life. So one day, Kotone sees Ignis skateboarding at a park. Albeit, he had never done it before and mainly likes to move his body a lot like when he fights. After that, Ignis tells Kotone about the creatures in Bestia disappearing and coincidentally they run into one in an alley way. Ignis easily defeats it but ends up getting a sort of a bloodthirsty look in his eye until Kotone snaps him out of it.


After defeating the beast, she ends up cutting her hand to which Ignis responds in taking her wound and licking the blood. Kotone is super embarrassed and confused by this and when Ignis realizes what he had just done he gets extremely embarrassed and assures her it’s a thing they do to treat wounds in Bestia. Koaru then appears and notices that they already defeated it but also notice the two of them acting extremely awkward. After Koaru leaves, the two of them walk back together and Ignis asks if Kotone’s hand is okay. She tells him it’s fine and he of course gets tsundere saying it’s be bad if she couldn’t continue to make delicious meals lol.

After this, beasts continue to appear and both Iginis and Kotone are called by Koaru to the GPM building. Basically the beasts that are appearing are appearing through holes that are all connected to the city for some reason. In addition, when they appear none of them are sane and just attack rampantly with their natural fighting instincts. Ignis decides he’ll check it out and try to find the beasts that had gone missing. After this, Kotone prepares lots of food for him for his mission to Bestia. All the while he helps cook and also tells Kotone how he first arrived in Enchante. He too had gone rampant with killing instincts. But one day while struggling to fight it, he finds the gate to Enchante and meets Kotone’s grandfather who makes food for him. It not only calms him down but gives him a passion for food. Ignis didn’t want Kotone to be afraid of him so he avoided saying anything. But she tells him it’s fine because even if he did act aggressively she knows her cooking would calm him. He calls her an idiot and roughs her head lol.


So Kotone finishes making a ton of food and gives it to Ignis as he leaves while Dromi goes a different path since he left something at the GPM building (hm suspicious). A few days later, Kotone goes into the dining room at night to calm Cororo who’s anxious about Ignis’. But someone suddenly covers her eyes and restrains her. They then throw her into the gate to Bestia and she’s left laying in the cold until a little fox looking boy (who knows she’s related to Ignis somehow due to her scent) helps save her to repay Ignis for saving him. She wakes up in a village where Ignis was and he’s shocked to see her there and thanks the boy who saved her. Kotone relays her situation and how someone tossed her into Bestia but she doesn’t know who.

After that, Dromi finally appears and they go to the village where Ignis grew up to stay the night there. Kotone comes out to talk to Ignis and he notices she’s cold so he puts his arm around her so his flame can help heat her body up. He tells her he was terrified when he thought something may have happened to her and is relieved she’s okay. He then tells her about his past and why he no longer wants to kill. Apparently his village was attacked and while everyone he knew was killed he went on a rampage and killed all the beasts. Because of this incident, he decided to become the strongest fighter in Bestia and never would he kill for the sake of being the strongest like all in the beasts in Bestia usually did. After telling Kotone this, Dromi urges them to come since there’s beasts that appeared.


Ignis notices a hole near them which is how they’ve been slipping into the city. Ignis easily fights them off until the last one starts to speak to him. He tells him he’ll do whatever it takes to kill him since there’s something wrong with him. Ignis thinks it’s because he won’t kill, but he mocks him for this. He reveals Ignis was the one who killed his own kin and slaughtered them while he was rampaging. Ignis doesn’t believe him at first but he shows him a bracelet of one of his friends he killed that had the scent of Ignis’ own blood on it. One of his kin that lived kept it a secret that he did this to risk not being killed and so they can “use” him to keep monsters away. Lastly, he reveals the whole monsters can go rampant from fighting was a lie they told and in reality he’s the only beast that loses their sanity at times.

Ignis can hardly believe but he starts to have flashbacks of the murders and realizes it must be true. After he leaves through the hole, Il appears and they all head back to Enchante. Everyone is told of the situation and so they make plans to take care of the beasts that are attacking and the city and aiming for Ignis. Meanwhile, Ignis is depressed and will barely even speak to Kotone. Everyone is against Ignis leaving Enchante, but when Ignis goes to Kotone’s room to apologize, he tells her he plans on leaving Enchante anyway so no one risks getting hurt by him. Kotone begs him to not go and albeit frustrated and confused he decides to listen to her. After this, everyone departs for Bestia. They go to Ignis’ hometown again and confirm he did indeed go on a killing spree. They also find out orginally Ignis’ kind wasn’t supposed to be able to eat because they have no digestive organs.


Suddenly, Cororo wanders off and when everyone follows him they come across an ice cave that is near Dromi’s kin. They see murals and Cororo starts speaking about them in very butchered speech. But what they get out of it is that humans had lived in Bestia at some point. In addition, a beast that was Ignis’ ancestor is destined to cause ruin and kill both humans and beasts alike. Dromi confirms this as he had worshipped Ignis’ strength and even watched him as he slaughtered his kin. He also informed the beasts the location of his hometown so Ignis sprints out of there to try and save them. He ends up finding the village on fire and the rest of them inhabitants murdered. Seeing, this his vision goes red and he slaughters the beasts that attacked the village.


During this, Il escapes to fly and take Kotone out of there. But a mass of fire blocks their way and Il falls out of the sky along with Kotone. The two of them encounter Ignis who’s lost his sanity and starts trying to attack them. Il takes the blow to protect Kotone but gets severely injured in the process. Kotone begs him to stop but instead of doing just that he bites into her arm, literally eating her flesh as she screams in pain. Eventually the others arrive and Canus fends off Ignis as both Miser and Koaru check on Kotone and Il. Finally, Ignis regains his sanity and realizes what he’s done. Dromi appears also and laughs, praising Ignis for being the beast of ruin called “Vanar”.

After this, Dromi is taken into custody by the GPM while Kotone recovers from her wound. Ignis was left in the cave they found with a barrier made by Miser and Il is still in critical condition. Meanwhile, Koaru tries to interrogate Dromi but is getting no results until he basically admits he’s whacko by telling them he just wants to see  Ignis turn into a monster that kills everyone because of how cool it is. He also manages to escape after the beasts that attacked before appear. Meanwhile, the beasts attack Enchante and both Miser and Canus go to help the town while telling Kotone to stay put. She does so until Dromi barges in to kidnap her and take her to Ignis to feed her to him. But when Ignis sees her the last thing he wants to do is hurt her and in fact while despairing over the situation they admit their feelings for each other. Pissed off at this outcome, Dromi starts kicking Kotone and more-so when she slaps him.


Dromi starts to go batshit about how the world they lived in was corrupted and didn’t bat an eye to losing the lives of his family and friends. He finally calms down and realizes Ignis won’t eat Kotone so he decides he’ll try to eat her instead. Before he can do this though, Ignis yells at the top of his lungs and then turns into a fiery wolf or the “Vanar” beast. Kotone wakes up and finds herself in front of Koaru, Miser, and Canus. They notice the situation and Koaru tells them to ride his snowmobile so they can try to fend off Ignis who’s now a giant fiery wolf-like monster wandering around Bestia. They all try their best to fend them off with even Il’s help and even the villagers that were helped by Ignis. It’s not enough though so Kotone comes up with a plan and decides to make herself a decoy to bring him back to his senses. She removes the bandages of her wound to lure him to her.


In doing so, Ignis comes running towards her. The rest of the guys can’t stop him in time though and suddenly a bunch of Cororo’s kind break through the ice and stop him in his tracks. Finally, Kotone reaches Ignis and manages to calm him down. She hugs him and he regains his sanity to the point where he can talk. He tells her he doesn’t want to kill or eat her and starts crying. She holds him until he reverts back to his original self. Ignis tells her he loves her and never wants to let her go. In the epilogue, Ignis now lives at Enchante where he helps out now in the shop. Dromi is locked up in the GPM building (I was so hoping Ignis would eat his sorry ass but sigh). Kotone is still recovering and Ignis no longer shows signs of going rampant or eat people. BUT he decides to eat Kotone instead and makes out with her on her bed. 😎 In the bad end, Ignis doesn’t turn back to normal and is frozen in an indefinite slumber.


Thoughts: Ignis kind of reminded me of Syun from Re:Birthday Song and Lagi from Wand of Fortune. Pretty much the typical hot headed (literally cause … fire) tsundere. Pretty typical personality in terms of liking meat, being hot headed, red haired…ect. I daresay he was the route the felt like it got the most intimate sort of scenes/CGs with Kotone?? Maybe its also because of the blood licking part… but anyway, they really knew how to make you hate the fucking shit out of Dromi. I was so annoyed when Ignis just didn’t end up killing the little fucker. I usually like the tsunderes but I’m not sure if Ignis is quuuite my type. I did feel bad for this guy though, its not like he wanted to be a murderous beast or anything!!


Koaru Rindo (CV: Junichi Suwabe) is a calm middle age man that is part of the GPM. Even though he monitors Enchante from the outside, he often visits as an actual customer.

While Rindo is busy with GPM business, Mikado decides to visit Enchante to ask Kotone for advice on a gift to give his girlfriend for her birthday. Everyone is more surprised about the fact he even has a girlfriend but he calls them rude and says he’s already 29 (even though he looks 12…). So somehow Kotone agrees to helping him out and meets Mikado at the station. Miser forces her to bring along someone just in case so Il volunteers to come with her. They all go shopping for the sake of finding something for Mikado’s birthday. Not long after they bump into Rindo, who’s dressed up all young looking that Kotone barely recognizes him at first. She tells him they were helping Mikado look for a present for his girlfriend and suddenly gets weird and tells her not to pry to much into his affairs. Regardless, they finish up shopping and Rindo walks Kotone home.


One day, Kotone visits the GPM building for one of Kariya’s check ups. She meets Mikado there who asks Kotone to come meet his girlfriend since it’s her birthday and she helped pick out a gift for him. But what he witnesses isn’t what she expected cause after taking her to a medical room, Mikado starts normally talking to his “stuffed doll” who’s his girlfriend and gives it his present. He also then asks if she’s hungry and rolls up his sleeves to reveal scars and let’s the “doll” bite into him. Rindo then appears and asks to speak with Kotone. She stands there in shock, confused by what she saw and Rindo briefly tells her that the creature he was talking to is indeed his girlfriend that was formally human. In addition, that same creature is his younger sister. After this, Kotone reflects on what she saw but hasn’t seen Rindo recently enough to ask about it.

One day, she and Ignis spot Rindo and the GPM shooting down an other worldly creature. Rindo spots Kotone and explains it was actually a creature that had resided in the human world for 30 years but when it lost its last relative, it got violent and started hurting people. He explains that even if outsiders and humans live together, they may always have an existing conflict that prevents them living in harmony. Kotone asks if that’s what happened to his sister and he tells her he’ll explain back at Enchante. So late at night, Rindo visits Enchante and begins to explain his past. His sister’s name was Shizuku and she was also a researcher at the GPM building that worked alongside Mikado. Shizuku and Mikado eventually started dating and then an incident happened at the GPM building where Shizuku turned into a creature that started killing. Rindo was the one who shot her down, but just before he could kill her, Mikado stops him and begs him to keep her alive. And until this day, Mikado still continues to research for a way to make her human again.


Kotone thanks Rindo for telling her this but can tell it’s hard for him. This is why he also believes humans and other beings aren’t meant to be happy together but Kotone doesn’t necessarily believe this when looking at the people in Enchante. So Rindo decides to change the subject and plans a date for the two of them. After this, Kotone runs into Mikado who planned to visit. Kotone brings up what Rindo told him and Mikado asks if she thinks he’s strange for it. She tells him she doesn’t and can tell just how important Shizuku is to him to still want to keep her alive. Albeit, he knows that in keeping her alive, she’s also suffering.  So on the day of Kotone’s date with Rindo, he drives her to his place. She’s surprised to find his place is rather expensive taste and he even introduces her to his clay housemate who helps clean (Kotone intially asks if its his wife lmaoooo).


Rindo decided to take care of him but Kotone doesn’t like the idea of him not having a name so they call him Ten-chan since his number the GPM gave him is 10.  After this, Rindo and Kotone go shopping to make food at his place since Rindo literally had nothing there. So after making a meal together, Ten-chan gets drunk off wine and Rindo puts him to sleep. While Kotone does the dishes, she asks herself outloud if Rindo has a girlfriend and he ends up hearing her. He makes a joke out of her being this ossan’s boyfriend and she bodly asks what he would think to her being pleased about it. This throws him for a loop but says he would be glad. But the awkward silence ends after Rindo changes the subject. After that, it gets late and Rindo tells Kotone he hopes she can live a normal happy life and should know she may not always be around the other non-humans she knows. But Kotone reassures him as well to think about his own happiness since it’s clear he hasn’t been since his sister died.


He gets close to her to the point of where they could kiss but are interrupted by everyone from Enchante calling since they got suspicious of him trying something with Kotone lol. After this, Kotone gets a text from Rindo that she should come visit again in which she replies she most definitely will. So again Kotone comes to visit Rindo at his place. It’s there they say goodbye to Ten-chan who’s being picked up by the GPM to go back to the island he’s from. After that, Kotone asks to know more about Rindo’s sister, Shizuku. So Rindo talks about her until night falls. But Kotone doesn’t want to leave and Rindo teases her about trying to spoil an old man like him lmao. But before anything else can happen, Rindo gets a sudden phone call from Mikado in which he only says “sorry”, before hanging up.

Rindo suspects there’s something going on and as he’s driving Kotone back to Enchante, he gets a phone call from the GPM begging for help before getting cut off. Rindo goes to the GPM building and tells Kotone to wait in the car while he checks out the situation. When he goes inside, he witnesses bodies that look as though their blood was drained. Not long after a creature appears and calls him ‘brother’. After this, Kotone spots Il bringing back an unconscious Rindo. He tells her to stay away from him since he’s been cursed. After bringing him back to Enchante, Rindo continues to be in critical condition. Eventually, Rindo regains consciousness but Miser tells Kotone that even though it seems like he’s getting better, there is no way to help him and he’ll inevitably die within the next few days.

Kotone is in shock and that night while she can’t sleep, she receives a phone call from Mikado asking her to meet him at the park. Kotone does so and he begins to explain he knows the situation with Rindo and as his friend, he wants to help him. He gives Kotone a metaplasia serum that will can change Rindo from human into non-humans like the rest of the Enchante guests. He explains it’s the only way to save his life, but mentally he might need saving as well if she’s to go through with it.  Canus, who followed her, escorts her back to Enchante where they discuss the situation. Kotone consults everyone on what to do but without much time, she can’t think on it thoroughly. After hearing everyone’s thoughts, she finally comes to a decision. With thoughts of not wanting Rindo to die no matter what, she visits Rindo’s room and feeds the serum to Rindo through her mouth.


After this, Rindo wakes up and encounters Miser in the dining room where he explains everything that happened while he was unconscious. In addition, GPM associates have been going missing as of recently. Albeit his body is still weak, so he ends up almost collapsing when Miser barely touches him. Kotone hears the commotion and witnesses a different looking Rindo. Half his body looks foreign while the other half is human. He says nothing and Miser asks for Kotone’s assistance to get him back to bed. Meanwhile, Mikado is having Shizuku feast on the GPM associates after having learning the “truth”. He also has hopes feeding enough of them will turn Shizuku back into a human. A few days later, Kotone finally confronts Rindo but can barely look at him. He reassures her he’s okay and that because of her he’s alive and asks for her to smile for him.


However, Kotone ends up overhearing Rindo talking to Canus. Rindo admits he wish he hadn’t become a non-human and that he has feelings for Kotone. But now that he’s no longer human, he feels the outcome of a human and non-human will no doubt lead to tragedy. Upon hearing this, Kotone starts crying due to the guilt she feels for turning him non-human. After this, Kotone suddenly invites Rindo out on a date. Rindo borrows a hoodie from Ignis to hide his appearance while they stay there until it gets late. Rindo asks why she really invited him out and she starts to try and justify reasons as to how he can still enjoy himself while not being human. In the end, she starts crying and apologizes for changing him even though he didn’t want to become non-human.

Rindo realizes why she invited him and reassures her that he no longer believes that humans and non-humans are that different thanks to thinking about what Miser said. In saying that, he again tells her that she’s the reason why he’s alive in the first place. Kotone then decides to be upfront and asks him to date her. He’s shocked by her sudden request and tells her she doesn’t need to take responsibility for what she’s done. But she tells him that it’s not because of that and it’s because she’s in love with him, and has been even before his change. He protests that he doesn’t believe he can make her happy and whatnot but Kotone cuts him off and kisses him and he and her just blush, saying nothing.


After this, everyone at Enchante relays the situation to Kotone and Rindo and they visit the GPM building. The GPM building is covered with a red goo from Shizuku. Mikado relays his voice through Shizuku and calls to meet both Kotone and Rindo. As he lets the both of them through, he reveals the secret behind the GPM that he learned after getting promoted. Apparently the higher up department had been doing secret human experimentations in order to try and make humans turn non-human. At first Mikado learned they used sick patients or criminals but eventually found out they also experimented on GPM members, Shizuku included. Apparently, they silenced her after she had found secret documents she wasn’t supposed to know. Hence, Mikado wanting to take revenge and feed all of the GPM to Shizuku.


Mikado tries to convince Kotone and Rindo to join him but they refuse. So Rindo fights against Shizuku until both Canus and Ignis arrive to help. Unfortunately, it’s not enough and all of them are restrained by Shizuku who almost manages to kill them. But since Rindo gained an antibody after being exposed and living, he’s able to move and defeat Shizuku. Mikado finally gives up and begs Rindo to spare Shizuku. He tells him he can’t and suddenly a weakened Shizuku stabs Mikado. He admits he was already dying anyway because he was feeding his blood to Shizuku so ultimately the outcome was inevitable. In the epilogue, both Mikado and Shizuku are gone and Rindo continues to live at Enchante while continuing to decide what to do. But he does finally respond to Kotone’s feelings and kisses her unexpectedly like she did to him.


Thoughts: Oh yes daddy its the ossan!! I actually surprisingly enjoyed Rindo’s route even though I’m not much of a fan of ossans. But that being said, it doesn’t really mean much when you consider hes no longer human by the end of the route. I was kind of surprised when that happened cause I figured Rindo would just stay human. I don’t know if thats disappointing in a sense that you’re no longer dating a regular ossan but … eh. When I first saw Rindo’s new form I was just thinking ‘uhhh venom!?//’ ‘Dangan ronpa?” pfft. Also poor Mikado though I feel like he deserved a better ending lol (I guess he gets one in Miser’s route). Regardless, I think the route itself was interesting. Kinda curious as to what Shizuku originally looked like and why he even started dating Mikado.


Il Fado de Rie (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) is a fallen angel from the world of Caelum who loves playing otome games. Although he is very cheerful and easygoing he is somewhat naive and often keeps himself cooped up in his room playing otome games.

One day, Kotone goes with Il to an otome collab cafe. Il starts fangirling over the menu and even Kotone herself is impressed by the quality and design of the food. Il decides to share his food like the action in an otome games and feeds Kotone some of his dish lmao. After Il gets his fix of merch, they leave and go to the park to relax. Il ends up singing a song that has the power to make people sleep so Kotone wakes up to find everyone in the park fast asleep lmao. Rindo and Miser appear and Miser ends up using his magic to summon a harpy to wake everyone up. This leads to everyone lecturing Il for what he’s done and him not coming to a full understanding as to why it was bad. Kotone ends up taking responsibility for his actions and this severely confuses Il to the point where he feels the need to apologize to Kotone.


One day, Kotone encounters Mikado’s mysterious assistant while is looking at an advertisement of the otome game Il told her about that was being remastered. In addition, it was also his first otome game he played since coming to the human world. Mikado’s assistant doesn’t say much but tells her he’ll come to Enchante himself next time for Kariya’s check up. After this, Il goes to consult Ignis and decides he wants to be less of a shut-in and help out more. Albeit, when he does try to help out more he just ends up making things worse for the most part. One day, Mikado’s assistant comes to the shop to check up on Kariya. In doing so, they decide to consult him about Il who has been unable to do normal tasks since the day he screwed up in the park. The assistant makes a rude comment about them wanting a “doll” to do more of their bidding which shocks them all.

The assistant apologizes and tells Kotone he left a gift for her as an apology. Kotone receives a Switch console and a the otome game that Il often told her about. She decides to tell Il about it to try and cheer her up and he gets super excited. He tells her when she completes a certain character’s route to tell him about it. One day, Kotone and Il go to Medio with Canus to see Titania. While having tea, Titania decides to try and understand Il and has him touch her head to hers (so she can use her power to see inside him). But what she sees shocks her but she remains quiet about it. The next day. Il asks Kotone to help with drying sheets and successfully manages it. He’s so happy to the point of flying Kotone up in the air. Kotone tells him he’s been very human-like recently and he delightfully exclaims how glad he is to be compared to a human.


One day, Kotone sees an old friend of hers while she’s out and they chat until late. At night, reads an article where she reads people are supposedly being “spirited away” near where she lives, leaving no trace whatsoever. Coincidentally she hears a scream from a woman but when she checks out the situation, there is no one there. However, she does find a mysterious glowing object that she picks up as evidence. Meanwhile, Kotone makes progress in the otome game Il loves and starts to notice the character he wants her to capture is similar to Il. The next day, everyone discusses the situation at hand and Kotone shows everyone the object she found, now realizing it was an angel feather with the glow around it gone.

Upon seeing this, Il suddenly collapses on the ground and gasps for air. No one knows what happened but Canus takes Il back to his room to recover. After this, Kotone goes downstairs and sees Il there. She asks what happened and he tells her that if an normal angel were to encounter a fallen angel like him, they may capture and punish him.  Suddenly, Kotone gets a phone call from her friend who wants to come visit Enchante. It’s already pretty late so she tries to convince her not to go but she doesn’t listen. Kotone and Il decide to track her down and eventually find her and two other angels. They are listening according to “God’s” wishes and hope for him to return and fulfill his role as well. They try to escape but Il manages to stop one of them. The other escapes but sends down a beam of light that pierces through Il’s arm, cutting it clean off.

Kotone is so shocked she can barely speak. Il on the other hand is completely calm even though is right arm is missing. He assures Kotone he is fine and it’ll recover on its own. He suddenly quotes the character from the otome game word for word which throws Kotone off for a moment. Suddenly, Il’s arm regenerates and it’s back to normal. After this, the GPM decide to track Il’s movements since he’s the one who has the biggest connection to this case. Mikado’s assistant eventually comes to Enchante, demanding they hand over Il since he is the most suspicious suspect. Kotone refuses and so he decides to give them the challenge of capturing an angel instead. In doing so, Il’s innocence can be proved. During this strategy, Mikado’s assistant stays in Enchante and instructs for it to be done at night.


When everyone leaves, it’s just Il and Kotone left at Enchante. Il starts to apologize for making her cry before and then quotes the otome game character game. Instinctively, Kotone asks who exactly is Il and why he acts so similar to that otome game character. Finally, Mikado’s assistant reveals himself to be an angel named Solitus. He tells Il to discard his emotions already and tosses the game console in front of Kotone. It autoplays, and the character in the game reveals his name to be Il Fado de Rie. In other words, Il’s personality was directly copied from the character in the game. Il doesn’t really have a name and is more known as “Judgement” and when he gained emotions, he became a fallen angel. Solitus then forces Il to kill sinners–or rather fallen angels who have gained emotions; this was his role as the Angel of Judgement. In doing so, Il’s emotions overwhelm him to the point where he deletes them.


Il falls to the floor and everyone eventually makes it back to Enchante and witnesses the situation. Solitus decides to retreat without Il but tells them he knows he will come back voluntarily. When Il gets up he no longer has any emotions. Miser then reveals he knew about Il’s prior personality before all this when he met him a long time ago. Kotone’s grandfather introduced him to Miser, but Il did not speak at all. Miser began to notice he had a curiousity in “love” and when he came across an otome game advertisement one day, he decided to buy it for Il and let him play it. In doing so, Il adapted the name and personality of the otome game character he liked.  After this, Miser leaves the store for a while and Kotone tries to talk with Il even though he won’t respond anymore.

Some time later, Canus comes back from Medio revealing that Titania basically told him that it is possible to still save Il. While he doesn’t have his emotions, it’s possible to retrieve the “soul” he once had. To do Miser, Kotone, Ignis and Canus decide to go to Il’s homeland Caelum. When they arrive, they realize the whole city is man-made rather than having any type of plants or organisms. Suddenly, while Kotone is stringing Il along, he goes into full “attacking mode” due to the rest of them being “intruders” and starts attacking them. Il is pretty much too strong for them to defeat, but suddenly a random fallen angel appears and saves all of them. He takes them to his hideout where he introduces himself as Epilogi.

Epilogi goes to explain the heavenly world of Caelum. First of all, the angels are created from a core with spiritual power. They are also connected to “God” and heed his commands through a sort of server. However, every angel but the apostles eventually deteriorates over time and when their body disappears, they are recreated into another angel after being recycled by the core. Fallen angels are sinners when they gain “emotion” and God forbids any sort of change that may come into fruition from this. Kotone reveals that they are actually from another world and came to save Il. Epilogi is against this at first and would rather kill Il but decides to go along with them out of curiousity to see Il as this person they see.

So they all head to the tower where both Solitus and Il are. Ignis and Canus fend off angels as Miser and Epilogi fly up the tower carrying Kotone. Solitus ends up appearing so Miser faces him head on, telling Epilogi to take Kotone to where Il is at the top of the tower. When Kotone and Epilogi arrive there, they spot Il as well. Il attacks Epilogi, throwing him unconscious. Meanwhile, Il tries to kill Kotone but is unable to do so and starts calling her name. Solitus appears, demanding him to kill her. Kotone manages to save Il’s soul by awakening the emotions in his heart. Thanks to that, Il now has control of his own will no longer listen to Solitus. Kotone and Il go up to the top of the tower where they meet “God” who’s essentially an AI.


God explains the backstory of Caelum and how it became to be. Humans began to inhabit the world which is how they created a huge facility that was technology based. They eventually developed “God” which started the creation of “angels” for the purpose of creating a more perfect world. While discarding the irrelevant parts such as “emotions” God used humans as a “material” to create these angels. But over time their core has lost a lot of power and so they had been kidnapping humans from the human world via the hole and using them as fuel to create more angels. So to ensure no more influence from humans he wants to turn the entirety of humanity into angels. Il then leaves Caelum and reunites with everyone who welcomes him back.


With God going to plan on turning humanity into angels. Enchante makes plans to defeat God before the 3 days he creates a hole to the human world. Meanwhile, Il establishes a judgement plan to kill God. He meets with Kotone and kisses her implying his feelings for her but not wanting to say them yet. After this, Il goes to Caelum and flys to the top of the tower where God is. He encounters Solitus on the way and fights with him. After winning against him, Solitus realizes the reason he was so persistent on stopping him is because he considered Il to be his “friend”. Finally, Il uses his emotions he’s gained to overwhelm God to self destruct. In doing so, he’s also destroying his own emotions which he didn’t tell Kotone at the time.


So, he shoots an arrow made from his emotions and the angels that had had emotions (whom he killed) and destroys God. Before finally losing his emotions again, he tells Kotone he loves her. In the epilogue, God is killed and now the angels have freedom. A year later and Il’s body is now in “repair” since his soul is essentially broken. One day he leaves Caelum while being taken care of by Solitus and goes back to Enchante to see Kotone. Slowly, he regains his emotions and kisses Kotone realizing he’s in love with her. In the bad end, Il becomes the new God but is sealed to the top of the tower and unable to move or even speak.


Thoughts: So Il’s route was actually longer than Canus, Ignis, and Rindo’s route. Il was really fun and relatable though cause of his love for otome games. Albeit, it doesn’t last long cause he turns into an emotionless doll :(( So yeah, Il’s route was sad. But I like the idea of a AI that doesn’t understand emotions because they don’t really tend to use that trope in most otome games. I would’ve liked to see more Solitus / Il bonding though!! Solitus was always very beautiful and I would love a route of him (pls otomate). Anyways, Il was very pure and I liked hearing Kaito Ishikawa’s performance as a higher toned character. I’m used to him being a more serious character and I definitely never really hear him with a higher tone.


Miser Alex (CV: Akabane Kenji) is the first one Kotone met and a “Demon King” who controls Asmodia. He claims to have cheat-like powers and comes to Enchante everyday to drink coffee.

One day, while Miser and Il are playing an RPG, an “earthquake” causes a crack to appear in the ground. And like before, an arm appears out of it before slowly disappearing. This makes Kotone uneasy so Miser decides to use his magic to cheer Kotone up. After this, Miser hears from Rindo that one of his kind has appeared in the human world. When they check it out though they find weak little slimes and some demon who appears claiming he’s going to take over the human world. Miser easily flings him and the slimes back into the hole they came from. After this, Kotone feels slightly nervous for Miser always going back to his world at night and asks why he can’t just live at Enchante. Miser says he can’t and that he’s a liar but remains ambiguous before leaving.


That night, Kotone wakes up and after touching Miser’s cup, a giant hole appears in front of her while in the dining area. A man appears with white hair saying he’s “found her” before disappearing. Kotone explains what happened to the rest of Enchante and so they all agree to take turns watching her. However, when Miser is asked to do so as well he tells them he can’t do it and has to return to his home at night. One day, Kotone encounters the slimes from before that were with the man they saw. They claim the demon king Asmodeus (or Miser supposedly) said he’s enamored by Kotone and requests to see her. Kotone follows the slimes and encounters the demon she met before. He claims to be the “demon king” of Asmodia and kidnaps Kotone to make her his bride.


The rest of Enchante and co. make their way to Asmodia to rescue Kotone. Meanwhile, Miser insinuates he has no time as they all split up to find Kotone. Meanwhile, Kotone hears from Asmodeus that he’s the demon king and there’s no other demon king. This confuses Kotone and once Miser arrives to rescue her, he mentions how he’s seeing the “real” demon king which again insinuates he’s not. After Miser fights with Asmodeus, he thinks he defeated him but ends up getting stabbed as Asmodeus gets back up. As Miser tries to fight him again, his power starts going out of control and realizes he’s out of time. After a loud scream, Kotone wakes up with Asmodeus to find the castle had turned to ash. And in the middle of it all is a horrifying demon who is actually Miser.


Kotone realizes it’s him but he tells her not to go near him since everything he touches in that form turns to ash. He tells her he’s going back to “his own world” to restore his power and leaves. After this, Miser doesn’t visit Enchante. Meanwhile, Canus and Ignis have no choice but to visit their hometowns because of the numerous cracks opening up and disturbing the worlds. One night, Kotone can’t sleep and a crack opens up revealing Miser in his true form. He and her both tell each other they wish they could see each other more but Kotone promises to welcome him warmly when he comes back. She gives him his special cup with coffee and even though he’s in his form where things turn to ash, it stays the same.


A few days later, Kotone hears from “Il” that she can meet Miser if she goes to the gate. That said “Il” was actually Solitus pretending to be him and kidnaps him, taking him back to Caelum since the world is in a desire situation at the moment. Kotone goes to the gate and it opens on its own. “Miser” says he finally met her and pulls her into the gate. He greets her and welcomes to his world that he calls “the end of the world”. Kotone realizes there’s something wrong when he says they can stay here instead of going back to Enchante. Kotone tries to run away but she’s caught by the same white haired man she saw before. Miser saves her just in time and tries to take her back to the human world since staying there will kill her and him in his current form.


Miser begins to explain his backstory and how he was originally human and his civilization was actually pretty advanced albeit so long ago. He traveled on an ark to different places (Noah’s ark). He somehow arrived in a place where humans couldn’t survive and endured endless pain and suffering just being there. He however did not die and instead became a monster that adapted to the environment. He wandered for years until a crack appeared and he came to Enchante. It’s there he met Kotone for the first time who wasn’t afraid of him and gave him a cup of coffee. From then on Miser saved that cup and hoped to repay her back someday for her kindness. Eventually, Miser finds the gate but the man who introduces himself as Noah–and the world itself–stops him from. He stabs Miser and tosses him into the gate.


Miser wakes up in a frenzy and tries to go back to save Kotone. Rindo stops him and tells him he can’t do anything the way he is now; which is when Miser finally realizes his power was taken by Noah and he’s now human. Afterwords, Miser explains the situation to Rindo and how his world manifested a “personality” that became Noah. And now he’s created cracks in each world to obtain Kotone. Now both Ignis and Canus are stuck in their world’s since the gates won’t connect back to the human world. All the while, Il is forced back to Caelum and Solitus tricked Kotone to go get captured by Noah since he’s a threat to their world.  Meanwhile, Miser receives a suppressor from Mikado so he can search for Kotone in the “End of the World”.

When Miser goes there, he’s greeted by Noah who tells him he’s going to make Kotone’s consciousness meld into his own so they can always be together. He then disappears and Miser goes off to look for her. Meanwhile, Noah shares his past with Kotone who is slowly melding into Noah’s consciousnesses. Apparently he was pushed into a hole and fell into nothingness until he himself became “the end of the world” where he is now at the same time Miser appeared there. But while Miser could connect with the outside world and be “saved”, Noah could not and was jealous when Miser who was with him for many years, was able to leave. Now, Noah wants Kotone to “save” him this time.


Miser tries to make his way to find Kotone but his suppressant ends up running out and he starts coughing up blood. After he falls to the ground, Canus, Ignis and Il finally arrive to help him. Miser goes to find Kotone in the meantime and finally manages to find him. Kotone’s body isn’t present but Miser manages to find her and bring her back after telling her his feelings and that he loves her. Kotone manages to regain her body and welcomes him back saying she loves him too.


When seeing this, Noah realizes that what they share is the love he desired but he didn’t try to obtain it properly. Miser decides to ask him to be his friend as Kotone’s rival and he confesses to Kotone but she respectfully declines and he accepts it. However, with this he can no longer control his powers and asks Miser to kill him. Miser refuses though and picks up a cup for himself and him to have one last “tea party”.


In the end, Noah disappears and admits he was jealous of Miser who could go to Enchante and wishes he could’ve too. In the epilogue, Kotone is now like Noah in the sense her body is now one with the world Noah left with her. Her body is also more ghost-like so she appears and disappears sometimes (?). Miser is still human but the two of them promise to live happily while running cafe Enchante together.


Thoughts: MISER’S ROUTE FELT SO LOnG. And yet, there wasn’t even a lot of romance, it was mostly just angst. His route was definitely the longest though but in a satisfying way. It definitely ends in a ‘tying up lose ends’ sort of way for all characters. That being said, the ending slightly confused me but by my own understanding, I think Kotone was no longer human and is one with the world that Noah resided in and made it into her own. Its weird that it ended the opposite of what you’d expect though. Miser is human and Kotone is not… I didn’t expect that sort of outcome. And that part where he’s essentially dying on the ground was so depressing….. I did really like Miser though, I think he’s a close 2nd or maybe even my favorite next to Canus. I guess there was just something about him thats very charming (his human form is cute too). I’m not usually a fan of the poster bois of the game but I think Miser’s route was a good way to end the game.


Final Thoughts: I honestly wasn’t gonna pick up this game at first but changed my mind at the last second, and well at the very least I wasn’t disappointed. Its a pretty good game that’s god a fairly polished story. With the pace I was going at the beginning I figured I was gonna finish this game pretty quick but then all of a sudden I find each route getting longer and longer weirdly enough. Then Miser’s route ended up feeling super long. I kinda wish they kept the same length for each route tbh… cause because Il & Miser’s routes were longer, Ignis, Canus, and Rindo’s felt a bit shorter than desired. Still this game is not really what I expected … I really thought it was gonna be more light-hearted funny stuff but it was actually pretty serious at times. There was also, A LOT of betrayal? ? Well, I mean I guess they need a plot device in certain areas but damn. And seeing Dromi in other routes just pissed me off after Ignis’ cause you know how he is after doing it. I do think this game succeeded in making a fairly interesting story though… And Kotone is a good heroine.

Story –  I didn’t really expect for an isekai game like this (that game such a lighthearted impression) to take itself as seriously as it did. But there is indeed a very intricate story as you play each route. The main plot introduced to you is that the heroine named Kotone now owns a coffee shop which inhabits other worldly beings. The story definitely starts of very ‘slice-of-life’ and has silly moments between each character. But, when doing each individual route, you find each world that the characters reside in have backstory behind them as well as individual plot for each character. As you play through each route, you find out more about the world, its residence, and the said route’s role in that world.

Characters – As you play there’s a lot of different characters introduced aside from the main ones and I think a lot of them have charm. This is the same writer as Code: Realize and I noticed both games tend to have sub characters they probably take a liking to (to the point where they eventually obtain a route). The main characters are definitely charming and as a whole, I like the cast. If there’s a FD, I’d be happy to see them again in a lighter note since there’s a lot of backstory and suffering for some of them. In addition, Kotone is a very good heroine in my option. While there’s nothing inherently special about her, she’s not your typical ‘naive’ heroine who ends up in situations that are her own fault.

Visuals/System – I want to emphasize that the UI in this game is very well made and looks so nice. It compliments the game very well especially with the whole menu-looking interface.

Aside from the UI, the system itself is pretty straightforward and like any other typical otome game. Personally, I would’ve liked Kotone to be voiced but unfortunately that’s not something that’ll typically be added into Otomate’s games. But Kotone didn’t feel like a self-insert. I think it would’ve really made this came come alive. But alas, that’s just my wishful thinking…

Music – 
The opening is very light-hearted and upbeat and I feel it gives a different impression of how the game seems rather than how it actually is. The background music is typically jazzy or has a sort of lightheartedness depending on the scene. But when you get to the gritty plot or intense scenes, it can switch to a pretty upbeat and intense song.

Final Thoughts:  I’m not sure what most people’s “first impression” of this game was, but mine was definitely that it would be more silly or lighthearted. Well, I was definitely wrong in that regard, because it took itself a lot more seriously than I expected it to. I think the only unfortunate thing about that is that because it was so focused on its plot, it didn’t have a lot of room for romance. I do think that it did a good job of painting a detailed picture of each world these characters are from, but I would definitely like to see more of it. I’m glad this game didn’t fall victim to any tropes I hate either and actually had an enjoyable story with an enjoyable set of characters.

To be honest, I think this game in particular strikes me as one of Otomate’s games that would definitely get a FD because of how it wrapped things up with each route. Especially because each character didn’t get it’s fair amount of romance. I would definitely like to see that though because I’m definitely interested in seeing cute moments between these characters. It’s kind of hard to actually give my opinion on who I like most with Kotone because I didn’t feel like I saw enough to be honest. Well, on another note, this game was localized by Aksys back in July. I mean, I guess now it makes sense because it was very “story-focused” rather than “slice of life/ lighthearted”. Which still kind of proves my point that Aksys never localizes more romance-focused games, which is rather disappointing but… eh that’s a discussion for another day.

Anyway, if you like a fantasy-esque setting with lots of angst/backstory this game is definitely for you. But if you’re expecting a fantasy / silly, slice-of-life, I’m sorry to disappoint you but this game is definitely not that. At the beginning it certainly feels that way, but it definitely isn’t by the time you get to each route. Route order is recommended as ‘Canus > Ignis > Rindo > Il > Miser. I wish they split the route length evenly though. Each route felt like it was somewhat longer than each one so Canus’ route in particular felt super short (makes it hard to figure out if I really liked him). There’s like a single bad end each route, but tbh they’re not really important enough to watch and they’re fairly short (none of them have CGs either). As TLDR set of pros and cons I’ll just put them here:

– Story is well-written & characters aren’t unlikeable or contradicting themselves in a different route
– Heroine is actually honestly very good (not particularly special but knows how to talk to each LI head on about how she’s feeling)
–  UI / CGs are nice to look at (ideally would’ve liked to see more romance CGs but still look good)

Some characters get the short end of the stick in terms of route length (Canus especially– but Ignis and Rindo aren’t as long as Il & Miser. May be because the common route was so long also)
– Not enough romance (to some this may not seem like a bad thing, but would’ve been great to get more cute scenes! Hoping for this from a FD)


6 thoughts on “幻奏喫茶アンシャンテ Gensou Kissa Enchante – Review/Summary

  1. Thank you for this! I had to skip to your impressions as I’d been planning to buy the game once localized and I’m pretty allergic to spoilers, but I’m really appreciative of you going into the things you liked and didn’t in so much detail.
    Lore-heavy settings with more than meets the eye and intricate backstories are definitely a strong point in Otome games as far as I’m concerned (even to the detriment of romance); as are MCs with a good head on their shoulders and lots of interesting side characters. This was just the kind of review I was looking for so as not to go in blind and risk being disappointed, and I’m glad this is shaping up to be money well spent. Keep up the good job! ❤

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you could get an impression without spoilers. I always want to give the option of those who want to avoid spoilers to get a good idea how how the game is. And even though I would’ve liked more romance, I honestly think this game is well written and I’m pretty sure lots of fans will enjoy it (and I’m like 90% sure a fandisk will happen). I know Aksys’ has a huge favor towards Code: Realize so seeing its the same writer, they probably chose this game for that reason. Although, I actually found I liked it more than Code: Realize (probably because fantasy-esque stories are more of my taste). Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope if you buy it, you enjoy it as well!

  2. Great job on the review! I’m currently playing through Michel’s (I think Michel is the right translation of his name despite official “Miser” version because even name’s meaning fits) route and I have few of the personal “cons”. Like, characters and their actions in story almost all the time feels not like they are a person but a plot device. They say or do what they need to in this exact moment to move plot farther and they don’t say or do anything that might break focus point of the story atm. Characters and story stay consistent though, that much is true, but they feel… artificial. Other thing I didn’t like was a constant advertising of otoge merch, collab cafes, gatcha-like things, etc. I mean, I understand the reason Il likes otoge but, again, like with all writing in this game, it just felt unnatural to me, like they were shoving all this things in my face with the only true reasoning behind it: “Look, the character that you probably like loves otome games, just like you do! And he likes to collect merch to the point of buying the same game from different stores to collect all tokutens! See the correlation? Are you doing the same thing? If you not, then maybe it is the right time to start! To feel a bit closer to the character you probably like if not for everything else! Yay!”. I know I’m nagging and game is pretty good actually, I enjoyed the story, but the things I listed made me unable to feel attached to characters and actually have any kind of feelings for them. Otherwise I pretty much agree with your review 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think you’re right about the name. I just wasn’t sure since they have it officially like “Miser” & it sounds like Michelle otherwise?? But I guess Michel is like french? But haha, anyway, I actually do kind of see what you mean though. To be honest, I wasn’t really “attached” to the characters that much. I was more interested in the worlds they resided in and each character’s relations with each other. As you can probably see, I didn’t really emphasize a favorite character because it was hard to pinpoint one. I liked Canus, but his route was too short and I didn’t really get a feel for “him” it was more about his past and his relation to his world. So I kind of understand when you say they feel “artificial”. Which is why I think this game needs a “sequel” or a sort of fandisk to really get a better feel for the characters.

      I kind of get that interpretation with the whole advertising of the merch and otome. It did feel like it was sort of for the sake of advertising because god knows when it comes down to it, Otomate is interested in getting people to spend as much money as possible on their games lol. Whats funny is that when the game gets localized, it’ll be hard to relate to collecting tokutens and whatnot because its not something that can really be done west. So when I saw all of that, I kept thinking about how it may make less sense when this game is translated because collabs/cafes/tokutens/ect. is more of a thing in Japan lol.

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