Paradigm Paradox パラダイムパラドックス – Review / Summary


The heroine named, Yuuki, lives in a Pentagon shaped dome known as “Theta” that is shielded from the outside because it’s become uninhabitable for humans and the enemies of mankind — vermin — lurk from the outside of it. Yuuki lives her life normally until one day she encounters vermin. After the attack, she soon wakes up to powers and works alongside other heroes — a group of girls known as “Blooms”.

non-spoiler thoughts

Yuuki meets her friend, Rize, and the two of them go to class together and spot their popular classmates on the way. After class, they decide to go shopping at the mall and Yuuki ends up bumping into some guy who doesn’t have the manners to say anything so a blonde guy next to apologizes on his behalf. After this, Yuuki goes home but realizes when she bumped into that guy, she dropped her memento of her parents which is a pendant. She decides to go back to the mall and finds it before curfew ends.

Unfortunately, because it’s past curfew, a vermin appears in front of her. She’s thankfully rescued though by “magical girls” and passes out. When she wakes up, she’s greeted by one of her teachers Masaki who introduces the magical girl heroes as a trio called “blooms”. He tells her that since she knows their secret, she’ll be joining as a member along with a change of attire lol. The girls reluctantly introduce themselves and she’s surprisingly very accepting of the situation but is told she can’t tell anyone about it. The next day, Yuuki is called by Masaki who takes her to her first fight with the rest of the team. The girl dressed in yellow introduces herself as Kaori and gives Yuuki pointers on how everyone fights.


Sena uses precognition in order see how the enemy will attack and relay it to the others. Moka’s ability is called “gift ability” which can take away the ability of someone they’ve touched. Haruka has fire abilities and Kaori can use mind control or telekinesis. After this, Yuuki tries to befriend the girls after they’re done fighting but they usually go off to do their own thing while Yuuki is unable to find them within the school. One day, Blooms is called together again by Masaki to fight more vermin. Yuuki decides to try and fight along side them herself and when they defeat the vermin, it drops a “flower crystal” that they’re supposed to collect for Masaki.


One day, Blooms is called to fight after visiting the research facility full of creepy dudes who want to experiment on the blooms members to explore their power. Yuuki and the others encounter a woman with pink hair and two other men who are supposedly not human. Yuuki met the woman prior who basically told her she’d keep an eye out for her. After this, Sena’s precognition tells her that there’s going to be an attack of vermin during the daytime. This is never usually the case as they normally appear at night, so Masaki tells them he’ll try to get the city to issue a warning. However, that plan fails, so the next day the city and school is swarmed with vermin. Yuuki planned to celebrate Rize’s birthday but told her to head home instead.


Yuuki then finally meets up with Blooms to try and defeat some of the vermin that have invaded. They eventually find not only dead bodies of citizens, but also Rize in critical condition. Yuuki is worried about Rize and Masaki reassures her they’ll take care of her but act vague about it. In the end, they go to the research facility and find out that these vermin are actually people that got turned into vermin after being attacked. So, Yuuki’s friend Rize also has turned into one, leaving Yuuki with no choice but to kill her.  Masaki admits he knew that the vermin were actually people who turned into them and that Kaori and Haruka both knew too because they joined Blooms much earlier. This leaves Yuuki feeling lonely and frustrated by the situation so she continues to talk to her uncle Yashima over the internet whom she always communicates to over the computer because she has no other person she considers family.

Hero Side

Tokio Takatoo (CV: Yashiro Taku)

Tokio is laid back kind of dude who apparently likes to observe nature because his parents were researchers themselves. He longs to see the real blue sky unlike the fake one they have in the colony Theta.

While fighting vermin, Yuuki gets distracted due to the distress of losing her friend. This makes Haruka intervene to protect her, resulting in her getting injured. This pisses off Kaori who thinks Yuuki is just starting to weigh them down. Meanwhile, Tokio decides to talk to Yuuki and shows her a tank full of fish that he looks after. He figured it would cheer her up if he had her relax and watch it. After this, Yuuki notices that Haruka and Kaori are fairly close. Well it’s no coincidence that Tokio and Ayumu are close because they’re apparently childhood friends and know the identity of each other.


Yuuki more or less figures this out when she sees that Tokio was eating the same supplements that he had as Kaori. Tokio confirms this and tells her that it’s only Ayumu that he knows the identity of because they’re childhood friends (and seem to have better chemistry than the heroine and him lmao). Apparently Masaki suggested he cheer her up but Yuuki gets offended when he talks about how him cheering her up was like an “experiment” and she’s his test subject. This causes friction between Yuuki and Kaori when they fight vermin together. Masaki asks to talk with Yuuki after this and Yuuki explains the situation but blames herself for the argument (girl you were just sticking up for yourself….).


Masaki has to tell her that it’s not her in the wrong but Tokio. And he knows that Tokio can straight up be an insensitive ass and treating her like an experiment wasn’t the way to go. So decides to confront Tokio about how he was being an insensitive dick but Masaki still doesn’t see how he did anything wrong. Regardless, Masaki decides to make Yuuki and Tokio work on a mission to defeat vermin that are blocking supplies being sent from another colony “Iota” and “Theta” would be in big trouble eventually if this continued. On the day they depart,  Tokio tells Yuuki he doesn’t intend to change his way of thinking and transforms into Kaori (they can’t leave Theta unless they’re transformed because breathing the air outside could kill them).


However, as Yuuki and Kaori are making their way to Iota, Koaru admits that even though she doesn’t intend to change, she feels happier around her and even said “It’s better when you smile more” out of instinct and wasn’t sure why. Eventually they reach Iota and they stay there to keep guard near the walls to prevent vermin invading. Tokio ends up bonding more Yuuki and tells her she can call him by his first name. He also starts bonding with a kid named Taiki who hangs near the wall cause he also wants to see the real blue sky. So on the night of patrol, Yuuki and Tokio encounter vermin and transform to defeat them. Hyuuga (one of the villains) also appears and attacks them with the vermin he led there.


One of the vermin ends up attacking Taiki (the random kid) and so just before Yuuki can push to save him, Kaori pulls her back and Taiki is attacked and turns into a vermin. They end up defeating Taiki as a vermin but Hyuuga retreats after Moravia appears. After this, Tokio and Yuuki feel bad about what happened to Taiki but admit they were mostly worried about each other. Yuuki feels like a little bitch but Tokio hugs her and reassures her she’s the kind one while he takes the blame for what happened to the Taiki (LOOoLL poor kid didn’t stand a chance w/ these two). Eventually, Tokio and Yuuki are called back to Theta where Tokio decides to research more on the background of Theta.

Eventually, Tokio meets with Yuuki and his childhood friend Ayumu to discuss what he found out. He reveals Hyuuga was actually a researcher before but clearly something happened to him where he turned into a vermin himself. Ultimately, instead of adapting to a new environment, the researchers wanted to create people who could adapt to it. This is how Yuuki and Tokio are fine when they’re in their transformation outside of Theta albeit incomplete like Hyuuga’s case since he can be outside of Theta without restrictions. So because Tokio is losing his powers, he wants to use what he has left to use her mind control powers on the scientists and make them forget they were ever doing vermin experiments (uhh ok but why didn’t Masaki just bring up all this shit he already knew and suggest it before???).


Anyway, Tokio and the rest of blooms infiltrate the research facility and wipe all the data. Tokio also uses the remainder of his power as Koaru to make researchers forget what they were researching. They encounter Moravia and Tokio tells her that they want them to stop attacking Theta so as long as they can continue to prevent the experiments that create vermin. Moravia agrees but doubts humans but hell why not. So Tokio loses his powers completely and reveals to Yuuki that he lost them because he fell in love with her. He thought she hadn’t because she didn’t feel the same way but she did and they kiss. 


Thoughts: You know this route didn’t even start off great because right off the bat Kaori is being a little bitch to Yuuki because Haruka got hurt. Like pretty much all the routes, the romance in this route made no sense because nothing really happened. Not to mention, Tokio was kind of an insensitive asshole anyway and Yuuki needed Masaki to get them to “make up”. I swear half the time Yuuki didn’t even get along with most of these guys at first and they bonded over what, wanting to see the blue sky ??? Then they added a random kid who Tokio got along with to get killed and somehow having Tokio want to save Yuuki over the random kid he knew for a few days should make me feel bad?? Sad??? ANything??? Idk. Then the end was just so……. dumb… what a weird anti-climatic way to stop the researchers from continuing the research LMAO. I mean, they could’ve just done that in every route then??? Use mind control to make them forget what they were researching?? Ok well, they’re probably just start it up again. God the conclusions to these routes were so dumb.

Kamui Saibara (CV: Kousaka Atsushi)

Kamui is one of the popular guys at school who’s often crowded by girls (whom he often flirts with). He lives with his grandfather since his parents passed away.

Yuuki is feeling down about losing Rize so Kamui leaves the crowd of girls that are always attached to him to cheer her up (even though she doesn’t know it’s actually Kaori). They end up talking about … Sandwiches??? Anyway, Sena is forced by the higher ups to use her precognition power more so they can predict the monster attacks. Each day she has to announce if there will be attacks during the day so they can ease the minds of the students. Unfortunately, this starts putting a toll on Sena and Yuuki starts to worry about her. One day after Sena makes her broadcast, Yuuki decides to try and find Sena to see how she’s doing. She ends up seeing her transform into Kamui.


He notices this and basically explains that the effect of using his powers makes him transform into a girl. Yuuki gives him a cough drop who she meant to give to “Sena” since she’d been coughing over having to use the intercom everyday. He then asks her to feed it to him and she agrees even though he was only half serious. After this they frequently meet up and eventually Yuuki learns that Kamui had a grandfather he lives with since he lost his parents. He decides to bring Yuuki to meet his grandfather and while he’s making tea. Kamui’s grandfather Zanji tells Yuki that ever since Kamui lost his parents he’s always tried to make people like him but not to the point where he’d make close friends or he’d be afraid he’d lose them (idk tragic backstory that isn’t so tragic imo).


One day, while Kamui is fighting vermin as Sena, she uses her power and ultimately it ends up being too much. Masaki brings them to his lab and explains that over using her powers causes her to lose her memories. After this, Yuuki tries to tell Kamui to rest but he refuses. Unfortunately, his precognition ends up being wrong and vermin appear. After fighting them, Kamui notices smoke in the area where his grandfather lives and thankfully his grandfather only suffered minor injuries. After this, Sena is taken to the facility where they claim it’s to protect her but Yuuki isn’t convinced. She overhears that Kamui may have fallen in love with Yuuki which is why he’s losing his powers as Sena.


Yuuki and the rest of blooms decide to infiltrate the facility and bring Kamui back. He’d had almost forgotten about Yuuki but she reminds him of his grandfather and the promise they made. After this, Kamui decides he wants to use his powers as much as he can before they disappear. They eventually catch Yukinami but make a deal with Moravia to release him if they promise to not attack Theta anymore. In doing so, Kamui wants to use Yuuki’s power to use Sena’s precognition one last time and show the world a sort of telepathic image of a peaceful Theta. In doing so, it risks Kamui losing his memory but he seems to remember Yuuki fine either way! In the end things or more or less back to normal I guess but this game has really crappy closure to routes. In the bad end, Kamui forgets all about Yuuki and his grandfather after overusing his powers. 


Thoughts: I’d say Kamui is a decent character — nothing to write home about but I mean he’s a decent character I guess?? Well, biggest problem in his route isn’t his character per se, but rather the fact its BORING AS HELL. I didn’t even write as much for his summary and you know why??? Cause nothing fucking happens. Yuuki and him bonded over sandwiches once, she met his grandfather, who prattled on about Kamui’s not-so-tragic-past and then there’s some drama about him over using his powers as Sena because she constantly had been using them to predict vermin attacks. But it was so horribly paced I could barely pay attention. Then I guess they fell in love and the dumb bullshit of them losing their powers happened and yeah… cool. Wow. So interesting. What a snoozefest. 

Mihaya Araki (CV: Enoki Junya)

Mihaya is a 15 year old first year high school student who often spends time reading books in the library. He’s usually very quiet and keeps to himself but is rather blunt too.

Yuuki is concerned about Moka since Masaki told her to stay away from a certain area when they’re on missions. Yuuki hears from Sena that Moka lost her parents and  is anxious to know more about it. So she wants to talk with her to try and understand her better. Moka herself says she suffered a trauma at the location Masaki tells her to avoid and she can barely function as a result of it. One day, Yuuki decides to go to the library to read but can’t find a seat. She ends up bumping into the same guy named Mihaya she met before in the library. She almost knocks a book off the shelf but Mihaya (who is obviously Moka) catches the book before it falls on her.


Mihaya calls her ditzy before leaving and some classmates try to tell her that he’s known to be unfriendly due to rumors of him losing his parents. However, Yuuki sticks up for him since it was her fault for bumping into him in the first place. Mihaya hears her conversation and intrudes on it but the classmates leave. Yuuki apologizes on his behalf because of the rumors that spread about him but Mihaya doesn’t mind and mostly ignores them. He tells her that she’s a bit too friendly sometimes though to a fault and it would be best if she just looks out for herself sometimes or she’ll be taken advantage of. Regardless, Yuuki thanks him for preventing the book from falling on her.

After this, Yuuki tries to get along more with Mihaya as she feels a “safe space” in trying to get to know him since it’s possible he’s in the same situation as her with having no parents. She decides to ask for advice from Yashima and he tells her to just show appreciation somehow.  So Yuuki makes cookies for Mihaya and while she admits she knows it’s strange to give him a gift when she barely knows him, she wanted to show her appreciation for his kindness. Mihaya is a bit taken aback but figures it’s just her personality type. So he decides to eat it outside with her. He figures she was so concerned about him she hasn’t even eaten lunch yet. She tells him she did bring lunch and offers to share it with him.


Mihaya wonders if she feels awkward about showing so much appreciation for someone younger than her. Yuuki believes age doesn’t really matter when trying to show your appreciation for someone and she thinks he’s a great person. Mihaya barely knows how to respond and admits it’s embarrassing to hear her say that about him. Regardless, they eat lunch together and Mihaya finds it funny she brought so much food as if she anticipated she was going to share it. So when Yuuki is doing missions with Bloom again, Moka tells everyone she’s okay to fight and as Yuuki amplify her powers to defeat a monster. Afterwords, they’re ordered to do patrols 4 to 5 days a week. During one of them, Yuuki gives Moka cookies as her appreciation for her hard work.

So while Yuuki is on patrol on her own, she’s told to not be in her transformation attire as it’ll draw attention. During this, she notices a body on the ground and finds it’s Mihaya. He admits he felt like he was in pain and all of a sudden it all clicks in Yuuki’s mind the connection between Moka and Mihaya. The fact that he’s suffering in the same place where Moka would and that she made comments about getting fat off of her cookies even though she didn’t tell her it was cookies before she gave them to her. Yuuki asks if Mihaya is actually Moka and he tells her he is and that they take on a female form when they transform into their Bloom appearance. He asks her to keep it a secret since it’s important to keep his identity hidden.

Mihaya then goes on to tell her about his trauma and how it has to do with the loss of his parents. His parents were apparently journalists that wanted to go outside of Theta. They had to get permission from the government though and finally did after some convincing. Mihaya was around 10 at the time and also wanted to follow in his parents footsteps and join them on their trip. His mother felt like it was too dangerous but his father was proud because it showed he was just like his parents. In the end, they decided to take Mihaya with them but because his mother’s protective suit broke, she ended up dying. Yuuki tells Mihaya he doesn’t have to force himself to explain any further since she figures she knows what happened after.


Mihaya has continuously had survivors guilt after his parent’s death and every time he goes near the gate that leads to the outside of Theta he gets severe anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Mihaya also doesn’t completely trust Masaki who is the leader of Blooms nor does he trust his assistant Ryou who often helps Blooms when they’re injured. Not only because he felt like learning his power had to do with his trauma of losing his parents (and the research facility took advantage of this) but especially since they hid the fact that people turn into the vermin they’re fighting.   Regardless, Mihaya wants to try and do more research in order to follow in his parent’s footsteps and overcome his trauma.

After this, Yuuki and Mihaya agree to do some research on the outside of Theta together so they go to the library to find books on it. They don’t find much, but Mihaya tells Yuuki his parents had some books they left behind so she decides to go get them. In doing so, a student who she met a few times named Kamui wonders what she’s up to. Mihaya notices this and basically pulls Yuuki close to him and tells him that they’re working together on something so he should leave her be lol. Kamui is all “oh ok I get it” but leaves in a pretty chill manner. Yuuki asks why he did that after she gets back to the classroom but he admits even he doesn’t know why and was just thinking that Yuuki volunteered to help him (in other words he jelly). But he apologizes for acting so “uncool” over it lolol.


After looking over some of his parent’s books they realize that his parents actually left Theta quite a few times so the “chance” they had at that time wasn’t just them being able to leave Theta. Suddenly, Blooms is called so Yuuki and Mihaya go to the location where the vermin are appearing.  Mihaya, now as Moka, takes this opportunity to fight off the vermin and chases after some they try to eacape. Yuuki follows after and once they defeat the monster, Moka thanks Yuuki for helping him but finds it ironic it’s due to the ability he hates he’s able to overcome his trauma. After this, Yuuki and Mihaya aren’t able to meet up for a bit until one day Mihaya meets Yuuki in her classroom.

Mihaya wants to tell her about a new discovery he made so Yuuki suggests they eat lunch together first which he agrees to. So, apparently Mihaya found out that this “chance” his parents mentioned was an opportunity to observe an external colony outside of Theta. Mihaya tells Yuuki about when he left with his parents to go outside of Theta. His mother’s protective gear was damaged so his father gave up his protective gear to save Mihaya and told him to live. But when Mihaya woke up he was in the research facility where he felt completely alone because no one cared he was alive, rather they were interested in his new powers. This made Mihaya hate his powers and working in Blooms.

Yuuki immediately starts crying after hearing this so Mihaya wipes her tears and asks why she’s crying for him. She realizes how kind Mihaya is and how he always thought of his parents and kept them in his memory. Eventually, Mihaya comes to the conclusion he wants to become a journalist like his parents and explore outside of Theta. Yuuki tells him that she too wants to join him and he thanks her and tells her he’s really thankful she’s here for him. So because Yuuki asked Ryo about vermin coming near the gate, they go to him so he’ll corporate in helping them go outside Theta. Mihaya still doesn’t trust him but figure they’ll just go along with it in order to get some use out of him.

That night, they go outside of Theta as planned to find this “colony” that Mihaya’s parents were looking for. At first, Mihaya is fine after she transforms into Moka. She uses her gift ability to gain more power from the vermin, but gradually her “gift ability” because more and more weak. Unfortunately, they encounter the three enemies from before who are also vermin in a human-like form. The one with pink hair introduces himself as Ibuki. They tell them that this “colony” they’re looking for is where all the vermin and themselves reside. They fight for a bit until Yuuki is knocked unconscious by Yukinami.  When she comes to, Ibuki greets them and gives them a rundown on the situation.

He reveals that the higher ups in Theta pretty much let Mihaya’s parents die because they were about to find out about the monster colony full of settled vermin. Along with knowing humans can turn into them, they didn’t want to take any risks and would eliminate anyone who may potentially reveal the truth. Mihaya is angry when he finds this out, but Yuuki manages to convince him that revenge isn’t the answer and that his parents wouldn’t have wanted that. He admits he knows this and that they probably would’ve wanted to reveal the truth to everyone being the journalists they are. So, Ibuki makes a deal with them that he won’t have the vermin attack Theta so as long as they can convince the government to stop attacking them and disband Blooms within half a year.

If not, Ibuki tells them he’ll send all his vermin to attack Theta head on. They agree to these terms and head back to Theta. There, they confront Masaki inform him that they intend to confront the government about this. Mihaya manages to get into contact with one of the journalists that his parents worked with and they start to make their way into unveiling the truth. The two of them also lost their powers apparently. Mihaya reveals to Yuuki that the reason for this is because “falling in love” results in them losing their powers (um… Okay?? Kinda don’t understand why they made this the case but whatever). So no shock but the two of them love each other so they confess and kiss.


In the 1st bad end, Mihaya decides to enact on his revenge and sides with Ibuki to kill the higher ups. Yuuki is against it, so she decides to try and stop him without telling Mihaya. So when Mihaya tries to infiltrate the facility, he ends up accidentally killing Yuuki in the process (ngl this bad end was so abrupt I didn’t feel much when it happened lmao).  

[What a cute CG, it would be a shame if it didn’t have an actual scene and we threw it randomly in the extras]

Thoughts: I actually really liked Mihaya and he was definitely who I would consider my favorite character in this shitty game, but it didn’t particularly save his route. I think what Mihaya got that every other wroute didn’t (aside from Ibuki) is a decently written romance. It wasn’t jam packed full of it, but he was the only character who was really nice to the heroine and got along with her well. It felt like they had the most “romance” scenes so they had time to develop a bit more than some characters did. However, what this route lacks is any… action. Not much really happens in terms of them fighting anyone or anything — or really much conflict at all. It’s all related to Mihaya’s past and such, but the conclusion is really just “ok we’ll work it out somehow” but nothing is actually conclusive. I mean the routes are short af so that doesn’t help.

Ayumu Mamiya (CV: Chiba Shouya)

Ayumu is part of the student council of the school who is also popular like Kamui. He’s a huge siscon and has a little sister named Ritsu who he’s super overprotective of (god help me). Tokio is his childhood friend.

Yuuki’s first impression of Ayumu is that he’s the cool and collected popular student council who has his shit together. Well, turns out his nice boy personality is a facade and he’s actually a prick who doesn’t give two shits about the girls who give him gifts and just plays a “role”. One day, Yuuki befriends his sister named Ritsu and she shows her the library of her school. Ayumu finds this out and so he accepts it at first even though he’s clearly wary of whatever the hell his sister chooses to do. But after Yuuki witnesses him throwing away a present a girl gave him, he gets pissed she’d try and stop him and tells her to stay away from his sister because he doesn’t acknowledge her to be good enough as a friend for her.


Yuuki thinks it’s super ridiculous for Ayumu to determine who his sister is friends with and meets with her anyway. During this time, vermin appear in the city so Yuuki tells Ritsu to hide in the library. When Yuuki meets up with the rest of blooms, Haruka demands to know where Yuuki was and she admits she was hanging out with a friend named Ritsu (not knowing that Haruka is actually Ayumu). This clearly pisses of Haruka and during their fight with vermin, she pushes Yuuki on purpose because she broke her “promise”. Yuuki decides to confront her about this and this is when she realizes that Ayumu is actually Haruka and he confirms it himself.

When Yuuki asks if he pushed her on purpose, he admits he did because she met with his sister. Yuuki is in utter disbelief he’d act that way but he doesn’t care what others think of him as long as he pulls off his “act” of being kind. Ayumu goes to see Ritsu who was hiding in the library and tries to infer that Yuuki is too busy to hang out with her. But Yuuki counteracts this and tells Ritsu she’s okay to hang out with her once in a while (which pisses off Ayumu lol). After this, Yuuki and Haruka need to fight vermin together and they end up bitch slapping each other because Haruka decided to do so until Yuuki stops hanging with Ritsu.

One day, Yuuki gives back an eaten boxed lunch to Ayumu who got it from a girl. Yuuki knew he would just throw it out or not eat it so she decided to take it in his stead. Ayumu again tries to tell Yuuki to stay away from his sister and explains how he wants to be the perfect person for her sake. Yuuki says she too likes Ritsu (in this context it just sounds like the two of them are fighting for affection for his sister wtf) she finally agrees to but tells him that he’ll most likely be the reason his sister is sad because he can’t hide his fake personality forever. Ayumu finally admits Yuuki is most likely right and decides that it’s probably best the two of them still see each other.


During a mission with blooms, Yuuki and Haruka are assigned to work together to survey an area where vermin appear. In doing so, they’re attacked by Hyuuga and Yukinami. Yuuki decides to amplify Haruka’s fire powers and uses it on them but it ends up affecting Haruka in the process who uses up too much power. Hyuuga and Yukinami retreat while Haruka starts talking like she’s about to die. Yuuki literally slaps her back into reality and tells her to stop saying dumb things as she helps her escape. When the two of them get back, Haruka transforms back into Ayumu and explains a bit of his backstory since he essentially revealed some of it already.


So Ayumu was the product of two researchers who only gave birth to Ayumu for the sake of science because apparently after some DNA manipulation they managed to birth a child with powers. They didn’t see Ayumu as their child but rather a research project that they would observe and keep in the research facility. Because of this, Ayumu only ever knew Tokio who also grew up as a child of research albeit he had parents who actually cared for his well being. Eventually, the two researchers gave birth to his little sister Ritsu who they were also observing as part of their research.

Ayumu realized he didn’t want his sister to merely be a product of their research so he made a deal with them to only ever make him their test subject and to leave his sister be. In wake of this deal, Ayumu manages to excel in the usage of his powers so they became more interested in him than his sister. So now Ayumu believes his whole existence is only to protect his sister and it doesn’t really matter what happens to him. No surprise, Yuuki feels bad for him and realizes he never really put his own well-being into consideration (I guess…). So she decides to confront him and try and convince him to value himself more and to not say he’s willing to die so easily. Especially cause she, and his sister, would be sad if he died.

Well, this makes Ayumu’s heart grow ten sizes I guess because all of a sudden he’s super nice and starts laughing after telling her she’s right. After this, Ayumu meets with both his sister and Yuuki. He no longer minds if Yuuki hangs out with his sister so the three of them go shopping together after his sister insists he come. Ritsu tells Ayumu she wants a bracelet like Ayumu so she can feel closer to him and so he goes off to buy her one and gives a weird speech about how he hopes it’ll make her feel close to him when he’s not around but also hopes it brings her protection and good fortune (meanwhile I’m trying to figure out if this is a romance between him and Yuuki or him and his sister 🥴).


This gives Yuuki a spark of realization I guess so she decides to go buy a ring with a similar stone like he got for his sister. She calls to meet with Ayumu and puts the ring on him and wishes him good fortune and protection. Ayumu said the exact same thing when he gave the bracelet to his sister. This shocks Ayumu who’s also happy about it and apparently Yuuki realized that all Ayumu ever wanted was someone to look out for him too (I guess???). Well apparently this action was the sort of thing to turn him on cause he suddenly holds Yuuki close and tells her he’s very happy someone else would wish him happiness; even if he doesn’t wish it for himself.

The next day, Blooms is called on a mission but Ayumu is also called by his father who wants to discuss something with him. Ayumu catches up with Yuuki and eventually meets up with the rest of blooms as Haruka. They fight off Hyuuga, Yukinami, and Moravia for a bit until they retreat (as per usual). However, the reason Ayumu’s father wanted to speak with him was because he apparently had footage of when he was fighting Hyuuga and saw his powers were immensely enhanced and want him to fight Hyuuga one on one to do it again. Well, unfortunately, Ayumu is losing his powers and after a discussion about it with Masaki, he meets with Yuuki who is concerned. He tells her the best solution is to stay away from her but he finds it difficult to do that.


Ayumu admits he loves her and that he intends to listen to the demands of his father since he can’t go against them in knowing Ritsu could be their target instead. He asks Yuuki to look out for his sister if something happens to him during his fight with Hyuuga. He leaves with the intention of doing this fight on his own so Yuuki decides to ask Tokio for help since she knows they’re childhood friends. Tokio realizes the cause of Ayumu losing his powers but finds it strange Yuuki isn’t losing them too. He decides to get a blood sample from her and tells her he’ll use it to temporarily amplify Haruka’s powers. Yuuki knows this alone won’t be enough to convince Ayumu so she gets his sister Ritsu to talk to him.

[Here’s a CG they clearly couldn’t fit in the route and had it shoved in their extra ‘documents’ where it shows an unrelated scene]

So Yuuki and Ritsu meet with Ayumu and Ritsu tells him that he should rely on her since she already knows he’s been protecting her all this time. She also doesn’t want him to give up on his life so easily. So they decide to fight Hyuuga with the help of everyone else. Ayumu fights Hyuuga one on one until Yuuki appears and tells him to lick the blood of her finger (lol ok???).Yuki also gives him a boost I power and in doing so, Haruka’s powers are amplified. So after a strong fire attack, Hyuuga is defeated (I guess cause it doesn’t exactly confirm it lmao). After that, Ayumu loses his powers completely but decides to be an observer of Blooms while preventing his parents from doing anything that proves to be dangerous to them.

[This normal end is so weird to me because Ayumu is stuck as Haruka but can’t be gay with Yuki because he needs to keep his powers yet it doesnt matter in other routes or when he’s male???]

Meanwhile, Ayumu and Yuuki confirm their feelings for each other and Ayumu explains he lost his powers because he fell in love with her. In the normal end, Haruka ends up defeating Hyuuga without using Yuuki’s blood but almost uses up all of her power. As a result, Ayumu is stuck as “Haruka” and can only work with Yuuki as a friend so he won’t continue to lose his powers as Haruka and can continue to protect his sister. So, Ayumu lives as Haruka and even hangs out with his sister (who knows it’s him lmao) and Yuuki who I guess can’t be with him but weird in the other end it’s fine if he loses his power but when he’s Haruka it’s not?? This story is so dumb lmao. 

2021090304314600-7F51E41B58BB4C5D239259E6A509B78D[This bad end isn’t as dramatic as it seems…]

Thoughts: I’ve never rolled my eyes so hard during a route like I did in this one. Like, holy fuck. Not only was the romance RUSHED to high hells but the way it happened was so terrible I could literally write the two scenes that happened before Ayumu fell in love with Yuuki in like a sentence. First off, Ayumu was a complete asshole for a chunk of his route and his horny siscon attitude was such a turn off. Literally the majority of his route Yuuki and him were arguing or bitch slapping each other when they were transformed. Ayumu was also so fucking petty he pushed Yuuki while they were fighting vermin because she wouldn’t stop hanging out with his sister (all because Yuuki pointed out his shitty attitude lmao). It legit felt like a fight for his sister’s affection on both sides lmao. But somehow after Ayumu tells Yuuki his past and she feels bad for him he does a complete 180 and suddenly doesn’t mind Yuuki anymore????? Then they all go to the mall together and he buys his sister a bracelet and gives a weird incesty speech and im like ??? BITCH IS THIS EVEN YOUR ROUTE OR YOU & YOUR SISTER’S??/  But yea then Yuuki decides, let’s “copy pasta” that idea and ill do the same thing to him!! Fuck yea it works he’s in love with her after two interactions of a whole lotta nothin. Then there’s the normal end where he’s stuck as “Haruka” so Yuuki and him cant be lovers no’ mo cause thats gay!!! (but they used him wanting to keep his powers as an excuse even though he’s fine with it in the best ending LMAO) . You know maybe if he wasn’t a siscon and a little bitch for no reason he’d be a decent character. I’ll say one thing though, Yuuki was very sassy in this route and I have to give her props for not putting up with Ayumu’s bullshit or listening to him.

Villain Side

Ibuki (CV: Nogami Shou)

After Yuuki’s friend Rize is attacked by vermin, she decides she wants to figure out a way to help her. She also notices that people who were admitted to the hospital had suddenly disappeared. This is because they were sent to the research facility because once they’re attacked by vermin, they turn into it themselves. Moravia knew this and told Yuuki when she tried to fight against her and her comrades Yukinami and Hyuuga. So, because no one is giving her answers or help, she confides in Moravia who says she’ll help her friend as long as she joins them. Moravia infiltrates the research facility and gives Rize a sort of medicine that will stop the effects of her turning into vermin.

Yuuki and Moravia then take Rize back to where the vermin reside in their colony called “Tau” — τ. Rize is taken there to rest while Yuuki eats with the rest of the guys. Hyuuga makes them food while Moravia disappears (after switching back to his normal self as ‘Ibuki’) which just confuses Yuuki who starts thinking he and Moravia are siblings. She also finds out that the vermin that reside there don’t actually eat though. After eating, Ibuki guides Yuuki back to the place where Rize is staying so she can bring her food. Rize finally wakes up and while she’s a bit confused, Yuuki reassures her she’ll explain the situation to her so as long as she takes it easy.

[God im so gay for this woman]

That night, Yuuki can’t sleep so she takes a walk to observe the colony. Moravia spots her and Yuuki looks up at her and suddenly she realizes how beautiful she is (I believe in bi Yuuki). So, she decides to join her and tells her that vermin are like humans in the sense they have the will to do things on their own such as sleeping or visiting the other colony. What Yuuki didn’t know is that apparently vermin don’t visit Theta to attack humans but it’s just assumed they do. Moravia tells Yuuki that she intends to tell her the truth about vermin and humans. The following day, Yuuki runs into Ibuki again who decides to tag along with her while holding her hand. Yuuki addresses whether holding hands with her is really necessary and he casually tells her it isn’t but it’s also not unnecessary!! (Smooth, like butter).

Yuuki tells Ibuki she has plans to meet Moravia and he confirms any promises she made with her are with him too. This continues to confuse Yuuki still but suddenly vermin are readying to leave the colony and head to where humans are. So, the two of them chase after the vermin and Ibuki tells her he intends to stop them. Yuuki is unable to catch up to Ibuki though so he picks her up and runs with her. All the while Yuuki is just getting all hot and bothered by how hot and beautiful Ibuki is. As if he read her mind, he suddenly tells her she’s beautiful which throws her off LOL. He then puts her down and turns into Moravia (which surprises Yuuki) and stops the vermin.


Another one almost makes it past them so Ibuki tells Yuuki to use her powers like he did to stop it. Yuuki somehow manages to do the same thing Ibuki did and had no idea she was able to until now. Ibuki also explains he’s more used to using his powers as Moravia which is why he transforms, but can apparently use them when he uses both appearances. Yuuki notices the vermin staring back at Theta and Ibuki explains that while vermin don’t have their memory of being human, their feelings are still intact. This is why they want to go to Theta, because they miss humans and want to live with them again. They don’t intend to harm humans but it happens so as long as they long to see them.

Yuuki believes the solution would be to stop them from attacking but Ibuki tells her this wouldn’t stop the endless suffering. After this, Yuuki visits Rize again who remembers a bit from when she was attacked. Yuuki explains everything that happened to her so far and Rize surprisingly takes it pretty well and knows that ultimately it was Yuuki who saved her. Unfortunately, due to the effects of almost transforming into a vermin, Rize had marks on her stomach similar to vermin. Yuuki realizes she’s no longer human and feels bad about it, but Rize reassures her it’s okay and based on what Yuuki told her, she knows she would be treated like an experiment back in Theta.

So Yuuki decides to look for Ibuki again but instead spots Ryou, who worked along side their commander Masaki. This immediately raises questions for Yuuki and he suddenly spots her from a distance. Yuuki tries to get information out of him but he refuses to give her any answers and leaves. When Yuuki confronts Ibuki about this, he tells her that Ryou is in charge of gathering supplies and food for them when he leaves the colony. He was also the one who made the antibody for Rize with Hyuuga’s help. This shocks Yuuki but then suddenly Ibuki tells Yuuki to follow him. He takes her up on a tree branch that’s big enough to support them to show her a favorite view of his where you can see all the vermin in within Tau.

Ibuki starts to talk about how humans can’t survive outside but vermin can, so he makes the statement that the world in its current state is probably better suited for vermin, rather than humans. This leads to Yuuki feeling uneasy and Ibuki continues to explain why she’s special from humans and vermin. Ibuki apparently knew Yuuki’s parents and because of the connection he had with her, he was interested in the outcome of her life. He eventually found out that she joined Blooms after being attacked by a vermin and knew she was special because even though a vermin attacked her, she didn’t turn into one herself. Apparently she, Hyuuga, and himself were the results of experimented people and with Yuuki it started with her parents. Her parents tried to hide her when she was young so she too wouldn’t be experimented on. However, she ended up in blooms anyway so it didn’t exactly work out.

Humans have been doing research and human experimentation for a while since the world became uninhabitable. And since there was no solution to this, they figured since changing the environment isn’t working, why not change the humans instead? This is how her parents, Hyuuga and Ibuki himself were created. But the real plot twist is that there were a ton of failures and all of these failures are the vermin themselves. In other words, humans were the ones who created vermins in the first place due to human experimentation. With the colony Tau, they can keep a collection of discarded people who became vermin. Ibuki doesn’t know if they find them useful but he knows they’re not keeping them alive out of good conscious. So ironically they’re both the ones who create and kill vermins.

Ibuki asks for an answer to his question of whether or not she thinks it should be humans or vermin who live in this world. Yuuki isn’t sure, but asks what he’d say if she said “vermin”. He tells her that in that case, he intends to turn all humans into vermin. That way, the desire of humans wanting to live in this environment will come true. This immediately raises red flags for Yuuki and so she gets the instinct to want to leave. She believes that his intentions are very one-sided and not the solution that benefits both sides. So after that, Yuuki starts avoiding Ibuki because he starts to scare her with what he might do.


Ibuki doesn’t notice at all apparently until it’s pointed about by Hyuuga. He decides to keep a close eye on her to understand what she’s doing. Meanwhile, Yuuki makes plans to escape but knows she can’t until Rize is fully recovered. While she’s avoiding Ibuki, she’s also leaving the colony to train her telekinesis powers outside so she can get stronger and easily escape. Unfortunately, Ibuki already knew where she was and offers to help train her. This makes things slightly awkward for Yuuki who is straight up avoiding him but decides to agree to it to avoid suspicion from him. So over the next few days, Ibuki helps Yuuki improve her abilities. Unfortunately, one day Yuuki gets the same bad vibes from Ibuki again and feels she needs to get away.

That night, Yuuki tries to escape with Rize but runs into a strange man who notices that Rize is in bad shape. He invites Rize and Yuuki into his home to eat and let’s Rize rest. In the meantime, this man reveals he actually knows Yuuki and she then realizes that he’s the uncle “Yashima” she’s been talking through email. Apparently Yashima knows the entire truth of what happened with her parents so he tells her about it in detail. He was a researcher who focused on genetic engineering and worked on a project called the “environmental adaption project”. Yashima was in charge of the project while Masaki worked under him.

While there were many failures, there were also successes such as Yuuki’s parents who were known as “experimental body 105” and “experimental  body 037”. Yashima called them both “Togo” and “Sana”. They also both had supernatural powers. Yashima observed them over time but eventually they started to lose their powers because they fell in love. Yashima made sure this fact was hidden and tried to make sure they had as much freedom as they could possibly have. Unfortunately their generation of experiments were weaker so they didn’t have a long lifespan. Eventually they became pregnant with Yuuki and told Yashima about it first.

Since they already lost their powers anyway, Yashima decided to help them escape with Masaki’s assistance as well. Yashima managed bring them to a place outside where they could live peacefully for a while until Yuuki was born. They died pretty much after she was born since their lifespan was shorter and left her in Yashima’s care. Fortunately, Yuuki didn’t show signs of supernatural powers so he managed to put her into an orphanage and then have her enrolled into her school without arising suspicion. Yashima then left the research project and decided to watch over Yuuki from afar because he could no longer stay in Theta with the risk of them finding out about what he did.

Yuuki is happy he told him all this though but ultimately Yashima isn’t happy about the result because after her attack with a vermin, her powers were awakened. Yashima finally asks what Yuuki was intending to do and she reveals she’s become frightened of Ibuki after the things he said to her. Yashima reveals more of Ibuki’s background to Yuuki such as him meeting her parents when he was a child. He was a “second generation” subject while her parents were first generation subjects. While first generation subjects had side effects of a short lifespan, the second generation subjects were known to have their powers go out of control and then turn into vermin.

However, Ibuki’s side effect was that he would switch genders but the researchers thought of him as one of the best subjects they’ve had due to how capable he was with his powers. Ibuki ultimately ran away from the facility because he felt an isolation due to not being seen as a person. Yashima believes Yuuki is the only one who can convince Ibuki that his ideals are too one sided and he isn’t a god but rather a person who doesn’t have the right to enact such a ludicrous plan. So, Yuuki decides to go find Ibuki the next day and speak with him. Ibuki  knows she spoke to Yashima and asks if she came to an answer. Yuuki tells him she believes that he considers himself the special one, not her. And that he is more “human” than he realizes.


Ibuki isn’t convinced though and tells her that if she’s so sure he’s “human”, then she should try to beat him. He’ll only admit to being human if a human like herself can defeat him. Yuuki tries to fight him but she’s interrupted by Blooms suddenly appearing out of nowhere. They were apparently looking for her and offer to help fight. Yuuki tells them she intends to fight him on her own but after they withdraw, Ibuki tells her if she’s human then she shouldn’t be with him. He then does an attack that knocks her unconscious and she wakes up back in the Blooms meeting room. Masaki explains that the higher ups are now suspicious that the child of the first generation subjects is within Blooms.


They figure Yuuki won’t be safe in Theta anymore and intend to have her meet up with Ibuki who can keep her safe but before they can do anything, researchers and military arrive to take Yuuki. They threaten the Blooms’ loved ones so Yuuki decides to go with them. She’s drugged up and experimented on until Ibuki blasts through the door and rescues her. The two of them have a moment but Ibuki tells her that he snuck out of the facility and saw Yuuki when she was a baby but since he didn’t know what baby was he thought she was a beautiful creature who was carefully loved. Yuuki realizes that Ibuki never thought he was human because he was never around people who made him “feel” human.


But Yuuki tells Ibuki again that he really is human because he has people who care and love him and that’s what being human is all about!! After this, Yuuki and Ibuki escape and meet up with the rest of Blooms and Masaki. Unfortunately, Masaki and Ryou will need to escape permanently. But the rest of Blooms intend to stay and try to change Theta from the inside. Ibuki says he intends to stop all vermin from attempting to attack Theta on his end. So Yuuki and Ibuki escape together. In the normal end, Yuuki stays in Tau to try and help Ibuki so the vermin won’t attack while Blooms tries to figure out a way to stop things in Theta. In the bad end, Yuuki realizes humans will never change so she and Ibuki turn all humans into vermin.  


Thoughts: This game clearly had a hard on for Ibuki since his route was literally the longest out of all the routes I played. Yet, while the relationship between Yuuki and Ibuki felt the best developed, there was surprisingly no kiss CG and no confession scene either. One of the biggest down falls of the villain routes is that none of them had romance that was, legit in your face romance, just kind of, implied. Even so, ultimately this route was just a big giant ass text dump of information that you literally have to read through so that’s probably also why it felt longer than the rest. I actually did like Ibuki as a character — also the fact he considers Moravia part of himself rather than a “side effect” of his powers (cause he’s apparently just as powerful as both). Still, ultimately it was a let down. When Ibuki suggested turning all humans into vermin, I really loved the idea of Yuuki going to the “dark side” but the bad ends were super short and rushed so it wasn’t really like that at all. Even the fight between Yuuki and Ibuki seemed so badass since I liked the idea of Yuuki being able to “beat” Ibuki (since she was training to get stronger because she was afraid of him) but even that fell flat and nothing came out of it. There was just so many disappointments.

Hyuuga (CV: Lounsbery Arthur)

Yuuki meets with Hyuuga and decides to go with him since Ibuki says he can help Rize. So Yuuki goes with him and meets both Ibuki and Ryou (which surprises her at first) to take Rize to their colony. They eventually make it to “Tau” and Ryou explains that she was given an “antibody” that will stop the effects of her turning into a vermin but she’ll no longer be human. So they eventually get to the colony Tau and Rize is given a place to rest. In the meantime, Yuuki eats with Hyuuga, Ibuki, and Yukinami. As aggressive and stand offish as Hyuuga seems, he often cooks and cleans for the rest of them because they apparently all suck at doing it themselves.


Hyuuga leaves some extra food for Yuuki to take to Rize and so she does so. Rize eventually wakes up so Yuuki explains the situation to her in regards to her being attacked by vermin and being part of Blooms. Yuuki also reveals she’s no longer human, so Rize most likely has no choice but to reside where she is. Rize accepts this and is happy Yuuki saved her but wants time to be alone to think everything over. Yuuki leaves and hears her crying which makes her feel guilty. After this, Yuuki realizes she wants to learn more about vermin to know if she made the right decision in bringing Rize. Yuuki then notices Hyuuga who’s about to leave and asks what he’s doing.

Hyuuga bluntly tells her he intends to attack Theta. Yuuki convinces him to let her come with him since she wants to try and convince him to stop and he tells her he doesn’t care what she does. When they go outside of Tau, a vermin goes towards Yuuki because she’s “close” to humans. This is why the vermin go to Theta in the first place. Yuuki doesn’t want to harm it so she uses her powers to make it leave. Yuuki then catches up to Hyuuga who’s on his way to Theta. Yuuki asks him why he wants to attack humans and he tells her that humans are selfish creatures and that he hates them and that’s really all there is to it.

Yuuki realizes something must of happened to Hyuuga for him to hate humans so much so she asks him to tell her. He explains that he too was human before and worked as a researcher at the facility in Theta. He specialized in environmental research and was forced to go outside (even though he was afraid) to collect samples with other researchers. The other researchers gathering samples were complete assholes though and mocked Hyuuga for being scared. They decided they wanted to investigate further but when Hyuuga showed he was against the idea they threatened to say he was slacking. In doing so, a vermin appeared and attacked his colleagues.


One of them pushed Hyuuga in front of it so they could bide time to escape and it attacks him. Hyuuga figured he was going to die since he was attacked and his protective suit had gotten damaged. But it’s then Yukinami appeared and saved him. He brought him back to Ibuki who gave him an antibody so he wouldn’t turn into a vermin. Anyway, after getting abandoned by humans he resented them after that and would continue to attack them. Yuuki tries hard to convince him to reconsider his line of thought but it just makes Hyuuga even more angry when she sympathizes him. Yuuki doesn’t back down though but Hyuuga says the one who should be sympathized is her rather than him.

Yuuki wants to know what he means by that and continues to follow after him. She even grabs his arm and tells him that she intends to stop him but he pushes her away. He says she can come with him if she intends to attack humans with him, but if she tries to interfere again he’ll kill her. Yuuki then demands to know what it is that he knows about her and whether it’ll make her hate humans as well. This surprises Hyuuga but before he can say anything they spot a few humans in protective gear.  Hyuuga immediately recognizes them as the same people who abandoned him (wow what a coincidence 🙄).

Yuuki immediately tries to prevent him from attacking them because he’s clearly eager to kill them. Yuuki decides to attack Hyuuga head on and manages to distract him for a bit until he knocks her back with a blow. This causes Yuuki to get knocked to the ground, unable to get up. Suddenly a vermin appears and attacks Yuuki who can’t get up. Hyuuga then all of a sudden flips out to see Yuuki get hurt and so she wakes up in Tau after sleeping two days straight. Hyuuga is relieved to see she’s okay and this just confuses the hell out of Yuuki who only saw the side of Hyuuga who’s bloodthirsty for revenge. Rize eventually comes to see Yuuki and relays to her that Hyuuga was the one who took care of her for the most part.


After Rize leaves, Hyuuga visits Yuuki again and apologizes for what happened. When he saw her get attacked by a vermin he felt like she was in a similar situation as he was before. Yuuki asks him to elaborate more on the things she doesn’t know so he finally decides to tell her. Basically, there’s a discrepancy of vermin and humans based on how many actual vermin attacks there are. So the vermin coming from Theta are failures from experimentation. from human experimentation. Hyuuga also explains the “environmental adaption project” that was being worked on in secret. Moravia and Yukinami were successful subjects that escaped the facility. It was thanks to Moravia’s genetic body that an antibody to save Hyuuga was made.

Yuuki is surprised by this but doesn’t regret hearing it. So the next few days Yuuki is still resting and tries to get up one day but falls over. This makes Hyuuga come running to see if she’s okay but she tells him she’s fine (I’m legit shocked her injury was THAT bad?? Girl has superpowers too???). Anyway, both Rize and Hyuuga want to keep her on bed rest but Yuuki insists she’s fine and Rize suggests she go outside with Hyuuga accompanying her. Yuuki decides she wants it go someplace where Hyuuga would typically go, so he shows her a garden he tends to on top of a building. Yuuki then decides she wants to check out the view of the colony from one of the higher buildings and convinces Hyuuga to come with her.


In doing so, Yuuki then asks why Hyuuga attacks humans and he tells her again it’s because he hates them. She thinks he’s wrong because he wouldn’t have saved her in the first place and would’ve only attacked the researchers who betrayed him in the first place. She believes Hyuuga is lonely because he’s no longer human anymore and wants others to be like him. This of course makes Hyuuga angry and he tells her to be quiet and that he got stronger since being a vermin. Yuuki tells him he needs to let go of this hatred he has or it’ll never end but Hyuuga just leaves in a rage before saying he’s not like her and can’t change the way he is anymore.


After this, Yuuki can’t find Hyuuga anywhere and finds out from Yukinami he went to go head towards Theta to attack humans again. Yuuki tells Yukinami he needs to be stopped because she doesn’t believe he truly wants to harm humans so he agrees to come along. Yuuki and Yukinami manage to find Hyuuga in a rage and fighting Blooms. Hyuuga is in a sort of “berserker mode” where he can’t hear anyone trying to reason or talk to him. The rest of the Blooms members are confused to see Yuki but refuse to stop fighting Hyuuga since he’s intent on attacking them. Yukinami manages to distract the Blooms members so Yuki can stop Hyuuga. She apologizes for being insensitive to his feelings and tells him if he wants to kill her to satisfy himself then to go ahead. Hyuuga then finally comes to his senses and tells her that what she said is true and he was sad about not being human anymore.


A few days later, Hyuuga decides he no longer wants to attack humans, but instead find a way to turn vermin back into humans and stop the endless cycle. In order to do so, he wants to leave Tau and travel to different colonies. Yuuki decides she’s going with him and the two of them depart with Rize seeing them off. In the normal end, Blooms believes Yuuki betrayed them and realizes she can never go back to Theta. In the bad end, Yuuki gets in between Blooms attack on Hyuuga and ends up getting killed. Hyuuga the goes on rampage and kills all the blooms members. Other bad end just consists of Yuuki randomly dying… Yay…  

[Don’t let this CG fool you, there was absolutely no scene like this in the game]

Thoughts: If there was anyone who had like, no chemistry w/ Yuuki it would probably be this guy. Like, legit, nothing fucking happened in this route. And the constant repeating of certain truths over and over and over in every route just gets repetitive as fuck. I don’t even know where the romance began because all that really happened in this route was that Yuuki saw Hyuuga go try and kill humans — tries to convince him not to — gets hurt by Hyuuga –> Hyuuga takes care of her –> Yuuki tries to convince him to not kill humans –> this makes him mad so out of control Hyuuga tries to go kill humans AGAIN –> Yuuki stops him. Literally, his route was Yuuki convincing him not to hate humans and that’s about it. Nevermind the other quirks about him I guess like how he likes to cook and clean — you get some of that. But I honestly wouldn’t say there was even romance in this route it was just so… nonexistent. 

Yukinami (CV: Hatanaka Tasuku)

Yukinami is the energetic “childish” vermin that has been with Ibuki for a while. While he seems super innocent, he has a cynical side when he fights.

Yuuki goes with Yukinami and Moravia in order to help Rize. When they arrive, they bring Rize to a room to rest where Yukinami  asks Yuuki if he wants to know more about him. She decides to answer yes so he tells her vague things about himself such as being a vermin but doesn’t seem to know how long he’s been with Moravia. Yuuki’s stomach then growls so he decides to go leave and bring food. Rize suddenly starts to wake up but when Yukinami comes back he seems to be in a bad mood and acts weird as he drops of her meal and leaves. After this, Yuuki brings her empty trays back to Yukinami who happily takes care of it.

Yukinami suddenly asks about Yuuki’s powers and wants her to show him them. She decides it would be better to do it outside so the two of them go outside Tau and she uses her amplification powers on him. It makes Yukinami super excited and he starts hitting buildings while Yuuki just watches thinking he’s just like a kid entertaining himself. But it gets more eerie when Yukinami straight up slaughters a vermin that was heading towards Yuuki albeit it didn’t attack her yet. He figured it was in Yuuki’s way and decided to kill it. Yuuki is confused because she figured vermin are allies of other vermin but Yukinami doesn’t seem to understand the concept of allies or friends.


This freaks Yuuki out and she starts to become more scared of Yukinami. She admits this to him and he just finds it interesting that she’s looking at him that way (wtf is wrong with this dude lmao….). When Yuuki goes back to Rize’s room, she wakes up and notices she looks anxious. Yukinami then appears and says he’ll be residing in the same home as her but different rooms because he felt it would be more interesting. Yuuki was already considering trying to avoid him because she thinks he’s creepy af but unfortunately he’s ready to follow her around LOL. Rize notices this and Yuuki confirms that Yukinami scares the shit out of her and tells Rize she wants to try and escape from Tau when she’s recovered.

Meanwhile, Yuuki tries her best to avoid Yukinami but he suddenly covers her eyes and tells her to guess who it is. When she does, he asks if he surprised her which she genuinely answers that he did. He jumps for joy but Yuuki just gets creep vibes and wants to get away from him lmao. Unfortunately, he notices Yuuki going out so he asks to join her. They go back outside and he shows her some buildings he destroyed with Hyuuga. Not long after some vermin show up so he decides they should leave. After that, Yuuki and Yukinami walk around Tau until Yukinami suddenly starts choking Yuuki because he wants to see the look of fear on her face.

Moravia thankfully appears and warns Yukinami to never do that to Yuuki again but Yuuki isn’t convinced and realizes that Yukinami sees Yuuki as a sort of “toy” for his entertainment. This makes Yuuki realizes just how unhinged Yukinami really is so she keeps wary of him whenever he’s around. Eventually he asks Yuuki to come with her so he can show her something. They go outside of Tau and notice a few humans in protective gear doing environmental research. Yukinami decides he wants to attack them but Yuuki immediately tries to stop him. Yukinami then realizes just how many different facial expressions she’d give if he were to actually kill them.

This is clearly the final straw for Yuuki and so she straight up slaps Yukinami. She gets angry that he’d even considering doing something like that for the sake of seeing how she’d react. Yukinami asks why she hit him and she tells him it’s because he was about to do something terrible. Yukinami clearly doesn’t see what he’s doing wrong though cause he claims Yuki hitting him isn’t justified. Fortunately, Yukinami seems to change his mind over wanting to kill the researchers. But then he all of a sudden changes into his vermin form and attacks Yuuki. She tries to fight back but realizes she’s losing stamina and runs back towards   Tau. She thankfully makes it there but Yukinami immediately catches up. So she decides to head inside a random residence where she meets a human she never saw there before.


Ibuki is there as well and figures out what’s going on. He then leaves to go lecture Yukinami for what he’s done. Meanwhile, Yuuki speaks to the man residing in the home who claims to be a researcher who is human but left long ago. He explains Yukinami was originally human and was born not long after Ibuki as a experiment with supernatural powers. But he wasn’t seen as exceptional as Ibuki was so he was often ignored by the researchers. Because of this, he’d often fight for attention and in resulting doing reckless and dangerous things. Knowing this, Yuuki believes she can try to talk to him and so she goes to look for him.

When she finds him, she suggests they play a new game where they have a scavenger hunt for different flowers within Tau. The two of them look for different flowers and Yukinami gets excited when he finds out there’s different kinds. He goes back to the original one the two of them looked at and puts it in Yuuki’s hair. He realizes he likes Yuuki’s smiling face the best. She then tries to teach him to treat flowers delicately and kindly like people since they’re alive like them. Yukinami tries to ask more about flowers like why they bloom and make seeds. He even wants to try and make a flower bed with Yuuki. Unfortunately, while they’re looking at the flowers, a vermin accidentally steps on one. This makes Yukinami furious so he tries to kill the vermin but Yuuki tries to stop him.


Unfortunately, Yukinami is too quick for her and he manages to kill the vermin. This makes Yuki sad but she realizes Yukinami has a long way to go before he can understand how his actions are wrong. So Yukinami leaves upset and so Yuuki decides to ask Moravia where she can find him. Moravia believes he’s most likely going to attack humans and brings Yuuki to him. They spot Yukinami fighting Blooms but Yukinami isn’t fighting back. They’re surprised to see Yuuki but realize she’s siding with the vermin when she tries to get them to stop attacking Yukinami. Moravia decides to hold off blooms while Yuuki escapes with Yukinami who’s injured.


Yukinami tells Yuuki that even though they hurt him he didn’t attack them because he believed based on what Yuuki said that he won’t be loved if he continues to act violently. Yuuki apologizes to Yukinami since she didn’t properly explain what she meant. Yukinami then asks if Yuuki likes him and she says does (albeit I don’t think she even thinks he meant it romantically lol). After this, Moravia appears and tells them that Blooms has been fended off so they should return to Tau. Rize greets both Yuki and Yukinami and helps treat Yukinami who’s injured. Yuuki also asks Yukinami if he’ll stop attacking humans which he agrees to do because he wants Yuuki to like him.


Yuuki then decides she wants to convince Blooms that Moravia and the others aren’t the enemy and that they won’t attack humans anymore. Moravia decides to go with Yuuki and Yukinami to meet with Blooms. In doing so, she pretends she’s attacking them so they’ll give Yuuki and Yukinami a chance to speak with them. It ends up working and so after Moravia retreats, Yuuki explains everything that happened so far to Blooms. She also asks them to trust her when she tells them she won’t allow them to attack humans anymore. After this, Yuki returns to Tau and gets a message from Masaki via the man who calls himself “sensei” aka Yashima. Masaki wants Yukinami and Yuki to be escorts and stop vermin from blocking a convoy from reaching a colony. After doing this, Yuki and Yukinami are thanked by the researcher. 

[Probably the best looking CG yet not in the actual route]

Thoughts: I honestly didn’t really know what to expect from this character at first until he turned into a creepy ass yandere-esque character. I’m really not into the characters that have a “childish” personality but it didn’t help that Yukinami was so screwed up I guess that he treated living beings like toys. And idk maybe a route like that could be interesting but again the writing and romance were super rushed and I have no idea if the romance between these two was legit or just… a familial sort of love (cause thats what it felt like). Honestly, even the background of Yukinami was rushed cause while everyone got a sort of ‘flashback’ in the hero routes, he didn’t, so I really just couldn’t connect with his character much. Most of the time Yuuki was terrified of his ass anyway.

Ryo Tomitsuka (CV: Masuyama Takeaki)

Ryo is the supplier of Blooms and often makes appearances here and there. 

While trying to meet with Ibuki, Yuuki encounters Ryou instead who asks why she wants to meet Ibuki. Yuuki tells Ryo she wants to help her friend Rize and so he takes her to the facility where she’s being held. He tells her how humans turn into vermin after being attacked but gives her an antibody medicine that’ll stop her from turning into one. After this, they take Rize to the entrance of Theta and meet Moravia there. They then leave Theta and take Rize to their colony Tau. After arriving Ryou is about to leave but Yuuki stops him so she can thank him. Ryo is very curt and nonchalant about helping her and claims he only did it for his self interest.


After this, Yuuki settles in and helps Rize recover. One day, she decides to look for Ibuki but ends up bumping into Ryo instead. She thanks him again for helping Rize and wonders where Ibuki is. He tells her he doesn’t need to be thanked and Ibuki isn’t available right now. She also noticed he was speaking to someone who wasn’t Ibuki and if she wants to know who he was talking to she can find out for herself. Ryou also says again she might be better off not knowing anything and Yuuki’s curious what he means by that but doesn’t tell her before leaving. Yuuki decides to follow after him as he leaves Tau to see where he’s going.

As Yuuki follows him he immediately notices and asks what she’s doing. She’s blunt about following him and says she wants to know more about him. Her complete honesty about following makes him laugh which is rare for him and he tells her she can follow him if she really wants to. Apparently he’s doing environmental research and is planning to set up tents for the purpose of this. He does so and since Yuuki decided to join him, he asks her to collect some dead tree branches. After doing so, he has his tent set up which looks like the inside of a laboratory with lots of tools and equipment such as a drone to inspect the area.

So Ryo spends most of his time using his drone to inspect the area and manages to collect some plant. It eventually gets late so he suggests Yuuki ought to spend the night in the tent since it’s too dark out. He suddenly gives creep vibes about her being alone with him and the stupid “ooh what would happen when you’re alone with a man blah blah” bullshit but it turns out it was a joke and he’s not interested in children 😬.  The next day the too of them do more survey work with Yuuki helping Ryo jump up high with her powers to land on tall buildings. After the two of them have their fun I guess, Ryo tells Yuuki she should leave since he doesn’t need her around anymore. Ibuki suddenly appears and says Rize was worried about Yuuki so he went to look for her.


Ibuki also tells Yuuki that Ryo is more an “enemy” to everyone so it’s best she stays away from him. Yuuki has no idea what she means but Ryo doesn’t protest either and so she eventually leaves with him to go back to Tau. For some reason Ibuki keeps saying being near Ryo will cause her to be sad albeit won’t say anymore than that. So Yuuki is like, weirdly super sad about this (girl you only hung out for this guy for like, one day????) and since Rize can clearly see it, she suggests she herself decide whether or not Ryo is an enemy or not. This solidifies Yuuki’s decision to find Ryo again and try to talk with him.

Yuuki finds Ryo with his tent set up in the same area. He figures she’s too stubborn to leave so he begins to explain how they reside on an island known as “Plant 3” (on the world map it’s Japan, so I guess all the other countries exist in this world lmao). Ryo explains he’s actually a spy who is from outside of “Plant 3” but also a spy between the vermin and humans (so a triple spy lmao). He doesn’t specify why, but admits what he’s doing would make him an enemy of their Plant. So he tells her he no longer intends to ever meet with her again and makes her leave. After she does, she meets Ibuki who reveals that Ryo’s plan is to destroy where they reside, or “Plant 3”.


The fact that Ryo doesn’t intend to show himself anymore meets he’s decided Plant 3 is a place that isn’t necessary anymore (I guess??). Apparently Ibuki already knew this but was gonna let fate take it’s course. But since Yuuki is adamant on stoping him, he agrees to help her. Yuuki first visits the man that Ryo often talked to who is actually Yashima, the guy she considered to be family and exchanged emails with. He tells her Masaki should likely know Ryo’s possible locations and emails him while she leaves to go back to Theta. Ibuki leads Yuuki there and when she gets there, she’s greeted by Blooms as an intruder. They’re suspicious of her at first but Masaki tells them to let her through.


After that, the situation is explained to the rest of Blooms. Masaki gives potential locations Ryo could be and they go from there. Yuuki manages to find his tent and goes in to talk to him alone. She tells him she can tell he doesn’t really want to destroy “Plant 3” but he calls her naive and takes out some sort of special gun that would work on those with supernatural powers since he doesn’t have any. Yuuki then suddenly collapses because she runs out of power and for some reason this makes Ryo want to explain everything to her when she wakes up (ok….). Ryo explains that “Plant 3” is literally a place that was created by his distant relatives to observe humans and see how they can prosper.


So everyone living there is just a science experiment but low and behold humanity is too dumb to do anything right so they end up polluting the environment to the point where they can’t go outside anymore. Since it doesn’t look like it has any chance of recovering from the state it’s in, the outsiders deem Plant 3 as more harmful than useful especially if the pollution spreads. Ryo is the one who reports whether or not it’s deemed necessary because apparently his family have that role and he applied for it because he didn’t want the rest of his family to have that burden. Yuuki still believes there’s a way so they decide to meet with Masaki again.


Ryo has to report something to the outside so Yuuki comes up with an idea of tricking them into thinking there’s something of interest in Plant 3. In order to do that, she suggests using the flower crystals that appear when vermin are killed. Apparently they don’t know about the people who have super powers cause apparently if they did they’d want to experiment on them?? (So Ryo rejects the idea when Yuuki almost brings it up). So they do just that and make a false report so Plant 3 won’t be destroyed. Yuuki continues to meet with Ryo who still does survey research but more as a hobby than anything.  In the bad end, Ryou doesn’t have time to convince the outsiders to keep “Plant 3” so missles just suddenly appear and blast the fuck out of the place until there’s nothing left.


Thoughts: Ryo is probably the character you see the least until you do his route because he just doesn’t have a role in the game other than his ‘secret’ he reveals that’s just so badly implemented. I honestly don’t know what the fuck was the point of his character other than to have another plot twist thats so badly incorporated into the story last minute. Route was mostly text dumps and Yuuki randomly hanging out w/ him on his camping trip. I kind of expected maybe he would be the “true villain” but apparently you can’t be truly evil in a game that advertises “hero vs villains”. I don’t know what sci-fi shit they were going for when they decided to make the place they were living (literally Japan) into a science experiment site where the “outsiders” are everyone outside of it but holy fuck it was so badly thrown in there its not even funny. There was also literally no romance between him and Yuuki so I’m not sure why the hell he was even a route. By the end of the route, you wonder what the heck their relationship even is because it sure as fuck didn’t seem like romance. There wasn’t even a real conclusion either because apparently they tricked the outsiders but its always these really rushed shoehorned ideas that don’t make sense??? Like, how do these people not know about the superpowers that Yuuki and the others have?? Also there wasn’t much really explained ABOUT Ryo; you found out he had siblings but that’s about it. His background was heavily rushed and the pacing in his route was terrible. They clearly didn’t know what the fuck they were doing when they wrote this route.



Rize gets attacked like before but the truth about humans turning into vermin comes out sooner. Yuuki wants to know a way to save Rize so Masaki suggests asking Ryo who’s revealed to he a spy of both the sides of vermin and humans. However, he states he needs Moravia’s help as well so he magically appears and asks Yuuki to trust him as well as the rest of Blooms. They inject Rize with an antibody that’ll stop her body from turning into a vermin. Meanwhile, they all return to the school and it’s explained that vermin were originally created by people because of the research to make humans adapt to the environment that has been polluted.

All of Blooms decide to reveal their real identities since it’s better they do so if Masaki and Ryo are gonna spill the beans about everything. So, all of blooms change into their true identities of which are all guys which is at first surprising to Yuuki. Anyway, Masaki explains to Yuuki about her parents and how they were experimental subjects that escaped with the help of Masaki and Yashima. Ryo also made the antibody from Yuki’s cells when he treated her and Ibuki also tested them on vermin which made them attack Theta during the day instead of night like usual.


Next, Ryo reveals he’s from the outside of “Plant 3” which is the island they all reside on. Apparently they’re all just a science experiment to see how humans prosper. Unfortunately, based on the data they have “Plant 3” can’t recover so they intend to destroy it. After finding this out, Blooms and the rest of them are anxious to figure out a way to get out of it. They decide to meet with Yashima in Tau who is the person who was in charge of the research. They figure that they’re gonna need the vermin’s help anyway so they intend to ask Ibuki and the others for help. In doing so, they all agree to work together and decide to fight the outsiders when they invade.


So as they’re fighting the aircraft that are sending missiles, they end up using all of their power and transform back. They decide to use the crystals that the vermin turn into when they die to amplify their powers. Along with Yuuki amplifying their powers as well, they manage to shoot an arrow of light that blasts all the aircraft away. After this, I suppose now that they’ve fended off the outsiders the vermin-tachi and human-tachi live in harmony — where Yuuki gets all her man’s but maybe Ibuki is canon because apparently he seems to be favorited in this game??? 

Thoughts: I really don’t understand what the point of this finale route was?? Like, is it the canon end where everything gets properly concluded with no romance?? There’s just so many questions like what the fuck was the point of Yashima?? They made him seem so important yet he was shoehorned into the plot. Hell, I even thought he’d be like, the actual villain of this game but apparently there aren’t any actual villains in this game ??? It’s the humans that fucked everything up in the first place but apparently there can’t be a legit villian that isn’t corrupt random npc researchers or the onlookers of the plant 3 science experiment that we hear of but don’t see??? This game just didn’t have a proper “villain” so the conflict could never get resolved in a satisfying way. I don’t get why the villains could legit be bad instead of when they pull a random half-assed solution out of their ass, such as just telling the researchers to stop doing experiments on humans, ibuki is legit like “lol ok” and is somehow easily convinced. So because the routes were so damn rushed there was a deus ex machina outcome because suddenly a solution is just magically present??? I also still don’t get what the hell was the point of making their powers disappear when they fall in love ??? And this only happened to the heroes side. I guess it was used as a plot device but it was ultimately really meaningless. Also some advice if you’re gonna have “villains” let the fucking heroine actually SIDE with the villains instead of always trying to convince them otherwise. 


Final Thoughts: Everyone is welcome to their own opinion if or when they play this game but I’m gonna be blunt and say I did not enjoy this game. There are just so many things wrong with it I don’t even know where to begin. I thought maybe the characters could possibly save it but hell, some of the characters were shit because of just how rushed each route was. But I think the biggest problem is that this game is just simply — boring. I want to emphasize that there isn’t really a common route — so there’s no proper character development before the routes. You really don’t find out anything about these characters before their routes start, but even then they are very, very rushed. In most routes, there’s just endless walls of text explaining the same thing you probably read in another route in a different way. Or a rushed backstory and character route with little to no romance in pretty much half of the routes. You thought a game about heroes and villains would have a lot of action, right? Lot’s of fighting scenes, maybe funny scenes, because these guys — turn into magical girls? Wrong. Every fighting scene in the hero routes are cut short and barely last longer than like 3 minutes worth of text. This game, surprisingly, takes itself pretty seriously in some ways so there really aren’t many funny scenes — if at all. Nothing really happens half of the time and it’s mostly just either boring interactions between the heroine and the other characters, some romance-ish scenes, and a short but very copy-pasta layout of the “plot” (if you want to call it that) repeated in most routes. Ultimately, the pacing in this game is horrible and I felt no real connection to any of these characters. While the hero routes kind of stood on their own, the villain routes were very copy-pasta because the same scenario with Rize being brought there would occur while the same exact plot points would constantly get repeated. 

Story – The general plot of this game is that the characters reside in a dome-like colony known as Theta. Outside of it, the environment is polluted and these beasts called “vermin” reside and sometimes invade. Yuuki joins the team “Blooms” when she awakens to her supernatural powers. Beyond that, there are truths to uncover about “vermins” and “humans” albeit, it isn’t executed well. While most game are usually either very story-driven or character driven, I would say this game is neither. There isn’t a cohesive plot and it’s really all over the place because there’s no proper world building or character development. Ultimately, the noticeably bad pacing and short length of each route leaves more to be desired.

Characters The characters in this game are very one-dimensional and there isn’t anything about them that stands out. Most of them are ‘okay’ in terms of personality, but since there isn’t really a common route to properly introduce the characters, a lot of them lack proper character development. The individual routes themselves are very badly paced and you find yourself not really being able to connect with these characters because you spent so little time with them in their own route. I’ll admit, Yuuki on her own is a decent heroine, who is firm about what her ideals are and isn’t passive at all. But ultimately, this doesn’t save the routes because they are so rushed. As for the side-characters, there’s really only a few so it makes the world feel so much more empty.

Visuals –  The only really thing this game could possibly be praised for is the artwork because it’s probably the only thing that stayed consistently decent. That being said, while the artwork isn’t necessarily bad, it wasn’t particularly amazing either. If you consider games like Cupid Parasite or Bustafellows that use stunning sprite work, the amount of details on this game is pretty low quality in comparison. I honestly expected animated sprites when I saw how the art was more simple, anime-like. The CGs themselves were fine, but because the game lacked a lot of romance, you didn’t exactly get a lot of cute CGs to look at. The backgrounds also repeated a lot, so its suffice to say there wasn’t a lot to look at.

System – There isn’t much to say about the system itself — it’s rather simple. There is an affection gauge for the LI and I guess an ability gauge for the heroine. This just kind of determines what end you’ll get. I didn’t have issues with the system since it was pretty straightforward like most Otomate games. There was a flow chart where you could see how far you were through the route basically (which helped to see just how quickly I was going through the route) that also shows how many and what ends you got. There was also an extras sort of menu where you could watch random scenes with the characters that weren’t particularly interesting unless you really care about the characters. All the routes also had an unrelated CG in the mix of an “interview” sort of scenario. It was as if they didn’t have enough content for this CG that was made so they just threw it into a random unrelated omake scene.

Music – I thought the OP and ED songs were fine, they were sung by the cast which was fine and all. As for the BGM, it wasn’t bad but I honestly started to grow sick of it because it would often repeat the same tracks A LOT — which made it feel like there weren’t many tracks to begin with. But one thing that bothered me the most, is when certain tracks were played when it didn’t fit what was happening or didn’t set the mood right. Like, you’d have characters talking seriously about something and there’s loud techno pop music playing (like, really?).

Final Thoughts: I was honestly considering shelving this game but I literally didn’t have a lot else to play and because I bought it, I wanted to just see it through. I was really looking forward to this game because my first impression of it was that it would be super hilarious. I think a lot of people when they first saw this game were maybe expecting something more light-hearted or humorous because of the ‘boys turn into magical girls’ aspect. Or at least, something full of action. Well, it didn’t have either of that. In reality, this game was quite frankly just… boring. The “magical girl” concept is actually not as important as you’d think and it’s honestly very misleading. Even when I expected “hero vs villian” action, all I ever got was walls of text instead of the characters actually y’know doing something. I think they had some good assets and overall, some of the characters (if written better) had potential to be really good. But, the direction this game decided to go in was ultimately the worst.

One of the biggest offenders this game had was that, it actually did not have that much romance at all. Literally all of the villain routes had absolutely no confession scene, no kiss scene, just implied romance. But not only that the scenes that were romantic ended very quickly and there wasn’t even time to properly give these characters any cute scenes. Either you’re gonna have a balance of both plot and romance or a focus on just focus on one. But it’s as if this game just didn’t get finished and it was super rushed so there was really no room for a proper well-written route let alone romance. If maybe, having less routes than 8 (because that never works out well for Otomate) could’ve made the writing better, I would’ve preferred that. But even then Charade Maniacs (which had 9 routes mind you) had better writing than this game; so there’s really no excuse for it.

So if you’re wondering why maybe you haven’t seen many reviews or comments about this game it’s probably because no one cared enough about it to write about it, or they probably never finished it. I honestly struggled to even get through the game because that’s how boring they made it. I truly don’t know why this game would get picked up for localization when there is 100% better otome games out for Switch — port or not (hell why not Charade Maniacs??). I usually have a pretty objective, unbiased opinion so believe me when I say, it was very hard to see any good points in this game. While there were certain aspects of a few routes I enjoyed, they literally all had flaws. If anything, Yuuki was actually a surprisingly a well-written heroine in a terribly written setting. BUT, they constantly made her more ‘weak’ than the rest of the characters in terms of strength (which made no sense if you consider certain factors about her). That being said, it’s possible maybe some players will find good things to see in this game but I honestly couldn’t find much.. Regardless, I wouldn’t recommend this game unless you really don’t care about little romance or a really rushed plot. 

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    1. LOL PROBABLY (esp w/ the less popular seiyuu). I mean that would explain why Aksys decided to take on 3 more not-so-great games before their other 3 even released. 😂

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