Otome Game no Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shite Shimatta… ~Haran o Yobu Kaizoku~ – Review / Summary


So if you know Hamefura, you know this is an otome game within an otome game. This supposedly takes place around after season 1 of the anime and Catarina herself is technically in a “fandisk” of “Fortune Lover” that her friend is playing. Catarina has avoided her doom flag but eventually finds herself aboard the luxurious boat called the “Vinklem” along with Keith and everyone else. Unfortunately, pirates suddenly invade and take over the ship.

non-spoiler thoughts

Catarina is woken up by Sophia after remembering about a Fortune Lover fandisk in her past life. Everyone is apparently on a spring break and Sophia is about to leave as well. Catarina eventually runs into Keith who feeds her a cookie after thinking she’s going to go look for food in the courtyard lol. He tells her about a letter he got from their parents telling them that they got sick. Keith is taking his father’s place to have social gatherings and so they’re invited on a luxurious boat called the “Vinklem” for the sake of strengthening the relationship of their kingdom of Sorcier and the kingdom known as Queed. Catarina’s mother insists that she’s to come with Keith so he can keep an eye on her during their break. When they get to the ship, they’re greeted by Maria, Mary, Geordo, Alan, and Nicol who are boarding the ship as well.

2022060110451200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina is excited to see all of them there while she’s oblivious to the fact that they’re not actually traveling to the kingdom known as Queed but rather going near the border before turning around back to Sorcier. Apparently the ship they’re on isn’t Queed technology but rather it’s Sorcier that’s highly powered by magic such as wind magic that make the boat move and air condition the boat. They tell Catarina about all the different things about the ship like a casino and a pool. Catarina immediately knows what a pool is because of her previous life but they’re all shocked she knows about it since apparently it’s part of Queed culture. When Catarina suggests they all go swimming together, Geordo immediately makes sure they have reservations.

2022060110452400-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3All of the girls are at first embarrassed to wear swimsuits but as soon as they hear Geordo wants to swim with Catarina himself, they all jump on the chance lmao. So they all come out wearing swimsuits with Alan and Keith acting bashful while Catarina is completely oblivious to any of it.  Catarina compliments all of their swimsuits and even Nicol becomes bashful since he never reveals any skin 😂. Eventually Geordo tries to make a bet on who gets to make who do what if they win a swimming contest. Catarina isn’t even listening to them banter about it until she comes up with the punishment game of the loser having to say “meow” at the end of their sentences which makes them swoon over the idea of Catarina saying it. Unfortunately, in the end they end up forgetting about the whole thing entirely ((damn!! I wanted to see it 😂)).Catarina gets hungry before the party so she ends up wandering into a random room where she finds a beautiful necklace. Suddenly a man appears and he tells her it’s called the “witch’s eyes”. Catarina’s stomach suddenly growls so he gives her a piece of candy that he made. Catarina immediately calls it a “gummy candy” which isn’t a name he’s familiar with but he tells her he’s fine with calling it that. He finally introduces himself as Rozy Rind — a engineer who works on the ship. He usually wears a work uniform but changes in between breaks and asks if she can keep it a secret. She immediately befriends him and promises to keep it a secret.

2022060110454800-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3After this, Catarina gets ready for the party and is greeted by Geordo at the door who wants to escort her. Not long after Keith appears and insists he should go with her instead but Catarina stays completely oblivious to it all lmao. The rest of the girls come in as well and they discuss the different sachets scents in each other’s rooms. During the party, Catarina does her best to act formal while interacting with the different aristocrats and politicians. Maria ends up getting bombarded with questions and compliments on her dress and light magic so Catarina helps her escape the constant attention.
Catarina is soon pulled away by Geordo to dance as effortlessly whispers sweet nothings to her. Not that it does anything because she’s hung up on the fact Geordo may end up finally falling in love with Maria like in the otome game. After the party, Catarina goes to bed only to wake up in the middle of the night because she’s hungry again. She decides to go into the kitchen with hopes that breakfast is being made. She ends up hearing someone in there but is immediately knocked out when she calls out to them. She then wakes up back in her bed so she thinks it’s all a dream. She ends up wanting to see the sunrise so she goes out to the ship’s balcony. There, she meets Rozy again who’s on another break. Rozy notices he always meets her when she’s hungry so he gives her a nutrition bar that he made for her to eat.

2022060110454200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Regardless, she’s still hungry after eating it. After this, Catarina decides to introduce Rozy to everyone else. Keith of course lectures Catarina for befriending a stranger because he gave her food lmao. Eventually, the girls split up with the guys to go take a look at the different areas of the ship. First, they go to a library where Sophia can’t take her eyes off each romance novel she finds. Catarina tries to ask if she has someone she likes, she of course says she likes Catarina and so does Mary lmao. Eventually they run into this guy who hates women named Frederick. He ends up insulting Sophia because of her white hair and red eyes but before Catalina says anything, she immediately tells him off.  Both Maria and Mary chime in as well and shoo him away. After this, the girls meet up with the guys and notice Keith is gone. He sent for a letter to tell Catarina he’s in the medical room because he’s seasick. Catarina is super worried so she runs to his side and asks if he’s okay. He tells her not to worry and to just go to the party like she normally would. She eventually listens and goes to the party where Geordo and Mary try to feed her different food.


Catarina gets fed by Maria, Mary, and Sophia while she’s in the banquet hall. Suddenly, the pirates invade and both Fredrick and the Chancellor are adamant that Maria tries to escape with him. He manages to almost make Catarina, Mary, Maria, and Sophia escape with him until Fredrick comes in and grabs Maria. Catarina realizes it was a trap and all they wanted was Maria for her rare light magic. After this, Geordo and everyone else make a plan to escape the ship and search for Maria on the island nearby. After Keith helps make a distraction with his clay doll, they all escape on the island. Since it starts to rain, they decide to make shelter in a nearby cave.As they plan to rescue Maria, everyone gathers things like fruit, fish and birds to cook but since they’re all aristocrats they have no idea how to prepare any of it 😂. After this, they split up into groups and finally decide to make their move to save Maria who’s being hidden in the hut. After they find her, Catarina helps her and before they can defeat the privates, Queed knights arrive to arrest them. Catarina suggests playing in the water with the rest of the girls and they all cling to her (this was the normal end which I think was supposed to be a nod to Maria, Mary, and Sophia since they don’t have actual routes; unfortunately it’s not really a route for any of them but it gives you flashbacks of Catarina and them).  

[We don’t have routes but we’re sure af thirsty for you bakarina!!!!!]

Character Routes

2022060110460800-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Geordo Stuart (CV: Aoi Shouta)

Geordo finds Catarina wandering around the ship since she got lost. He decides to use this opportunity to ask her to go to the library with him and talks about he hopes they can spend more time together before they graduate. Suddenly, there’s an explosion so Geordo and Catarina decide to check it out. They hear gunshots and are threatened by the pirate Silva to come with him. When they do, they’re reunited with everyone and other Sorcier aristocrats. Silva decides to take Catarina and the others to a separate room since they’re all magic users. They all try to gather their thoughts on the situation but then Catarina realizes Keith isn’t there. In order to confirm Keith is still in the medical room, Geordo suggests to go with Catarina to confirm.

2022060110461100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3In order to do so, Catarina pretends to be sick and Geordo literally carries her there. When they arrive, they meet Keith and discuss the fact the Sorcier and Queed nobles have been separated for some reason. Geordo wants to find out more about why they were separated, so after stealing weapons he sneaks out of the medical room with Catarina and Keith. They manage to encounter Rozy but before they can go any further, they’re caught by Silva and sent back to their room. Meanwhile, Silva gives them food to eat and Geordo is super cautious to the point where he tests the food that Catarina is given. Catarina starts thinking about how embarrassing it was when Geordo carried her so she starts stuffing herself so she’ll be too heavy for him to do it again ((lol)).

2022060110462100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3After this, Geordo is constantly annoyed by the fact Silvia feels the need to watch their every move. Keith starts to feel sick again and so they insist he goes to the medical room but he refuses. Finally, they make it to the island which is the base of the pirates. While they take a carriage there, Catarina gets tired so Geordo offers for her to sleep on his shoulder. Mary then suggests she sleeps on her lap and Geordo makes a comment she’s Alan’s fiance so she should sleep on his lap ((LOL)). Alan refuses and so even Sophia offers and eventually the argument ends because Catarina ends up falling asleep on Geordo’s shoulder anyway. Afterwords, Catarina has a dream where she sees Achan playing Fortune Lover and Catarina ends up dying after Silva kidnaps Maria.When Catarina wakes up at Silva’s base, she freaks out and asks where Maria is. She later appears and tells her that she was healing injured people. After this, Catarina figures she’ll try and find Silva’s weak spot and as they’re eating, she tries to ask about things he doesn’t like. Meanwhile, Geordo continues to get jealous of Silva showing interest in Catarina. Geordo asks what Silva’s actual goal is and he tries to give him a proposition in which he’ll tell him his reasons if he allows Catarina to spend a day with him. Catarina agrees to it in order to gather information, much to everyone’s shock. Silva then tells them he has a client that wants him to deliver all of them safetly. Silva tells Catarina he’ll come pick her up to have their date later and leaves.

2022060110463100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Immediately after this, Geordo asks to speak to Catarina alone and takes her to a room where he locks the door to speak with her privately. Catarina notices he’s mad but doesn’t know why and so he asks why she took his offer. Catarina admits she wanted to get information out of him, but Geordo tells her she shouldn’t put herself at risk to do so but also doesn’t want her to be alone with him. He then suddenly grabs her and kisses her which shocks Catarina who says he thought he liked Maria (since she thought she was in his route). Geordo corrects her and tells her it’s her he loves and while he respected that she enjoyed being around her childhood friends, but if he has to stop playing friends to get to her then so be it.

2022060110463500-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3This shocks Catarina to tears who enjoys being around Geordo and everyone else but thinking Geordo hates it, makes her upset. Mary and the others then crash into the room after using their magic and notice Catarina is crying. Mary and Sophia take Catarina to comfort her and Geordo is left in shock that made Catarina cry. As Alan, Keith, and Nicol come in they realize what happened but also are able to confirm that Geordo didn’t really mean what he said. He only said it in the heat of the moment and actually does enjoy the time he spends with everyone. Meanwhile, Catarina tells Maria, Sophia, and Mary about what happened and explains why she cried. Mary flips out in frustration when she finds out Geordo not only confessed to Catarina, but kissed her as well. But they realize since Catarina didn’t dislike it, she probably likes him too.

2022060110465100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Geordo decides to apologize to Catarina for what he said since he knows it hurt her. But after this, Catarina becomes slightly more conscious of Geordo so when he comes near her she faints because Geordo made her too hot and bothered 🤣. When she wakes up, Silva thinks she’s sick so they decide to take this opportunity to try and call for help on the ship by finding a magic tool. They decide to split up and Catarina goes with Geordo. She finds it awkward being alone with him at first and he tells her to take his hand as they make their way through the hallway. She doesn’t understand how he could have feelings for her and thinks he made a mistake in saying he likes her. However, he immediately tells her she’s wrong and that he does indeed like her.

2022060110465300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3They eventually run into Silva who becomes suspicious of them as they return to their room. This is when Geordo and everyone make plans to leave the mansion. They intend to escape through the window so they can reach the ship and call for help using the magic tool. In doing so they all split up into groups of four with Geordo, Maria, Keith, and Catarina escaping through the woods together. As they make their way through the dark and foggy forest, Maria and Keith stay behind to keep the pirates that are looking for them at bay. Meanwhile, Catarina and Geordo go ahead but soon they bump into Silva who tries to stop them. Geordo decides to fight him one on one but Catarina tries to interject and bargain with him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and both Geordo and Silva start fighting again.

2022060110470600-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina manages to intervene by using her magic to trip Silva. In doing so, Geordo uses the magic stone he had to blind Silva more a moment so they can run away. Silva is called back by his pirate minions so he leaves to go back to the mansion. Catarina and Geordo make it to the ship and use the magic tool to call for help. As they’re about to leave to look for the others, they hear a commotion going on. Before they can intervene, they run into Rozy who tells them they should hurry and leave the ship. When they leave, Queed knights arrive to arrest the pirates and they find out that everyone else is safe at the mansion. Meanwhile, Geordo asks Catarina for her answer about his confession and proposal while they’re on the beach alone together.

2022060110470900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina asks Geordo why he loves her in the first place and he tells her that she’s the one that made his boring life more interesting but he doesn’t love anyone else other than her. Catarina says she wonders if maybe she loves him too which throws Geordo off guard as he blushes when he hears it. He asks if she can be more upfront about her feelings and she finally tells him that she loves him too. After this, Geordo is much more clingy around Catarina and everyone realizes that she confessed her feelings to him after he gloats about it. In the epilogue, a year passes and both Catarina and Geordo are preparing for their wedding. Everyone is happy for Catarina but (Mary especially) disappointed she chose Geordo 😂. Geordo gets sick of everyone being in the room so he kicks them all out in order to have Catarina all for himself before the ceremony.

2022060110461900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3In another ending, Catarina starts to think avoiding Geordo might be the best way of avoiding her ruin flag. As she tries to run away he catches up with her and decides to knock her out. When she wakes up, she’s in Geordo’s room and tells her she’ll be staying there from now on ((I guess this was like a yandere end for the fans??)). Geordo brings her sweets and tells her he’ll give her whatever she wants. Catarina is completely oblivious to the fact she’s being held captive and continues to eat the sweets that Geordo brings her.


In the good end, a few days later pass and Geordo asks to meet Catarina privately. The two of them have alone time in the garden where they often came together as kids.  

2022060110472700-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3[His omake CG is spicy lol]

Thoughts: I always thought I’d enjoy this route the least because I wasn’t really a huge fan of Geordo but his route was fine and if anything, it had pretty much the most romance and most kiss CGs. I think because he’s already engaged with Catarina, it was pretty easy to set them up romantically lol. There was a tiny bit a drama between Catarina and Geordo but it wasn’t super dramatic and unnecessary. So yeah ultimately, his route definitely put the romance first which was nice since the plot was okay and I really just in it for the romance tbh lol. Anyway, if he’s you’re favorite character in hamefura you’ll probably love this route. They even added a random yandere ending for him where he locks Catarina in his room and feeds her sweets LMAO. 

Keith Claes (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Catarina ends up eating too much food and so everyone takes her to the medical office where Keith is. The doctor makes her take a bitter medicine and as soon as she drinks it, she starts eating again lmao. After everyone leaves, she starts to get sleepy from the medicine and goes to sleep. When she wakes up, the pirate Silva has a gun pointed at her, telling her to stay put and listen to what he says. Keith immediately intervenes and protects Catarina by shielding her. Unfortunately, Keith is too weak to fight and can barely manage to use his magic against Silva. Thankfully, Silva withdraws but tells them they should stay put if they don’t want to cause any more trouble. After this, Keith helps the doctor clean up the medical room.

2022060110475600-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3When Keith and Catarina go to bed, Catarina can’t sleep so she calls out to Keith. She tells him she had a dream of when he made a giant doll out of soil walk and she accidentally got hurt by it. After Catarina falls asleep, Keith remembers when Catarina used an axe to break down his door and comfort him when he was sad about accidentally hurting Catarina. She made him feel wanted after being rejected from his other family. As for now, he believes he’s not strong enough to protect her since he was powerless against Silva. For that reason, he vows to get stronger. Meanwhile, Keith and Catarina are basically forced to stay in the medical room since the pirates have control of the ship. They continuously have injured people taken in and because Catarina is so bored she offers to help.

Suddenly, some pirates and Rozy are injured so they’re treated by the doctors. Catarina tries to ask Silva what happened but he assures them he hasn’t harmed Rozy nor has he harmed any of her friends. One morning, Catarina wakes up to find herself in Keith’s bed. She apparently accidentally slept there when she got up to use the bathroom. Keith anxiously asks her to get up and Catarina apologizes. Keith brings up that she needs to be more aware of her surroundings since she could’ve ended up in someone else’s bed. Catarina agrees sleeping in the bed of the injured could be bad, completely disregarding what Keith actually meant 🤣.

2022060110480100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3After this, Keith and Catarina are allowed to leave the medical room since they’re feeling better. They meet with everyone else who is perfectly safe. They assume they’ll probably be sold by the pirates since they can use magic and since Silva are calling them his precious loot. When they go to bed, Catarina has another dream where she’s in her friend’s body and she’s playing the fandisc of “Fortune Lover” which is what that she’s currently in. She notices that Silva is completely different in the game than he is in her reality and even considers himself part of a different pirate group. When Catarina wakes up, Keith starts feeling sick again so he’s taken to the medical room again.
Catarina and everyone wonder why only Keith is feeling sick whenever he leaves the medical room. Catarina hears from Rozy that a lot of people on board have been getting sick like him. After Catarina leaves Keith in the medical room, she and the others investigate the room and figure it’s the scent of the sachets that are making Keith feel sick. Catarina decides to go back to the medical room to explain to Keith and Rozy that it’s most likely the sachets that are making him sick. Apparently it doesn’t affect her or the others due to a sort of reaction to his specific magic. In order to reduce the conditions of the sickness, they want to obtain the herbal tea medicine that the doctor made for them.

Unfortunately, since the doctor is out of commission after working so hard, Keith and Catarina have no choice but to figure out the ingredients of the medicine by themselves. When they go to the library, Keith starts to feel completely useless and hates that he couldn’t protect Catarina or figure out any of the solutions to their problems. Catarina cheers him up and Keith immediately hugs her from behind. He tells her he’s not the same kid from when he was younger and wants to be the man who can protect and be with her. Catarina starts to get flustered from his sudden boldness but after he asks her to still be needed, she reassures him that he’ll never not be needed.

2022060110481000-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3As Catarina and Keith continue to look for a book on herbs, they finally find it but accidentally come across a secret room that has large cages in it. They immediately run out when they hear someone and Keith assumes it’s probably not for animals but for humans. Catarina and Keith make their way back to the medical room and show Rozy the book on medicinal herbs. They’re able to figure out what exactly the doctor made before and Rozy recreates it. At first he makes a drink so strong it makes Keith and Catarina cough in agony. But he then adjusts the taste and gives them the tea the way it tasted before.

2022060110481200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3After distributing the herbal tea to the other sick people, Catarina and Keith get ready to be escorted back to their rooms where Geordo and everyone are. As they regroup, they relay the situation to everyone and how something sketchy is going on but it’s not the pirate’s involvement. That night, Catarina can’t sleep because she’s anxious about their situation. Keith appears and gives her a blanket to keep her warm but she instead takes the blanket and wraps it around the two of them. This makes Keith lose his cool and he reminds her to not be so defenseless since he too is a man. He holds her hands and brings his face closer which begins to fluster Catarina who has no idea what’s going on.

2022060110481700-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by the rattling of the locked door as someone unlocks it and enters. Lyle greets both Catarina and Keith and tries to convince them to come with him and claims he has escape boats for them. Keith doesn’t trust him though and figures out he’s the one who built the hidden room with the cages with the intention of selling them. Keith immediately fights Lyle with his magic but unfortunately he ends up using his paralyzer spray and it makes Keith unable to move. Catarina realizes she doesn’t want to lose Keith and throws a teacup at Lyle to distract him from Keith. It works until he tries to hurt her and Keith protects her. Thankfully, Geordo and the others arrive along with Silva to apprehend Lyle.

2022060110482100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Unfortunately, Keith is weak from the poison and nearly collapses. Catarina is super worried about him and supports him. He’s thankful he got to protect her and suddenly kisses her in front of everyone. He tells her that he’ll always protect and that he loves her before falling unconscious. Catarina is in shock but also embarrassment since it was not only her first kiss, but it was literally in front of everyone. Unfortunately, Lyle is suddenly attacked by someone and Maria is forced to heal him to keep him alive. After this, the boat stops at an island which is the pirates’ base and everyone is ordered to get off the boat and follow them. Everyone is taken to a mansion where they’re told to stay put in a locked room.Meanwhile, because of the kiss that happened between Catarina and Keith, their relationship is super awkward. When they get to the mansion, Keith and Nicol decide to try and find an escape route by sneaking out the window. Unfortunately, since they’re on an island full of fog and no one there, they have no way of leaving. So Catarina and the others stay in the mansion while the Chancellor of Queed is still missing. Suddenly, there’s an explosion on the ship so everyone goes to check it out while Catarina stays at the mansion with Geordo. While in the courtyard, Catarina encounters the Chancellor who’s alive and well. Unfortunately, he’s the one who tried to kill Ryle and threatens to kill Catarina if she doesn’t tell him where he is.

2022060110482500-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina almost manages to escape but she’s caught by the Chancellor’s subordinate who almost kills her. Catarina screams out for Keith to save her and he of course appears and does so. He angrily summons one of his soil dolls to stop them and is thankful he saved Catarina in time. After this, Ryle wakes up and basically tells them all how he hated people who could use magic and wanted to get rid of them anyway he could. Hence, he agreed to try and sell them off on the ship. Suddenly, the knights of Queed appear after noticing the explosion and so the pirates including Silva all abandon the base. Finally, Keith speaks to Catarina privately on the beach and tells her his feelings.

2022060110482700-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3He tells her that she’s the one that pulled him out from the darkness and that he wants to always be with her since she’s like the sun that outshines the darkness. He tells her that he loves her and always has since she broke down his door with an axe (LMAO). Catarina admits she loves him too and not as a sibling, but as a man. Keith then calls her “Catarina” instead of “Nee-san” and asks if he can kiss her again. So Catarina makes the first move and kisses him first. Keith is taken aback and then he passionately kisses her back and says he loves her. In the happy end, Catarina and Keith were caught kissing so she has to explain to everyone that she made the move and Keith is the one she chose (lol).

2022060110483800-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Everyone wishes her happiness with Keith and even Geordo cuts off his engagement for her. Now, Keith and Catarina are to be engaged and he brings her sweets and tea as they discuss their future. Keith only calls Catarina by her name now and the two of them kiss again. In the good end, Geordo cuts off his engagement with Keith so the two of them are engaged. Catarina’s parents are in high gear to prepare Catarina for her wedding so Catarina goes to the tree she likes to climb to take a break. Keith follows her and climbs the tree with her and tells her he’s looking forward to their engagement.  

2022060110484400-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3[This isnt their kid btw just a random lost little girl lol]

Thoughts: ITS OUTOU TIME. Honestly, I always find the little brother / older brother tropes annoying but Keith is definitely an exception since he’s really a less clingy version. I can’t say he was one of my favorites in the anime but his route was really enjoyable. I think the romance between him and Catarina is done well and it was cute hearing him call her “Catarina” instead of “onee-san”. I always thought Keith’s backstory with Catarina was funny and the fact that they referenced when she axed down his door is hilarious. 

Alan Stuart (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Catarina accidentally spills wine on her dress so she goes to the bathroom to wipe it off. She unfortunately gets lost trying to find her way back so she ends up falling asleep in one of the rooms. Catarina is woken up by Alan who’s surprised to see her there. He went looking for her after he noticed she hadn’t come back to the party. She remembers she wanted to tell him she loved hearing him play the piano before and wants to hear it again. Since there’s a piano in the room he offers to play it for her again and remembers when he helped her play when she needed to for her parents. After he plays it for a second time, he remembers when they were kids all Mary would ever talk about was Catarina. When he confronted her about it, she told him it’s because Alan is boring lmao. He decides to challenge her and Catarina suggests to climb trees with her. He’s shocked to see that she ends up winning each time.

After playing the piano, the boat suddenly starts shaking. When Alan and Catarina go outside the lounge, they find people running and screaming because pirates attacked. Alan immediately tries to check the situation and tells Catarina to stay put since it’s too dangerous. But Catarina refuses and tells Alan to do the same. Alan pulls Catarina in another room and they end up arguing about it until Catarina almost falls over so she grabs Alan’s collar. She ends up pulling him on top of her and holds her down until she finally agrees to not come. Catarina starts to get flustered as he inches closer to her but before anything else can happen they hear a noise in the closet. When they open it, a woman comes out after anxiously listening in to what was happening between them.

2022060110485200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Alan is embarrassed but Catarina is just clueless. The woman introduces herself as Liliana, an aristocrat from Sol who snuck on the ship. She won’t reveal her last name but she claims she’s looking for a loved one on the ship. Suddenly, pirates invade the room and she uses her strong magic power to knock them away. Liliana starts to get too tired to use her magic so Alan steps in to help. Eventually, they meet Silva who is the boss pirate taking over the ship. He fights against Alan but since he overpowers him, Alan decides to use his magic. Unfortunately, they use the marquess named Ryle as a hostage so Alan and Catarina have no choice but to surrender. They then take Liliana to a separate area while both Catarina and Alan are put into a room along with everyone else who was captured.Catarina wakes up to find out everyone is thankfully safe. They believe that there must be something particular on the boat that would make the pirates want to invade. Because of this, they want to try and negotiate with the pirates. Unfortunately, Silva rejects that thought after overhearing them. He tells them that he intends to use aristocrats like themselves as a ransom or sell them off since they can use magic. Silva asks for both Alan and Catarina to do a favor for him and brings them to the room where Liliana is being kept. They find her using her power to the point where his men can’t even touch her. Apparently she’s from the Werder family so in other words she’s Ryle’s wife. This is why Silva wants Alan to use his water power to stop her.

2022060110485300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Alan refuses so Silva decides to take Catarina hostage so he’ll listen. Fortunately, Catarina manages to break free by biting Silva’s hand and running out of the room with both Liliana and Alan. When Alan and Catarina escape to an empty room, a frustrated Alan gets mad at Catarina for not considering how dangerous it was for her to escape like that since he could have shot her. He’s so worried about how he could’ve lost her that he suddenly hugs her. Catalina doesn’t know what to do or how to react so she just stands there in embarrassment. She finally tells Alan he can let go of her now and he awkwardly does so. Liliana was apparently watching the whole thing and tells them to go ahead and continue lmao.

2022060110485900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3After that, Liliana explains her situation on how she’s Ryle’s wife but only through an arranged political marriage. While Liliana actually developed feelings for Ryle he supposedly didn’t so he decided they should divorce. Since he didn’t give a reason for it, Liliana wanted to find out and decided she’d accept it so as long as she knew why. So after hearing the situation, Catarina and Alan decide to help Liliana find Ryle. They first decide to hide out in their room for a while until they make their plan to deactivate the water supply. Meanwhile, Catarina gets hungry so Liliana feeds her some chocolate she had. This makes Alan remember when Catarina gave him chocolates as a reward for all his hard work when they were kids.

2022060110491200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Alan also reminisces on how Catarina made him realize Geordo also has weaknesses (like snakes) and he should have more confidence in himself since there are things he’s good at too. Catarina eventually falls asleep but ends up leaning against Alan’s shoulder in the process. Alan internally flips out and doesn’t know what to do until Catarina just straight up falls onto his lap. Because of this he decides to move her to the bed. After this, she wakes up to him calling her name since they hear someone knocking at the door. Liliana tells them to hide and so Catarina grabs Alan to hide in the closet. It’s so cramped to the point they can’t see what they’re doing and Catarina accidentally presses her lips against Alan’s.

2022060110491400-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Upon realizing this, both Alan and Catarina’s faces turn red. Catarina feels bad since she knows Alan is engaged to Mary but reassures herself it was an accident.  After this, they hear someone and come out of the closet to find the misogynist aristocrat Fredrick wandering around. He eventually leaves and Catarina states that apparently he hates women which is the first time Alan ever heard about that. Soon Alan and Liliana leave the room but eventually bump into Silva again who has Ryle with him. Silva asks rile where whatever he’s looking for is, and he tells him about it being hidden somewhere. After this, they give Ryle back and take him into a vacant room.Ryle and Liliana finally have a one on one discussion where Ryle tells her to give up on him since he’s not good enough for him. He tells Liliana he planned to commit a crime on the ship which is why he wanted to divorce her first. But Liliana still isn’t convinced and continues to tell Ryle how much she loves him. Meanwhile, Catarina forced Alan to hide so the two of them could share their feelings with each other. But Ryle already noticed the both of them and asks them to come out. After doing so, he tells them about his situation. Ryle apparently comes from the Werder family that is known to have children with very strong magic power. However, he was born without it and this made his family never fully recognize him because he was the one without magic.Ryle decided to study business and earn his family’s recognition another way yet they still didn’t. This is why he was to marry someone who had strong magical powers which was Liliana. Due to Ryle’s hatred for magic, he believed getting rid of most aristocrats that had it would be beneficial so he agreed to have them sold on the ship. Liliana slaps him for being foolish but Ryle just takes it because he agrees he was an idiot for agreeing to such a thing. The reason he didn’t want Liliana to board the ship was because he loved her and didn’t want to involve her. Ryle had an accomplice but since they worked independently, they didn’t show their face. So now that some of the politicians such as the prime minister of Queed are on the run, Alan suggests looking for them so they don’t resist the pirates and get hurt.Ryle tells them about a room where they use a magic tool to call for help so they decide to head there first. After knocking out some pirates, they manage to make their way to where the magic tool is. After Alan figures out how to use it, they suddenly hear a noise from the secret passage area. Rozy who’s injured suddenly appears and wanted to call for help like they did. Just as Catarina suggests he comes with them, they hear a giant explosion. When they go to the source, they find the area where Geordo and the others are is on fire. Silva appears and tells them he intends to make sure his friends are okay but asks them to put out the fire. Liliana and Alan put out the fire but when Silva checks the room, the same chemical they used to knock out the pirates knocked out everyone in there.Since the chemical isn’t deadly as long as they get treated, they pull out Geordo and the others to bring them to the medical room. Unfortunately, they notice Maria isn’t there and Alan figures out that the person that was Ryle’s accomplice clearly took Maria. Suddenly a knife is thrown at Ryle but Liliana gets in the way to protect him and it hits her instead. When they look to see who was trying to kill Ryle, it’s Fredrick. As they tend to Liliana, Alan fights him one-on-one. He starts to get outmatched so Catarina comes up with the plan of spraying the chemical “Abim” that Ryle had on the handkerchief and throwing it at Fredrick. Catarina manages to distract Fredrick for a moment but then she continues to mock him as her villainess character and when he approaches her, she sprays him with the chemical.

2022060110492100-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Alan gets frustrated at Catarina for again putting her life in danger and Catarina apologizes. They try to check on Liliana but before they can, Fredrick gets up again to attack them and Alan stops his sword with his hand just in time. Fredrick mocks Alan for protecting a woman but this makes Alan even angrier and he almost ends up using his magic. Thankfully, Silva appears just in time and knocks out Fredrick while returning with a safe Maria. As Maria heals Liliana’s injury, Catarina tends to Alan and apologizes for him getting hurt on her behalf. She rips off part of her dress and uses it to bandage Alan’s hand. Catarina wonders why he would put himself in harm’s way for her like that and he yells out in embarrassment that it’s because she’s important to him. Catarina wonders if it’s because they’re childhood friends, but Silva chimes in and assures her it’s because Alan likes her romantically.

2022060110492200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Alan literally goes speechless after he says this and so does Catarina 😂. After this, a Queed ship arrives to help so the pirates abandon ship and run away. Meanwhile, Catarina and the others are fine so they stay at a mansion a island in Queed in order to wait for the ship to be repaired. As Catarina stuffs her face in the dining room, things are super awkward with Alan so every time she talks to him the both of them suddenly go silent. Everyone else starts to get suspicious so Catarina tries to hide it as best she can. That night, the girls stay in the same room together. Apparently Fredrick was born in a low class Queed family and when his father remarried, apparently his step family treated him like trash which is why he’s bitter towards woman (lol no one cares about ur dumb sob story 🙄).
That night, Catarina and Alan can’t sleep because they’re nothing thinking about each other and how they don’t want things to be awkward between each other before they leave. When they both go outside to get some fresh air to think, the two of them end up bumping into each other in the courtyard. They end up talking to each other normally and Alan asks why Catarina is out so late. She accidentally admits it’s about sorting out her feelings so the two of them become awkward again. Alan finally speaks up and says he felt really bad about having said what he said while she’s still Geordo’s fiance so if she wants to forget about everything, she can. But now that Catarina knows Alan likes, her she wants to know why.
Alan is shocked to hear this so he finally admits his feelings to her. He tells her he’s liked her ever since they were kids. She made him accept himself for who he is. Catarina is surprised but asks him if he’ll allow her to take some time to think about it. Meanwhile, Geordo and Mary were listening and while they’re both disappointed, Geordo admits all he wants is for Catarina to be happy. In the epilogue, Catarina and everyone are back in Solce and graduated their second year of school. Catarina told Mary it seems that she likes Alan so Mary because just says that it doesn’t matter to her at all because she doesn’t like Alan but once she gets sick of him she’ll be there to stick around her forever lmao.


Thankfully, Geordo is also okay with cutting off his engagement with Catarina so as long as she’s happy. Now that Catarina has come to terms with her feelings for Alan, she now wants to confess to him before their engagement is announced. Unfortunately, Catarina hasn’t been able to confess her feelings for Alan because Geordo and the others have been sabotaging it. Finally, Catarina meets with both Geordo and Alan. Geordo admits he also loved Catarina which shocks her. She apologizes for never realizing it but he tells her it’s okay and he’ll give up on her now that she realizes she loves Alan. After he leaves, Catarina finally musters the courage to tell Alan she’s in love with him. Alan of course tells her again he loves her and awkwardly asks if he can do “that”. Catarina has no idea what he means and he tells her what they accidentally did before. Catarina still doesn’t get it so he straight up asks if it’s okay if he can kiss her (omg I love how dumb she is). She tells him he can and the two of them share a kiss. He hopes he can make her happy and she too wishes for their happiness. In the good end, Catarina doesn’t respond to Alan’s feelings because he wants to prove himself to Geordo that he’s a good enough man for her. In the bad end, Catarina gets killed by Fredrick after her plan of distracting him fails.  


Thoughts: Alan is my bias so naturally I enjoyed his route the most. I just love how sweet he is with Catarina and his tsun personality just pours out naturally lmao. I think I would’ve preferred if the stuff w/ Liliana and Ryle was less focused on because really all I cared about was Catarina and Alan’s cute moments together. His happy ending was so cute though I wish I got another kiss CG with him!! I’m so glad that this game exists for the sake of romancing him because he’s so cute. His good end was kinda meh because technically they weren’t romantically involved because Alan wanted to prove himself to be good enough for Catarina or whatever. Anyway, the biggest downside of his route was the drama between Liliana and Ryle that I really didn’t care about and just wanted to romance Alan more LOL. I wish it didn’t focus on these characters but I guess it needs to move the plot along somehow…….

Nicol Ascart (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

Catarina gets lost while looking for the bathroom and encounters a mysterious woman. She tries to call out to her, but Nicol appears and the woman disappears. After this, there’s an explosion due to the pirates taking over the ship. Nicol and Catarina try and hide as the pirates try to gather the guests. Catarina starts rambling so Nicol has to cover her mouth to keep her quiet lmao. After this, the two of them try to find the control room and end up encountering Rozy. They notice him acting suspicious and as soon as he brings them to a room, he apologizes and locks both Catarina and Nicol in. They can’t do much but wait around but since Nicol is the silent type he ends up going quiet after relaying the situation. 

2022060110495200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Fortunately, Catarina’s stomach breaks the silence and she decides to look for food since they’re locked in a sort of break room. She finds a cookie but doesn’t want to eat it all to herself since Nicol told her he didn’t eat anything earlier. After the two of them share some food, Catarina ends up falling asleep. Nicol thinks about how he’s thankful to Catarina for befriending Sophia instead of feeling sorry for him because of the way she looks. When Catarina wakes up, Nicol and her are greeted by Rozy who opens the door. He tells them he’s actually one of the pirates and leads them to where the others are being kept but doesn’t say much more. Catarina and Nicol are taken to a room where Geordo and the others are. Catarina explains what happened with Rozy and decides she’ll write a letter to him.

2022060110495500-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Unfortunately, she falls asleep while trying to write it and gets ink on her face. Nicol notices this when she comes out and when he touches her face to point it out, his devilish charm makes her embarrassed. When Silva comes back, she decides to give the letter to him so he can deliver it to Rozy. Silva agrees to it but teases he wants something in return from Catarina. This makes Nicol jump up to protect Catarina and angrily points out he’s saying this in front of her fiance. Silva then makes a comment that he was quicker to defend Catarina than her own fiance. This throws Nicol off guard and he realizes he needs to hide his feelings about Catarina better so he decides he’ll no longer associate with her.As everyone discusses their plans, Catarina gets tired and decides to go to sleep. She unfortunately wakes up after she keeps having these strange bad dreams. When Catarina gets out of bed, she greets Nicol who essentially starts to ignore her. Catarina starts to notice that he’s avoiding her and Sophia eventually lectures Nicol for doing so. Catarina continues to have bad dreams so one day she wakes up super early and encounters Nicol who’s half asleep. When she tells him about her bad dream, he ends up stroking her head and thinks he himself was dreaming at first until he realizes it was reality. Thankfully, Catarina is in a better mood later but suddenly there’s an explosion on the ship.
As everyone else leaves to help passengers, Geordo decides he wants to try and find Rozy since he probably knows where they can find a magic tool to call for help. Since Catarina offers to come find Rozy, Geordo also asks Nicol to come with him. When the three of them leave, they run into the Cet Norden who is the Chancellor of Queed and Fredrick. Right off the bat they start acting suspicious and the fact Catarina sees blood on Fredrick’s swords raises red flags. They explain they needed to deal with the pirates and so they were the ones who set up the explosion. They suggest coming with them but Geordo and Nicol immediately decline their offer. As things are about to become hostile, Rozy throws a smoke screen at them so they can escape to the deck of the ship.

2022060110500000-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3They try to talk to Rozy but Fredrick follows after them saying he’s been commanded to kill Rozy and the pirates. Geordo and Nicol try to explain they want to speak with Rozy but Fredrick could care less and tries to attack anyway. Nicol holds off Fredrick’s sword with magic but Rozy still gets injured by a knife he throws at him. Meanwhile, Norden appears and demands they come with him. The weather starts getting worse and both Maria and the others urge Catarina to come back inside the ship. Unfortunately, when Norden notices Maria he commands Fredrick to capture her. This causes Catarina to try and help Maria but she ends up slipping on the wet, rocking boat and falling off it into the sea.

2022060110500300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Nicol yells out to her and jumps in after her. He manages to save her as she’s sinking into the ocean with his wind power. When Catarina wakes up to a worried Nicol who is thankful she’s okay. The two of them washed up on the shore of an island and decide to explore to see if there are any inhabitants. When they reach a mansion, Catarina thinks it’s empty until she sees a shadow or what she claims a ghost in the window. Nicol thinks it’s better to get her to a warm place so they decide to enter the mansion. As they walk through the empty mansion, Catarina is scared there’s ghosts residing in it and clings onto Nicol’s shirt ((lol)). He didn’t realize how scared she was and pretty much let’s her 🤣.

2022060110500700-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Eventually, they make it to another empty room but Silva encounters them there. He tells them that they’re currently at his base and find out that everyone else is there. Fredrick and Norden were stopped by the pirates and they docked at the island to repair the ship. Now that everyone is reunited, Catarina and the others are still Silva’s hostages so they still can’t leave and are only allowed to roam the mansion. One day, Catarina and Maria find a room where Catarina finds the “Witch’s eyes” necklace that she saw on the boat in the gallery room. When she touches it, the “cursed  witch” takes over Catarina’s body. Maria calls for help and everyone arrives in shock to find Catarina not herself.

2022060110501300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3The witch in Catarina’s body demands to have someone who looks like her prince suffer and so she chooses Nicol. She reveals that she knows that he’s in love with Catarina and this throws Nicol off guard because he was trying so hard to keep his feelings a secret so as to not betray Geordo. However, the witch desires to have Nicol suffer by admitting his feelings to her while she’s taken control of Catarina’s body or she’ll continue to control her until Catarina’s soul is completely gone. Nicol is in agony over it but finally agrees to do it for Catarina’s sake. Unfortunately, Nicol is struggles to confess his feelings to someone who isn’t Catarina even though he tries to force himself for her sake.

2022060110453300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Meanwhile, Catarina meets the witch in her young self’s body within her own consciousness. She explains that she’s been betrayed by a prince who never used the magic stone she gave him. This reminds Catarina of the Queed folklore she read which is pretty much the exact same story. So now this witch is a ghost that can’t properly rest until she gets revenge. Catarina then suggests that she just finds out what really happened and the truth may literally set her free. The witch agrees to this and let’s Catarina use her body at night while she takes control of it during the day. So Catarina wakes up in the middle of the night with Nicol asleep beside her. When Catarina tries to get up, a worried Nicol immediately hugs Catarina when he realizes it’s actually her and not the witch.

2022060110502300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina tells Nicol what happened when she met the witch and so they decide to tell everyone else. Catarina and the others then decide to do research in the library to see if they can find out more about this witch and prince story. Sophia manages to remember a story that was similar to the Queed one where a witch falls in love with a prince and gives him a magic bracelet. Unfortunately, the bracelet doesn’t work because it’s replaced by a fake so it’s never used. Now that they know it’s a misunderstanding and the prince did love the witch, Catarina asks the witch to come out.  When she does, she doesn’t think it’s enough proof so she asks them to find the actual bracelet.
Catarina believes that the bracelet is probably nearby and the fog is probably the result of the necklace reacting to it. The witch leaves Catarina’s body to confirm this and she manages to find the bracelet. Because she can see the memory of objects, she manages to find out what truly happened and that before the prince left the island, her bracelet was replaced in secret and thrown into the sea. The witch is upset to think that the prince may have hated her after her magic didn’t work but Nicol convinces her otherwise and the only reason he never saw her after she died is because she hated him. As the witch finally clears her regrets, she passes on and before she leaves she makes Catarina kiss Nicol on the cheek.

2022060110502900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3This leaves both Catarina embarrassed and Nicol speechless. Geordo pretty much realizes the witch was targeting Nicol not because he looked like the prince she loved, but because Geordo in fact did and she was trying to make him jealous. After this, Nicol bumps into Catarina after she’d just been confessed by Rozy. Nicol finally admits he’s been in love with her ever since they were young and that she’s very special to him. Catarina is left speechless but he doesn’t expect her to answer and just wanted to convey his feelings. Before he can leave, Catarina stops him and admits she loves him too but just didn’t realize it until recently. Nicol can barely process it and asks if he can kiss her and so he does.

2022060110503900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3The two of them are suddenly interrupted when Silva tells them that they’re abandoning the island since Queed knights have arrived. After this, everyone, except Alan ((lol)) realizes that Catarina has fallen for Nicol. In the happy end, a few months pass and both Nicol and Catarina are officially dating. Catarina cut off her engagement with Geordo who tells Nicol to make Catarina happy or he’ll steal her away from him. One day, Catarina is late for her date with Nicol and meets him at a rose garden. The two of them view the flowers and sit at a seat where Catarina brings all sorts of snacks for them to eat. Nicol tells Catarina he loves watching her happily eat and wipes cream off her face like a real otome game 😂.


In the good end, Catarina visits Sophia and Nicol’s residence with Keith. Sophia is so excited to have Catarina become part of her and Nicol’s family ((esp cause she ships her and Nicol lol)) and literally shoves Catarina next to Nicol so they can get all lovey-dovey with each other LOL. 


Thoughts: I actually liked Nicol’s route a lot more than I thought I would. Honestly, in the anime Nicol’s personality doesn’t shine much because he’s a the super quiet type so it was nice to see his personality come out more in this game. I honestly think him and Catarina are cute together and its adorable how much he respects her engagement with Geordo that the idea of stealing her away was too much for him cause he’s just too pure lol. His route also stood out more because it was pretty self-contained (much like all the routes) in the sense that the plot was pretty different than the rest. 

2022060110505700-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Rozy Lind (CV: Kenichi Suzumura)

Catarina gets lost after leaving the party and runs into Rozy on the deck. He helps her out by having someone guide her back to the party venue. Not long after, the pirates invade but Catarina starts to feel sick so she falls unconscious. She wakes up in the medical room with Keith who’s there as well. Rozy comes in to check on Catarina who still has a fever and gives her medicine to make her feel better. After Catarina goes to sleep, Rozy thinks about how he didn’t think he’d meet Catarina again like this. The next day, Keith explains to Catarina that she got a fever and was brought to the medical room after she fell unconscious.

2022060110505900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina stays another night but can’t sleep and ends up opening the door after hearing a noise. She’s harassed by a drunk pirate and Rozy saves her before he can try to do anything and tells her to go back to her room. The next day, Silva has Catarina and Keith escorted out of the medical room since they’re feeling better. Catarina ends up hearing Rozy yelling at someone from another room and goes to check up on him. With the way he’s lecturing the pirate who was drunk the night before, Catarina realizes that Rozy might be a pirate himself or is at least in relations with them. After this, Silva takes Catarina and Keith to the room where Geordo and the others are.

2022060110510200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Rozy decides to visit Catarina and try to talk to her so he can explain himself. He apologizes to Catarina for lying to her and hopes there’s some way he can make it up to her. Catarina can only think of him making sweets for her here and there but he decides he’ll become her personal helper instead. So, Rozy continues to visit Catarina each day and brings her different things like tea and board games that he made. One day, he plays a board game with her and Catarina keeps losing so she keeps asking for a rematch. That night, Catarina can’t sleep so she wakes up to Rozy who’s still awake. He makes her some tea and shows her a neat trick with one of his devices he made and a magic stone.

2022060110511200-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3The next morning, Catarina feels sick after eating too much food and is brought to the medical room for medicine. They find out it’s suspiciously overcrowded and relay it back to the others. Maria suggests helping those sick in the medical room with her light magic. Rozy suggests that she and the other girls come with them so they can get the help they need. The following day, Rozy escorts Catarina, Maria, and Mary to the medical room but suddenly Fredrick attacks them before they can get there. Soon after there’s an explosion and the Chancellor appears. After knocking out Maria, Mary, and Sophia, Lyle appears and knocks out Catarina. Rozy calls out to Catarina but is unable to help.When Catarina wakes up, she’s on a boat with Fredrick, the Chancellor, and Lyle who kidnapped her, Maria, Sophia, and Mary. They’re brought to an island and made to stay in a random hut for a few days. Finally, they’re told to leave and end up encountering Rozy and Silva. It turns out Rozy is not really a pirate and neither is Silva or the rest of the crew. Rozy‘s real name is Rodzion Lindgren and he’s an aristocrat or more specifically a Duke of Queed. So Silva and his crew are actually Rozy‘s private guards that he hired to stop the Chancellor and his selfish scheme of trying to blow up the ship and kidnap the magic users.

2022060110511600-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3After Rozy has the Chancellor captured, he takes Catarina and the others to his ship to head to Queed. Rozy explains he heard the the Chancellor was planning on boarding the Vinklem to find magic users from Sorcier so he had his private guard invade the ship posing as pirates. Rozy profusely apologizes for deceiving Catarina but she tells him it’s fine since he had his reasons. After this, Rozy visits Catarina in her room to apologize again and explain when he met her years ago it was actually at the castle not the park. When Rozy was young he was always relied on for fixing items and creating inventions with his knowledge of technology. However, one day he became unsure of what he really wanted in life.

2022060110510600-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3When he first met Catarina in Sorcier he gave her the gummy candy he made and she told him how delicious it was. This made him realize his true ambition to help others and he always wanted to meet Catarina again. Eventually he was able to find out more about her and fell in love with her when he met her again. Rozy also met Silva on his way back to Queed when he almost got mugged. A younger Silva helped him but then collapsed to the ground because he was weak. Rozy noticed he looked like he was poor or homeless and decided to help him after thinking of Catarina’s smile. Thus, both his and Silva’s fates were essentially changed from meeting Catarina.When they get to the kingdom of Queed, they’re taken to Rozy‘s mansion where they stay for the time being. Catarina roams the mansion’s library and runs into Rozy‘s father who talks about him fondly. Eventually, Rozy appears and apologizes on his behalf but Catarina tells him she enjoyed hearing about how smart he was as a kid. Rozy explains that he heard rumors that the Chancellor was planning on handing over everyone from Sorcier to a scientist who did human experimentation. They want to know more about his plans so they decide to stick around and help gather as much information as they can. One day, Catarina thinks she spots Rozy from the garden but it’s actually his cousin Albert Queed who is the king of Queed.

2022060110453700-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Albert goes along with it and kabedons her to tease with her. When Rozy sees the situation he lectures him for it and explains that he’s his cousin which is why they look alike. After this, Albert asks to speak with them both and reveals that the Chancellor had plans to start a coup d’etat. In order to stop this, Albert has a plan to use Catarina by starting rumors that a the Duke’s daughter of Sorcier is marrying into the royal family. With magic being such an interesting thing in Queed, he believes it’ll stop the coup d’etat because having connections with Sorcier’s magic is what they wanted all along for the kingdom. Everyone is against the idea so he changes the rumor of marriage being with himself but instead Rozy since the plan should work fine with him as well.

2022060110512000-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina finally decides she wants to go through with it and so the next day Catarina thinks of ways she can pretend to be lovers with Rozy. So while they’re drinking tea, she unexpectedly tried to feed him a cookie like in a otome game. Catarina also starts to do more farming so Rozy decides to build her a sort of tool that will allow her to crop quicker. A few days later, Albert reveals they were able to spread rumors enough to spot the movement of the people working under the Chancellor’s command. But in order to catch the rest of them they need to lure them out so Albert decides to host a grand ball. In doing so, Catarina is escorted by Rozy but when he’s going to get a drink for her, she pricks herself on a hair ornament after consulting a boy who claims he was looking for the owner of it.

2022060110512500-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Rozy rushed to Catarina’s aid and tries to suck out the poison. Catarina feels fine at first but starts to get dizzy and becomes paralyzed. Rozy then visits the Chancellor who’s being held captive in one of the rooms and demands to know what poison was used. He of course refuses to tell him unless he’s released from confinement. Rozy refuses and so he tells him that he’ll have a week before the poison could kill Catarina and Rozy tells him it’s plenty of time for him to figure it out. Within a week Rozy figures out how to create an antidote in time and cures Catarina. After this, Rozy speaks with Catarina in private and finally reveals he’s in love with her. Catarina realizes she feels the same and so he kisses her.


2022060110512900-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3In the epilogue, half a year passes and Catarina hasn’t seen Rozy since. Finally he pays a visit and reveals he’s going to be there for half a year because he’s strengthening relations between Sorcier and Queed as their diplomat. But in order to stay with Catarina afterwords, he asks her to marry him after she graduates which she agrees to.  


Thoughts: If I’m being honest, I kind of got bored of his route after they came to Queed. It doesn’t help that they didn’t really have time to develop this relationship because they needed to retcon him in Catarina’s past for the game. Although he’s not necessarily a bad character, I just thought his admiration for Catarina was a little weird??? I mean shes just a girl that ate your gummy candy I don’t see how this is life changing for you LMAO. In retrospect I don’t see how an 8 year old can change your life from that. But anyway, I just felt like his route dragged on a bit and he’s just not really my type anyway.

Silva (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

When Catarina gets lost, she ends up opening the door to a storage room. There, she spots a man changing and wonders if he’s into whatever they’d consider “cosplay”. She tells him she’ll keep his “hobby” a secret and this just confused Silva further 😂. He tries to flirt with her but realizes it has no effect so he instead just asks what she’s doing hanging there. She tells him she got lost so he takes her back to the party. It’s then he holds her hostage and reveals he’s a pirate that’s taking over the ship. Silva decides to separate Catarina from the rest of her group who is held hostage in a room while she’s put into a separate one.

2022060110514800-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina ends up worrying all night about everyone else so Silva decides to bring her to the room with the others since they too have been worried. Catarina soon falls asleep but has a dream about Silva in the otome game being a completely different character from the version she met. Silva gets a report from one of his men and Nicol uses his wind power to listen in on it. They find out that these other pirates called the “Sangreed Pirates” may invade their ship. Catarina recognizes this name as the pirates Silva was part of in her dream. Not long after, Silva tells everyone to go back to the banquet hall. As the pirates begin to attack the ship, Catarina runs after Rozy who looks like he’s in trouble.

2022060110515500-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina eventually runs into trouble with more Sangreed pirates but Silva helps get her, Nicol, and Keith to safety back at the banquet hall. Nicol soon figures out that Rozy is actually the Duke’s son from Queed after hearing Silva call him “Rodzion Lindgren”. They ask Silva to explain but he tells them he’ll explain later. Silva then notices a cut on Catarina and decides to take her to the medical room. He blindfolds her so she doesn’t see the dead bodies everywhere but since she ends up tripping over them he carries her instead. After treating her wound, he takes her back to everyone else and tells them he’ll get Rozy to explain the situation in the morning.

2022060110515600-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3The next day, Rozy and Silva explain that Rosy is indeed the duke of Queed and Silva is actually the leader of his private guards. Their goal was to board the ship and stop the Chancellor’s plan of kidnapping Sorcier magic users to use to strengthen his private army. Rozy apologizes for deceiving them but Catarina already trusts them both after they explain things. So after this, they decide to take the ship to a close island so they can have it repaired. One day, Catarina decides she wants to go to the library and meets Silva there. He tells her that he met Rozy 8 years ago and he was the one who took him in. Silva then helps Catarina pick some books and walks her back to her room.

2022060110515800-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3He pats her on the head like he normally does but she realizes she’s starting to feel lonely when he does this for some reason. After this they stay on a foggy island for the time being while waiting for Queed knights to arrive or for Silva to get a response from a messenger bird he sent out. Apparently his eyes are special in the case where he can see far away and just turn purple for some reason. Catarina makes a comment that she wishes she could have two nicknames like Silva and he just finds her so strange sometimes but nevertheless interesting to talk to. After this, they get a message stating a coup d’etat has happened in Queed so they need to head there right away.

2022060110520000-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3When they board a ship to head to Queed, they’re suddenly ambushed by the Sangreed pirates again who try and aim for Maria who holds the power of light. Catarina runs over to Maria to protect her but thankfully Silva protects both her and Catarina. After this, they head to Queed and find out the coup d’etat was just a false alarm and a trap set by the Chancellor. Once they meet with the king, he tells them he can’t move at the moment due to recent kidnappings of men with blue eyes. He hopes for their help in solving this mystery so they can improve their relationship between their respective countries. One day, Catarina goes with Keith and Silva who are acting as a decoy.

2022060110520300-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3While they’re trying to lure out the culprit, they manage to do so with Keith being the one who is almost kidnapped. Thankfully, Catarina and Silva manage to chase down the culprit and save Keith. Unfortunately, the case isn’t quite over and when Silva sees a mark on the person who they think is the culprit, he utters the name “Regardwell”. When they get back, Silva explains that Regardwell was someone who was committed numerous crimes from human experimentation to human trafficking. After this, Catarina notices that Silva is acting strange and tries to find out what’s wrong with him. Unfortunately, he won’t budge and refuses to talk about it because he’s afraid of what Catarina might think.

2022060110520400-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Eventually, Rozy catches on and decides to essentially force Silva to tell Catarina by inviting him to his workspace and start explaining. Silva continues and tells her that he was originally from a distant north island that was always snowy and his ability to see in the dark was useful since there was never sunlight. He lived with his mother, father, and younger sister. One day, they invited Regardwell to their home and he found out about their abilities and decided he wanted to sell them. Their village was attacked and Silva was kidnapped and sold. Not only that but he was constantly abused as well which explains the scars that Catarina saw on his body when he was changing.

2022060110520600-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Thankfully, Silva managed to run away at 13 years old and was picked up by Rozy ever since. Silva then pats Catarina’s head again and she asks if she reminds him of his late sister. He tells her that she doesn’t really since she was a baby at the time so he doesn’t really know if she would’ve. He then decides to give her a kiss on the ear instead since that was a custom in his hometown to do to people who are dear to you. After that, Silva thanks Catarina for listening and tells her that if she hadn’t met Rozy, he probably would’ve became a pirate. But what Catarina doesn’t realize is that he was only saved by Rozy because he had met Catarina so in a way it was thanks to her in the first place.The next day, the castle is suddenly attacked and they hear a coup d’etat has begun. While Silva and the others are gone, Maria is called to help a badly injured Silva. Unfortunately, Catarina doesn’t realize this is a trap and so when she runs into Silva unharmed, she’s shocked and relieved to see he’s okay. Silva tells her that Maria was most likely captured so she insists she comes with him to try and save her. Silva brings Catarina to where he believes Regardwell would be and they finally find him. He’s more young than Catarina thought he would be and is all about “beautiful things” such as what he considers Silva is. The two of them fight until Silva manages to tie him to a tree, making him unable to move.

2022060110521400-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3Catarina forces him to tell her where Maria is using her snake toy that he’s terrified of. Regardwell realizes that Silva was “changed” by Catarina so he angrily tries to attack her but she throws the snake at him again and Silva manages to kick off unconscious. Silva is relieved to see Catarina is okay and hugs her. Soon, Geordo and the others arrive to tell them that everyone is safe and Catarina finds Maria. A few days later, Catarina meets Silva alone in the courtyard at night. She essentially tells him she’s going to be lonely when she leaves for Sorcier tomorrow. He then kisses her on the ear again and reveals that the kiss on the ear is actually a sign of courtship for a woman you like. He then kisses her on the lips and confirms his feelings for her. Catarina is surprised but realizes she too likes Silva and admits it.

2022060110521800-C2294C388D38368CE9C9BCCE10E2B0C3In the epilogue, Catarina sends letters to Silva but doesn’t receive a reply. However, he’s finally visiting her in Sorcier and she’s surprised to find out he’s finally been adopted by the Lindgren family. He tells her he was so busy with these arrangements, he didn’t get a chance to respond to her letters and apologizes. Due to this, Catarina is now engaged with him with the idea that it’ll help strengthen the relations with Queed and Sorcier. Catarina happily accepts and the two of them kiss again under the tree Catarina always climbs. In the good end, Silva invites Catarina on a trip  where they’ll get to explore different countries together.  


Thoughts: Now here’s an original character from this game I’d love to see in the anime. I liked that he was the only character that didn’t know Catarina before and so his route flowed more naturally in the sense where he just gradually started to like Catarina and her dumb personality. Truthfully, the end of his route was a bit weird and idk what the hell they were doing with that weird creepy ass character who essentially abducts kids but anyway aside from that the romance scenes were really cute. 


Overall Thoughts

Otomate has never really been good at adapting original series into otome games in the sense where its been successful, but I think this was a great example of a good otome adaption. I don’t know if this game will ever see the light of day in English due to licensing reasons, but I think anyone who enjoyed the anime / light novels would really enjoy this game. There’s a huge satisfaction in seeing Catarina finally come to the realization that these guys are in love with her. That being said, the biggest criticism is obviously that the female characters have no routes; this is obviously a big disappointment for fans who root for Maria, Mary, and Sophia. I totally understand the disappointment since obviously they have huge roles in the original series but it doesn’t really surprise me that Otomate didn’t include it. They are still present in the story though and you’ll get some fun moments with them. I think you can still enjoy the game anyway if you really like the characters in general but you’d also have to be okay with the fact its a different setting and there are some new character routes added. The routes themselves aren’t very long so I truthfully wished the common route was a bit longer than it was. I felt like there could’ve been more fanservice or fun moments together with all of the characters before it jumped into a character route so quickly.

Story – The story is rather simple — Catarina and her friends board a luxury ship before it’s taken over by pirates. Most of the game takes place on the ship or the ‘Vinklem’ where the same plot format of the ship being taken over occurs in each route. That being said, each route is pretty self-contained and the only routes that really give more information on why the events occurred are the new routes — Rozy and Silva. There are moments of ‘danger’ and ‘drama’ but for the most part, it’s very light-hearted story that only uses dramatic moments and side characters to carry the plot and set the romance. Generally, most of the routes end in a similar manner.

Characters – Not including the new characters, all the main characters from the anime / light novel are present with their same personalities. That being said, you’re thrown into the game as if you probably have an idea about the characters already so I wouldn’t play if you never heard of Hamefura (the real question is, why would you? lol). There are an addition of side characters and a few new ones that you can romance. The new romance characters are definitely a great addition if you’re looking for something new from the original cast. Obviously they don’t have as deep of a connection with Catarina but that’s because they’re not from the original light novel and Catarina romances them within their route. Personally, I think the side characters were an afterthought because they were really just used to move the plot along and aren’t particularly memorable. 

Visuals –  The GUI and the CGs themselves were really nice and I was really glad that we had a sprite for Catarina. I kind of wished there was a bit more fanservice-esque CGs for the entire main cast but since the common route was so short there was really only one (I would’ve loved a complete bonus CG though…) but they did have a lot of these cute chibi CGs. There was plenty of romance CGs for each route though and I think the quality of them were good enough. It seems like the artwork is based on the original light novel art but I don’t think the artist that implemented is the same? Well, Otomate was sure to get someone to replicate that style. I think it looked fairly consistent for the most part.

System – The system is pretty straightforward and there isn’t anything particularly different about it from any other traditional Otomate game. The biggest system change was probably making a choice during Catarina’s doom flag trials which was a neat touch but it was pretty simple overall. I like that there was a skip to next choice option and you can view all the endings listed. There was a sort of ‘memory’ trigger where you have to trigger the memory if you want to read a wall of text related to it. I really wish when they had flashbacks to their childhoods, they had sprites for everyone other than Catarina.

Music – If I’m being honest, I don’t think the music was super memorable? I can only remember a few tracks but I think it sounded pretty similar to the anime. Aoi Shota sang the OP and MAO sang the ED but I can barely remember either of them because I didn’t really care for the songs. Overall, the music was probably the weakest in this game but I’m not going to criticize it too harshly for it because its basically an adaption of an anime so I know its not particularly the focus.

Final Thoughts: Ultimately, I recommend this game to anyone who loves the Hamefura series enough to want to have a different sort of experience with the characters and finally have Bakarina romance them. Obviously I get those who would avoid this game simply for the fact that you can’t romance the female characters. It’s unfortunate they didn’t use that opportunity to at least give them routes (even if they weren’t ‘romantic’ per-se) but clearly they wanted to add some original characters. Personally, I didn’t care too much for Rozy but I did think Silva was a good addition. I was a bit disappointed that the game didn’t take place in Sorcier because it restricted the setting a bit. That certainly didn’t stop it from being enjoyable since you still had the same characters, but having the characters cooped up in a room discussing what to do could get slightly boring. I personally think the common route should’ve been a little longer since it jumps into routes fairly quickly and sometimes the same events happening could get a bit repetitive. It would’ve made for some more ‘leisure, fun moments’ with everyone fighting over Catarina but it didn’t happen as much because the routes would begin so quickly.

Lastly, I liked the omake scenarios and the CGs a lot. It really made me want a continuation with all of them LOL. Unfortunately, that’ll probably never happen as this is obviously just a AU or ‘what if’ scenario with these characters and it probably doesn’t want to go too beyond what the light novel has as canon (just like Brothers Conflict). But if there was one last thing I’d nitpick it’s probably that at times the humor didn’t go ‘all the way’ in terms of how the light novel or anime would. There were moments where the anime would be insane and ridiculous but in this game it felt like the characters were a bit more ‘tame’ if that makes sense? Kind of as if they took on a ‘otome game’ personality, ironically. I think this is because they wanted to put it in an otome game format, so it felt less like a isekai light novel and more like an otome game version of it. I mean, there’s only so many times Keith can bring up the same gag of ‘Catarina eating all the time’ before it starts to get old lmao. That being said, I did like this game a lot and think it’s a fun game to play for those who really like Hamefura.

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