Welcome to my blog!


I don’t know if I’ll have much to offer here. But this is supposed to be various thoughts/reviews of otome games I’ve played or to be played. I’m always happy to talk to other people with my interests so feel free to stop by! I also do translations here and there.

– Personal –

My name is Theresa. I’m from Canada and I’m striving to become a voice actress. I love playing video games of all sorts and reading different manga. I’ll usually be spending my time on my computer or watching anime. And then there’s my otome playing time.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you very much for your review/ route explanations on Ayakashi Gohan, I’ve been looking everywhere for ones as detailed as yours!!

    1. You’re very welcome!! It makes me happy to have people read since it takes quite a while to write out so much. It certainly motivates me to do so more in the future. ;w;

  2. Hi Theresa, stumbled across your site today and I’m really enjoying your reviews. I would love to trade links with you, and I’ve already featured you in my blogroll. I’ve recently started up my blog mostly on visual novel reviews, otome games and news. My website title is: Visual Novel Reviews and website link: http://visualnovelreviews.com/

  3. Hello, I am a Phd researcher at Concordia University doing my research on otome games. Would you be interested in an interview about otome games and your translation projects? I could give you more details if you’re interested. My email address is scvganzon@gmail.com . I’ve not updated it in a while, but my blog is here (https://pinayillustrada.tumblr.com/). If I remember, I did write a little bit about my Phd project over there. Thanks! Sarah

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