あやかしごはん Ayakashi Gohan – Asagi

The last and final route! Finally, everything is explained and wrapped up fairly nicely. There’s only two endings with Asagi and I assume the 1st one is the true one and 2nd one is the bad one.

Kimura Asagi is basically Kaworu Nagisa a mysterious boy that appears frequently around the cherry blossom tree and seemingly knows a lot yet he doesn’t reveal much about himself. There’s not much to say about him without spoiling anything so…yeah. He’s voiced by Akira Ishida.

During the Christmas party Rin notices that Asagi has disappeared all of a sudden. During which, Uta and Suou are fighting over who gets the most meat. Though Haginosuke makes them stop by giving them both some servings. After eating their meal everyone is eager to eat dessert except for Rin, who wants to go out and look for Asagi. She finally finds him looking up at the sky by the garden and asks him to come back inside with everyone. Rin tells him she was looking for him and wonders what he’s doing outside. He tells her he was looking up at the night sky for about 20 minutes now. Rin is surprised since it’s pretty cold outside. She touches his hand and it’s absolutely freezing; she worries he might catch a cold but he says he’s fine and thanks her for worrying about him. He starts talking in riddles about how it’s a clear winter sky where you can see the stars. But the stars are beginning to lose their light as time passes and are soon to be lost. Rin feels a bit uneasy and he says he’s run out of time and pretty much collapses on top of Rin who’s trying to support him. Yomi then comes outside to find Rin and Asagi and Rin urges Yomi to help him.

They take Asagi to her room to rest and Rin asks Gin about his condition. He says he doesn’t have a fever but seems awfully tired. Rin’s worried she may have overworked him by bringing him to the party but Gin doesn’t think that’s the case since he seemed to be having fun as well. Rin decides to stay with Asagi until he finally wakes up. When he asks where he is, Rin tells him she’s in her room since he collapsed all of a sudden. He apologizes and tells her he got really tired all of a sudden. She says it’s fine and insists he rests in her room for today while she sleeps in Gin’s room instead. He wants to thank Gin for his kindness but Rin insists that he thanks him in the morning. Asagi then looks surprised all of a sudden when noticing her stuffed animal. He mentions the eyes of the animal and Rin tells him that when she was younger, Gin replaced one of it’s eyes with his treasured stone. She wonders why he’s so curious about it but he tells her there’s no particular reason. He then thanks her for showing him the cute stuffed animal. She asks if he’s hiding something and he says he’s not. He then looks at her and softly asks if she’ll hold his hand until he falls asleep. He felt the warmness of her hand to be comfortable when they were outside but was a bit disappointed when she let go. He feels like it’d help him sleep so asks her if it’s okay. He finally agrees and holds his hand. He thanks her and tells her that her hands are warm and she says his are incredibly cold. She asks if he’s really okay and he says he is now that she’s holding his hands. When he finally falls asleep she the leaves the room.

The next scene is in Asagi’s point of view. He get’s up once Rin leaves and stares at the stuffed animal; realizing it was here of all places. He then says if he doesn’t hurry it’ll be too late.


The next morning Rin goes upstairs to her room to greet Asagi but only finds an empty bed. She then goes downstairs to ask Gin about him but there she finds him at the table. Apparently he’d already gotten up and was helping with breakfast. Soon Yomi and Uta arrive and they all eat breakfast together. After breakfast Rin and Asagi discuss how it’s a lot more fun to eat together or cook together. Asagi agrees and Gin suggests that he and Rin make lunch together. Asagi is reluctant since he’s not very good at cooking but Rin tells him she’ll help teach him.

So during lunch time Rin and Asagi go to the kitchen and decide to make Pot-au-feu and Omurice for lunch together. Rin noticed that Asagi never really ate very much and he said it’s because he never really had an interest in eating meals that much. Rin says she was the same way when she was younger, but changed after eating with Gin and everyone. Asagi realizes that she found “happiness” through others and wonders if he could do the same. And Rin believes without a doubt that he certainly can with everyone else around. Rin then helps Asagi cook their dishes together and gets dokidoki feels from watching Asagi happily learn from her. Soon Rin and Asagi are finally finished with lunch and serve it to Gin and the others who happily enjoy it. Rin and Asagi wash the dishes together while exclaiming they’re happy they could make a delicious meal together. Asagi tells her it was fresh new experience to try cooking and really enjoyed it. Even Suzuri goes into the kitchen to thank Rin and Asagi for making it and shows them a drawing he drew of Asagi.

Rin then walks Asagi to the bus station and invites Asagi to visit the shrine on New Years. He agrees to go with her and she asks to exchange contact information. He tells her that won’t be necessiary and so she just decides that they’ll meet in the morning. He also tells her he can tell that she’s thinking about how she really wants to meet with him and he assures her he’ll definitely come. She get’s all embarrassed and they finally reach the bus stop. Rin says she’ll wait for the bus with him but he apologizes and asks her to leave him alone for a bit since he’d like to think to himself. Before she leaves he calls out to her and asks if she likes this village. She says she does and he asks how she’d react if everything that happened in this village was a dream. Rin’s confused by the meaning behind his words and he apologizes for saying something strange. He tells her to forget what he said ((but really how the heck could you forget something like that)). She then waves goodbye to him and ponders on what he said. She can’t imagine the village she lived in being a dream but she does feel a bit of incongruity somewhere deep down. As if she’s had a sense of deja vu before. It then shows Asagi at the cherry blossom tree asking to himself how long this dream will continue.


Finally it’s New Years day and Asagi greeted Rin at her house. But since he didn’t specify a time he’d be arriving, he surprised Rin by suddenly appearing. Thankfully though he was just on time since she was about to leave. She then gets ready and they begin to walk to the shrine together. She asks what Asagi was doing at the end of the year and he says he was doing what he normally does. He asks Rin as well and she tells him she was helping at the shop. He asks her again and she tells him about the sorts of things she did and ate before New Years. He laughs happily noticing she looks like she’d been having a lot of fun. She says she’ll still have fun since she’ll have him accompanying her to the shrine as well.

Once they visit the shrine they pray and pull fortunes together. They also greet Haginosuke, Uta, Yomi, and Suou there as well. They decide to visit the stalls with everyone to get something to eat and Rin bumps into someone knocking her back. Asagi supports her so she won’t fall and she thanks him. He then takes her hand since it’ll be bad if she gets lost in the crowd. Once they reach the shops Yomi and Uta run off to visit various shops. Rin and Asagi we’re sitting down together drinking tea. Earlier Rin had a chocolate covered banana crepe while Asagi enjoyed an apple cinnamon one. They wonder what to do next and Rin suggests that they just talk for a bit. She mentions that the Momijiya’s cherry blossom tree is still in bloom and Asagi notices she seems interested to visit. They then decide to go there to talk since it’s nice and quiet. On their way there Asagi happily thanks her for inviting him. He says “So this is what a high school student feels like” and Rin laughs saying he’s already a high school student. Asagi just gives a distant “Yeah…” as a reply. Once they arrive Asagi begins to speak to Rin about himself. He says he’s always lived in this village for a very long time and has never left it. He doesn’t know of any places beyond the village and lives in his very own small world here. But someday he wants to leave and go visit somewhere else. Rin tells him they should go visit some place else during the spring. She tells him they can go wherever he wants and Asagi laughs and says it sounds like a good idea. He tells her he has no preference and he’d like to go anywhere as long as he can walk with her together somewhere. She then mentions they could go swimming or collecting shells at the beach together. He tells her it sounds interesting and he’d definitely like to try it. He then mentions the amusement park too and wishes he could go. But Rin tells him they’ll definitely go during their spring vacation and he tells her he’ll be looking forward to it.

Rin then hears a voice of a girl asking if they can be heard and follows after it. She encounters a girl with black hair and she runs away right after seeing Rin. Although she trips while trying to run away and Asagi comes over and along with Rin and asks if she’s okay. She tries to run away again but ends up falling over like before and Asagi has to catch her midway. Before she can try and leave her stomach growls and she mentions she hadn’t eaten since this morning. Rin then invites her to eat at her house and guides her there. Her name is Shirose Mio and she was apparently looking for someone in this village. Asagi asked why she went to the mountains since she never promised to meet this person there, but she says it’s because she frequently talked with them there. Rin asks what this person is like and she tells her she’s never met them. She got to know this person during autumn. And she’s also never been good at talking with people and is very shy. Whenever she talked to her classmates she could only respond with short answers and often went to the mountain to be alone. A person then spoke to her and told her not to cry. She doesn’t see anyone but a voice speaks out to her and notices she seems very sad since she’s always crying. She tells him that she’s bad at speaking with others and she hates herself for it. He tells her to practice by talking with him without seeing each other so she can get accustomed to it. She doesn’t know their name but only the voice of this mysterious man. Rin notices she looks very happy when talking about him and asks if she’s in love with him and she hesitantly says she is. Asagi is confused as to why she’d love someone she’d never met but Rin tells him things like that don’t matter when it comes to feelings. Rin then suggests that she and Asagi will help search for this person. They tell Mio she should call out to him so they can try to meet him by the mountains.

While Rin is walking Asagi to the bus stop he mentions that the person who Mio is talking about is most likely an Ayakashi. He knows this since he’s been in the village for a long time and mysterious things tend to happen when Ayakashi are involved. She’s about to say something to him but then she reaches the bus stop and they give their goodbyes for the day.

The next morning the three of them meet up with each other. They go near the shrine and Mio calls out to that person. After her calling out to him a few times, he finally answers her. Rin and Asagi try to follow where the voice is coming from but can’t seem to find the person speaking. After a while Rin and Asagi had been searching for a while and are walking through the forest together to try and search some more. Rin then tripped over some tree branches a few times and got all embarrassed when Asagi caught her and was very close to her. He asks if she’s okay and she says she was just absentminded for a moment. He then lies and tells her there’s caterpillar on her shoulder and she freaks out and then pouts afterwords. Rin and Asagi meet up with Mio and tell her they couldn’t find him today, but promise to look again the next day.

The next following days Rin and Asagi try and help Mio look for this person. On one evening they’re still unable to find him. Mio apologizes for having them come out to look but Rin doesn’t mind at all and is determined to help find this person for her. They then decide they’ll look again the next day so Rin and Asagi part from Mio. On their way back Rin says she really wants the two of them to meet. Asagi wonders if she’d be happy if they met and Rin says she’d be very happy since she knows it’d make Mio even happier. She can tell just by looking at Mio that she’s in love with this person enough to want to meet them. Asagi says he doesn’t understand love that well since he’s never been in love, so he asks Rin what love feels like. Rin is a bit hesitant on how she should answer since she’s never fallen in love either. She then mentions based on her knowledge in Shoujo manga ((pfff)) you typically get dokidoki feelings or a painful feeling in your chest. She says you’re always happen when you can meet each other and talk together. Whenever you’re together you feel much more happier especially if the feelings towards each other are the same. Rin mentions she’s never fallen in love before but she’s sure it’s a wonderful thing. Asagi ponders on it and says that “love” sounds very nice. Rin agrees and says she thinks it’s wonderful. He then asks if love can also have a situation in which you’d have to tell a person a sad truth even though it may hurt them in the end. Rin says that if the person is thinking of how they don’t want to hurt them, then they are definitely an important person to them.  They hesitate to tell them this because they don’t want to hurt them. Asagi agrees that they wouldn’t want someone to feel sad either. He then asks if she’d prefer to live in a false dream without knowing this sad truth. Rin tells him she’d prefer to know the truth even if she were to get hurt in the process. Asagi is surprised by her answer and Rin explains that even though it may hurt them, it’s important to be honest with someone you consider precious to you.

Suddenly Asagi then asks Rin if she’d consider falling in love with him. This surprises Rin and Asagi claims he wants to fall in love and believes he could do so with Rin. She tells him can’t since he’s not that serious about it and curiousity isn’t a reason you should fall in love. He asks if being in love with him sounds unpleasant and she says it’s not that but he should fall in love with someone he truly values above all. He asks if people in love get all dokidoki around each other and Rin says that they do. Rin then sputters out that it’s not that simple to fall in love. Asagi finds it strange that he hasn’t felt any dokidoki feels her and Rin thinks to herself how she’s a bit disappointed about that. He then asks if he can fall in love someday and Rin says he definitely can since he’s such a kind person. She tells him he’s always helping her and she’s sure that whoever falls in love with him will surely become happy. He’s happy to hear her say that and they finally walk down the mountain hill together. Once they reach the bus stop, Rin’s about to ask Asagi about his school. But unfortunately he interrupts her and leaves before she can ask anything.

It then shows Asagi by the tree talking about his feelings about love. He then says that he doesn’t have any time left and “that time” is soon approaching.

Rin and Asagi are still searching but unfortunately hasn’t found this person yet. Rin notices it’s getting warmer and Spring is approaching. She tries talking to Asagi but he seems a bit absentminded. They try and call out to the person again but unfortunately they haven’t been answering at all lately. They then end their search for today and Rin and Asagi walk to the bus station together. Asagi then tumbles over and Rin has to help support him. Apparently he’s filling a bit sick so Rin suggests that he takes the time to rest while only she helps search with Mio. She tells him she’ll give him updates on what happens and he finally agrees to leave it her while thanking her.

The following couple days Asagi’s condition had worsened and she still hasn’t been able to find this person for Mio. She heaves a big sigh at home and Gin asks her what’s wrong. She explains to him that Asagi’s condition is bad so she’s worried about him and and she can’t meet with him either. Suddenly, Asagi appears at the door to greet them both. He’s been feeling better so he came to come speak with Rin about Mio and eat at their shop. Gin serves him a nutritious meal to help make him feel better and Asagi asks Rin to tell Mio that he’s well enough to help search again. Rin asks if he’s really okay and he says he is but mutters under his breath that he probably won’t get any better than he is now. Rin asks if he said anything and he said it was nothing. He then leaves after finishing his noodles and says he’ll see her tomorrow.

The next day they came to the Momijiya mountains. Mio tells them this’ll be the last time she tries to call out to them since she doesn’t want to trouble the two of them any further. She also believes that this person may not want to meet her anyway. Rin asks if she’s sure and she says she is. She then finally calls out to the voice one last time and begs for them to come and to see her. There’s no answer and she finally gives up. Even though he didn’t answer she feels a bit better now and thanks Rin and Asagi for helping to search with her. She tells them she’s sorry for troubling them and leaves. Rin tries to run after Mio but Asagi stops her. He calls for someone to come out and the man that had always spoken to Mio appeared.

His name is Sou and he’s an echo Ayakashi. He’d apparently been there the entire time but wouldn’t show himself. Rin asks why he wouldn’t just come out and he says because Mio is important to him he couldn’t. Rin doesn’t understand how that could be the reason since Mio really wanted to see him. He says he loves Mio but doesn’t want her to hate him since he’s an Ayakashi. He was fine just being someone she could talk to. He was happy that Mio wanted to meet with him, but since he’s an Ayakashi they can’t live at the same pace as each other. The time of an Ayakashi is very long and passes in the blink of an eye. They couldn’t live together so he wanted only to talk with her through his voice. Asagi asks if he’s fine with not talking with her anymore since she said she wouldn’t anymore and he says he is. He says he’ll be fine just watching her and see her become happy with someone else. Suddenly, Mio appears and says she’s not fine with it. She knows he’s not human but that doesn’t matter to her. She says it doesn’t matter if he’s an Ayakashi because she loves him for who he is. He’s very happy to hear it and they decide to happily associate with each other. Rin wants to leave the two alone so she and Asagi leave to go home.

On their way back Rin notices that Asagi is looking much worse than before. He weakly says he’s fine but then he collapses in her arms. Yomi then appears saying Gin wanted him to look for her and she asks him to help carry Asagi. He carries him back and Rin thanks Yomi and hopes Asagi is okay. Asagi is taken to her room and she gets Gin to examine him. He tells her he doesn’t have a fever but he’s considerably weak. He then mutters to himself “If the end is drawing near…” and when Rin asks what he means he tells her it’s nothing. He tells her they should let stay over so he can rest. Rin stays with the entire night while holding his hands and hope he’ll wake up so they can eat together again. Asagi then wakes up and notices he’s in Rin’s room. He finds Rin sleeping next to him while grasping his hand. He looks at the clock and notices it’s close to midnight. He then thanks her for always staying next to him and showing him an interesting side to the world. He’d had a lot of fun with her until now but unfortunately it can’t stay that way forever. He hadn’t been able to fullfil her wishes or his own, but he’s fine by having watched her. He then says his body won’t hold much longer. He still wants to see and protect her smile but isn’t sure how he should do so from now on. Even so, he claims everything can be returned to normal. He grabs the stuffed animal with the precious stone that Gin had used for it. He says in returning, things will be lost so he can’t make a decision yet. He knows there isn’t any time left to be hesitating but he wishes he could spend more time in this dream. He notices Rin having a good dream and puts her on the bed so she won’t catch a cold. He silently watches her sleeping face and asks her to forgive him.

Rin wakes up the next morning and notices Asagi is gone and she’s in her own bed. She runs downstairs to ask Gin where he is and he tells her he’d already left. Rin wanted to at least see him off but he’d told Gin not to wake up Rin. Unfortunately, Asagi hadn’t appeared for quite a while and Rin has no means of contacting him. At school everyone can tell she’s looked really down lately since Asagi had disappeared. They all mention how they’ve felt a bit sleepy and strange lately as well. Suddenly Akane hears a strange sound ((more like a white noise that scared the shit out of me)) and Yomi has to call her name to snap her back to reality.

These days constantly continued where she’d see a distorted vision. Uta and Yomi are a bit worried about her and tell her to take it easy if she can. Time still flows and Rin as yet to encoutner Asagi again. One day at school Yomi notices Rin is very anxious about Asagi and tells her he’s sure he’ll appear sooner or later. Rin still get’s that strange feeling again and Haginosuke mentions that the cherry blossom tree has begun to wither. He doesn’t know why but finds it strange and wonders if it has to do with Ayakashi. Rin’s anxious about it and wants to check it out. Everyone else is busy so she decides that she’ll go visit there alone. Once she arrives she notices that the petals are falling more and more and pleads for the tree not to wither. She feels uneasy about it but decides to head home. On her way back she hears a noise and notices a pale ball of fire. She tries chasing after it and ends up tripping over a slope. Unfortunately she sprang her ankle so is unable to walk back home. She stays in the forest until dark and doesn’t have the bell on her. She starts calling out everyone’s names and hopes someone will appear. The last name she calls out is Asagi and keeps wishing to see him. She then hears a voice asking if she’s okay and it’s no other than Asagi. She wonders why he’s there and he says it’s because she wanted to see him that he decided he come by any means. Rin suddenly embraces him closely. °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Rin starts crying saying she was really scared since she was all alone. Asagi tells her she did her absolute best and she starts sobbing saying she was really scared. He tells her it’s okay now and comforts her by patting her softly on the head. After she settles down she asks if he’s okay now and he says he’s a lot better after resting. She tells him not to overdo it but he says it’s fine since he got to see her again. He walks her home and he talks about the different constellations with her that he’d read about before. Once they get home he tells Gin about what happened and he goes to get a first aid kit to treat Rin. A worried Yomi and Uta arrive and scold her for leaving her bell behind. They tell her not to forget it next time and she apologizes saying she will. Suzuri and Manatsu are also they and tell her they were worried about her as well. Gin treats her leg but notices it’s swollen so Manatsu says he’ll call for a doctor just in case. Gin thanks Asagi for taking Rin home and insists that he stays. But Asagi says he should return and then suddenly collapses. Rin knew he was overworking himself even when he went to find her. He’s taken to her room but won’t wake up even as days pass.

On one certain day Rin wakes up after falling asleep while taking care of Asagi. She notices Asagi groaning in his sleep and he finally wakes up. He asks if her foot is better and she says it is since it’s recovered while he’s been asleep. Rin asks if he’s suffering from an illness of some sort and hopes he’ll tell her instead of concealing everything. He says he’s not sick so Rin asks why he’s weakening so much. He tells her there’s no time left and Rin asks what he means. He says he can’t explain it now but the time he spent with her made him very happy. Rin tells him not to speak as if he’ll be disappearing soon and he says he doesn’t have any time left since this dream will soon come to an end. He asks her if she’s already felt the sense that she was in a dream. Rin realizes that she had felt a very strange sense recently and Asagi tells her she’s already progressed to that point. Rin asks what it all means, the dying cherry blossom tree, his condition, all of it. He realizes he can’t hide it anymore but won’t talk about it with her now. He knows that the whole story will make her very sad so he wants to tell her everything tomorrow night under the cherry blossom tree. Rin agrees and he apologizes since he didn’t want to make her feel sad. Rin tells him he doesn’t need to apologize because she’d be sadder not knowing anything. He agrees to tell her but wants her to think it over carefully since in a world like this there are some things that she’d be better off not knowing. He also tells her to bring along her stuffed animal as well since she’ll probably need it. She goes downstairs to tell everyone that he’d woken up but he’s gone by the time she comes back.

The night of the next day Rin meets Asagi with a different appearance under the cherry blossom tree. He asks if she’s prepared to hear the truth and she tells him to tell her everything. As she probably figured out already he’s not human but an Ayakashi that the cherry blossom tree created. As the tree withers, Asagi weakens. The cherry blossom tree is the memory of the Momijiya village, so in otherwords he is the memories of the village itself. Rin wonders why tree began to wither, or rather, why it began to bloom constantly in the first place. Asagi tells her it all started with Gin and 12 other Ayakashi’s wish. This village itself is a fake world that they created and raised. Asagi’s purpose for existing was to observe over this miniature garden of a dream. Rin doesn’t understand and Asagi asks her to calmly listen. The Momijiya village was destroyed by a landslide on August 20th. Rin can’t believe it since it’s already existing now but Asagi tells her it only appears that way. She may enjoy her days normally but no one else actually knows. Rin says it’s never felt strange to live in this village, but Asagi asks if she really believes that. She may be denying it but there’s no doubt that she’s felt a strange sense before as if she’s not really here. He asks her what happened on August 20th and she tells him it’s when Gin came to see her for the first time in a while. Apparently when he came to meet her the village had already been destroyed so he wasn’t involved in the accident. Rin asks what happened to everyone else (Uta, Yomi, Manatsu, Suzuri, Haginosuke, Hana, ect.) and apparently they all died when the accident occurred. But not only them, but also the other residents of the village had died as well.

Rin is in disbelief but Asagi assures her that it’s all true. When Gin returned to the village after visiting Rin, he witnessed the destroyed village and 12 Ayakashi had barely survied it. He despaired over the losing the village also his beloved son. Gin and the other Ayakashi had wished for the village to be restored so they decided to do a “certain something”. By using their own spirtual power, they decided to restore the village by using the memories that the cherry blossom tree had retained. The tree had existed for more than 1,000 years so it had the most memories of the village than anything else. So by using the memories of the tree, Gin and the 12 Ayakashi were able to revive the village. All of the Ayakashi she encountered so far had been the ones to survive. They were able to revive the village and the humans and Ayakashi that lived there as well. Of course, they had no memories of the village ever being destroyed. Only Gin, the 12 Ayakashi, and Kami-sama know of it and everyone else is unaware that they are living in an imitation village. When Rin arrived, the village had already been destroyed; so she came from the outside world into a different time. The Momijiya village’s time always repeats on August 20th until a certain date. It’s a constant loop of a peaceful time in which the village was never destroyed. Their fake world continues until a certain day–March 9th, or the day before Suzuri’s birthday. Gin had wished for this because he wanted to wish for time for Suzuri to grow up.

But this world was a twist of space and since it was forcefully created, it takes up a lot of spirtual power to maintain it. So it’s gnawing away at Gin’s life. So Kami-sama created a restriction so the space could not exist forever. It’s necessary to eventually wake up from this dream and cannot escape in this fake world forever. Kami-sama had hoped for Gin to heal over time and in the process, try and search for another solution as time keeps looping. Rin thinks that it’s sad that he and the others would retain their memories as they keep living in this fake repeating world. The happy times together feel false and she believes it’s too cruel for Kami-sama to keep a restriction. But Kami-sama loves the village too and had endlessly been looking for a way to have a future in which the village isn’t destroyed. But no matter how much he tried to find one, he couldn’t. And the limit had approaching more and more. Repeating the loop takes a huge amount of spiritual power from the tree as well. So while continuing the loop, the power of the tree has become weak. If the tree becomes week, so does the memory of the village; so it’s impossible to maintain the fake village. Rin thinks there has to be a bigger cause for it to weaken so quickly and Asagi says there are a few causes but the main one would have to be her. Rin’s very existence has caused a distortion in the fake village. Asagi tells her it’s not her fault, but it’s because she’s an outsider who came to the fake village with no memory of her. When she arrived in the village on August 31, it was a force on the space that took a huge burden. Rin wonders if it’d be better if she never came, but Asagi tells her that Gin was aware of this yet he still invited her to come to the village. He believes it was probably to atone for his own sins for living in a false world. A voice then calls out “You’re wrong” and Gin appears. He tells Asagi that he invited Rin because she was important to him and Sumi had entrusted her with him. Asagi asks Gin if he came to stop him and he tells him he has because he can’t allow this world to fall apart.

Gin then changes to his Ayakashi form that Rin had once seen when she was younger. Gin tells Asagi that even he if he has to stop him by force he will do so. Asagi tells Gin that he’s already reached his limit and there’s no more remaining power in the cherry blossom tree. This is his last chance. He asks about the stones that were replaced for Rin’s stuffed animal. Gin had gotten them from a Manatsu in his previous life 1,000 years ago. Kami-sama then appears to gather with the other two who already know the truth of the village. Kami-sama asks Asagi if he intends to use the stones for Uta and Yomi’s power. Uta and Yomi are Ayakashi that were given special power meant to protect the village. Asagi tried thinking of various of ways to restore the village back to the way it was. And finally he came to a thought after talking to various other Ayakashi. If Uta and Yomi had their original power, perhaps they could have prevented the disaster that occurred. They would’ve been able to sense danger beforehand in order to evade it, but with a missing eye their power was insufficient. Thanks to some children a long time ago, each one of their eyes had been destroyed. With a single eye lost they became helpless weren’t able to notice the disaster that occurred. If they had both eyes they would’ve most likely been able to protect the village, but with only a single eye it’s impossible for them to observe every single area of the village. So basically, if Uta and Yomi had their original power they would’ve most likely been able to protect the village. Unfortunately, the power that they have now would be insufficient to carry out a task like that.

But Asagi says that there is one method and Kami-sama realizes what he means. He asks if he’s really okay with it but Asagi says he is since he loves the village and had spent so many happy times with it already. He then asks Rin to lend him her power since it’ll be necessary to perform this task. He wants to return her to the past using the power he was entrusted with. He wants her to use the stones to replace Uta and Yomi missing eyes at the shrine. It will serve as a replacement since it already has a considerable amount of spiritual power. On Christmas, Asagi noticed the stones on Rin’s stuffed animal and conjured up this idea. Rin then removes the eyes from her stuffed animal and asks if there’s a reason why she’ll be the one to do it. Asagi tells her it’s because she’s a human from the outside of the village. If it was a human who was from the inside, it’d cause the time to be out of order and they wouldn’t be able to return to the past. The humans and Ayakashi in this village are stuck in the loop, including him and Gin as well. They can’t escape the loop if they tried returning to the past. But Rin’s situation is different. She entered this world from the outside so she should be able to do it. So in other words, she’s to return to the past and use the stones as a substitute for Uta and Yomi’s eyes. And so it’ll be possible to prevent the disaster beforehand. But to return her to the past will take a considerable amount of power, so he calls for the help of Gin and the other 12 Ayakashi who created this world. Asagi then grabs Rin’s hands and tells Kami-sama to help Rin from the other side since he’ll only be able to take her to the past. Asagi apologizes to Rin for pulling her into this mess but Rin says it’s okay because she loves this village and wants to help it. He tells her she really is an amazing person and he’s glad she came to the village. He tells her that little by little she had filled the despairing village with a light of hope and thanks her. He then entrusts her with the fate of the village and Rin says she’ll do her best.

Rin is then pulled in by a whirling white light. She calls out for Asagi and he tells her he’s beside her. She’s relieved to see him and he tells her not to be scared. He mentions the time he spent with her was really fun and it’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to eat with her again. Rin tells him that’s not true and he’ll be able to eat lots of meals together again. He tells her not to worry because he’ll definitely protect her. He’d watched her many times do her best while in constant loops. Rin thanks him for watching her this whole time. He tells her he’s glad he could meet her and tells her to continue her favors for the village from now on and thanks her.

Soon Rin is standing on the road in the village on hot summer day. She then bumps into a little girl with tears in her eyes. She realizes that the child is her when she was younger. The younger Rin runs away after bowing. Rin then remembers back when she was younger that the older person she knocked into was herself. And now she’s 10 years ago in the past. She immediately encounters Kami-sama who realizes who she is why she came. Apparently he is the Kami-sama of the “past” and the “present”. His past and present self are connect with each other, so he knows what will happen in the future which is why he knows why Rin is in the past. And so he guides her to the shrine. They reach the two guardian dogs with the missing eyes. Kami-sama mentions that kids had thrown stones at them at their eyes and how they used to love humans. She asks where Uta and Yomi are now and they’re currently becoming Ayakashi. He then tells her to place the stones into portion of each missing eye and Rin does so. Rin says if it’ll really be okay and Kami-sama assures her that with their original power restored they’ll be able to defend the village. Rin asks what will become of the village now and he tells her that it’ll most likely become a future in which the disaster did not occur. She asks what’ll become of her memory and he tells her that it’ll disappear and she’ll forget everything that happened since she’ll become her “future self”. She tries to ask what’ll happen to her “future self” but he doesn’t answer and says it’s about time for her to return to her time. If she stays too long, she won’t be able to return to her own time. She goes to where the cherry blossom tree is and it’s already withered and finds a weak Asagi under it. She tells him she was able to subsitute the stones and he thanks her. Kami-sama thanks her as well but she says she didn’t really do anything. It’s because Manatsu gave Gin the stones in the first place, and Uta and Yomi defending the village. She says she was only given the opportunity by chance. Though Kami-sama believes it was thanks to her that fate was changed. Asagi then claims there’s no time left and they need to return to the future. He tells Kami-sama to watch over the village in the past and he says he will.

Asagi and Rin then leave to go back to the future. Rin asks what’ll happen now and Asagi tells her that he’ll send her to the future in which she hoped for and she’ll become the “future her”. After looping in this world for many times, he’s finally able to send he to a future she’d hoped for. Rin assures that he’ll be there as well but he tells her that he doesn’t originally exist in the original world. He was only created to watch over the looping one. He tells her that his role has already ended and he’ll lead only her to the future. Rin asks if that means he’ll disappear, and he says it does but tells her it means that he’ll only return where he belongs since he never existed in a peaceful future in the first place. Rin begs him to not disappear, but he’s already used up all of his power. Rin starts crying and tells him not to say that. They’ll continue to eat and cook delicious meals together. And after that, they’ll fullfil their promise they made to go outside of the village. She begs him not to leave and he tells her not to cry. He then kisses her forehead and tells her that a new future will overwrite the past one. A future where there’s no disaster and she’ll become happy. He starts to disappear and tells her goodbye and that he had a lot of fun with her was probably in love with her. So he believes that this is perhaps what it’s like to fall in love. She taught him lots of things like the pleasures of delicious meals. He was fine with only that it’s the happiness in which she gave him. So he wants her to find happiness this time. Asagi begins to fade away and Rin screams out his name before losing consciousness.

When Rin wakes up she’s greeted by Gin and Suzuri. She’d fallen asleep next to the cherry blossom tree. Gin tells her that she wanted to go visit the tree so they came to visit it with just the three of them. Rin says she remembers and Suzuri mentions that it seems the tree isn’t healthy. Gin agrees and says it’s always remained withered. Rin says it’s a shame since it’d probably be beautiful in full bloom. Gin then mentions they should head home since they’ll be celebrating Suzuri’s birthday today. Rin then remembers that today is March 10th which is Suzuri’s birthday.

Uta and Yomi then arrive as well ((with both eyes I might add)) and tell her to hurry up since they need to prepare for Suzuri’s party. Soon Manatsu, Haginosuke, and even Hana arrive, all eager to return together to eat lot’s of food at ponpokorin. Kami sama also appears and Gin invites him to the party too.

Just as they’re about to leave, Rin hears a voice call out to her. She notices that ” ” is smiling under the cherry blossom tree. ((It shows a flash of Asagi but Rin can’t remember his name)). Rin suddenly cries but doesn’t know why. Suzuri asks if she’s okay and she says she is. Then they all happily return to ponpokorin together. \(*T▽T*)/

ED 2

((You get this ending if you choose “はぐらかさないで” which is telling him not to avoid the question. It starts after Asagi tells Rin the whole truth under the cherry blossom tree.))

After Asagi tells her everything, Rin can’t believe it. No matter how many times he says it’s true she can’t bring herself to believe in what he’s told her. He asks her to lend her power and Rin starts crying saying she doesn’t understand. Asagi explains that the cherry blossom tree’s power will soon run out after repeating the loop so many times and weakening it. In that case, the fake world will be impossible to maintain. Gin soon arrives and tells Asagi not to confuse Rin and he won’t allow him to stop maintaining this world. Asagi insists for a certain method but Gin doesn’t want to hear it and doesn’t want him to involve Rin. Kami-sama arrives as well but Gin doesn’t want to hear of his solution. He wants to die with this world along with Suzuri, Uta, and Yomi. He wants to spend time with them happily until he dies. Asagi tells him that shouldn’t be the way he escapes it and Gin says he doesn’t care because it’d be fine with him. Asagi asks if he’s afraid of living in a world without Suzuri and Gin says someone like him who’s never lost someone close to him wouldn’t understand. He’s already lost both people who are closest to him and can’t bear to live in a world where Suzuri doesn’t exist. Asagi asks Rin what she wants to do and Rin remembers lot’s of happy memories she’d spent with everyone in the village. She starts crying and says she wants to be with everyone. Asagi says by choosing this she’ll lose what’s precious to her so wonders if she’s sure about this. Rin says she doesn’t understand what he means but she won’t change her answer. Asagi then says if that’s what she wishes for he won’t say another word. Asagi tells her goodbye and Gin and her go home.

Rin and Gin are silent on their way back. Once they arrive, Suzuri greets the both of them. Gin tells him he should be in bed since it’s late but he wanted to greet the both of them when they came home. Uta and Yomi both come in the living room as well and wonder why she took so long to get back. Rin starts thinking back on how everyone is actually dead and starts crying in front of everyone. Gin takes Rin upstairs and asks if she’s calmed down a bit. She says she has and he asks if what Gin told her confused her. She said it did and she can’t seem to wrap her head around it. Though Gin confirms to her that all of it is true. He tells her that maintaining the world itself gnaws at his life which is why Kami-sama arranged a restriction so that his heart could heal and he could search for a solution while constantly looping. He remembers everything that happens but just pretends not to remember it. He’d lived a long life and moved from place to place every 10 years or so. Unfortunately, he was always separated from his limited happiness. When he finally came to the Momijiya village, Sumi had accepted him there and he finally found a place where he belonged. He’d met Manatsu, fallen in love, and even had Suzuri. Coming to this village had changed his lonely world into a colorful one full of happiness. But soon he lost both his loved one and Sumi. With losing Suzuri, he could bear it no longer. When Rin asks if everyone truly is dead, Gin says it’s true. They all died on that day aside from him and the other 12 Ayakashi. Maintaining the world will still keep the peaceful times but Rin knows that it can’t last forever since his power will eventually run out. Rin asks what’ll happen when that time comes and before Gin can answer, Suzuri calls out to Gin and Rin from outside.

There they find Uta and Yomi who had overheard everything. Uta and Yomi demand to know what they mean by the destroyed village and them already being dead. Gin is hesitant to answer and Suzuri asks if he died. Yomi assumes since he won’t answer it must be true and they’re already dead. Uta starts blaming himself since if him and Yomi had both their eyes they probably could’ve prevented it. Rin says it’s not their fault but Yomi explains that without both of their eyes they wouldn’t have been able to keep a close watch of the village and protect it from the danger beforehand. Gin says that it’s true that they probably could’ve prevented if they had both their eyes, but it’s already happened so there’s no use brooding over it. But, they still blame themselves for everyone’s deaths and run outside. Rin chases after them and grabs both of them. They tell her to let go and shake her off, knocking her to the ground. They both awkwardly look away as they notice her bleeding hand. Rin then gets up and stares them both in the face and thanks them for not leaving and asks if they’ll hear her out. They reluctantly agree and Rin tells them that she heard this all from from Gin, Asagi, and Kami-sama and tell them everything they told her. They’re surprised to hear it all and think they’re absolutely crazy. Rin asks them to come back to talk with Gin and they agree to.

Once they arrive home they find Suzuri crying beside Gin. He keeps saying it’s his fault that Gin is using up his own life and dying for him. He keeps telling him he’s sorry and sobs in his arms. ((this is getting really depressing omg ಥ_ಥ)). Rin then wonders what she should do since they’ll only continue to be sad at this rate. She then remembers that Asagi mentioned there being a method for them to return things to normal. Gin doesn’t believe there was one but Rin says he never even heard him out. She then says she’s going to go find Asagi to ask him and Uta, Yomi, and Gin agree to come along as well.

They arrive at the already dying cherry blossom tree and find a very weak Asagi under it. Rin apologizes for not hearing him out before and asks about the method he mentioned before. Unfortunately, there’s no power left in the cherry blossom tree so he’s not able to do it anymore. Gin tries to lend him his own power but it doesn’t work and Asagi stays in his very weak state. Kami-sama arrives saying they’re too late since they’ve already reached the limit. Tomorrow is Suzuri’s birthday which is the day the loop will repeat itself. Unfortunately, there’s no power left within Asagi and Gin to continue the repeating loop. Which means when they run out of power, the fake world will cease to exist. Rin realizes that she missed her chance to fix things when Asagi had spoken to her earlier. Gin then asks Kami-sama to let him use his power to take Rin out of this repeating world since she’s still alive. If he can return her to her original world it should be fine. Rin says he can’t and Gin says he’ll do it. He’ll take her back to when she first came to the village on August 31st. Asagi weakly says he’ll help as well. Both Uta and Yomi agree since she’s still alive and shouldn’t be involved in this any further. Uta says it wasn’t boring living with her and Uta agrees to say that he had fun the time they spent together. Rin shouts at them not to send her back and leave her alone, but Uta tells her to be quiet. They tell her she should at least remember them, that way it’ll give proof that they were there and alive. They then both change into their Ayakashi forms and grab onto Rin. She tells them to let go but they tell her they can’t and won’t. Gin changes to his Ayakashi form as well and Rin asks Gin if she’s going to leave her all alone. He apologizes for making her sad but wants to save her. Asagi says she must live on and be able to smile in the world outside. Unfortunately, Gin and Asagi’s power alone is still insufficient So Uta and Yomi try give up as much power as they can too. All the while, the world is beginning to break. Rin yells at them to stop since they’ll disappear if the world falls apart but they say they’ll definitely send her back. Soon the other 12 Ayakashi also appear to help. Manatsu, Suzuri, Haginosuke, and Hana also appear. Asagi asks Suou to lend his power too, and he reluctantly agrees while saying the time he’d spent with her wasn’t so bad. Manatsu and Haginosuke start to realize that the “end” is near and are somehow recalling some memories. Suzuri says he’ll help too but it’ll be the last time he sees her so tells her goodbye.

Asagi says it’s time for them to part and Rin screams out for them not to go. He says the time they spent together was fun. Uta says she’ll become ugly if she cries so she should just smile like usual since he likes her smile better. Rin says she likes Uta’s smile too. Yomi tells her he found her to be a real pain at first, and realized she really is one. But he never disliked her. She tells him she’s not troublesome but she doesn’t hate him either and she likes him. Haginosuke says he had a lot of fun talking with her and wishes he could speak more with her. Rin says he wants to talk more with him as well. Suou says he hates humans, but he didn’t find her so bad. Manatsu apologizes for making her sad at times and she was really important to him. But she tells him that she was never sad around him. Suzuri thanks her for praising his drawings and he was really happy. Finally, Gin apologizes for getting her involved in this. And believes she’ll be okay on her own. Rin cries and screams at him not to leave her alone. He thanks her for everything up until now and says goodbye. Rin screams out for him to stop but she’s engulfed by a bright light of power.

It then shows how Rin had the same dream of her spending time in the village over and over. She’s then speaking to her “other self” ((human!Rin)) and asked how her days were spent. The other Rin says she’s spent them happily and Rin says she has too. She says it was fun but it was also sad. Rin says it was the same for her too. They take each others hands and close their eyes as they began to understand each other. Both of their consciousness blended together. It shows both Rin’s happily with each person. Unfortunately none of those futures existed and the village was lost. She says goodbye to her other self and even though she planned not to forget she ended up forgetting everything. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Rin’s on the train to visit the village since Gin had invited her. When she arrives, she realizes that there’s nothing there. She asks a station employee and he tells her the village was destroyed by a landslide on August 20th. The worker then leaves before telling her they’re working on constructing it together again. So Rin is just left standing there in disbelief. щ(゜ロ゜щ)


It’s already been more than half a year since Rin came to the village. Rin liked to leisurely spend her time by the withering tree. She’d close her eyes and imagine it was in full bloom. Just when she opened them she spotted a boy there and he greeted her. She greets him back but somehow feels she met him somewhere before. He mentions it used to be in full bloom before and Rin wonders why it changed since last summer. He tells her he wants to watch the tree in full bloom someday and Rin says she’s wanted to as well. He’s suddenly surprised and Rin asks what’s wrong. He points to a small sprout growing by the root of the dying cherry blossom tree. He believes at this rate it’s sure to grow back in no time. He then apologizes for disturbing her and says goodbye to her and leaves. Afterwards, spring vacation came and she frequently visited the withering cherry blossom tree but hadn’t encountered the boy since their first encounter.

And so, spring vacation ended and a new school term began. Rin became a 3rd grade high school student. On the first day of school the teacher is about to introduce a transfer student. Rin and everyone find it strange that there’d be a new student all of a sudden. Although Haginosuke is sure they’d all be able to get along and become friends. The teacher then tells everyone to be quiet and tells the student to come in.

Rin is surprised to see the this new transfer student since it’s the same boy she met by the withering cherry blossom tree. The teacher introduces him as Kimura Asagi and he happily greets the class. Rin get’s a strange dokidoki feeling as if she’s met him before. Not only that, but she feels sad as if she’s about to cry. The teacher seats him next to Rin and he talks to Rin. She says she didn’t think she’d be able to meet him again but he says he believes they would. She calls him Kimura-kun but he tells her to just call him Asagi and she agrees as long as he’ll call her Rin. They shake hands and meet again this way.ヽ(´▽`)/

After Thoughts:

I really was confused at first but obviously after playing, I understand everything a lot better. The story as a whole was interesting. The fact that everyone was really dead and she was living in a fake dream world. I never would’ve guessed that at first honestly. Their relationship wasn’t too romantic but I can understand why. His route was more about revealing the truth rather than about Rin falling in love with him. It was obvious she did love him but Asagi’s feelings were still a bit vague. Still, the ending itself was very sad. The extra scenario made up for the fact that Asagi never truly disappeared; ((and I like that he came to her school)) but it’s still a bit sad she didn’t retain her memories of him. But of course I am very happy they reunited.

And don’t get me started on the 2nd ED. That was definitely a tragic ending. Everyone finding out that they had already died was soooo depressing. I hated seeing everyone so depressed and upset. Not only did the whole village disappear along with everyone else, but Rin ended up forgetting everything anyway. And she just came to a destroyed village when she was about to move in with Gin. Anyways over all I really enjoyed this game. Though I still have to go back and do the best endings and then extra scenarios for everyone. I already did a few of them like Asagi, Uta, and Yomi. There’s Gin’s too but his is all about when he met Sumi and his lover who’s name I forgot.

The only downsides I felt were the lack of CGs, the lack of kiss CGs, and how I felt wanting more. I can understand there not being too many CGs (There were a lot of Chibi ones too) but the lack of kiss CGs was disappointing. I think only Manatsu and Yomi got one and minus Uta who had Rin kiss him on the cheek. ((I’m a sucker for them kiss CGs you don’t understand.)) Also, I really wanted to see a bit more of the character’s futures. Surely Rin can’t live with Gin forever, so I assume eventually she’d move out with one of her partners to go live together or something. Heck, even a marriage or something would’ve been nice. Everyone’s futures are still a bit vague…so I personally wouldn’t mind a fandisc or something. Not sure if it’d happen since I don’t know how popular this game has been but I certainly wouldn’t mind. I guess then it’d be kinda sad for the Ayakashi routes since she’ll eventually die but…eh. I just want more Yomiiiiiii!  щ(ºДºщ)

4 thoughts on “あやかしごはん Ayakashi Gohan – Asagi

    1. This game was really good and I was really surprised Honeybee managed to write a pretty deep story. ;w; AND YES, ASAGI’S ROUTE WAS WAY TOO SAD. I felt so bad for him ahhhh.

  1. Yeah, I thought this too ! I mean when you look at Starry Sky’s series they did a great progress ! (Now they know how to make cg kiss haha…)
    Yeah even now I still feel bad about all of this , It’s just too sad that in every case she has to forget him.. ;-; T-T

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