RE:Birth Trial English Translation – WIP

So yes! I’m actually trying to translate this shit. I think I made good progress since I’m done of the prologue.

Anyway, the only problem I’m encountering is the fact that I can’t replace the default name “ココロ” to “Cocoro” so I thought ‘okay, then anyone can just change the default “ココロ” to “Cocoro” just by typing it into the name box and well……maybe not. I don’t know why but for some reason I can’t type the lower case “c” into it. And I have no idea why.

Also not sure if I should write “Death God” or “Shinigami”; I’m totally familiar with the word Shinigami that even if I wrote it I’d know what it is immediately what it is but I don’t know if that’d go for everyone. And yet anyone who watched Death Note or BLEACH would totally know what it means pffsh. So far I’ve been writing “Death God” but tbh I think I’m gonna change it to Shinigami cause I just like how it sounds better.

5 thoughts on “RE:Birth Trial English Translation – WIP

  1. Oh, it’s nice to see someone translating the trial! Do you have plans for the full game as well, if you enjoy it? (I’m asking it because I have interest as well but I’m not really sure if there will be people interested in making a full patch and I have to finish other projects)… By the way, I think leaving “Shinigami” would be better, but that may be just me, “Death God” just doesn’t sound the same… And you can always leave a note so idk?
    But good luck on your patch!!

    1. If I really like the game, I’ll definitely consider it. Unfortunately, I’m focusing on translating another project right now (Brothers Conflict) so if I do translate the full game, it’ll have to be when I have more free time and can focus on it. (I’ve never really lead a translation project before either so I’d have some planning to do.) That being said, it’s certainly a possibility. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy the actual game though, haha. My goal is to finish this patch before the full game comes out.

      Yeah, tbh I like the way Shinigami sounds much better anyway. So I’ll just use that instead! Thank you for your input and thanks 😀

  2. I tried out the demo myself a few days ago even though I already have the game on preorder.

    But I’m hoping this game turns out to be really good. I also agree that shinigami sounds better. I always feel odd whenever I use death god, instead. haha ;;

    1. Same! And I enjoyed it so far so I’m really hoping I’ll enjoy the full game. Yeah, I think it’s better since it’s a Japanese term and translating it directly just sounds odd.

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