Shinobi Koi Utsutsu 忍び、恋うつつ ~ Sasuke Sarutobi

I finally started this game after wanting to play it for a while. I didn’t know how I’d really feel about it but the characters are awesome and I do recommend. Anyway, here’s a pretty detailed summary of Sasuke’s route (it’s not as nearly as long as my ShinKare reviews but y’know). 
Sasuke (voiced by Terashima Takuma) is a hands down fiery tsundere who pretty much finds Kaede annoying at first and calls her meromero woman. When he’s affected by her jutsu he gets uber dere and spouts out sweet words.

Kaede is a girl who was brought up by her grandmother until she died because her parents were killed by bandits. She was saved by a mysterious ninja. She looks up to that ninja who saved her and wants to become a ninja that’s part of the Sanada corps so she can protect people like that ninja protected her. She works at a restaurant and had been saving up to attend the ninja academy. After a thief tries to steal money at her restaurant, she catches this guy and the principal of the academy invites her in for free saying she has potential to become a ninja. It’s there she meets all these guys handsome, popular guys. And when she gets nervous she activates her meromero jutsu. It’s a pink mist that surrounds the guys and they go absolutely gaga over her and spout out all this OOC dialogue. Anyway, Sanada-sensei (their teacher) wants her to train with one of the guys to control this meromero jutsu of hers so she can pass her midterm exam and stay enrolled in the school.

On the first day of class when she picks him as her partner he tried to set up a boundary between the two cause he didn’t want her to get so close to him while they sat next to each other. That didn’t last long though haahaha. Anyways some bitches start bullying her for being Sasuke’s partner and even hide her textbook like real jealous bitches.

They have a training camp mission with the teachers and catch some unwanted Ninja visitors. They tell them they were investigating a genjutsu user and says the blood of a genjutsu user can be used for a forbidden jutsu. It’s a forbidden jutsu that’s heard to be very dangerous and they cannot allow Tokugawa to use it. They take in the captured ninja that weren’t part of the teacher training group. Thankfully they all passed their practice training. That night Kaede goes out by herself and Sasuke goes to visit her to see if she’s okay. She felt useless during the training but he encourages her and tells her he knows that she’s trying her best and that she’s sure to improve. She also apologizes for using that jutsu on him and he says it’s okay since he knows she can’t control it. After practicing their special training together, Sasuke gets uber embarrassed. He starts addressing the fact they’re alone at night while everyone’s asleep and like “LOVERS” which totally makes him flip out in huge tsuntsun mode. (´,,・ω・,,`)

After their training camp session Kaede still trains along with Sasuke. Though she still gets bullied by those fangirl bitches and they write all over her desk and shit. She goes to the cafeteria and eats a meal with her name on it (I mean that’s sort of suspicious if you ask me) but anyway it was clearly drugged and she falls unconscious. She wakes up with Sasuke worried about her and he notices she has a cut and that speculates that a remaining Tokugawa tried to steal her blood. Which also leads her to wonder if she’s a genjutsu user. Unfortunately, Kaede plays the blame game and dumps everything on herself and says she’s a nuisance to him and doesn’t think she should be paired up with him. Sasuke tells her about how she’s wrong and all that and eventually cheers her up by showing her his special Kabuki dance. She gets so excited over it that she activates her meromero jutsu and Sasuke starts talking complete dere to her. Once it wears off he literally rolls on the ground in embarrassment.

Apparently his dance is the dance of Kirihime (mist princess). A legendary Princess whom has the power to attract people like Kaede’s jutsu. She wants to try and find and do research on this Kirihime to find out more and Sasuke offers to help her. After doing some research they find out the Kirihime is a tool for a “forbidden jutsu”. So it proves the theory that she’s a genjutsu user and her blood is the tool for the forbidden jutsu. She’s called Kirihime because she emits a mist that enchants people. So Sasuke decides if she really did have her blood stolen, they just need to find the remaining Tokugawa that stole it. So Kaede then accidentally finds a letter from Sasuke’s dad when the books fall over. And since he has some daddy issues, he burns it with a flame jutsu. Kaede says she know she shouldn’t pry but would be happy to listen to him if he wants to talk about it. Then Sasuke gets into a huge tsun mode and says all this nice shit and wonders if she’d say these kind things to anyone else. He then tells her “THIS DOESNT MEAN YOU’VE WON ITS NOT LIKE I RECOGNIZE YOU JUST CAUSE YOU WERE A LITTLE NICE” then he just runs off before contemplating on calling her by her name but he doesn’t remember it!  ლ(╹ε╹ლ)

So Sasuke goes on a hunt to figure out Kaede’s name. First he asks Sanada-sensei for the class roaster then he looks at Kaede’s textbooks and that’s when she finds him there and he get’s all embarrassed and wonders why the heck she doesn’t write her name on her textbooks. Anyways he just flips out and leaves he doesn’t want her to suspect what he’s trying to do. He finally asks Kamikyo to tell him her name and so he does. The next morning he’s surrounded by girls and he straight up ignores them and then greets Kaede by saying her name. (●´艸`)ヾ

So Sasuke finds Kuroudo and he and Kaede walk together with him. Kaede calls him “Sarutobi-kun” as she usually does and Sasuke gets all dodgy around the subject and then finally tells her in the most tsundere way possible that it’s okay if she calls him Sasuke. So she then calls him “Sasuke-kun”! (ノ∀`♥)

The start of summer break before their midterms start, yaaaay. Sanada makes the suggestion of them taking a test of courage sort of thing so Kaede can get her jutsu under control. So that night they go out together and Kaede and Sasuke finally get some alone time from everyone else. Kaede gets scared so Sasuke offers for her to hold his hand.

He gets his tsun on and insists that’s it’s mere training and nothing else. And so they head towards the graveyard with everyone else. It’s there Tokugawa ninja come out of nowhere and attack everyone. Kaede more or less becomes the tactician and directs everyone with incoming attacks and such. Soon after Sasuke gets himself surrounded and Kaede intervenes to help him. She tells that guy to back the hell off cause she’s a ninja and she trained hard so she’s gonna kick some ass. Thankfully she fends him off and Sasuke finishes them with a final blow and the rest of them finally retreat. Sasuke noticed that Kaede got hurt while trying to protect him, and licks the blood of her finger. ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ She gets so nervous that she activates her meromero jutsu. It affects all the guys except for Sasuke whom had just drank her blood. Then the big shot president appears late (as if that doesn’t cause suspicion) and wants to send these Tokugawa ninja to the to the Sanada Corps. He then tells them all not to discuss about the remaining Tokugawa to anyone as if he wasn’t suspicious enough.

Kaede finds Sasuke training in the woods half naked. So he offers to help her too but when he gets too close she gets all nervous cause he’s shirtless and then she emits her meromero mist again. She makes sure to give Sasuke blood though so he isn’t affected by it. He starts asking her questions like if she’d ever get that flustered over someone else or let someone else lick her blood. Kaede can tell he’s being weirder than usual and before he acts like he realizes something he flips out and screams. Anyway, she doesn’t need her special training anymore to prevent her meromero jutsu cause she can already prevent it with her blood. But Sasuke insists that they should at least study and train together normally as partners (BUT ITS NOT CAUSE HE WANTS TO STAY WITH HER OR ANYTHING). Plus he needs to look out for her cause she might be targeted since she’s a genjutsu user.

Midterms are coming up and Kaede is training along with Sasuke. When they enter the classroom they find the students and teachers all quiet and acting like complete zombies. Everyone except the guys whom she charmed. They suspect it may be the remaining Tokugawa. Kaede tells Sanada that it’s probably her fault since her blood might have been stolen by a Tokugawa because she’s a genjutsu user. And with her blood they could use a forbidden jutsu. Unfortunately, nothing can be done so they have no choice but to go back to their dorm rooms and wait for the other corps to take action. Sasuke then comes to Kaede’s room and suggests they meet with his dad since apparently he knows a lot of stuff cause he’s a descendant of a Sanada warrior or whatnot. Unfortunately, he has a bad relationship with his father because he wanted to force him to be a kabuki performer instead of a ninja. So he goes to meet his father and ask about the forbidden jutsu and anything else he may know. He’ll only tell them with the condition of Sasuke quitting the Academy and become a Kabuki performer heir to his father. He loses his shit and he almost burned his fan until Kaede stopped him by blowing it away with a wind jutsu. He makes speech about how she knows how important that fan and kabuki dancing in general is to him. This changes his dad’s entire view and he finally gives Sasuke his papa approval to be come a ninja and do whatever the heck he wants for a change. And he’ll always welcome him with open arms since his daddy’s home is his home. So after Sasuke reconciles with dad he gives him documents on the forbidden jutsu.

Kaede tells Sasuke she’s glad he could reconcile with his father. He then pats her head and says being happy like this all the time wouldn’t be so bad. They finally look at the documents and conclude that Kaede’s fog is the same as a genjutsu user. They also confirm the forbidden technique to be a manipulative jutsu that uses the blood of a genjutsu user in order controls humans like puppets. Just as they’re about to go train they encounter the President who tells them their exams are today and he’ll be their proctor. It’s then they begin to realize the person behind everything is actually the president himself. And the only reason he invited Kaede was because she was a genjutsu user and he wanted to use her blood. So both Kaede and Sasuke decide to train together in order to take this “exam” the president has given them. Just when Kaede does a strong wind attack, Sasuke does a strong fire attack and it blows into a huge flame. He embraces her close to protect her. Kaede gets nervous and releases the meromero mist. Sasuke’s gets uber dere and starts sweet talking without the effect of the mist.  ((≧艸≦*))

“Why don’t you belong to me?”
“When you’re in my arms like this, it really is like you’re mine.”
“It’s a strange feeling.”

Sasuke pretty much can’t believe he said all the mushy stuff and then gets totally embarrassed and just blames it on her meromero mist. He tells her in a very tsundere way that he didn’t mean anything he said which kind of made Kaede a bit upset and feel bad. She apologizes for being such a nuisance to him again and thanks him for helping her. She tells him she’s going to go train on her own. He tells her to wait but he just stops mid-sentence and she leaves.

Later Sasuke gives Kaede a letter addressed to her that says “come to the exam if you don’t anyone to get hurt” basically. And of course Kaede tries to take it on as her own problem and says she’ll go alone. He tells her to stop bullshitting him and that there’s no way he’d let her go alone since they’re partners and he’d be worried about her. So she finally agrees for him to work together with them to kick some Tokugawa butt.

So once their exam starts they fight their way through Tokugawa ninja and finally encounter the real Tokugawa boss AKA the principal. War didn’t go as planned for Tokugawa and now he wants to rewrite history with zombie pawns destorying both Toyotomi and Sanada using the forbidden jutsu. Both Kaede and Sasuke attack him together and get some hits in before he starts to overpower Sasuke. The principal then starts preaching about how Kaede can never be loved since she’s a genjutsu user who creates a fake reality for herself and her only true purpose is to be a tool for the forbidden jutsu. So then he activates the forbidden jutsu on Sasuke but he’s all “nope” and grabs onto Kaede so he can drink some of her blood. Sasuke gets back in action and tells him that everything he said about her being unloved is bullshit. He’s not affected by her meromero jutsu or his forbidden jutsu and he fell in love with her on his own. Then he says a lovely quote.  (*´ω`*)

“The fate of a woman who’s genjutsu user is to be unloved? You should know something. I love her and I’ll break that fate of yours!”

Anyway, Sasuke and Kaede team up to do a fire/wind jutsu that spreads up to huge flames and beat him. Sanada-sensei then appears in somesort of disguise though Kaede and Sasuke clearly don’t recognize him. He’s from the Sanada Defence Corps and arrests the President. He asks them to join the defence corps once they graduate and says he’ll give them time to think about it before graduation and leaves.

Kaede thanks Sasuke for everything and he tells her he owes her some gratitude too. He thanks her for helping him out with his dad and tells her that he’d always like to stay with her and protect her. Before he can continue all his friends arrive and they congratulate them on a job well done.

The next day Kaede finds out she passed her exam for defeating the principal and is officially a student of the academy. She goes to report it to Sasuke immediately and he finds him speaking with the jealous bitches. He apologizes to them for always running away and thanks them for admiring his kabuki performances. He knows he’d been running away from his whole kabuki dancing so he decided he’ll continue it and wants his fans to support him and for them not to harass Kaede anymore. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to quit being a ninja. After graduation he’ll continue doing his performances and become part of the Sanada Corps. He wants her to continue to be a ninja and join the corps along with him because he loves her and wants to be with her forever. He tells her that it’s not the affect of her meromero jutsu and all his feelings are genuine. ( ´艸`)

The meromero jutsu effect wears off and it seals itself because Kaede and Sasuke are both in love with each other. He then shares a nice big ol’ kiss with her. ・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

In the epilogue Kaede goes to watch Sasuke’s kabuki performance. Afterwords he tsuns over her coming to see him. But then he embraces her closely and says all this dere & mushy stuff. He also says he really, really, loves her. And this is more or less his proposal for marriage. 。゚+.( °∀°)゚+.゚

Thoughts: If you know me, I’m a huge tsundere lover. So all his precious tsundere moments had me  ( #●´艸`) Like he’d say all the things he meant but just add 「別に」 in front. I didn’t like that Kaede always put herself down though. I guess that gave Sasuke an excuse to cheer her up. I hate those jealous bitches too; whether they apologize or not they’re so damn annoying. The whole route felt kinda short though. I think it may be because this game is so easy in terms of the route. I mean there’s literally like 3 choices per route. And then there’s their special training which is easy really. Plus there’s no alternate ends like a normal end or a bad end. The end you get is what it is (I mean I looked up route guides so I assume that’s the case).  Notice all these dorky tsundere’s I love have red hair? This is no coincidence. They have to blush the color of their hair, duh.  ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ

2 thoughts on “Shinobi Koi Utsutsu 忍び、恋うつつ ~ Sasuke Sarutobi

    1. You should it’s really fun & adorable! xD I feel like every character is likeable haha. AND YES!! I looove tsunderes ;w; they’re freaking adorable.

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