Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [JUNE]


I don’t think I’ve made a formal blog about this yet. If it was doubted or no one actually knew, I am doing a translation project for this game. I’ve recruited translators and all that, now it’s just the translation itself that needs to get done. I do still need a programmer that can extract and insert the images back in the game. So if you’re interested just comment or something. It’d be very helpful!

Re:Birth Translation Progress:

Common – [12/82 scripts] (15%)
Ame – [0/46 scripts]
Kairi – [27/38 scripts] (70%)
Yoru – [0/59 scripts]
Syun – [10/46 scripts] (22%)
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%)
Omake – [0/5 scripts]

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 16% 

These are rough percentages, but more or less the progress. Some scripts are much longer than others so it’s not going by lines but just the scripts themselves. Some I haven’t gotten a complete update on so this could change with a couple days. I won’t be too frequent on updates, but perhaps it’ll be monthly.