Shinobi Koi Utsutsu 忍び、恋うつつ ~ Garaiya

Garaiya (CV: Hiro Shimono) is a Chuunibyou who’s lonesome and keeps to himself half the time. When he’s under the meromero jutsu he gets totally Yandere.

The route starts off with the jealous bitches bullying Kaede as they usually do. Though they actually rip up her dictionary cause they’re pissed at her interacting w/ the all of other guys. So she decides to go to the library since she doesn’t have a dictionary anymore.

It’s there she see’s Garaiya who was secretly happy to see her cause he’s totally lonesome in that library by himself. Basically he’s ahead of everyone else in class so he doesn’t attend. He doesn’t like associating with anyone either so he stays in the library for the whole day. She begins to go over her notes & then Garaiya who’s clearly lonely tries as hard as he can to offer her to come study her books with him in his special room. ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ Garaiya is lonely and Kaede is his first visitor so he wants to talk with her. He talks to her about what he’s reading and she barely understands any of it. But he’s just happy that he could talk to her regardless of whether she understood it or not. He then notices that her dictionary is ripped up and pretty much figures out that those jealous bitches tore it up. He asks if she wants revenge and even offers to help her with it LOL. Though she refuses of course. She then asks to train since she wants to use her meromero jutsu less (to get those jealous bitches off her back).

She thanks him & then he gets really weird about it and asks her why she picked him to be her partner in the first place. Basically he’d been real lonesome fellow who could never make any friends but always secretly wanted some. But Kaede is the same way and doesn’t have any friends either (so they start their own loser’s club naw im jk). Instead, they become each other’s first friends. (♣´∀`艸) He’s so excited that he grabs her shoulders and falls on top of her. Kaede gets so nervous that she activates her meromero jutsu. Garaiya then gets uber yandere. Once it wears off Garaiya flips out but covers it up with his weird blabbering. Anyway from then on Kaede began to visit Garaiya in his special room while they read books and drank tea together. _(:з」∠)_

When Kaede gets her results back from the training camp, the first one she tells is Garaiya since he’s her best friend and wants to share it with him only. The next day Kaede walks in on Garaiya writing something though he tries to hide it. One day Kaede says she’s gonna study in the dojo this time and this more or less upsets Garaiya. She then asks him to help her train which cheers him up since she still relies on him & his kindness. She tells him that he’s helped her so much and that she’d like to repay the favor somehow if she can. Though he tells her that she’s done plenty enough already for him. (>艸<○)

While training in the dojo Garaiya acts strange and keeps telling himself he can’t do something. At night Anayama randomly appears and clearly knows what’s up but Garaiya acts like it’s nothing. The next day ‘Sanada-sensei’ gets weird and asks Kaede to meet with him & suddenly attacks her out of nowhere to get her blood. Thankfully Garaiya appears and saves her. But apparently it’s not Sanada-sensei and just a Tokugawa ninja in disguise. He goes on about Garaiya betraying them  and runs away. He then hugs her cause he was really worried about her and Kaede gets really nervous about it and activates her meromero jutsu.

After it wears off, Kaede thanks Garaiya for helping her and she was really impressed with his skills. Garaiya goes back with her so she can treat her wounds.

During the test of courage, Garaiya and Kaede go separate from the group towards the temple. Garaiya gets really tired while walking and gulps down some water. Kaede didn’t bring any so he nervously asks if she wants some of his and so she does. He’s really flustered and honored that she’d share a drink with him cause they’re friends. He’s been so lonely he’s never done anything like this with anyone else before. He gets really emotional about it and grabs her arms to tell her something. 。゚+.( °∀°)゚+.゚

Unfortunately, he can’t and Kaede believes he’s hiding something. When she tries to pry further, he tells her to stop. She says she won’t make him tell her if it’s too painful and so they silently walk through the night and finally meet up with the others. As usual they get to the temple and the Tokugawa ninja attack them. Kaede fights one of the and Garaiya helps her. She gets cut so Garaiya sucks the blood on her wound. And of course she activates her meromero jutsu and it doesn’t work on him cause he licked her blood. So that’s how they figure out how to stop her meromero jutsu. Principal then appears and wraps shit up.

Afterwords Garaiya is more lonesome than usual so Kaede invites him out on a date–or what Garaiya wants it to be. They end up studying for a while and then late at night they visit a festival together. Though apparently it’s Garaiya’s first time at a festival. Garaiya is so excited that he tries buying out all the stalls. (ノ*゜▽゜*) Afterwords Garaiya is so tired that he asks to lay on Kaede’s lap which she accepts. (´▽`ʃƪ) Her tells her that he wanted to spent time with her as friends and real lovers. He thinks that she’s dazzlingly and the cutest girl in the world. He basically goes on a huge ramble and says lots of lovely dovey stuff and Kaede gets so nervous that she activates her meromero jutsu. She makes him drink her blood immediately and he just keeps licking her finger so Kaede starts wondering if he’s under her meromero jutsu.

Unfortunately, their lovely dovey time is interrupted cause apparently they’re being watched. Garaiya then gets up and makes a speech about how he has no freedom and only merely wanted to forget it all while spending time with her. He tells her that he’s thankful he got to meet her and spend his day happily as a normal person. He then hands her a key to the special room they went in together while white smoke appears and he vanishes. Kaede looks all over for him and enters the special room in the library with the key he gave her. He’s not there and she ends up falling asleep there.

When she wakes up the next morning she looks all over for Garaiya but can’t find him anywhere. She also finds the teachers and students all whacked up and zombie-fied. Kaede meets up with the others who aren’t under the jutsu and they leave it to her to go find Garaiya. She searches everywhere and finally goes back to the secret room they hung out in and she finds letters addressed to her. Which is what Garaiya was writing while she was there. It’s more or less like his diary and he basically tells her that he was really happy that he could be friends with her since he never had any ever. Under the order of the Tokugawa he was supposed to get her blood by hurting her or kidnapping her but couldn’t because he cared about her. He kept this all from her because he was afraid that if he told her, she’d never talk to him again. He doesn’t want to take her blood for Tokugawa. And he writes that he’s in love with her but doesn’t believe he’s qualified to be with her.

Kaede goes to take the midterm exam in order to find out about Garaiya’s whereabouts. She goes through the exam and meets Garaiya who threatens to kill her. He can’t make his puppets kill her though since he clearly doesn’t want to and Kaede tells him that she knows he’s part of the Tokugawa. And so Garaiya confirms that he was supposed to kidnap her and obtain her blood. Kaede then tells him that she read his letter and knows he doesn’t really want to obey the Tokugawa’s orders and she knows about his feelings towards her. Unfortunately the principal who’s the Tokugawa ringleader in all this shit appears and tells Kaede that Garaiya is a Date clan descendent who was destroyed by the Toyotomi clan. Unfortunately, Garaiya says he has nowhere else to go and even though he doesn’t want to, he has to serve the Tokugawa. He constantly attacks Kaede and Garaiya yells at him to stop and that he can just use a jutsu that makes it painless. Though the principal just tells him to shut the fuck up and that he’s a dog that should just obey. This pisses off Kaede so she tells him he’s a horrible person to call his own companion a dog. And she’ll fight for him cause he’s her first friend. The principal constantly attacks her and she gets really injured. But she keeps fighting because Garaiya is her friend and she wants to be with him regardless of his bloodline.

So the principal activates the forbidden jutsu and Garaiya protects Kaede and tells him that he won’t allow him to hurt her. So Garaiya activates his power by destroying the power sealed up in his dolls and shit gets real AND BY REAL I MEAN GARAIYA GETS REAL HOT & SEXY CAUSE HE REVEALS HIS TRUE FORM WHICH IS MUCH MORE ADULT-LIKE. ∑((((((゚д゚;ノ)ノ  Anyway he beats the shit out of the principal and when he tries to attack Kaede, he makes sure to kick his ass to protect her. ಥ‿ಥ

“She’s the only important person for me. Because she’s the person who changed my fate”

So Garaiya beats him and Sanada-sensei and the Sanada corps arrive to arrest the principal. Everyone else arrives and Sanada already told them about him and that he was a Tokugawa. Though they still accept him and know it wasn’t his fault. Garaiya still feels guilty for not doing anything while Kaede was getting hurt though so he apologizes over and over to her. He says he doesn’t want to lose her cause he always wants to be with her and promises that he’ll atone for what he’s done for all his life. And so they all agree that he should attend class from now on and be normal like all of ’em. (*థ౪థ)

Kaede gets a perfect score on her midterm exam and goes to show Garaiya. He’s really impressed of course and then tells her that he’d abandoned his Date name and his eye-patch because it’s in the past and he’s looking towards the future now. He then pulls out some flowers and gives her a beautiful and adorable love confession. _(:з」∠)_

お前が好きだ。すごく好きだ。お前のことが本当に大好きだ。 好きで、好きで、大好きだ
“I love you. I absolutely love you. I really love you. I love you, I love you, I love you so much.”

“So allow me to tell you this tens of thousands of times in the future.”

So Kaede confesses that she loves him to and they promise to be happily ever after as a married couple eventually and so he kisses her. (●´艸`)ヾ In the epilogue they go to the festival together and eat shaved ice while holding hands and being all lovely dovey.

Thoughts: Okay, I honestly didn’t think I’d like Garaiya THAT much. But boy did I love his route. I think his story was the best tbh, I mean his feelings we’re so genuine and idk his character was really great. Plus the whole story of his route felt more different than the others. The annoying bitches weren’t as active in this route either. They only appeared to bully her and then make her go to the library to chill with Garaiya. So I guess technically in a sense it’s thanks to the bitches that she was able to get intimate w/ Garaiya. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Either way, seeing Garaiya’s true form made me melt. Holy shit, I didn’t expect that at all. Like, he was always adorable as he was but, damn when he got totally grown up and sexy I just lost it. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THIS COMPARISON I JUST–

He acted the same but he was so manly, it was pretty awesome. (●´∀`●) He totally had a tsundere way about him too. Honestly I feel like every character in this game is tsun some way or another. Well, I can’t wait for the Vita version case I wanna play all of this w/ a bigger screen and see more HD moe ninjas.

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